Weekly Nikon news flash #114

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  • Shooter

    Who gives a crap, child.

    • the nikon ads are imo wasted moneys on poor results.

      • Mim

        who watches TV?

  • Max Archer

    Any backstory on that box of trashed cameras and glass?

  • ElPadre

    hmmm… and the cameras used to make the nikon commercial… NOT d5100s. πŸ™

    • bjrichus

      I noticed that… There were several dSLR’s clearly featured and possibly in use during the shooting but not apparently used to actually SHOOT the thing – unless a D5100 has been morphed into something several hundred times it’s usual size and been mounted on a trolley and then used with other ‘pro-grade’ movie making gear… This despite the claims to the contrary made here earlier (in the forum?). Grounds for a lawsuit by disgruntled D5100 owners perhaps? LOL!

      Looking at past campaigns, why should we expect Nikon to have changed… This is the company that use Ashton to promote it’s products… Lame in my view…

  • Ronald

    “Nikon’s first quarter of the year ending March 2012 financial results will be announced on August 10, 2011″………so maybe this is the big announcement for august?

    • No, but new product announcements frequently follow financials.

  • Guy has Nikon lenses smashed by his angry girlfriend after fight.

    – This link doesn’t work.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      It does. I wonder what these lenses have seen? What could make a girlfriend turn in such a girlfiend? Mmmh …
      Suggestions, anyone?

      • He switched from a canon? lol

        • f/2.8

          Or she is a jealous Canon user.

      • Chris

        My wife translated the site (Chinese is her first language). He cheated on her with another girl and when she found out she smashed his lenses.

    • kaze kaze

      it went to google translate page, original is some blog in hong kong, writen in traditional chinese. I read through the whole entry (seven pages) no words on the reason what make the girl snapped.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Works for me. That is some precise demolition. That woman needs a beating.

      • Huh?

        You need a beating.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Good one.

  • ffaabb

    Yes you’re a d5100, yes you’re full HD,
    but why isn’t your big brother d7000 FULL hd too ? (and not half HD like now)

    • are you smoking crack? It’s full HD. Just like the box says.

      • ElPadre

        not at 25fps or 29.97fps, no. at those, d7k is only 720p.

        • Madetech

          Let me repeat what Ron said: “Just like the box says.”

        • @ElPadre

          But that’s not what he said, now is it?

          By that reasoning, the 7d, T2i, T3i, and many others are also not “Full HD”. So people are either wildly confused, or the reasoning is flawed.

  • AnoNemo


  • bjrichus

    “Nikon doesn’t see mobile phones with camera features as threat to business.”

    Hmmmm… Maybe not in the country where this comment was made… yet.

    The market appears to be moving in a different direction, even if the *historical* number for Nikon in places like Malaysia or Japan show otherwise.

    As they say: “Past performance is no indication about future results.”

    The next few years will be interesting…

    • jerl

      I agree completely- Nikon’s remarks sound like they just don’t get it. There’s nothing inherent about cellphone cameras that forces them to have shutter lag, for instance, and image quality in those tiny sensor is constantly improving- at some point for most people the quality will be good enough and they won’t want to move up.

      Meanwhile, cellphones offer distinct advantages over dedicated cameras- cost for one thing, and size for another. Most people “need” cellphones anyway so they get a camera for free. And let’s not forget integration with a mobile service, allowing them to distribute photos immediately, as well as apps, allowing specialized functions to be conducted immediately. Many of these can never really be achieved by a DSLR, at least not in a form we see today, so if Nikon’s business model is based on continuing tomorrow what worked yesterday, I think they will have some hard times coming ahead.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        “Many of these can never really be achieved by a DSLR”

        If Nikon does not regard cellphones as a threat to their DSLRs that is perfectly fine with me.
        Thread to business which includes P&S is a completely different matter. My brother moved from P&S into both directions and bought a Canon DSLR as well as an iPhone. He will never buy a P&S again. There is no purpose. Not for him, not for many.

        • Worminator

          Compact digital cameras are being eaten alive from all sides: smartphones from one end, mirrorless on the other, and things like the Flip video/still camera in the middle.

          I have little sympathy: they evolved in all the wrong ways: feature stuffed, overly complex, annoying UI, poor image quality – the modern digicam is hateful to use and I will not mourn its passing.

      • f/2.8

        If Nikon moved ahead following your vision, some days I may be shooting sports or architecture with my cell phone?

        No more D7 or D8 of D whatever. Who wants to lug around a 400 or 200-400mm. No more bitching about no filter on the 14-24 too. Hurray!

        Get real.

      • Contrast auto-focus is the cause of some of the shutter-lag, and that’s probably not going away. The pocket camera (that isn’t a phone) is probably going away in the next 5 years though. Smart phones have turned the corner and will become ubiquitous. It may indeed help the mirrorless interchangeable lens and dSLR markets, but the single purpose pocket camera market is doomed.

    • Dma

      I also agree, Nikon and other camera companies should start to look at cell phone camera’s as threats especially to point and shoot models. The cameras are on the bottom edge of good enough to capture the moment and make small prints and everyone always has their phone and thus their camera on them. Every year the phone cameras get better and better. Are they a threat right at this moment, not to someone who wants a nice crisp photo, but in the near future I think Nikon and others are selling themselves short to think there is not going to be a market share loss. I’m sure if you asked Tom Tom and Garmin 5 or so years ago if they thought cell phones as navigation tools would be a threat they might not have predicted the effect on market share that is currently in place, and in 5 years or less I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t much of a market at all for stand alone gps. Now I admit camera and photos is a different market, and there are going to be a lot of people especially DSLR users that a cell phone isn’t even an option (no ones going to hire the wedding photog who takes it all with their iphone 8) but point and shoot is a huge market and that I think is in danger of losing ground. I think that canon and nikon might be good to create cell phone camera’s and lens systems, and then market them to phone manufacturers (if they aren’t already, i haven’t researched if they are or not) they could completely change the cell phone camera market and increase their market share at the same time. also I’ve seen some attachments to iphone cameras, that would be interesting as well.

      • Rob

        Nikon shouldn’t see cell phone cameras as a threat they should see it as a business opportunity (and I think they do). Weddings being shot with an I-phone? Too late for that one, it’s already happening people, simple point and shoots plus cell phones have completely changed the wedding photography scene already. Where I live nobody hires a wedding photog for that second marriage or the quick trip to the registrar. Someone in the wedding party will own a cheap camera and that is good enough for a lot of people.

        • The issue isn’t that the cell phone will replace the dslr, but that it will replace the pocket coolpix line. Get a young happy couple and you’ll see a lot of their friends pulling out iPhones. Five years ago they’d have pulled out a pocket camera. Those iPhone shots will be on Facebook before the reception starts. This is why video matters. You need to off not just great stills but also great video and a professionally done short with both intermixed so they can put it on YouTube.

          • VJ

            It willl… Quality-wise it is not there at the moment, but for many people the convenience and price win make them not buy a compact camera.
            IMO, we are but a small step away from a mobile phone with a glass lens and optical zoom (e.g. the Sony DSC-T series is VERY compact and seems like a good photo platform to start with) and they will start competing with the coolpix line.

            So at the moment they should not worry about it too much, but 2 years from now…? They should start preparing…

            • elton

              It Nikon’s smart they’ll start working with someone like Nokia, HTC, or even Apple on a co-branding arrangement. Your new cell phone with a genuine Nikkor zoom lens. Nikon might learn something about software along the way, too. They can lead or get trampled.

  • kaze kaze

    ouch… another reason why we locked our gears in pelican cases or equavalent, and don’t mess with an angry girl.

    • Huh?

      “Gear” not “gears”. You only say “gears” if you’re talking about parts of a machine.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Thanks for the grammar lesson, professor.

  • The invisible man

    My Nikon D800 is a counterfeit product, it has a 24MP sensor, not 12MP as genuine Nikon products have.

    • AnoNemo

      Good one. Very funny πŸ™‚

    • Rob

      My counterfeit D800 has 24mp, it wasn’t cheap but you get what you pay for buddy.

  • PHB

    I wonder what the performance of that f/11 would be against a 200-400 f/4 with a TC20 + TC1.3?

    Neither is going to autofocus at that aperture of course.

  • Steve

    LOL. The genuine nikon remote says “made in china” the counterfeit does not!

  • The invisible man

    I showed the damaged lenses to my wife, she did not laught, I don’t know if I should take that as scary or not…

    • plug

      I’d keep an eye on your rear element if I was you.

      • The invisible man

        my 300mm af-s don’t have rear element, and I have a filter on the front.

  • The invisible man

    Of course Nikon don’t see the phone’s cameras as a competitor, because Nikon is planning to put a phone in all his new cameras models !

    • bjrichus

      Now THAT is scary … “I’m on AT&T, so I need to buy a Canon” …


  • Mighty quiet, could it be the calm before the storm?

    • The invisible man

      always, remember the F801 !

  • broxibear

    Allan McNish Crash Le Mans 24 Hours 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jnibRyrK-o check out the very lucky photographer that almost gets hit by a wheel.
    Allan McNish escaped unhurt.

    • The invisible man

      need new paint…..

  • gethin

    to paraphrase douglas adams: Compact camera design will be changed by pressure from Mobile phones in the same way a river is changed by the sea. (IE profoundly and totally).

    Nikon are so narrow minded its unbelievable. Hell I’d like wifi (and 3g?) in my next DSLR, you short sighted morons. And whilst your at it, why not throw in a full blown OS, (android will do) and an open firmware platform. Oh an a 7inch LCD.

    • Eric Pepin

      Its funny cause I want none of that in my next camera, I want a shutter dial (yes a dial) and an aperture dial, oh and an ISO dial, oh and a WB dial. Manual focus and a 100 percent viewfinder as well please. LCD is optional, although I guess a small one would be nice, as long as I can turn it off.

      • Wow. Not even a light meter. You’re hard-core. Your dreams will be forever unfulfilled though.

  • madness i tell you

  • I will just forget nikon for a while.

  • pmac

    The post about the broken lenses is wrong.
    it wasnt his girlfriend. they had a fight over her buying stuff
    so he decided to smash his lense.so he could buy new ones.

    • kURT

      If that’s true, what an IDIOT. Who destroys lenses just to buy new ones?! That guy gotta be mentally unstable.

  • ja

    hi , this is totally off subject but im sort of at a junction here im looking at getting a DX sensor camera , but with all the rumors around about the up and coming D400 its all about timescale now im from the uk and iv seen a D300s refurb for Β£850 and yes id like it but im also thinking that this model is on the faze out list so if i was to buy it and in 2-3 months time the D400 arrives and i have nodout it will be far better spec wise. so does anyone out there have any idea about time scale as to when to expect the D400 in the shops , should i wait for the D400 or pick up the D300s or get both ?
    cheers p.s the DX model is for wildlife and nature photography

    • peterb

      Why not just pick up a d7000 and if the d400 does come out this year sell the d7000 to buy the d400. Personally I dont believe any new cameras are coming out this year but who knows…

    • broxibear

      Hi ja,
      I wouldn’t get a refurbished D300s for that price, peterb’s suggestion of a D7000 makes more sense at Β£890 for a body, and you can sell it once the D400 is out…or if you can wait then wait.
      I don’t expect any new dslrs until September or later in 2011.

    • Geoff

      Get a D7000.

      While the D300s has some more advanced features, they are few in number and the image quality of the D7000 is superior. The next high-end crop is not releasing this year. Also the button layout and handling of the D7000 is superior to the D300s. Also the D7000 shoots at higher ISO and has the silent shutter release, so it is far superior for Nature photography over the D300s.

    • Discontinued

      I am 4th to say that.

      I do not have a D300s but among what I do have is a D7000 and a D300. I can tell you that the D7000’s results beat the crap out of a D300. I miss certain things (size, settings, sync-cable-connection, more and wider spread AF-points) but have adjusted to most and get more DR, more RES, 1080 video in exchange.
      The decision you are facing is an easy one as long as you target max. IQ: Do not get a D300s. Get a D7000 or wait for something even better.

      But be aware of software requirements for a D7000’s raw-files. PS CS4 ain’t doin it.

      • ja

        ok thanks guys some really good advise and i’ll take it onboard i’ll wait out for 2-3months and see whats in the nikon pipe line if no D400 shows up i’ll take the d7000 as im working at a tight budget here .

    • The invisible man

      9/11/11 ?

      • Huh?

        You realize that date is 9th Nov 2011 in a lot of places?!

        • The invisible man

          yep, in my ex-country also !

  • AnoNemo

    Not many things are happening at NikonLand. πŸ™

    • The invisible man

      Wait and see….

      • AnoNemo

        Wait and see what? We waited long enough … the time passed by is more than enough for couple of skilled workers to build a full blown replica of an Egyptian pyramid by hand.

        At this point we should start evaluating some traditional options for image capture such as painting (for color) and drawing (for black and white). πŸ™‚

  • broxibear

    Speed Communications appointed by Nikon UK to market Nikon’s D5100 camera to consumers…
    “Nikon UK comms manager Claudia Paul said: ‘Speed recognised that photography is hugely emotive and as such we need to cover a lot of ground editorially to tap into the many reasons why people want to be better at it. It’s an exciting campaign intended to inspire sales during the peak summer buying period.”
    “Speed MD Stephen Waddington commented: ‘Social media have fuelled consumers’ appetite for sharing images. We’re aiming to shift that enthusiasm by spotlighting the functional benefits of the D5100 to create great images, but by also highlighting the emotional benefits of the art of photography itself.”

    Nikon UK explain MTF charts and how to read them https://nikoneurope-en.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/27082/session/L3RpbWUvMTMwNzk2NTc1Ni9zaWQvcFc2Z1dvd2s%3D

    • AnoNemo

      “hugely emotive” ??? What is he smoking? 90% of the people he was talking about just want to capture the image of “fat mama” and post it on Facebook and YouTube. Oh boy, I am not sure we are going to be the target for this one … this is definately not for those who seriously use DSLRs.

      The funny thing is that on social media most of the pictures are not taken with DSLRs. I am not sure what they are up to.

  • AnoNemo

    We are approx. a month and a half away from the “big” Nikon announcement(s) and there is absolutely no rumors. I wonder whether we’ll see only some coolpix again. In the past (as far as I can remember) there were rumors 2 months earlier but this time it is quiet. I have a feeling that we may see nothing serious (again) this year.

    • The invisible man

      Don’t forget the big announcements 3 months ago, earthquake, tsunami, explosions & radiations.
      It may explain why rumors are “late” this time.

      • AnoNemo

        Those products should have been finalized and ready for announcement(s) before the natural disaster. I agree the supply chain is affected but not the new product development. Besides, what different does it make announcing new products compared to the current situation? Anyway you can rarely find serious lenses, D3x, D3s, and even the D700 cameras. So, by announcing the new products earlier Nikon will not lose much because they cannot provide the current products today anyway.

        • The invisible man

          See what ADORAMA says about the 85mm Af-s f/1.4G:

          “This is a new item and not in stock yet. Currently we do not have a scheduled delivery date from the manufacturer”

          That lens was release in 2010 !

          • AnoNemo

            Yes, that’s my point. Loyal Nikon customers at least know it will be here at one point but not knowing what is coming is worse. I liked you comment above about the 24MP couterfeit D800 … it is not genuine Nikon because it is not 12MP. πŸ™‚ I think Nikon a) neglects its most loyal customers and b) Nikon thinks the loyal customers are stupid and cannot understand limitations (e.g. natural disaster)

            OTOH, look at intel, we pretty much know what and approx. when to expect. I like that way of doing business but getting a bit sick and tired with all the Ashton promotions and nothing for the serious dslr users. (here I am talking about FX)

            • The invisible man

              Slow down !!! Slow down !!!

              There is no more “Loyal” DSLR Nikon customers.
              Since the 90th Nikon don’t make any money on pro lenses and DSLR.

              Nikon have to continue making pro gear because it’s what made his “name”, for example France would not be called France anymore if they stoped funding the money looser “Air France” air liner.

              I’m glad to pay “only” $1800 for my 14-24mm of $2400 for a D700, because when you have it in you hands you can easily feel that it worth much more that what you paid for it.

              We need to be patient and understand that Nikon can’t make pro cameras and lenses as fast as a nasty hamburger from McDo

            • AnoNemo

              I guess you misunderstood me. I have no problem with Nikon’s quality. Also, I have no problem of waiting (and more waiting) for quality cameras. I guess that is why we stick with Nikon. But, I do not understand why Nikon does not trust a bit more in its loyal customers.

              Having said that, since many Nikon products are anyway not available, my argument is that Nikon should announce or at least outline in a “roadmap” what we can expect from them and especially when we can see something new. I mean do you think that the current Nikon FX lineup does not need a refresh? Many would argue that at the moment Nikon limited the FX line at 12MP a huge number of photographers got disappointed not to mention the D3x release. For those who want more Nikon does not offer anything in an affordable range. Or some may argue that the video of the FX line is subpar compared to even a D5100. Ok there is only one FX that can capture video (D3s).

              Then again, there are those who do not care about video but want the best quality out of a camera that is small and high resolution. (Like a mini D3x). That segment has no clue when Nikon will provide such camera.

              The point I was trying to make is that we have no clue what Nikon thinks what is good for us. Nikon just makes cameras that she thinks we need but I cannot see clear connection between the customer and the manufacturer. And “we” loyal Nikon users have no other option but to keep waiting, and waiting, and more waiting … then Nikon comes with something and 50% of the users will be angry. Instead of telling us that first we’ll try to do this for you loyal user and then we’ll try this.

              Bottom line is that we’ll get a bunch of coolpix wrapped in Ashton Kutcher. πŸ™‚

          • rearranged

            All nikon pro-lenses are perfectly available in germany at amazon.
            same thing for amazon.com.

            • AnoNemo

              Maybe Germany is an exception.

  • The invisible man


    Just get a D700, it’s THE BEST digital camera ever (and I’m not Ken’s brother), I sold my D700 because I make HUGES prints and crop alot, but if you don’t print more than 30x45cm you can’t go wrong with the D700 (reason why it keep it’s value even after 4 years).

    No video ? And why do you think I ‘m married for ?
    – dady take pictures
    – mommy do the video
    – kids carry tripod, food and the drinks !

    • AnoNemo

      @ The invisible man
      Actually I was thinking about the D7k. I can put on my FX lenses and it has almost the same low light performance as the D700 does. But right now for the summer vacation I might borrow my friend’s D700. To be honest, I want a bit more resolution and I think at this point it makes sense waiting for couple of months to see what’s coming (or not). If I had to buy something then as “temp” I would just go for the D7k. I do not care much about the video. I agree that’s for mommy. In my case mommy carries tripod, food, and drinks. πŸ˜‰ I come up with great plans πŸ™‚

      • The invisible man

        Make sure you come visit us if you stop by Florida !
        (I would get a used D90 for cheap on Ebay and wait for the D800/900 if you don’t want the D700)

        • AnoNemo

          Sure, if I make it to Florida I will stop by and visit you. πŸ™‚

          I guess I will borrow my friend’s D700 for the holiday and wait what Nikon brings us.

        • AnoNemo

          If I make it to Florida, I will stop by and visit you. πŸ™‚

          I think I will just borrow my friend’s D700 for the holiday and wait what Nikon will bring us

  • AnoNemo

    What happend with our NR Admin? He seems to be disappeared in old Europe. I hope he did not eat too much from the cucumbers or beansprouts. πŸ˜‰

    • The invisible man

      Or maybe he found a cute French girlfriend…

      • AnoNemo

        aha, in that case we’ll see great improvement in NR Admin’s French language skills πŸ™‚

    • still alive and kicking, just nothing interesting to report

      • AnoNemo

        “just nothing interesting to report”

        This is scary. I am afraid that Nikon will let us down. I mean when the D3 and D300 came out we had some rumors months before. Now we have nothing.

        Well, worse case scenario we have to take a second look at other systems if Nikon does not want our money. πŸ™

  • really slow week for reporting, hey i sold a photograph last week, thirteen this year so far, now that is good news

  • VJ

    Some of those counterfeit things are quite difficult to spot… It may be easier if you can put them side-by-side, but if you just have one item in your hands… And there is no copy-proof thing (like the hologram Nokia puts on their batteries), so there is no guarantee counterfeiters will not get better at it…
    I know, buying from reputable places should keep you safe, but still…

  • broxibear
  • I think we will get some great news later this year, or maybe in the first half next year.
    My guess are based upon all the new lenses, that we have seen lately, now what is the point in releasing a great new FX camera, if you dont have the lenses, to go with it.
    Now most of the pro lens lineup has been changed, we have a new 24mm 35mm 50mm 84mm
    70-200mm 200mm 300mm and a 200-400mm, all those are made for FX and for more MP than we have right now ( D3 D3s and D700 ).
    What would be the point in announcing a great new camera, if the lens lineup couldnt keep up, there have been reports, about people having problems with some of the older lenses on the D3X, because of the MP sensor.
    Now we have the lenses, lets get the Camera.

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