It has begun: Nikon announcement on August 24th

Nikon has scheduled several press events in different countries on August 24th, 2011. This is now 100% confirmed from several different sources. Nikon did not have any scheduled press event for the last 50 f/1.8 and 40mm f/2.8 lenses, which makes the next announcement more important than the previous two. The new Coolpix cameras may be announced a week earlier (probably on August 17th) because Nikon likes to separate the introduction of pro and consumer products.

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  • D4 please D4 🙂

    • Anonymous

      D4 is way too bulky, D800 has the optimum shape.

      • Maybe the D4 will be the digital F4. Maybe …

        • Discontinued

          and all new lenses will have a ring for aperture settings again.
          Let’s dream on together.

    • Ken

      what4 what4?

      • jdsl

        Ken, find a girlfriend!

        • rogger


    • Banned

      Thanks for the


    • Nikon-Addict-&-Rumor

      Yes, It has Big Guns!

    • lolly

      The D3X is dead … either backordered or low inventory in North America.

      Hello D4 AND D4X !!

  • Can’t Wait…;-))))

    • Ken

      dont wait. no one asked you to!!

  • btw, thanks for the video broxibear 🙂

    • broxibear

      Lol, no problem…that video was the only solid information around ?
      Because all the pre earthquake tidbits got mixed up with all the changes after, I’m not sure what’s going on…now there’s a date maybe more will leak.
      At this point it could be an announcement for the D4, D400, D800, EVIL or any combination of those.
      The article last week about it being two FX cameras threw me somewhat…if that is right then it’s the D4 and D800. It also suggests that Nikon have changed their approach, and the D800 will not be a baby D4 but a different camera. I don’t think they’d release those at the same time if the D800 was a cut down version of a D4 as in the D3/D700.
      I’m leaning towards a D4 and D400. Some posters are talking about a FX D400, no idea where that came from…the D400 will be DX, a replacement for the D300 series.
      Busy few weeks coming up Peter…have fun lol !

  • I think they will announce D4 and a full frame D400 😉

    • nobody

      A full frame D400 would be called D800!

      • Ken


        • nobody

          The D300 and D700 are almost the same bodies. The key difference being, D300 has a DX sensor, D700 has an FX sensor.

          So it seems obvious that the D400 will be the D300 successor with a DX sensor, while the D800 will be the D700 successor with an FX sensor.

          DX D400 + FX D800 should be a nice couple, btw, just like the D300 + D700 have been for the last 3 years.

          • Ken


      • El Aura

        You see, by declaring that the successor to the D300(s), ie, the D400, should be FX, people just declare that they want a FX camera for the price of D300(s).

        • santorri

          Good point! just look at the current price difference between the D300s and the D700…..theres only one reason for that…..DX vs FX sensors.
          I also agree that an FX D300s would likely be the D800…but we’ll see soon enough

        • jose

          But I think this is no possible because the diffeence in price between fx sensor and Dx sensor, around 10 times, if you add the other features that included d300 and d700 the price difference should be at least US$ 450 .

      • They said they would launch two fx cameras, and I think a cheaper fx camera that is more different from the D4 would be in Nikons interest. They could earn more on lenses and it would steal market shares from Canon. The D800 can come later and have more or less the same chip as the D4 while the D400 uses the sony full frame sensor.

    • The invisible man.

      this will be the longest month in the year….

  • Ronald

    D400 please!

    • Ken

      what for?

      • Geoff

        troll …. ;-P

        • Ken

          why, what´s in it for me?

          • jdsl

            Dude, find a girlfriend!

            • Ken

              what for?we can share yours!

    • The invisible man.

      for the last time: NO D400

      FX= D4 D900
      DX= D7000

      • Landscape Photo

        D7000 is a fine camera but can’t be a substitute for D400.

        D3 -> D4
        D700 -> D800
        D300 -> D400
        D7000 -> D8000

        • Iris Chrome

          Agree. In fact I think D7000 is super awesome but it’s not meant for the same crowd as D300/400

  • Cloke

    Haha, awesome video to go with the story

    • Ken

      what is awsome int that video?

      • knocke

        You know, awesome, as in quite good

        • Ken

          i dont know, i havent seen anything awsome ,as in quite good in that video.

          • NanDub

            This guy must be one of those netbots that CIA is testing… I can see the primitive AI behind all those comments

            • Ken

              what is netbot? and why are they testing it? how do you see behind the comments? it´s just 2D!!

  • Landscape Photo

    D800 please!
    and don’t forget to give it a 100% vf

    • Ken

      why? cant you take pics with a D400? what if they forget to give it a 100% VF, what if they forget to give it a VF at all?

      • Banned

        lol what if they forget to give it a sensor?

      • Landscape Photo

        If you wonder that much, let me answer. I will be in a little dilemma: 100% VF vs better IQ. It will depend on how much IQ advantage the D800 will offer over D400. And the price percentage adds into the equation too.

        But if Nikon offers a 24mp D800 with 100% vf, then the answer is of a no-brainer. Anyway, I doubt Nikon would introduce both D400 & D800 at the same time, since both cameras will have overlapping target (FX or DX, if it does the job desired…)

        • Ken

          why is the answer a no brainer?

          • Iris Chrome

            ok so we either got a troll or a 5 year old on this forum

            • rogger


            • Ken

              why is the 5 year old trolling? why is it not rolling instead ?
              roger .. Iris chrome .. roger. over !!!

  • Domi

    Hi guys

    Let me ask you somthing. We are waiting for a long time now for this. So we know it’s D4, D800, D400 or Dbla bla bla and when they announce them and you find out they do not have spec you were hoping for will you still buy it or will you stick with your old camera? It’s like when you are waiting for a car for a long time and you know it will come out and when it comes it only come in purple colour. Will you still buy it?

    I don’t care what it is I just hope they wont put a big price tag on new products.

    • Steve

      It depends in whether the cost justifies the gains. If the lower-than-expected specs don’t justifiy the cost then why purchase? 🙂

      • i guess we will see some megapixel rise with about same ISO performance, surely some lolvideo mode, but still not solved other issues which hurt me, so i will probably not upgrade.

        But i for one let me surprise!

        One of those would made me upgrade my D3s or D700. For any price.

        – better spread AF points. I can have only 5 but not all cramped in the center. i hate to recompose.
        – i need to have LCD which is sun readable. or at least B&W histogram sunreadable.
        – i need ISO 50 as base. i don’t do blackout documentary for FOX
        – dual card slots, but stick with CF+CF. I hate SDs. D800 can have SD+CF meh
        – quieter then quiet mode live view with mirror not flapping at all. shooting with just iris/shutter noise
        – one more button between those two in front.
        – rangefinder in meters in viewfinder

        • ZinhaEq

          What else, sir? Keep dreaming…

        • dan

          >i need ISO 50 as base. i don’t do blackout documentary for FOX
          Um, no.

        • Iris Chrome

          “quieter then quiet mode live view with mirror not flapping at all. shooting with just iris/shutter noise”

          It’s probably not exactly what your looking for but they have a mirror-up mode on some of the newer Nikon DSLR’s. Also to implement something like that, I’d imagine that you wouldn’t be able to use the viewfinder at all and use the LCD screen instead. Some people would probably not be comfortable with that.

    • broxibear

      Hi Domi,
      This is a question I’ve posed before and Thom Hogan wrote about this issue on his blog.
      Everyone knows that the video capability of the D4, D800 and D400 is going to be better than before, but for most photographers that is irrelevant…they want to see the advantages for their stills.
      We also know that adding MP means very little, there are plenty of articles about this so lets leave that…so what are we left with ?
      For those whose cameras have taken a beating and need replaced, yes they’ll change their D3 series bodies for a D4, but for many it just won’t make any sense. At the moment my D3 does everything I need for the images I take. Harold has listed above a few things he’d like but they’re personal likes and dislikes… those are not the things that would make me spend £4000 on a new body when I could upgrade my lenses instead.
      I’m going to let all the madness settle down and this time next year see if I need to change bodies.

      • so so

        I have a D300, and for me it’s important if next announces will bring an upgraded D700 . Actual camera is good, but 4 years from now sure I’ll not upgrade again. The best for me will be an D3s but it’s to expensive, so an better D700 sensor in ISO performance with lower price than D3s will be the best announcement for those with old DX (I have it for 3 years) body how want to upgrade to FX.

        • jose

          Agree I have d300s and my logic up grade should be the successor of d700 and use my d300s sucha back up camera.

        • another anonymous

          +1 with my d300 and 4 FX lens

      • SkintBrit

        Well said broxibear, my sentiments exactly, but let’s hope they’ve come up with something we all MUST have but didn’t know we were missing 🙂

        • another anonymous

          do really that nice dreams come true? we will see soon 😉

      • dgm

        I really hope you are wrong, BroxiBear.

        I wish all of you would see fit to upgrade as I only buy cheap second hand bodies (with a warranty).

        I would love all D3s/D700 owners to be in awe with the D4/D800 and buy them by boatloads so that I could complement my D2Hs with a D700 or D3s at a very decent second hand street price (below £1000) and not have to wait 3 years for this to happen.

        • another anonymous

          smart, but how much of D700/D3s-ies do you want to buy when all its owners to be awe with newer bodies? 🙂

      • D700guy

        This is pure logic.
        I happen to one of those whose D700 has been the extra mile and then some.
        The poor thing still cranks out the images, but I feel it is time for my old friend is getting tired and longs to be relegated to back-up camera status and let a new workhorse take over.
        I am truly excited to see the D4 and all that it will bring.

      • Iris Chrome

        I share somewhat the same view with you broxibear. The way I see it is “is it worth upgrading to a new model if the one you have is only one model (or two) old?” For example, if you already have a D700 and next announcement is for a D800. Unless there is this one new feature in the new model that you absolutely have to have to make your photography complete, there is no reason to spring for a new model. It’s just like iPhones. Yeah, sure the 4G is hotter and sleeker looking than the 3GS. It’s got the retina display (or something like that) but it you can still use all the same apps with the 3GS PLUS (arguably most importantly) the phone itself (call quality) is the same.

        So the question is then, who should upgrade or buy the new models? From a common sense (at least my common sense) point of view, the ones that benefit the most from buying a new model (aside from the ones broxibear mentioned above) are; a) ones who own a camera that’s 2 models old (or older) or b) photographers who own a camera from a lesser line and were looking to upgrade their cameras anyway (like someone who used to own a D90 and is now looking for a D300/D400 for example).

        My current DSLR is a D7000. Before that I used to shoot with a Canon 450D (at the time that was the entry canon DSLR line). I bought the 450D used from a friend of mine in late 2008. Since I barely had much invested in Canon and I felt like I outgrew the 450D, I switched over to D7000. My fiance is currently putting the 450D to good use though, otherwise I would have sold it or converted it to IR….

        …ok end of rant 🙂

      • R R

        I disagree completely with this comment of yours:

        ¨We also know that adding MP means very little, there are plenty of articles about this so lets leave that…¨

        this means you probably are another monitor photographer, that never publishes anything, and you probably dont own a D3x and has never seen how beautiful a 24.5 MP file from the D3x is.

        And I mean this with no disrespect what so ever, but people mostly use their pictures to view only in monitors (web use mainly) and some print, via LED or desktop printers , if you do that.. you dont need more than 12 MP , but if you print in magazines or catalogues, you NEED more than 12 MP , and there are plenty of articles about this TOO so lets leave that…

    • Christoph Ohlrogge

      Well if they release a successor to the D300s whose improved specs do not justify the improved price, I will search my local retailers for a D300s to buy.

    • Jabs

      To answer your question from my perspective, then one often has to go to the past and look at revolutionary changes versus evolutionary changes from Nikon.
      The revolutionary changes came with the D3 series in digital
      The revolutionary changes came with the F3 series in film

      The people actually hated the F3 when it first came out, as it had some features they did not like – electronic shutters, titanium stuff and 1/80th flash sync. What it brought forward was the most precise in camera metering, the most accurate focusing screens and the best viewfinder of ANY film camera then. The F4 later on brought new advances as in AF and a different sized body and too was hated as it framed slower than an F3HP-MD4-MN2 NiCad combo.

      Now, with a D4 – I expect the same reaction UNTIL the dust settles and then we will see what compromises they made or what they thought were their needed new directions and improvements towards the future. I made the transition from F3 to F4 and I thought that the F3 series was the better camera, as in more flexible BUT after I began using the F4s, then I really loved it and looked at it as a new tool to do the very same job but now, a replacement for my F3AF, which I kept as well as all the F3’s.

      I expect the same in transitioning from D3s to D4, though I don’t have a D3. If the D4 is not what I need or expect, then I will simply buy a D3s as 12megs + 720p is great if you know how to scale it in a Pro Video program where color purity and accuracy are most important to me.

      I don’t think that Nikon named it the D3 series for nothing, as perhaps they equated that with how the F3 series blew everyone out the water when they transitioned to the F3HP with new Pro ideas as there was an F3 first with the DE2 head. I also think that since the F6 film camera is based on an old retired body structure, that we MIGHT be looking at an F7 film camera based upon the newer D4 structure, as the second released body (after all – it is the original FX body -lol)

      • Jabs

        Quick additions
        The F4s replaced my F3AF, but I used the DX1 head of the F3AF as a focusing aid with long lenses on other F3 series bodies and used the base F3AF body, as a regular F3 series body with the various heads available (had all of them).

        Had – F3HP, F3T Chrome or Titanium finish, F3AF and FA Black with MD15 as my main bodies – wish to now duplicate that digitally with Nikon’s ABOVE or including the D3s, as I don’t want to ‘relearn’ photography by using DX.

    • Just A Thought

      “It’s like when you are waiting for a car for a long time and you know it will come out and when it comes it only come in purple colour. Will you still buy it?”

      Wow, a purple Barney frm PBS model would be an instant best seller. The collectors and Soccer Moms would have pre-orders in with their dealers….

  • Martin Wong

    Summer just got very exciting

    • Ken

      where? how?, do i miss something?

      • hexx

        hey dude, are you on something?

        • rogger

          +1… sigh… it’s boring!

          • Ken

            why is it boring? are you on something?

            • jdsl

              why did you ask?

            • Ken

              ask ? whom?

        • Ken

          yes i am , why?

          • rogger


      • Geoff

        some of us wish you missed logging into NR ;-P

        • Ken

          how many of you?
          got permission to talk for others?

        • MRPhotoau

          come on everyone!
          He asked for it!!!

          • Ken

            asked for what?
            and what´s +1? why not +2?

          • rogger


            • Ken

              +3 then

  • Or maybe the leaked ILC camera instead?

    • Sky

      This would surely be something good. By many it’d be much more welcome than another pro-priced body.

      • Ken

        why Sky?why would a leak in the camera be something good?

    • Ken

      camera leaked? can it be sealed somehow?

      • Bob2


  • Djabag

    What are you all going to do after D4 and D800 is released ? Will you immediately start asking when the D5 is coming ? Must be empty not having something to looking forward to.

    • Filen

      Start asking for 50 1.2 and 85 1.2 >:3

      • Ken

        ask? whom?


          • Jeremy


          • The invisible man.

            what’s wrong with him ?
            did he force you to read his work ?

          • Ken

            Fisheyland ,got permission to talk for others?

      • Jimmy

        Nikon already has a 50 1.2….and a 55 1.2….and a 58 1.2…..
        An 85mm 1.4 already exists with AF…which is a huge advantage of MF with a 1.2 lens.

  • darn, i hope the d800 won’t be that costly.

    • Ken

      why? that sigma crap costs 7k let Nikon charge atleast 8k !!

      • Banned

        There is nothing at sigma that costs 7k, not even the entire company.

        • Pedro Almeida

          The Sigma SD1 camera costs 7k.

        • R R

          hahaha that made me laugh 🙂 (not even the entire company lol)

  • McPIX

    “The new Coolpix cameras may be announced a week earlier”

    Does this include the little EVIL ??

    • Ken

      no it includes the bigger DEVIL instead!

      • Banned

        Who cares about the evil crapmera and its 2 mm sensor.

        • Geoff


    • Since there was already a leaked picture of the Nikon mirrorless mount, I would say that there is a very good change that the Nikon EVIL camera will be released soon, probably in August.

  • Jallabert

    I am looking forward to some serious rumors about the specs

    • Jerome

      If you want them serious, I guess you’ll have to way ’til August 24th then.

  • I just hope one of the new full frame cameras has more than 24MPs. I hate stitching panoramas just to get more then 12MPs.

    • Ken

      then dont stich ,hater!

    • iamnomad


      • iamnomad

        That’s second on the more MP request.
        12, not enough.
        No hate, just want.

  • Oliver

    I think, that perhaps the D400 will be cancelled, as the D7000 now fills that “gap” and the new D800 will be a bit less expensive than the D700 was when it first came out. The D4 however, I bet you all it’s gonna be serious $$$!

    • Jeremy

      Only stupid, death-spiral-bound companies steer folks happy to spend $1699 into buying products that cost $1199.

    • SZRimaging

      Nope, there still needs to be a “pro” DX body. I see a good market need for it with PJ/Sports guys.

    • There is a whole list of ways that the D7000 does not fill that gap.

      • Remedy

        Name one.

        • EAJ


          • Remedy

            Yay, we have winner! Agreed on that. Now…. how many people gonna make use of that? 0,2% or 0,4%?

            • EAJ


            • Remedy

              I see what You did there xD

        • SZRimaging

          AF Cross Points, FPS, 10-Pin connection

          • Remedy

            ROFL, have You been comparing them side by side? I have. Zero difference. Keep looking.

          • Remedy

            The previous comment was regarding AF.

            Now, FPS – oh yeah…. D7000 has only cow slow 7fps while D300s has light speed hyper sonic extra ballistic 8fps. ROFL

            10-pin connection ROFLMAOLOLTROLLOLOL I honestly don’t believe You said that.

            Now that’s some serious pro shit You just named. So what that D7000 has bigger viewfinder, so what it has 4 times the ISO range, so what it has native ISO 100, so what it has better dynamic range and tonal range, so what it has miles better video mode, so what it has miles better battery usage. 10-ping connection and 1 extra fps counts! YAY!

            OMFG HAHAHAHHAHA how sad :/

            • rogger

              D7000, 7 fps…?

            • Remedy

              It has as 7fps as D300s has 8 – with battery grip.

        • enesunkie


          • Remedy

            ROFL, yeah D7000 has better ones.

    • JorPet

      I am still going with the D800 costing at least $3,500 at introduction. With the USD having lost value over the last three years compared to the Yen that will still be 10% cheaper at introduction than the D700, but if you think it will be less in USD I think you are dreaming. Considering the USD/Yen exchange rate currently I’m thinking it may come in closer to that $4,000 mark.

      The D400 would then be the Pro body DX, I can’t see that going away. I have the D700 and D7000. Both are great cameras, but no one is going to mistake the quality of the D7000 for the build quality of a D300 or D700. Two totally different markets.

  • per

    To the members of the Board of the Nikon Corporation:

    On behalf of the Nikon prosumer community I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to you, honorable members of the Board. You, Sirs, are men of great satori. From the hights of your wisdom you have looked into our hearts. Thank you for bringing us the D9000 as well as the 70-200/4. Arigato!

    • ZinhaEq

      Like anyone from Nikon has time to read their rumors site about speculations of things they are planning…

      • Jabs


        You NEVER know, as almost every Company now has Internet moles, spies, hint droppers, viral marketers – they are just so good, that you blink and they are gone.

    • D9000 was someone’s silly dream. Nikon wouldn’t move from its current order in line-up.

    • Why need 70-200 /4 ? buy nikon 70-300 4-5.6 or sigma 100-300 /4 superb lenses!

  • Dr Motmot

    Is there any indication that Nikon will be releasing some new glass at the same time?

    • Which glass do you expect?

      • Ken

        beer glass, with nikon written on it!!

        • Kenneth

          Why a beer glass?

          What’s a nikon?

          • ken

            what beerglass?

            why ask “what´s nikon?”

            why kenneth why?

      • Dr Motmot

        85mm 1.8G,
        300mm f4 VR,
        180mm 2.8 VR or 200mm f4 Macro VR

        What lenses do you want?

        • 80-400 f/3.5-5.6 AF-S VRII with a tripod collar that doesn’t totally suck.

          • Todd

            I really really want the 80-400mm replacement now.

        • 9.5mm f/2.8G DX
          16mm f/2.8G DX
          23mm f/2G DX
          57mm f/1.8G DX

          • 70mm f/2G DX
            135mm f/2.8G DX
            200mm f/3.5G DX

        • Jerome

          24-70 f2.8 VR

          • sade


        • I want Zeiss Sonnar 135/1.8 ZF.2. Don’t know when this will happen.

    • Cold Hands Luke

      IIRC all the big pro camera announcements have been accompanied by lenses. But lens rumours are rarer and less reliable than body rumours, so they’re harder to predict.

      I think there will definitely be a 70-200/4 and something to replace the 80-400 (i.e. a variable-aperture zoom which goes to 400 or 500). Probably another TC-III update (I think the 1.7x). Outside chance there’ll also be one or more of 50/1.2, 28/1.4, 105/2 or long macro (200/4 replacement).

      • Cold Hands Luke

        Forgot to add, whatever gets announced next month, I wouldn’t expect to be easy to buy for quite some time, perhaps until nearly a year from now. They’re still feeling the effects of the earthquake.

        • R R

          yep.. thats what worries me.. the announcement in August and the actual release in November, and availability to humans like me.. July 2012 and then the end of the world. 🙁

    • if Nikon releases a flagship product like the D4, I would expect one pro-level lens to go with it.

  • EvanK

    I (personally) think that what we “need” would be the D400 and D800. The D300s currently has really no advantage over the D7000, Nikon needs to step up their game by introducing something with better AF, a more “pro” body and a newer DX sensor. Regarding the D800, the D700 is already a bit over 3 years old and it’s time for a replacement. I think that the D700 is in need of a replacement more than the D3s and D3x, and I couldn’t see Nikon introducing two cameras with the same sensor (D4 and D800) at the same time. Unless, they both use different FX sensors.

  • D4 would be perfect.

    Already prepared the wife for the whole in the budget…..

    • I guess I’m too excited to spell correctly 😉

    • Ken

      prepare wife? what?

      • Ken

        Roger ,Collons, quin tio més pesat! Per què no et fots el teclat pel cul?

        same to you :-))))))

        • rogger

          Thanks, guy!

          • Ken

            thanks to you too 🙂

  • simpleguy

    d800 PLZ PLZ PLZ ! 🙂

  • Frosti7

    Nikon vs World in Mortal Combat

    • Kenneth

      Mortal Kombat?

  • D40-owner

    I must say, I never imagined that our friend “Low” would become so powerful, he would take over NikonRumors.
    Getting admin to say his catch phrase “It has begun”, means that he wins? 😀

    • low

      nah… the theme went well with how rumors are spun up….and plus, its the almight nikon that owns us!

  • Landscape Photo

    I expect a 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 VR to be bundled with the D800, a real compact walkabout lens without much compromise in image quality, esp if stopped down. Perfect for hiking.

  • It has begun

    Can someone please explain the meaning of the phrase “it has begun”? I know its literal sense, but since it seems to be some kind of aphorism on the net, there should be another, figurative sense. Maybe a quote from a book or a movie?
    I googled for this phrase, but did not find any reasonable explanation.

    • D40-owner

      Here at Nikon Rumors, it was the catch phrase from user “Low”, who would usually be first to post or close to that, and said only that.
      It means something like: the waiting is over, the introduction of the new exciting product will happen in the short term, 100% sure.

      • Because we are all at the dark side (WOO-HA-HA-HA-HA) this phrase correlates perfectly with the episode of Mortal Kombat movie shown at the top of this page.

  • I dreamed again last night about a nikon FX rangefinder 🙁

    • Ken

      then dont got to sleep :-))

  • Ray

    Admin, concerning specs, which rumor, and I do realize rumor, but with your knowledge of where these rumors are coming from, which spec rumor is at the top of your list, as far as reliability, for the d4 and the d800?

    • I am getting conflicting information which makes it difficult to decide what to post. At that point I event don’t know what cameras will be announced on Aug. 24, so I am not even looking at specs seriously.

  • me

    oooh yaaah. I look forward to this one

    • Ken

      which ONE?

  • Tomas_X

    What would Nikon bring in to satisfy everywhere:
    Nikon D4
    Nikon D800
    Nikon D400
    Nikkor AF-S DX 16-60/2.8G VR
    Nikkor AF-S DX 16-90/4G VR
    Nikkor AF-S DX 40-140/2.8G VR
    Nikkor AF-S DX 60-250/2.8-4.5G VR
    Nikkor AF-S DX 16/2.8G
    Nikkor AF-S DX 20/2G VR
    Nikkor AF-S DX 24/2G VR
    Nikkor AF-S DX 28/2G VR
    Nikkor AF-S DX 35/1.6G VR
    Nikkor AF-S DX 45/1.6G VR
    Nikkor AF-S DX 70/1.6G VR DC
    Nikkor AF-S DX 85/1.6G VR DC
    Nikkor AF-S 17-35/2.8G
    Nikkor AF-S 24-70/2.8G VR
    Nikkor AF-S 24-85/4G VR
    Nikkor AF-S 70-200/4G VR
    Nikkor AF-S 80-400/4.5-5.6G VR
    Nikkor AF-S 300/4G VR
    Nikkor AF-S 400/5.6G VR
    Nikkor AF-S 200/4G Micro VR
    Nikkor AF-S 20/2.8G
    Nikkor AF-S 24/2.8G
    Nikkor AF-S 28/2.8G VR
    Nikkor AF-S 35/2G VR
    Nikkor AF-S 50/1.2G
    Nikkor AF-S 85/1.8G VR
    Nikkor AF-S 105/2G VR DC
    Nikkor PC-E 17/3.5G Tilt&Shift
    Nikon Coolpix OneInch, 1” sensor, intechangeable lenses, mobile communicator
    Nikkor OneInch 9-30/2.8-4
    Nikkor OneInch 30-70/4-5.6
    Nikkor OneInch 10/2.8
    Nikkor OneInch 14/2
    Nikkor OneInch 30/1.8
    Nikkor OneInch 10-70/3.5-5.8
    Nikon FX Digital Rangefinder, intechangeable lenses + 17/2.8, 24/2.8, 35/2, 50/1.4, 85/1.8

    Are they complet? 🙂

    • Dormant

      1) Nikon body with changeable sensors.
      2) Nikon sensor with changeable bodies.
      3) Nikon 1-2000 f0.9 infini-zoom shift defocus lens.

      [Just the first would be a perfect move for Nikon.]

    • Christino

      No. 70-300 f/2.8 VRIII

    • MJr

      D9000 !

  • D40-owner

    Here’s my take on stuff to improve over current cameras:

    – Much wider spread of focus points across the frame.
    – Silent shooting mode in Live View, no mirror movement at all.
    – Rangefinder in viewfinder
    – Better high ISO (why not?)
    – Full wireless connection. Live view, audio, full controls, file transfer, sync cameras, everything.
    – Real RAW data RGB histogram (think UniWB)
    – Focal length-based minimum shutter speed in the Auto-ISO function.
    – Auto DOF. You set a specific or a minimum DOF, the camera changes aperture to match the focal length and subject distance.
    – soft back-illumination of every button.
    – 2 tripod threaded holes in the bottom, for stability
    – Focus position memory recall in camera. This would provide focus memory recall in every lens, not only exotics.
    – Viewfinder manual focus help. Different focus points light-up where the focus is correct, not only green light for the currently selected point.

    And the list goes on and on.

  • Sunaydi

    D800 with 24MP, price same with D700 right now… Lol…

  • hexx

    hmm, even if they do introduce new FX cameras, it will mean that they will hit market in Summer 2012 and it will be available to pros in the beginning so I’d say mortals will be able to buy their cameras just after Autumn 2012 (my guess).

    this brings me back to my situation. I’ve got D40 (yes, the old good D40) and have been waiting for D700 replacement (well, mostly to see prices of D700 go down).

    but it looks that I’ll just buy Fuji FinePix X100 to replace my D40 and then when FX bodies will be widely available I’ll get mine too.

    I’d need to sell D40 and all lenses anyway, all of them are DX lenses so useless on FX body.

    • Worminator

      From what I’ve seen of the X100, you might as well keep your D40 and the ability to, you know, change lenses.

      • hexx

        Not sure what you mean by that. from what i’ve seen it’s competitive with current mid-range SLR when it comes to IQ.

        And would make sense to use it as walk-around camera, complimentary camera to FX (when I buy it).

        High ISO performance is light years away from D40.

        And ability to change lenses, hmm… that’s a tricky one, was thinking about the same for some time but on the other hand 35 f/1.8 is what I use most of the time. so that wouldn’t be a drawback for me to have 23mm lens (35mm equivalent on FX) which would give me even wider angle than my 35mm (52mm equivalent on FX).

        What some find limiting others might find positive in the sense of thinking more about composition, it’s more fun to have a prime on your camera, makes you think about what you’re trying to achieve.

        • hexx

          forgot to add: I don’t take pictures of sport events or animals, mostly landscapes and street, so shorter focal lengths is what i’m after

  • Worminator

    How does the new mirrorless system fit in. re these announcements?

    • Vl33d

      Please not this shitty mirrorless system!

    • hexx

      would be interested in mirrorless system if it has APS-C or FX sensor, from what I’ve read, it looks like crop factor would be 2.7, too small, would be noisy on higher ISO and DoF would suffer I guess too

    • BornOptimist

      I hope it fits into “a week earlier”. What concerns me about that is that this is just as big (if not more so) announcement from Nikon, so it could also be at the same event (or THE event).
      The mirrorless will certainly be a Coolpix, so that imply “a week earlier”, but at the same time, this is a new product category, so it’s a big step for Nikon. That makes it worth a big event, and this event might actually be the announcement of the new segment of cameras.
      It really depends on how Nikon sees this CSC camera. If it’s a “key” product, it will have it’s big event, but if it’s “just a Coolpix”, it will be announced with the rest of the bunch of Coolpix-cameras, with not much whistles and fanfare.

  • Vl33d

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Admin

  • NickySix

    I can’t wait to pick up a used D3s when all these new bodies are announced…

  • It would be great, that this announcement bring us 2 body and 2 lences.
    I would like it would be D4 and D800, but I think it will be D4 and D400.

    Due to lenses I would like to see 85/1.8 and 70-200/4. These are most awaited FX lences, I think.

  • no-nikon-no

    yeah but can they compete with the sigma sd1?

  • xjrx

    august 24th is my birthday! lucky me, i won´t have the cash to order a new body

    i´d like one, but i don´t need one 😉

    • Dr Motmot

      Its my birthday on the 20th Aug, close enough. Not that I will be able to afford an fx body but anyway, will probably end up getting the D7000.

  • Whatever Nikon releases I’m sure I’d know where my Christmas bonus will be spent!;p

  • Stuart

    🙂 Yey, when Nikon announce, Canon usually follow and i want to see what they have been upto for 2 years.

    • Douglas Adams

      They’ve been in the fields shooting with Nikons…

  • I can’t wait… ;d

  • me

    i’m not greedy.

    Capture NX3 please.

    • me-too

      Why bother ? grab a copy of lightroom and enjoy a really good raw converter (ok, it misses the U-points, but that is really the only bit missing)

    • ken

      why Nx3?not NX4 ?with d4?

  • Zorro

    I’m still waiting for the long-rumored D40s.

  • Peter

    If a D4 is released with a range of around 24mp, what would that do to the D3X sales. Would Nikon release such a camera even if they had the technical ability?

  • Mario

    Why can’t they do it like apple does it: Announce a new product and release it 1-2 months later? I fear that the D800 will be anounced in late August but won’t we available till early 2010 🙁

    • hexx

      2012 you meant, didn’t you? 😉

  • low

    it definitely has begun……

  • Amazing Admin! 😮
    Now the next mission is to find out what exactly will be announced! I’m sure you’ll have confirmed specs anytime soon! 😀

    • Markus

      In abot a week he will get it

  • One More Thought

    I think it seems safe to say that the new models will have some jaw dropping features. Technology has matured a lot in 3 years…

    It always seems as if a current fantastic model cannot be superseded, but when the new model comes out it totally amazes. Look at the lower end Nikon DSLR’s we’ve gotten so far…they surpass the prior models in a significant way.

    Whatever it is, Nikon has some good stuff in store for us.

    • BornOptimist

      But it’s a LOT easier to improve on the lower end models, because the technology already exist in the higher models.
      Improving on cutting edge technology like D3 is very difficult. I don’t expect earth-shattering new features in the new D3 or D700, just an improvement (evolution) of current technology.

      • Jeremy

        So basically one can be born an optimist but lose it along the way? 🙂

        • BornOptimist

          Absolutely possible!
          But in this case, I’m so satisfied with my D700 that I try to convice myself nothing can improve this camera so much that I need to buy a new one (I will never sell my D700. It will end up alongside my old belowed F100). So I’m fairly optimistic that I don’t have to break into my savings (apart from the new 2.7x CSC from Nikon I have been waiting for).

  • Mike

    Okay, I’m going to raid the change jar and roll the pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters and see what I can Ebay (if that is a verb now 🙂 ).

    My best,


  • Vinicios

    interchangeable sensors… that would be amazing!
    something like, you buy the body and choose what sensor to use.

    • Geoff

      I doubt it, they would not get the $$ from new bodies. The only way I see this happening is if they price the sensor and labor to near the price of a new camera.

      • If interchangeable components were not worth it as a business model then the entire PC market would have to be a mystery to solve.

        • karl

          You do realize any half-skilled person is able to build his/her own PC in less than an hour, right ?

          A DSLR is a lot more complex, and requires mechanical precision, dust free environment etc.. so I can hardly imagine millions of hobbists building their own cameras..

          • Butt Face 1985

            I don’t know how to build a CPU.

            • Just A Thought

              “I don’t know how to build a CPU.”

              No worries as both Intel and AMD have that know how…

    • lolly

      The D3X is dead … either backordered or low inventory in North America.

      Hello D4 AND D4X

      • Robert M

        Not to worry, If the D4x or whatever it will be called does come out, you will likely start seeing D3x’s starting to come available on the used market.

      • ken

        when dit it die? when is the funeral?

        • lolly

          24th August 2011 R.I.P.

    • Astrophotographer

      An interchangeable sensor is a possibility. We know Nikon has patents on this.
      Say $4000 for a Dx body + $2000 for the sensor. I think a lot of pros would like this option.

      • Douglas Adams

        Why would you invest in such an expensive body while being limited with shutter life of 150k-300k cycles!? You would change body in parallel with your sensors, but with a doubled price tag…

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