Nikon announced the Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.8G lens

Nikon officially announced the Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.8G lens. Here is some related info and the official press release:

MELVILLE, N.Y. (April 27, 2011) – Nikon Inc. today announced the AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G lens, a fast, compact lens that affords photographers the versatility of the classic 50mm focal length and the benefits of a fast aperture for photos and D-movies. Whether a new D-SLR enthusiast or a seasoned pro, users will appreciate the tack-sharp image quality, extreme low-light performance, shallow depth of field and Nikon core technologies that improve upon the original to make a great lens even better.

The 50mm lens has been a staple for photographers since the 35mm film days, and this new lens enables Nikon customers that shoot photos and movies to discover the creative benefits of this traditional focal length,” said Lisa Osorio, general manager of marketing at Nikon Inc. “This f/1.8 prime lens offers exceptional image quality and control, and benefits from modern Nikon technologies to enhance performance such as the Silent Wave Motor and use of an aspheric lens - it’s a very attractive package for any shooting discipline.”

Lightweight, compact and affordable, this lens will easily become a favorite and find a home in any photographer’s gear bag. With the unique ability to mimic the focal length of the human eye, the AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G lens is ideal for travel, general photography, low-light, landscape shooting and portraiture. This lens continues the tradition of NIKKOR precision optics to provide photographers with sharp, high-resolution images and the ability to focus as close as 1.48 feet, with amazing depth of field control for intimate details. The integration of an ultra-compact Silent Wave Motor ensures fast, whisper-quiet AF operation, which is essential when recording movies. Optimized for Nikon FX-format cameras, this lens is also a great option for Nikon DX-format photographers seeking a fast, sharp lens for capturing images with amazing color and contrast.

The new 50mm f/1.8 lens construction consists of seven elements in six groups, with one aspherical lens element to reduce instances of coma and aberration, even when shooting wide open. A rounded diaphragm opening combined with the seven-blade aperture contributes to a substantially more circular bokeh for a more natural appearance of out-of-focus background elements. Additionally, instances of lens flare and chromatic aberration are suppressed using Nikon’s exclusive Super Integrated Coatings, which also help ensure vividly accurate color balance.

The AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G lens is scheduled to be available at Nikon authorized dealers beginning June 16, 2011 at an estimated selling price of $219.95.* For more information, please visit

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  • Rahul


  • Srinivasa Shantharam

    Sweet! Nice price too

  • Chen

    Yay it’s finally here!

  • Wish it was going to be available sooner.


    Wau!!!! Very good price! ))))

  • jerl

    $220? Not too shabby, I just may pick one up for myself when it comes out.

  • tere

    Nikon samples were shot using FX oe DX bodies?

  • Ronan

    Not bad.

  • Sam

    At that price, this’ll be a little winner I reckon. I already have the f/1.4 G version, but I’m going to be suggesting this to a lot of my Nikon friends (I much prefer 50mm on DX than 35mm for my style of shooting – partially distortion, partially the narrower FOV).

  • amien

    wow the price tag is very sweeeeeeet. That beeing said, canon offers its 50mm 1.8 for 150$ but the construction & focus ring is not on par with the well built Nikon one !!!

    • Ke

      You can get a Nikon 50mm 1.8 for about 130 dollars. It’d be the 50mm 1.8 D though, not this new AF-S.

  • I’ll still wait for that 85mm 1.8 AF-S announcement 😛

    • padlockd

      Yep, same here. 50mm on DX is just awkward for me.


      IF ONLY THIS COMES OUT – THE 1,4G VERSION IS too expensive & I find the D
      versions tough to focus correctly wide open …

      come on NIkon, the 85 mm f/1,8 to follow, please

  • wow good price.

  • goose

    SWEET BALLS OF MARY, 200usd not bad

  • goose

    and the bokeh looks a little less “itchy” compared to the af-d. NOICE!

  • I’m confused. Why would you go to a 1.8 when there’s a 1.4 at much the same price available? Did I miss something?

    • scorpionsf

      the 50G costs twice what the 50 f/1.8 will…

      • I paid $210 for my 1.4 a year ago.

        • Charly

          You paid $210.- for the AF-S 1.4 or the AF-D 1.4 ? …
          Anyways the AF-S 1.4 it´s $550.- at B&H


    • ¡¿?!

      $219 ≠ $400+ I paid.

      And holy crap–looks like they’re up to five fiddy @B&H…and not even in stock. So if this lens it really this cheap AND in stock, looks like a win/win.

      …still prefer either 1.4.

  • OW! 58mm filter size! I kind of like the old 52mm!

    • I step mine up to 77 when I wanna use filters. The hood is sorta pointless on the 50/1.4G, since it’s not very prone to flare and the lens is deeply recessed through most of the focus range anyway.

    •, excuse me, I step my 1.4G up to 77. This new lens appears to be an almost identical barrel design.

  • Brandon T

    I waiting a few days for the info to spread and i’m buying a 50 1.8d

  • ChrisAstro

    Can’t wait!!!Hopefully I have the money by that time!

  • Yash Upadhyay

    will it be better that 35mm f1.8 on D5000? What say?

    • Yash Upadhyay


      • JC

        yes because it is newer…so it must be better

    • Rahul

      Yash, This seems to be a very good lens but I don’t think that this is a substitute of 35mm f1.8 DX. On your D5000, 50mm will be short telephoto and you will find it difficult to use it like a general purpose lens.

    • Mikael

      Two entirely different lenses (when used on a D5100). It’ll probably be very well suited for a cheap DX portrait lens.

      • hexx

        exactly, that’s how my friends use AF-D on their DX bodies (i can’t, i’ve got good old d40 still, waiting for FX update so I can get d700 cheaper)

  • kenneth

    OMG!!! That is so much cheaper than the 50 1.4g. Judging by the stats you think it would outperform the 50 1.4g? I love my 50 1.4g but the af is kinda slower than I expected.

  • kaze kaze

    opps, finally the official announcement is out. well now let’s hope it did come out as annouced not like some other product such as some cross-one-hundred which took too long. The af-s and asph looks promising but can anyone comfirm/ deny/ reckon is the mount gasket is avaliable? the CS diagram appears to have the o-ring like surrounding the mount but whould be nice to know so i need to start stocking up electrical tapes and HD plastic bag or not (just kidding…)

  • chew

    waiting for it… price is reasonable..

  • Matthew

    I still wait AF-S 50mm f/1.2.

  • Jacob Makkara

    What a heck !?
    Is this THE Nikon announcement that have been rumored for months ?

    I’m really disappointed…

  • Joel

    Wheres my DX 35mm 1.4? 🙁

  • NanoMonkey

    Hey, where’s the nano filling… I mean coating? 😛

  • Arthur Nava

    moving along…

  • Chen

    Would you guys consider dumping a 50mm f/1.4d to pickup this f/1.8g? Cost wise I think I could get $220 out of my 1.4d if I let it go, definitely torn on the decision…

    • No. Sounds really stupid.

    • Arthur Nava

      pardon me for asking, but… why?

      • Chen

        Assuming the MTF charts are correct, I would say the f/1.8g will be as sharp wide open as the f/1.4d stopped down two thirds to f/1.8. Maybe my copy of the 1.4 isn’t great, because all I’ve experienced are extra soft images (even in the centers).

        • Worminator

          If all you are interested in is sharpness, the 50/1.8 will do as well or better than any of the 50/1.4 for less cost and weight at anything from f/2 and up.

          The 1.4’s are generally considered to give prettier results however.

          • Yes, the f/1.4 does have smoother bokeh, for sure.

  • Hard to imagine how it can be optically better than the D version. The older one is very good. But… where’s the aperture ring dang it!

  • Tony

    Too bad…. all that hype for just 1 lens….and it’s a 50mm.

  • Jason

    Can anyone remember any firm, accurate predictions for this lens prior to the leak/teaser two weeks ago? It seems Nikon can keep a secret when they want to . . .

  • disiderio

    Great stuff. Here’s hoping a 35mm f2 and 24mm f2.8 are also on the cards.

    • pooparty

      2.8?! c’mon, nikon needs to replace all those old, plastic, D-series 2.8’s with relatively affordable 1.8’s, similar to this little guy they’ve just released.

  • The Lurker

    More expensive than the current 50/1.8, likely to focus slower, loses the aperture ring, ditches the old 52mm filter size… For those who have a camera with the in-body focus motor, better snap up the older version before they get discontinued!

    • I_still_want_a_d800

      I have the 50/1.8D, 35/2D and the new 24/1.4G, I have shoot the 35/1.8G DX as well. I would say comparing the old D and the new G primes the 21st century nikon lens coating alone would make all the difference in back-lit or flare-prone situations.

      not to mention quieter AF-S with full-time focus override.

  • Sigersted

    I’ve been wating for this one … ever since I broke my old 50mm … ;-(

  • val1s

    I’m jealous of the 1.48ft min focus distance, that’s half what the 1.8D was, and alot more flexible for tight cropped portraits.

  • hexx

    looking at the MTF charts now and it looks like good contrasty lens 🙂

  • Definitely interested to look through it.. would love the 50 1.4G but dont shoot at 500 enough to justify getting it. I have an old 50mm AIS and that is great lens but some time I would like autofocus. The 1.8 D is just not good enough as a DX portrait lens.. This is a real nice surprise for me!

  • I just hope it has better bokeh than 50/1.4G..

    • Karlosak

      From the samples it doesn’t seem so. The background blur is still very nervous. So far the only acceptable alternative is the Sigma. Nikon, where is the modern 50/1.2G everyone dreams about?

  • Wling

    Thank you for supporting China ^~^, enjoy loss of job around the world, keep it up – regards Wu ling.

  • wongsimage

    must have 😉

  • den

    is it just me? why is everybody thinking this new lens is a bargain? it demands a hefty 100€ more, i doubt the image quality will be that much better…

    i´m really interested how the new one will test against the old model, especially in af-speed.

    • The MTF charts would make it appear sharper in the corners and contrastier than the predecessor… by a noticeable margin.

      It’s not a steal like the D version, but it is most certainly a bargain.

    • Patrick

      +1. At almost twice the price, I don’t see how this lens is a “bargain”. It’s now the cheapest lens Nikon has introduced in the last 8 years, but would you consider the new 85mm 1.8 a “bargain” if it was almost double the price of the current model? Nope.

      • Patrick

        The 85mm f/1.4 I should say :). 1.8 is a dinasaur in today’s refresh patterns, and probably would go for 2x the price.

  • Great job again Admin!! Amazing 😀

  • Jerk

    How do the charts compare on the 1.4g and the 1.8g? Haven’t been able to find a side by side comparison.

  • Thom Hayes

    amazing, once again us Brits have to put up with random massive price increases over the US… £70 more to be precise, thats almost the price of the old 1.8D by itself!

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