Weekly Nikon news flash #112

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  • HY

    Wow, that’s one bling camera!

  • now thats a cool camera….

  • Funny, all I can see on that camera is really REALLY bad white balance. It looks not gold one bit to me, but rather a tungsten light, or three.

    Someone should bit it to see if it’s real.

    • *bite

    • ShaoLynx

      Watch the video. You’ll see that the ‘off-set white balance’ is really very local.
      Only some specific models seem to suffer that effect.
      Although I don’t think I saw this particular model in de video, but several other ‘gold ones’.
      Missa thinks it issa genuine.

  • Nice gold!

  • Looks expensive

  • Bullsnot

    The NASA launch page is neat, but the camera at the end of the post sure looks like a D2 series camera to me, not a D3 as the author claims… The WB sensor on the viewfinder housing has a cutout for it, and the lens is shrouded soo much that an FX sensor would vignette badly.

  • Dweeb

    I always thought those special edition Nikons were funny. They were just copying Hasselblad which was putting out special edition gold cameras for the Middle East at the time. Somehow a gold plated 400 buck Jap camera was a hoot. Kinda like an Armani edition Dodge.

    • paf

      “…Kinda like an Armani edition Dodge…”.

      hmm… Not a bad idea!

      (good one!!!)

  • @ Portugal nikon website: I would guess it is due to a dumb webadmin as some of the pages work and some do not: http://www.nikon.pt/pt_PT/products/product_summary_list.page?ParamValue=Digital+Cameras&Subnav1Param=SLR&Subnav2Param=Professional&Subnav3Param=0&RunQuery=l3&ID=0


  • broxibear

    If you drop your D300 and 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II in water and Nikon say its beyond economic repair after crying…sell it on eBay…
    “100% immersion in fresh water ” I wonder what she dropped them in ?…I shouldn’t laugh, but it is pretty funny lol.

    • Vandyu

      Could be from an accident while sailing or canoeing on a fresh water lake. Two times I would not take that kind of rig with me. At least she is being honest with the buyer.

    • Man, the VRII. That’s sad.

  • The invisible man

    I want a D800 gold, and a D900 platinium, and also a SB-900 made with diamonts.

    • Huggs

      That would be expensive because “diamonts” are hard to find. 😀

      • The invisible man

        diamonds, thank you !

  • baked bananas

    I’ll trade all my gold anb wife for a full frame d800

    • The invisible man

      on a stick ?

  • John

    The Nikon FA Gold is Real. Ace Photo in Virginia used to have one in their showcases. Pretty sure they wanted like 3500 for it. Came in a Nikon wooden case with red velvet lining.

  • Cheap Bower battery grip for nikon d7000

    been waiting for one of these to come out.

  • ZoetMB

    Some of the unit counts that KEH is quoting for the special editions are different than what other sources have quoted, such as the Peter Braczko books or “Nikon: A Celebration”. For example, for the F5 special edition, KEH is claiming 2000 units were produced. Other sources claim 3000 units with 300 of those for the U.S. KEH claims 300 units for the FM2/T Year of Dog, but other sources claim 3001 units. KEH claims 500 units were produced of the FA Gold, but other sources claimed 2000 units.

    Regardless, considering how rare those cameras are, I’m surprised they’re going for as little as they are. You would think Nikon collectors would grab them up in a minute.

    • Vandyu

      Yeah, guess the Wall Street stockbrokers are busy buying up foreclosed resort property and the oil barons are hedging against the future with investments in electric cars. So, Nikon collectibles are lower on the list this year.

  • The invisible man

    ******** OFF TOPIC ********

    This as nothing to do with cameras (well, mirrorless ones maybe)
    But it’s SO GOOOOD that I deceided to post it !

    It’s in prank in a “restroom” with a fake mirror and 2 women twins, I think they speak German (French subtitles)
    A friend sent it to me from Europe, it’s very well made.


  • Rob

    I posted a link that the Nikon rebates are back for DX bodies at Amazon. Not sure if it’s waiting for review, cause there was only 1 link.

    • thanks Rob, I just approved your comment, I guess the rebates are coming back

  • Geoff

    It screams ROB ME .. ;- >

  • Migtex

    The problem with Nikon Portugal Website is not just the Website.
    It’s the fact that is not Nikon who manages the country representation but the spanish distributor ATLANT PHOTO IMAGE S.
    They do not provide a service to Nikon at all.
    I do believe Nikon knows that but contracts are contracts I guess and Japaneses do not breach contract lightly.. and the spaniards know that too.. so.. not much hope for improvement.

  • broxibear

    As in all countries Nikon stock in New Zealand has shrunk…
    “Camera retailers face delays of up to four months for stock after the Japanese earthquake damaged supply factories. Wholesalers warn there is no respite on the horizon.”
    “Every country is fighting for stock at the moment and I guess New Zealand gets the last pickings due to our size, on per centage basis,” he said. “Occasionally there have been outages … but we have never experienced this in retail before to this magnitude.”
    “The distributor for Nikon in New Zealand, T A Macalister, confirmed its high-end product range had been affected. A damaged supply factory near Sendai, one of the worst-hit cities, was operating on reduced capacity, Nikon product manager Ken Newell said. “Although ramping up has already happened … some of our suppliers have reduced capacity and that has affected some of our range. It is an ongoing problem. We think we may of seen the worst of it, but we don’t know until it has been confirmed.””

  • Phil

    [$100 off Nikon D5100 with 55-300mm or 55-200mm lens combos (expires May 28th).]

    Damn! I just picked up a D5100 with 18-55 & 55-200 kit today at Adorama. Oh well…

  • Last time I was in Melbourne I went and had a look at the museum. A fantastic collection of cameras and well presented/labelled. Free entry and their second hand gear for sale in the main street level windows are also worth a look. A few doors up the street is The Camera Exchange which also boasts a great collection of 2nd hand Pro gear for sale. Always a nice afternoon in Marvellous Melbourne.

  • Darkness

    Westlicht just sold a 2000mm NIKKOR for 66000 Euro!! Is this the most expensive ever?

  • turn on the lights, put on a leisure suit, put on a 45 playing a disco song, load a roll of kodachrome 64 and start taking photos

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