Nikon announcement next week?

Nikon has scheduled another product announcement. I still have not received a confirmation on the date, but it may happen as early as April 27th, 2011 (next Wednesday).

One of the new products to be announced will be the already leaked Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens. I doubt that this is going to be the only new product. Nikon just announced the Nikon D5100 DSLR camera on April 5th and I don't think they will release just one lens three weeks later. On the other hand, it's too early for the D700 replacement to be out and I doubt they will announce a FX lens with another DX body (D400 for example).

Maybe this will be a "lens(es) only" announcement? Or maybe Nikon decided to quickly announce the already leaked lens and nothing more?

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  • Fx format fan

    With Nikon releasing a lower price 50 mm f/1.8 AF-S Fx lens, would not a
    Fx body without a internal focus motor make sense.

    The cost to do this using the D700 sensor/hardware might allow this to be a
    very (relative) low cost camera.

    It has to be just a matter of time before they come out with a Fx camera at a lower price

    • Steverii

      I think the same, but want the motor, besides, a 9000 without a motor following the 7000 with, wouldn’t make sense.

    • TaoTeJared

      Maybe $100-$200 – cheap FX is a pipe dream for Nikon and Canon fans for a while. The big cost is the sensor manufacturing re-tooling and design, not anything on the camera.

    • Shkacas

      Nikon will NEVER release FX body without internal focus motor… I hope so…

      • The invisible man

        All my lenses are AF-S, so if Nikon give us the choice I’ll take a FX body without AF motor if it’s cheaper.

        • Eric Pepin

          most people own atleast 1 AFD lens, or will in the future at some point own a AFD lens.

          • I very much don’t agree with this statement.

            • look at nikon AI/ S lenses, they still float around after 10-20 years, or even more…

              AFD lenses will be around for another at least 10-20 years, so i think is important to keep the motor on FX/ high end body, cause ppl who use these bodies most likely have AI/S/ D lenses, and Nikon is aware of that,
              thats what keeping nikon alive and wont give up motor until AFS line can totally replace all the AFD lenses…which is going to take a while, there are still a couple lenses hasnt been replaced yet, 50/1.8 85/1.8 etc etc.

          • the dog

            no, why must I go out and buy an AFD lens?
            must get rid of motor to meet canon’s weight

    • zoetmb

      How much price difference could there be? I bet the motor doesn’t add more than $35 to the price of an FX body and it could be far less. It’s not worth leaving out.

    • Hope that it will be D700 replacement. Looking forward to FX D800 ….

    • Erwin

      An FX body without a focus motor would definitely NOT make any sense. It´s not the focus motor that keeps the price up

  • Neosxm

    +1 if you think this bar is too long

    • tnazare

      The D100’s bar looks bigger to me…. wait & see

      • VJ

        I also noticed the D100 bar looks bigger…
        And both where basically a series’ first: D100 first prosumer DSLR, D700 first prosumer FX DSLR. I wonder if it is a pattern…

    • moomoocow

      Which bar doesn’t belong 🙂

    • Andy

      The D700 being a small bodied high end pro camera doesn’t really fit into the same category as any other digital camera so there’s no time scale to compare it to.

      I’d put it in the same category as the F100

  • One More Thought

    Kudos to Nikon for continuing to be aggressive to market in spite of the disaster in Japan. I imagine that must be reassuring to investors, not to mention all of their loyal users (like those who read NR!).

    I would also think that right now Nikon would want to release as many new models of body and lens as possible so as to rake in as much cash as possible to help rebuild and reposition their manufacturing. Plus, they need to make up for what they may be losing by being out of stock on some older models.

    As a last point I would also imagine that, with regards to Nikon equipment now, there is a mentality to buy it while you can…so it’s a good time to release new product to capitalize on this rush to purchase among consumers.

    • WoutK89

      “Plus, they need to make up for what they may be losing by being out of stock on some older models

      with regards to Nikon equipment now, there is a mentality to buy it while you can”

      You are contradicting yourself here. Products that arent in stock can not be sold. So announcing new products that arent in stock will not change this situation. The only reason why to announce now, is because they are out of stock anyway, and best to create a new line of products that will be in stock instead of an older product.

      • WoutK89

        I meant to say time wise. If a D300s is out of stock and not produced at the moment, better to announce the D400 and release that instead of new stock of D300s’s

        • One More Thought

          I agree. Of course you can’t sell what is not in stock but IMHO there is a mentality now to purchase what is available while you can. Of course this results in more product shortages.

          I also agree that announcements need to be made for products that can actually be shipped.

          Lastly, I agree that re items like the D700, the D3s, it may be prudent for Nikon to shift production, once it resumes in Sendai, to their replacement models, rather than restart production of the older model for a short period of time. In fact I actually wonder whether this disaster will force companies like Nikon and Canon to actually bring some of their anticipated new models to market even sooner.

  • disiderio

    A mirrorless full frame camera without internal focus motor would be cash money, buy they’d need to release a few more af-s primes before they do that. Namely, the 35mm and 24mm (for a reasonable sum of money).

    Hoping that they re-jig capture nx2/release capture nx3. 😉

    • WoutK89

      A mirrorless full frame camera will not take the current line of lenses without an adapter. So it is useless for them to release more AF-s lenses because it has no AF-screw in the body.

      • Trevor

        Why do you think a mirrorless FX body would need an adapter for current F-mount lenses? A D700 in live view tripod mode can shoot any Nikon lens using CDAF and doesn’t need a mirror at all. Lack of a mirror changes nothing but the optical viewfinder and autofocus method.

        • dave

          Not quite true. one of the advantages of the mirrorless design is a thinner camera body. This moves the lens mount closer to the sensor. So an adapter is needed to move the lens to the appropriate distance from the sensor to avoid focusing issues. It is true that some lenses would be able to focus, but the angle of view would be much narrower than one would expect. Some zooms would only be able to focus in part of their zoom range. Other lenses would not be able to focus at all. This assumes, of course, that Nikon follows suit and produces a body style similar to the Fuji X100. Simply removing the mirror from a DSLR body doesn’t make a lot of sense.

          WoutK89, AF-S lenses have a built-in focus motor. That’s why almost all new Nikon lenses are AF-S, they work on bodies without the screw drive.

          • Mark H

            It would be interesting if there were an adaptor for F-mount to EVIL that had a focus motor. That way everyone with old non-AF-S glass would still be able to have autofocus.

            Heck, add image stabilization while you’re at it, though that might need to be programmed for the lens characteristics.

          • Trevor

            Yes, removing the mirror means you CAN shorten the flange distance, but saying that by nature of a camera being mirrorless an adapter is needed for F-mounts is wrong.

            • WoutK89

              Than tell me, why you want a mirrorless camera, if the only advantage is less weight? You would go mirrorless to save space as well.

            • dave

              My point is not that an adapter is required, but that the lens is designed to be a certain distance from the sensor. If you shorten the flange distance (as all the other manufacturers have done thus far) then while you can mount an F-mount lens (assuming that’s the mount the body accepts), you change the focusing characteristics of the camera, and not all lenses would work well with that. Think of it this way. Today, you can purchase extension tubes that alter the focusing characteristics . If you use too long an extension tube with the wrong lens, then both the minimum and maximum focus distances of the lens move to within the lens itself and you can’t focus with the lens. Moving the flange closer has the invers effect. You could end up moving the minimum focus distance of the lens so far away as to make the lens unusable for normal photography.

              You could put an F-mount collar on an EVIL camera and you wouldn’t need an adapter per se, just an extension tube to get DSLR lenses out to their designed flange distance.

              You could design an EVIL camera with the correct flange distance, as well. But that just doesn’t make sense to me. You could make it smaller in other areas, but it just ends up looking like a DSLR without the pentaprism hump on top.

            • Space freed by the mirror and related items can be used in creative ways. One I’d like to see the most is active sensor cooling. Gain is increase in signal to noise and dynamic range.

          • WoutK89

            My reaction about more AF-s lenses was meant as, if the lens stays the same, but the body gets shorter/thinner, the lenses that exist dont need an update to fit this camera as you will be using an adapter.

  • yrsued

    What can I say, I’m getting a couple of them….

  • BenS

    A new FX 50 mm ? will this finally be a 50MM with a GOLD RING ?
    Can anyone tell me why Nikon has not made a PRO ( ie with GOLD Ring ) 50mm prime all this time ?

    • TaoTeJared

      No it is the cheap-o 1.8.

      Per Nikon, the “Gold” Ring really doesn’t mean anything but design.

      • WoutK89

        Exactly, I bet you (BenS) would buy a DX 18-55/3.5-5.6 if it had a gold ring

        • BenS

          hehe .. though my camera is my D80, the only lenses i have is the 50mm f1.8 D and the afs 24 – 70 f2.8 g . I love them both

          I have just been wondering why Nikon never made a 50 mm with GOLD ring when they made a 24, 35 and 85 primes with Gold Ring .

          Im going full frame when Nikon’s new affordable fx bodies come out.

          • idiot

            WTF is wrong with you, if you want to show off your lens rings, go to the canon came and buy L lenses.

            and leave us in peace to TAKE PHOTOS.

          • Matty B

            They’re waiting to surprise the market with their 50/1.2 🙂

  • Tony

    I’m waiting for D300s replacement too, but I have to admit that Nikon might release something for entry-level first (such that mirrorless camera).

    I think they know that mid-high level won’t switch to other brand easily, so they can take their time. On the other hand they are a bit behind other in consumer grade camera, and they have to do something about it before Samsung step over their head.

    If their mirrorless camera is F mount, I’m sure they will bring more customers into a pro-grade equipments. Killing two birds with one stone.

  • Another DX body, U gotta B kidding. To early for a D7oo replacement? It’s almost 3 years. Noting is certain anymore since Japan is a wreck.

    • Tony

      Maybe they are trying to push you into a D3x club. Well, it could be in Aug for D700 replacement though.

    • WoutK89

      Ron, it is tiring to each time have to read your rants about Nikon not releasing what you want when you want. Take a chill pill and wait for what is to come. 3 years is not a long time, as the line is assumed to be 3-4 years long. In the mean time Nikon should release more DX bodies to fund your wants, or did you forget Nikon doesnt run on only FX sales?
      And I bet if the Tsunami hadnt hit, you wouldnt see the D800 before summer as well.

      • WoutK89, you are being rude and stalking me. There are dozens of posters around here who are clamoring for the D700 replacement, but you continue to single me out to bother repeatedly. Obviously, your agenda has nothing to do with the innocuous posts that I make here.

        • WoutK89

          Other I can ignore, because their tone towards Nikon is different. You are just being ridiculous in your comments. And why am I a stalker? Just because I read comments, and you have your own picture I can single you out easier. So what makes me rude? Did I call you names? Nope, just telling WE KNOW YOU CANT WAIT, you dont have to post the same over and over in each thread.

          • If anyone here needs to chill, it is you. Just check how many posts you repy to here. That is obsessive.

            • WoutK89

              yes, I am obsessed, can you tell? Do you see how much I write? Seems like you are the stalker here *eyeroll*

        • lottery

          Don’t want people to reply to your rants?

          Don’t rant.

  • Thom Rockwell

    Announced, yes. But available when?

  • TaoTeJared

    +1 on Thom Rockwell

    No matter what is announced nothing will be easy to get for 6 months – 1 year.

  • tim

    Any chance the D700 replacement will be assembled in Thailand?

    Assuming there is no shortage of components that originate from Japan, that could be a solution to the problems currently faced by Nikon’s plants in Japan.

    • broxibear

      Hi tim,
      The issue isn’t about assembly it’s about production.
      It’s not just the parts that Nikon make, Nikon buy parts from third party producers…not only can they not make the parts due to earthquake damage, employee issues and power cuts, there’s a shortage of raw materials needed to make those parts in the first place.
      Assembly is the easy part.

  • Roland

    The announcement will be a firmware update to the D5100 and the coolpix line that features some cool easter features like post-processing in camera with some easter themes…


    • smile208

      a firmware update for the d5100?

  • John2809

    On this side of the globe (south east Europe)
    I hear rumors about a new SB-400 flash, that will be faster than the current model.

  • Niels

    Give me a DX 100-400 Telezoom, please.

  • broxibear

    Amateur Photographer magazine must have been reading my posts here lol, they’ve posted an article today titled “Canon and Nikon DSLR ‘shortage’ threatens prices” about shortages of high end lenses and bodies in the UK…
    “An apparent shortage of high-end digital SLRs threatens to raise street prices in the coming weeks as UK dealers struggle to meet demand after last month’s Japanese earthquake.
    ‘Prices of high-end [cameras] will rise substantially,’ said Matt Sanders, assistant manager at the London Camera Exchange in Southampton.
    ‘Supply is way, way down,’ said a salesman at Warehouse Express, which boasts the title of the UK’s largest specialist online retailer.
    ‘There is a shortage of everything,’
    Asked whether there is shortage of the D700, a spokeswoman for Nikon UK said it has no information on supplies.
    Neither would Canon UK confirm whether there is a shortage of its EOS 7D and EOS 5D Mark II models.”

  • Jimmy

    My friend works at Yodobashi in Tokyo. He’s been informed to expect the 50mm f1.8 above along with a 20mm f1.8 Dx.

    • I think Nikon had a patent for such lens

    • gt

      If they just go 16mm F1.8, it’d make a lot more sense. Why would people be itching for another normal-ish prime

    • shorebreeze

      They introduce a 20/1.8 DX? I’m buying it. Simple as that. More useful in my view than the 16, actually. It’s an effective replacement for both 28 and 35 focal lengths in standard format. For me, it would be my standard lens; probably on the camera half the time or more. A 20 and a 35/1.8 would be a perfect two-lens outfit.

      • B.O.

        me too dammit!

  • wojtas

    i heard that’ll be Nikon EVIL camera system and 50 1.8g and 85 1.8g announcement 😉

  • TheMAN

    Dude 50 f1.8… Ehhh…
    In a week it will be out of stock!!!
    just like everything else…

    I’m waiting for the D3 replacement, but if it doesn’t comen in august, I’m jumping to the d3x wagon!!!

    In the mean time I’m looking to spend my saved up money on 85 1.4G, but it’s no where to be found!!! Greer!!! :/

  • djdiegom

    I don’t know if you have noticed that the hypothetical lens (50 1.8 G) has the little window with the distance…imho this thing is very strange for a lens of this class…it’s only a my wrong consideration?

    • Eric Pepin

      distance scale is a beautiful thing, extremely usefull for hyperfocal.

  • Andy

    Why do they always say “leaked”, as if it was accidental.

    They do this practically every time a new product is released and everyone acts like it was a mistake.

  • Nikon

    I am gonna release D750, fellows!


  • Catalin

    Oh Lord Nikon please give us a cheap motor-less FF body to put this lens on! Pretty Please! (fingers and toes crossed, breath held)

  • D700guy

    Sheesh. I thought we were all through with the pre-D700/D4 announcements.
    Guess I’ll have to endure another snoozefest.

  • D700guy

    Ooops I meant D800/D4 announcements.

  • AndrewM

    please NIKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON…….lunch d4 and d400 now………………….

  • Marc

    had fun with my nikon 70s for last 5 or 6 years and now im ready for the FX expirience should i wait for the D700 upgrade or just get D700 now?

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