Nikon 50mm f/1.8G lens now in stock

The Nikon 50mm f/1.8G lens is now in stock at B&H. Please note that Amazon will cancel your pre-order if they cannot ship an item after 60 days from the day you placed the order.

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  • I’ll stick with my 50 1.8d for now…First!

  • JJose

    NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8 G GIVEAWAY! HAHA!

  • It´s a nice piece of glass, but not a especial release. It´s just for the consumer level be Happy with AF-S & 50mm portrait lenses. The AF-D is faster focusing and cheaper for those who shot with AF motor “in body”. I´m counting the days for the new bodys, maybe de months =D


  • Nek Wellrock

    Does anyone know if this lens cures the hot spotting/flares from the 1.8d?

    I love my 50,…but in bright situations,…I do get the blue balls(RFLOL) and what not.

    And I even get it when there is no single bright spot,…like shooting sunrises,,…before the sun comes up.

    Kinda hard to predict when it’s gonna happen at times.

    That,…and the mechanical bokeh,…being fixed,…I’d buy it ASAP.

  • I picked mine up on Tuesday. focus speed is on par with the D. faster than the 1.4G. but the real point of the upgrade is flare resistance I canshoot into the light and avoid the nasty loss of detail and contrast. seeing as how the 50 is a pivotal part of my lens stratagy, this is a good upgrade. the small increase in price is worth it. a great buy if u ask me

  • James E. Donahue

    I got mine this Tuesday, 6-7-11 From Memphis Photo Supply in Memphis TN…Thanks Buzzy for the Fast Service.

    • jack

      I used to work there… great group of guys (except for grumpy Shirley)

  • PAG

    Hmmmm. I picked up the 35mm f/1.8 DX lens and love it. I wonder if it’s worth considering this one as well?

    • Michael

      yea it like a 75mm on dx, this len is amazing for what u play

    • James E. Donahue


  • Tommy Botello

    I got my shipping confirmation from Amazon yesterday, can’t wait!

  • Got my shipping confirmation today! And I ordered right when it went on pre-order! Hmm…

  • Gabor
  • Bip

    Has there been a comparison of this new lens against the older 50mm f1.4D that you know of? I can’t find any via google yet. I know they are not directly comparable and given the low price, it doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket even if I decided to get another 50mm, but I thought it would be good to know so that I don’t have to jump into the bandwagon unnecessarily.

    • mikils

      if you really have a good condition1.4 D I really can’t see a reason to get this. Oh wait, there could be one; consummerism. Any possible difference in terms of IQ is for pixel pickers to ascertain. It sure won’t affect your prints.

      • CK Dexter Haven

        Depends on what you mean by “difference in terms of IQ.” If you mean pixel-level sharpness, i’d agree. But, differences in lens CHARACTER – yeah, that’s important. I’ve had shots with previous Nikkor AF 50s RUINED by the horrid bokeh. If this lens does that aspect better, it’s a “reason to get this.” And, yes, if you’re shooting people, for example, especially at 2.8 and larger, it will affect your prints, unless you don’t have a discerning eye : (

        I love it when people jump into forums and lay down their judgmentalism. “Consumerism?” Suppose you’ve just never really liked the way your 1.4D renders? And, you limit yourself to certain apertures, just to ‘not be disappointed.’

  • Tom

    now there is new 50mm 1.8 is there going to be new 85mm f1.8G to replace 85mm f1.8D?

  • Just picked one up this morning at J&R. Been playing with it the whole day and loving it!

  • The new AF-S 50mm 1.8G is a significant improvement over the AF-D version, especially wide-open. I got mine two days ago and it is well worth the money and a much improved upgrade over the older version. @f/8.0 I can’t see any improved sharpness over the AF-D. They look about the same. The new version has much improved sharpness and ghosting @1.8 as well as better contrast.

    If you shoot the AF-D wide-open a lot, the new AF-S version is well worth the upgrade. If you shoot medium apertures a lot, the AF-D version is just fine.

    • Bullsnot

      Agree with this. I got my 1.8G two days ago and at 1.8 it looks pretty good. I don’t have the 1.8D to compare it to, but I do have the 1.4G and used to have the 1.4D. The 1.4G is a bit better at F2 than the 1.8G, but not much… definitely not worthy of the price premium IMO. My D7K works so well at reasonable ISOs that the speed difference just isn’t worth it, so my 1.4G will be going up for sale.

      From what I can tell, the 1.8G is likely as good stop-for-stop as the 1.4D, but I don’t have that lens anymore so I can’t do a proper head to head. The 1.4D wasn’t very good wide open (huge purple fringing, dreamy hazy look and low contrast), though by f2 it was decent.

      • Greg

        I would expect the new 1.8G to *better* stop for stop than the old 1.4D. Even my 1.8D is better stop for stop than my old 1.4D (I did direct comparison shots on a tripod at f1.8, f2, and f2.8).

  • Mike


    I follow your site and really appreciate your updates and tips. Just curious, I have seen that for the most part you have been suggesting products through Adorama, any reason for the suggesting I buy the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G lens through B&H Photo?
    Does Adorama not have this in stock, just B& H?



    • No, both retailers are as good as it can get, Adorama just did not have them in stock yet.

      • 99accordv6

        Adorama shipped to me yesterday from my pre order.

  • Hmm…I shoot with at D5100 and cannot decide between this lens and the 35mm 1.8 DX

    • James E. Donahue

      Get both.

      • Most definetely, both. I’ve just shot a photo marathon with just these two and a D7000. Pure joy.

    • Taylor

      I’m in the same boat and can only afford one for now! Also a bit confused, if I get the 35mm.. it’s like shooting @ 50mm, and if I get the 50mm, it’s like shooting at 75mm?

  • They have them in stock at Crutchfield right now for $219 with free 2 day shipping.
    If you use this friend code


    you will get $20 off for a total of $199.99. It’s the cheapest I’ve seen. The discount gets applied when it’s gets shipped, so it’s not instant.

  • ZoetMB

    It’s back to pre-order status at B&H. It’s in stock at J&R.

  • ChrisAstro

    When will it be available on best buy?

  • sajan

    This 50 1.8G is better than 50 1.4G wide open. I just see no need to keep more expensive 50 1.4g. for ability to shoot 1.4 with average sharpness. this 1.8g lens is sharper at wide end and costs less. And I am confused…i was just about to buy 85 1.4g…but that if 85 1.8d replacement (i am sure it will some soon or later) will share the same story?

  • I received my Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S this morning. I had placed a pre-order with immediately after the lens was announced.

  • CK Dexter Haven

    In-stock at

    Call and ask for Arthur.

  • mozello

    I received my 50mm f/1.8G from BH. Made in China 🙁

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