Weekly Nikon news flash #105

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  • asdf

    New D7000s are now shipping with firmware 1.02…

    • I heard about a new Nikon D7000 firmware, can you tell me more?

      • asdf

        Well, I saw it in a Best Buy yesterday.

        There was a bug where, if you were in manual mode LiveView with a zoom lens, the aperture was not calculated correctly when zooming in and out. That is definitely fixed.

        I checked, and the aperture is still locked once you enter LiveView.

        There is still no meter in LiveView.

        I forgot to check the frame rates for video.

        I don’t know what else they fixed.

        • Paul

          Hoping for 30fps @ 1080p. I’d really like 60fps but that’s too unlikely.

        • One of the rumored fixes should be for the AF backfocus.

          • Can someone get me a screenshot of the new firmware v1.02 from BestBuy? Thanks!

  • texasjoe

    Whoop whoop. C’mon Nikon.

  • YAY Battery Grip!

  • …you mean break, not “brake”.

    And yeah, this is a weak spot on all of these cameras. This is the first I’ve heard of it being an issue with a Nikon. Seemed to be an issue with the 1ds series. Then again, I have no idea why anybody would bother tethering anymore.

  • I want a $40 battery grip for my D7000. Anyone know of an alternative to the MB-D11, yet?

  • A battery grip for the 3100…? Well, all right.

  • Stephen

    there’s been grips for Canon’s Rebels for years. Why not?

  • Those CIPA stats are written in a completely incomprehensible way. Is there a reference for them where I can read more?

    • broxibear

      Hi Tom,
      You can get the full details on their site here http://www.cipa.jp/english/index.html but to be honest they’re not the easiest figures to make sense of, maybe lost in translation somewhat ?

  • The invisible man

    $3200 for that old 85mm ?
    The guy must be kidding, don’t forget the $18.20 shipping !
    If someone from NR buy that …. I’ll send him a TC for free, I’m curious to see what resolution you get from that lens.

    • bert

      Please get a 85mm PCE and a 24mm PCE for that money!

    • Roger Moore

      Yes, $3200 for that old 85mm. It has the reputation as an absolutely stellar macro lens, and it’s f/1 (effective aperture f/2 after taking bellows factor into account). Bjorn Rorslett rates it as a 5 out of 5 on every camera he’s tried it on. It also has some collector value. $3200 doesn’t sound unreasonable for a lens like that.

  • Craig Houdeshell

    The camera condoms are sure ugly.

  • broxibear

    Nikon to exhibit at PMA Expo (Sydney NSW) June 24th – 26th, the largest photographic show in the Southern hemisphere

  • broxibear

    The latest news about supply chain disruptions in Japan is not looking good.
    “Over the weekend, the Nikkei reported that Sharp halted LCD panel production at its Kameyama plant in Mie Prefecture, western Japan, and at its Sakai plant in Osaka until after the Golden Week holiday season in early May. The paper cited disruptions to industrial gas supplies and said the company expects to secure more gas in about a month
    Sony said Friday it is suspending operations at its optical parts and IC cards plant in Miyagi prefecture in northeastern Japan, following a power outage caused by the biggest aftershock to hit the area late Thursday.
    A Sony spokeswoman said the plant will resume operations as soon as the power supply has been restored.
    “Electronics makers and auto makers are extremely sensitive to further damages as it is becoming increasingly unclear how soon companies can resume full production,” Watanabe said.”
    Nikon released statements roughly every 10 days since the earthquake so maybe we’ll get another this week ?

  • Phil

    The external signal transfer cable on the battery pack is crude. To me there’s really no point in a battery pack that only takes two EN-EL14’s. Just keep the spare in your pocket. Much lighter setup. A battery pack like that only makes sense when you can put AA’s in it.

  • Does the new lensbaby have an aperture ring that I don’t have to manually replace? I find it hard keeping up with all their toys.

  • ChrisAstro

    Anyone know how to hack the D3100?:D

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