Weekly Nikon news flash #113

The most expensive camera at the auction (ever sold) was this Leica 0-Serie camera from 1923 with a final price of 1.3 million EUR (1.9 million USD). See also a list of most expensive cameras ever sold.

  • How to wash your Nikon D300s camera:

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  • FX

    First post from Euro land! Enjoy your stay Peter.

  • ukj

    When I wash my d7000, first i take the battery out then dunk it in a soapy bath tub for 20mins then dry it off.

    Try it……….

    • Iris Chrome

      Seriously? 20 minutes is way too long. I usually dunk mine battery and all in about a 2 quarts H2SO4 solution and it only takes about 5 minutes tops ๐Ÿ˜€

  • dude’s washing his camera in a suite? lol

    • In what country do hotels have floors that grungy?

      • Iris Chrome

        I think he meant to say sweet. Yeah ๐Ÿ˜€

    • timarts

      with a lit cigarette in one hand too

  • Thom Rockwell

    anyone know when will Amazon start shipping the 50 1.8G?

    • Iris Chrome

      they already have

  • Stephan

    Still no infos about D800… checking every few hours… Damn it Nikon, hurry!

    • The invisible man

      why don’t we take turns ?
      I’ll do every other hours (1,3,5,7,etc..)

      • D-EIGHT HUNDRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • The invisible man

          Now I’m so tired earing the D800 everyday that I want it to be called D900, sound better isn’t it ?

          • The invisible man

            (also, it sound like my SB-900 !)

            • Iris Chrome

              If I attach my SB-700 on my D7000, would I get a combo bonus? I don’t think the bonus would be as good as if I used a D700 but I still think it would deserve something, right? :p

          • Trust meโ€”once it’s announced and all official-like, the name will be music to your ears all over again.

  • inginerul

    I think that lens was a 105 VR, I went to the seaside with my 105 VR on my D80, there was alot of sand and splash, but I mistakenly got into the knee-deep-water with it and a big wave came and partially splashed my 105VR. since then, the focus ring got a little squeak now and then, until i sold it. when i got home i checked the lense’s manual and there was no mention of weather sealing, despite the rubberised ring on the mount. really really bad idea what that guy is doing.

    • MJr

      He filmed it because he knows its stupid :), but i really do not understand what the motivation was. I don’t think it actually was even dirty :/

    • Iris Chrome

      “…until I sold it.” What happened after that? Did it stop squeaking on it’s own? LOL

      Well, not praising what that guy did and I still think it’s a very dumb idea, but I think that sea water would be very different from regular water… but then again I think he was using soap which just adds to the dumbness of what he did

    • D700guy

      I concur. My 105mm had to be serviced because it got some moisture inside and developed a fog spot in the center of the lens.

  • broxibear

    Nikon India aims to double turnover in 2011-12…
    “โ€œWe have been adopting strategies to grow our business by adding new and easy operating models, opening up of new outlets including COOLPIX Zone, collection centers and authorized service centers (ASCs) across the country. The company has also taken up aggressive marketing campaign,โ€ Hiroshi Takashina, the companyโ€™s managing director said”
    “The company has established 21 ASCs and 22 Nikon Collection Centres for complete service support of the customers in 2010-11. The company has also set up 81 D-SLR and COOLPIX zones throughout the country which showcase the entire range of D-SLR cameras and elaborate range of Nikon lenses.
    These zones allow customers, both professional and amateurs to touch, feel and experience the cameras with combination of lenses and other accessories providing expert guidance and technical know-how under one-roof, he said.”

  • broxibear

    Some really nice images of Endeavour’s final mission here http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2011/06/endeavours-final-mission/100078/#img32
    No.32 is a self portrait by astronaut Michael Fincke on the reflective surface of the International Space Station using one of their Nikon dslrs (don’t know which one) http://cdn.theatlantic.com/static/infocus/endeavour060111/s_e32_8e005584.jpg

    • Iris Chrome

      That self portrait is awesome!

  • Camaman

    How come that big Sigma has such a uniform shape, an not huge front element.
    Is it really f2.8 constant aperture?

    • Iris Chrome

      I might be wrong but I don’t know if the aperture size is correlated to the lens’ (front element) size. Look at the 50mm f/1.4 for example, it’s front element (or front ring) is only 52mm in diameter.

      • Rob

        That’s actually exactly what an f-number is. It is the focal length divided by the diameter of the front opening (the largest possible opening being the diameter of the front element itself). For a 300mm f/2.8 lens, D = 300mm/2.8, so the front element must be at least 107mm (4.2 inches) across. For a 50mm f/1.4, the front element must be at least 35.7mm (only 1.4 inches).

        • CamaJan

          So does that mean that this lens isn nkt constant f2.8 or it really is and is 11cm fat along its entire length?

          • Yes, the lens is 4.5 inches wide, where the front element only needs to be 4.21 inches wide (sounds about right after accounting for the lens body).

        • Iris Chrome

          Ok, so if you’re correct (and I’m not saying that you’re not), can you explain to me then why is it that wide and ultra wide lenses have big front elements?

          • Nek Wellrock

            At those lengths,..your bending light,….not soaking it up.

            And not all have huge,bulb-like FEs…

          • Rob

            The front element has to be large in order to have the large field of view associated with a wide angle lens. It’s just physics. It has to be much bigger than the other elements so that the angle between the front and the next element is large enough for the incoming light to cover the entire sensor for the full field of view. The light is refracting much more through a wide angle lens than a normal lens.

            • I would also imagine that it’s easier to engineer a wide angle lens that has better perspective control when working with a larger front element.

            • Iris Chrome

              Thanks Rob. I get it now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thom Rockwell

    It came from a smoker.. I won’t buy it
    water’s no problem ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Global

      Its a shame…

      Second hand smoke is the TRUE #1 killer of most dslrs; when will people learn.

    • Iris Chrome


  • Astrophotographer

    For those who always wanted that 1000/6.3 KEH has one for a mere $29,995.

  • A Leica for the price of a Porsche Turbo, insane.

    • Anonymus Maximus

      Exactly the Porsche turbo looses 30% the moment you drive it from the dealers yard.

      The Leica will actually sell for more in the next section. (Ferrari)

      • Ronan

        Now you know why i bought my Cayman S second handed ๐Ÿ˜›

      • OK, there are lots of used exotics around for that price that will not lose 30% off the showroom floor. Some of the Porsche models with turbochargers would qualify. So what exactly are you trying to prove?

  • Some dude

    I recommend this guy to toss his camera into an industrial grade laundry machine. Add bleach and OxiClean to make it even cleaner.

  • Anton

    I just love it how this guy keeps smoking as he washes the camera (in comparison with footage from super clean labs). As if washing the camera is an ordinary (daily) choir that he is teaching his friends.

    • Global

      “Shine yer camera, gubnor? Only a pence. Savin up for a new suit, I is.”

  • ‘Arry Garnt

    Phottix website has a nasty virus, don’t go there. Admin, I advise you to remove the link on the Photoromors site asap……

    • vsah

      No it doesn’t.

    • Phottix website works fine to me, do you get a virus warning?

  • Fred

    I have seen so many videos of the D300 and D300s get wet, sprayed, showered, hosed and so on… But never once any of the videos that showed it still working after words.

    • Ronan

      Oh it still works, the lens on the other hand… idk.

  • 1.9 million wow ๐Ÿ˜ฎ That looks more like a WMD lol

  • ZoetMB

    Why was that smoking idiot washing his camera? Did the bunch of cats he regularly takes pictures of piss on his camera?

    • jki

      He is washing it to hold its resale value.

      Nikon D300s FOR SALE

      super clean camera, never used, 0 actuation’s, original boxes, washed regularly and takes great pictures (or so I have been told according to info found on the internet, which is the reason I upgraded from my D200). I am not a photographer I am a collector and a professional complainer. Reason for selling: Nikon is taking t0o long to release a D900 so I am again switching back to Canon.

      $2200 firm + shipping and paypal fees or will do a straight trade for a new in box D3x

      lowball offers will be ignored

      • The invisible man

        YES, please switch to Canon that way Nikon will release the D900 !
        Thank you soooooooo much !

  • The invisible man

    I can ear some French in the Camera wash video, but I don’t think they are French.

  • Sergio

    that Nikon rangefinder is sweet, I want it with a D3s sensor inside ๐Ÿ™‚

  • i used the previous generation of the Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 and this one is something i look forward to own! The Nikkor 300mm f/2.8 might offer better IQ but to be honest i rather have the zooming option and have better composition than just being forced to either move to feet-zoom or lose detail

    Lets wait till the major websites release in depth reviews ๐Ÿ™‚

  • david

    A lot of people are asking me my secret for washing D7000’s, so here it is: I hollow out a large pumpkin – as though I were making a jack o’ lantern – get it as clean as possible inside and then fill it with Heinz vinegar. Put a piece of Scotch tape over the sensor (shouldn’t get that wet) and drop the camera in from a height of at least 3 ft. Also works on D700’s. Good luck!

  • AM

    Funny that the list of most expensive cameras ever sold doesn’t include even a single C….
    Perhaps because they lose 30% of their value out the door just like Porsches. LOL.

  • Felix

    WESTLICHT there is no second I it’s not westIlicht ….

  • This Nikon rangefinder look awesome. ๐Ÿ˜ก

  • D700guy

    I love the way that idiot shakes the camera afterwards. Doesnโ€™t even secure it with the strap which is dangling dangerously. Obviously he’s not afraid of dropping it along with his $850 lens attached. Complete disregard for a camera. What a freakin fool.

  • AnoNemo

    NR Admin got lost in Europe ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The invisible man

      I hope he won’t get sick with the cucumbers !

      • AnoNemo

        I think he just thought his North American GPS would do trick and ended up in Germany in a restaurant eating spanish cucumber salad. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or german beansprouts.

    • Knockwell


      • The invisible man


    • I am alive and well, just too many things to take care of. Anyone interested to take over NikonRumors.com for few weeks? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • The invisible man

        Sure, I’ll like to be paid with a Nikkor AF-s 85mm f/1.4, do we have a deal ?
        (and NR in French, of course)

  • It’s mighty quiet around here. Seems like the pipeline is dry.

    • I am “almost” back online, but still no news on upcoming new products ๐Ÿ™

  • broxibear

    New Nikon CoolPix P500 advert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lliCKKkqlFE

    Also came across this strange video posted today called “how to use a Nikon D90” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPDpBV-LknE

  • The invisible man

    The Nikon 50mm f/1.8 AF-S is now IN STOCK at B&H

  • broxibear

    Here’s something I “heard” today…
    A rumour that both the D400 and D800 will have a touchscreen. I knew there were various rumours about the D800 having a touchscreen but this is the first I’ve heard of the D400.
    Maybe it’s the same as the oled touchscreen in the Coolpix S80 ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH5vlJ0vt-s

    • The invisible man

      And I keep telling my kids not to touch the screen…..great !

      • broxibear

        Hi The invisible man,
        I’m not in the market for a D800 or D400, but for those that are I hope the touchscreen (if there is one) works really well. I bought a GF1 instead of a GF2 because I hated the touchscreen so much…I was playing around with my nephew’s iPod Touch last week and it’s touchscreen was annoying too.
        I don’t think they’re needed or wanted on a dslr, maybe I’m wrong ?

        • The invisible man

          Unfortunately manufacturers will always try to find a new “gadgets” to boost sells.
          If the D800/900 comes with too many useless junk, I’ll buy a D700 right away (before they will be gone) !

          • The invisible man

            boost “sales” (mean “dirty” in French)

  • A touchscreen? Nope, a mouse, LOL.

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