New Nikon D7000 firmware v1.02? *updated*


Update: this is probably a false alarm - the 1.002 version on the D7000 is for the built in lens corrections database:

I received two different tips that a new Nikon D7000 firmware v1.02 will be released soon. Some of the included improvements should be a fix for AF backfocus, corrected aperture calculation with zoom lenses in LiveView mode and more.

New Nikon D7000 units were reportedly shipped to BestBuy with the new v1.02 firmware.

The previous D7000 firmware update v1.01 was released in December, 2010.

[NR] probability: 60%

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  • Mark V

    I’m surprised they have it already shipping and haven’t released it to the general public yet. Is that common?

  • jessica mcdade

    How do I upload my RAW files off my NikonD7000?? They won’t open!! I am new to using RAW. I have no idea what program will open these files. Thanks!!

    • Momin

      Use Adobe Lightroom(Latest one) OR the software that came with the camera.

    • Yhannoby

      you can’t open it unless you have a software that allows you to open RAW such as Adobe LR, Photoshop.

    • Try ViewNX 2 from Nikon – it’s free to use and pretty decent:

      For advanced use, you may try CaptureNX.

    • just download the free software Irfanview and install the plugin package and you can view virtually any picture file format on earth.

  • David Taylor

    My three week old D7000 is a focus P.O.S. It’s going into Nikon first thing Monday morning. My D300 and D700 focus great. This thing sucks.

    • I shoot Nikon

      Why would you send your three-week-old camera to get repaired, instead of just sending it back to the store? You paid for a brand new unit, but you will end up with a refurbished one. Any reputable store will let you exchange it within 30 days. If your Nikon dealer doesn’t allow you to exchange it, then you should do a little more research next time you make a substantial purchase.

      • David taylor

        It will still be new. Now it will new and fixed. I have more faith in Nikon service than I do in getting another one that might be right out of the box.

        • Dover

          Sounds like you have not had much experience with Nikon service.

    • Brian

      3 weeks I’d return for refund or exchange.

  • JM

    I sent in my d7000 as well. Terrible focus problems. According to Nikon it does require repair.

  • na

    will it made the 7000 do 1080 at 30fps just like the 5100?

    • Dan n.

      Does anyone even know if the 24fps 1080 limitation is a deliberate software-based constraint? Or if it is a limitation of the D7000 hardware?

      • Based on the fact that the D5100 is a cheaper model containing the same sensor and most likely an inferior (if anything) CPU, I’d hazard a guess on deliberate. That, or they didn’t have 1080/30p fully cooked up yet when they released the D7000, and plan on giving it to us along with 720/60p in the near future…

        • Dan n.

          Thanks for answering. I want to hope the same thing- since it seems otherwise they’re shooting themselves in the foot with the D5100.

          • WoutK89

            Yep, cause the D7000 can only do video *rolls eyes*

            • Dan n.

              What a fantastic point. Especially with the self-satisfied mugging at the end.

        • grayscale

          It is the exact same sensor and processor

          “The D5100 is equipped with the same DX-format CMOS image sensor and EXPEED 2 image-processing engine as the high-end D7000 digital-SLR camera.”

          I will raise hell if they do not update the firmware!

    • ffaabb

      I need the new firmware to unblock 25 fps mode in full HD. for my work.

      Great camera on every other aspect

      • BornOptimist

        Have Nikon promised that?
        If it’s not there already, don’t expect it to be implemented either.

  • Rabi

    Corrected aperture calculation? Does that means sliding aperture lenses will finally stop stepping down when you zoom even when they don’t have to?

    • asdf


  • AF on my D7000 in live view is almost useless even with Nikon lenses… hope this will make live view usable.

    • Brian

      What is the problem?

    • paeataa

      I have the same problem. It doesn’t focus at all.

      And after taking a photo, the screen goes dark for 2-3 seconds before coming back. The shutter sounds weird too. I don’t know if this is normal for live view mode. This is my first DSLR.

      I can’t use live view 🙁

      • Global

        That is normal for live view.
        Older DSLRs are even worse.
        Use your eyepiece as much as possible — its a DSLR, not a point&shoot.

        • I use the eyepiece as much as possible, but I like to take some low angled shots. It would be much easier if live view would occasionally hold the focus so that I didn’t have to frame the picture in live view and then hope I’ve held the camera in place as I switch live view off to take the shot blind.

          In live view, it will actually lock onto focus at first some of the time, but then as you take the picture the focus shoots to infinity and you hear a slow crunchy sounding shutter followed by a delay and blackness as it tries to post process the image (probably trying to apply noise reduction to the terribly out of focus picture). Turn live view off, take the same shot, and a nicely focused image instantly appears on the screen.

          • Joel

            That crunchy noise is the mirror flipping closed so that the camera can take a light meter reading before flipping the mirror back and up and exposing the sensor to take the shot. This closing of the mirror will also cause the live view display to go blank as the sensor is no longer being exposed.

            It’s common with most DSLRs that use live view and nothing to be panicked about.

    • Vandyu

      One must wonder how the D7000, an expensive camera, made it off the drawing board, onto the assembly line, and into the hands of customers in the first place, presenting Nikon with PR headaches it really doesn’t need. Whatever happened to the Nikon badge of quality?

      • Stuff

        I own the D7000. It’s a fantastic camera and I’ve had no problems with it.

        Don’t sensationalize based on a camera you don’t own and the echo chamber of the internet.

        • PAG

          +1. Pixel problems? Same old story that multiple other manufacturers’ DSLR’s have been accused of by people photographing long exposures of their lens caps. Metering overexposure? People who don’t understand their camera (read Thom Hogan’s take). Video not exactly what they want? Tough. Buy a frickin’ video camera if video is so important to you.

          I love my D7000. The AF has been a big step up from the D90, and I really liked my D90. It’s an excellent DSLR.

      • I sure hope that Nikon can get this D7k focusing issue under control. I have purchased 4, YES 4, D7k’s in the last 3 weeks. Everyone could not focus either my Nikon 50mm f/1.4, Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8, or Tokina 12-24mm f/4.0 lenses. This is ridiculous! I should say that the camera COULD focus, but only at apertures ranging from f/4.0 through f/6.3. After that the camera seemed to have a terrible back focus issue. I’ve had ever camera from the D70 all the way up to the D700, and I’ve NEVER experienced this issue – never.

        Worse thing is that I took my latest D7000 to a Nikon certified repair service here in Illinois ( and the repair technician told me that the camera was within Nikon specs for focusing. He then goes on to tell me that “… you artist types expect all of your images to be sharp focused.” Uhhhh, duh! Of course I expect my images to be sharp dude! Needless to say I will never go there again. Rant over…

  • 1080 at 30p would be great addition if this update includes it.

  • CTLG

    Bring it. I hope this update addresses some video features that needed proper attention. I.e. 1080 30fps and 720 60fps as well the aperture glitch in M mode during video. You have to take the camera out of LiveView to change aperture.

    I do have some back focus issues, but only at close focus distances and only with certain lenses.

    • asdf

      Aperture is still locked when you are in LiveView, and there is still no LiveView meter.

    • asdf

      Don’t forget 25p. We don’t all live in the USA. 😉

      720 60p is only good for slowmo effects really… still it would be nice to have. 🙂

      • suprchunk

        Pretty sure 25P would be included in the update. As that is already on there with the 720P.

        • suprchunk

          Meant just 720 – scratch that P off of there.

  • Awesome! I always welcome firmware updates. I’ll consider these as a salad before the main course, which should include 720/60p, manual aperture control *during* liveview, maybe an audio UV meter during liveview, etc…

    • double E

      audio uv meter is no good without on the fly audio adjustment during recording. *wink nikon wink*

  • jasdfo

    Give us 1080p at 25p and 30p (50i and 60i) as well as the current 23.98p (they call it 24p, but it’s 23.98). And variable bitrates (24mbps, 35mbps and 50mbps).

    And I’ll buy one the same day that firmware is released.

    DO NOT just give us 30p (60i), that will piss me off badly as I live in a PAL country where 60i is gonna flicker under artificial lights like crazy.

  • Pete V

    For the original post(er) and everyone who has been having focusing problems, can you post your serial numbers and where the cameras where purchased so that we can better gauge if they are part of a bad batch or just a random occurrence here or there?

    • CamaJan

      Go out and take pictures!
      Stop keeping Nikons batch statistics. It is their job and they are doing it, even if they dont inform you about it…

      • WoutK89

        Indeed, dont just post your serial numbers online!

        • Pete V

          Nonsense. Doing that would quickly separate rumors from facts.

  • Deputy

    Maybe the Best Buy having 1.02 is wrong – look at firmware verision and mine says 1.01 on banks 1&2 and bottom option shows 1.02 which is something else…..

    • Mourie

      when did u get urs ?

      • Deputy

        First day of release! And I’ve upgraded the firmware. Banks A &B are the firmware revision the one at the bottom of the screen is something else – I fear the rumour is wrong. But I hope I am wrong….

        • WoutK89

          On the bottom is the L?

          AND, when reading correct, BestBuy has been sent a new batch of D7000’s, they are not yet delivered, so of course yours doesnt feature the new firmware yet.

          • Deputy

            You mis-understand me my good sir. I meant that I fear the besy buy new firmware rumour (correct spelling) is someone reading the ‘L’ line and seeing 1.02 and confusing this with a firmware version.
            Of course mine does not have firmware 1.02, it had 1.00 then 1.01 when I updated….

    • The Wayne

      My D7000 shows 1.00 for A & B and 1.002 for L. that’s 1.002, not 1.02.

  • Phei

    Is a 720 @ 60 fps update actually realistic?

    • grayscale

      If it can do 30p at 1080… which it can… then it can do 60p at 720 because it’s less than half the pixels, therefore can double the rate as long as there is not some refresh limitation.
      (1080 x 1920=2073600 VS. 720 x 1280=921600)

      It has the same sensor and processor as the d5100

      “The D5100 is equipped with the same DX-format CMOS image sensor and EXPEED 2 image-processing engine as the high-end D7000 digital-SLR camera.”
      I will raise hell if they do not update the firmware!

      • Phei

        Uh, the d5100 can’t do 60 fps neither, can it?

        • grayscale

          it doesn’t but probably can

  • 2cents

    Had to send my D7k in for repair two months ago because of the back focus issue. Thought it was my lens at first, but then realized it did it intermittently 75% of the time on every lens. Sent it in for repair and they were quick to fix and return. Works great now.

  • I hope so, I’ve been considering sending mine in… But I’ll wait a little to see if this happens.

  • If the “correct” backfocus problem. Will it mean that everyone who has already done AF Fine Tune will need to readjust their settings?

  • Henrik

    Since I use my D7000 almost exclusively for stills there is only one thing I wish for:

    Please, please, please, Nikon, let me change ISO with the fn button! It would make shooting a lot easier. I shoot a lot in manual mode and reaching the ISO button means that i must take my eye from the viewfinder and move my hand, thus potentially losing some good shots.

    It’s just a simple extra option that would be awesome to have.

    • ZinZun

      Same here – please let us change ISO using the fn button or better to change ISO using the metering button,
      Also – we need a fix for this random folder creation problem and a way (adding a second key to delete/another delete confirmation window/general setting) to delete photos from both cards simultaneously when using 2 cards as a backup

      P L E A S E!!!

      • Sam

        Yep ISO on the fn would be good. I had the 70-200mm f/2.8 on it earlier and it always makes me wince slightly changing the ISO and taking my hand off the lens.

        • grayscale


    • pher

      This would be perfect!

  • Elaine

    I am having very inconsistent results with my D7000. My D300 is almost never off on focus and the D7000 is frequently off. I have never had to send to Nikon for service before so would someone tell me how that works…do I need to get permission to return or can I just send it in with a note?

  • Camaman

    Why are people so obsessed with a few frames difference in video?
    24p/25/30/60p/60i…damn! To me… it all equals 1second of motion picture…
    Anyone has a link that explains the needs behind this simply and effectively!?

    • Robin

      If you use the camera next to a second unit which shoots a regular (regular for me) 25p, it can be very difficult to splice the shots together in post. Also, depending on the deployment, 25p (again, for me) sometimes is the only option. One frame per second can cause serious problems if your project is long enough.

    • Greg Ferris

      PAL is 25, NTSC is 30 (well 29.97 to be precise). Also 50/60 allows you to do a thing called overcranking, where you conform back to 25/30 (PAL/NTSC) in order to get a super slomo.

    • Geoff

      All commercials and TV productions are shot on 1080p 29.97 (30p) This, and the low bit-rate which equates to less detail, means that no production would ever pick up a nikon instead of a Canon camera, nor could they use it as a secondary camera. It makes the camera all but useless for production video work while Canon is taking over the industry.

      Nikon need to fix this in there camera lineup, and fix it fast.

    • grayscale

      Panning speed best practice 24p is limited to an object crossing the field view in a bout 7 seconds. 60p at 720 would help with this and also allow for slow motion

  • smile208

    Anyone know if 60fps is actually a realistic hope for this camera? And also when this firmware will be released? This close to buying a 60D..

    • tor8472

      Nope – no chance for 60 fps video on the D7000. 30 fps may be possible, but not 60. Time to buy a 60D is that is what you are waiting on.

    • grayscale

      If it can do 30p at 1080… which it can… then it can do 60p at 720 because it’s less than half the pixels, therefore can double the rate as long as there is not some refresh limitation.
      (1080 x 1920=2073600 VS. 720 x 1280=921600)

      It has the same sensor and processor as the d5100

      “The D5100 is equipped with the same DX-format CMOS image sensor and EXPEED 2 image-processing engine as the high-end D7000 digital-SLR camera.”
      I will raise hell if they do not update the firmware!

      • Greg Ferris

        The weird thing is that the liveview spits out a 720p60 signal via HDMI, and 1080P60 when it’s switched to the camera’s menu…

  • Please Nikon , 720p 60/50P video option, canon entry level is winning the video fight.

    That´s easy!

  • take

    Good.Sometime I get back focus when I use spot focus.

  • grayscale

    I didn’t bother to read if this was already posted but I updated my d7000 with the first firmware update awhile back and when I go to the firmware screen it reads exactly the same as in the picture.. Therefore this is not does not denote a second firmware release.

    That said, If nikon does not at least give the d7000 the same framerate options as the new d5100 I will personally cause a shit storm. Since as the state in the d5100 press release

    “The D5100 is equipped with the same DX-format CMOS image sensor and EXPEED 2 image-processing engine as the high-end D7000 digital-SLR camera.”
    I will raise hell if they do not update the firmware!

    • Greg Ferris

      Agreed. Nikon would also sell a shitload more D7000s if they also offered a clean 1080p signal out of the HDMI out – especially with this being announced today:

      • Xscream

        I don’t really understand it, when you bought your D7k, you bought it whilst being fully aware of it’s specifications. So you bought it with despite the lack of fps. Indeed, one could say that the buyer thought it to be sufficient for his/her needs.
        Now something else comes along (D5100) which has a feature that the camera that you bought (whilst being fully aware of that condition) lacks. Now it is a heck of a deal…
        I mean, c’mon it might be nice to have, but ou are responsible for having a camera which is not capable of 30fps, not Nikon. When they do give you the firmware update, you should be grafetul, otherwise keep yer mouth shut.

        • grayscale

          I will be grateful, and I love the camera.
          I’m just hoping to put whatever little pressure I can on Nikon because it would be great to have these additional framerates.

          I also think it would take very little effort on Nikon’s part as well, since the D5100 and D7000 both have the same sensor and processor.

          I would be disappointed with Nikon if a lesser model with the same sensor and processor ended up having higher framerates, without an update to the higher end D7000.

          • don

            i agree with all of this nikon need software (firmware) updates on many aspects of the 7000 considering the 5100 a lower end mid entery level cam has quite a few new features.
            but buffer speed also needs to be quicker when i use 16 gig class 10 card this and frame rate and cleaner pics when zoomed cont focus has become better for the 5100 MUCH NEEDED for the d7000

    • Stuff

      You’re a little man against a corporation.

      Good luck squeaking at the doors.

      • Greg Ferris

        Both Sony and Panasonic (much larger corporations than Nikon) listened to the squeakers when they developed the NEX FS100 and the AF100 (similar codec to the D7000), so why not Nikon?

        I bought the D7000 for a whole bunch of reasons, inc it’s current video specs, on the belief that I’d need to – at a later stage – also get one of the above cameras for serious moving image work, or that hopefully Nikon would introduce some of these features on their higher end models, and I would keep shooting dual system for audio.

        That those framerates are now in a lower end model is cool, but I can understand why some D7000 owners are pissed off.

  • baked bananas

    Umm…..can anyone tell me why any professional would need over 30 fps from a cinematic standpoint? And I’ve noticed some televisions even upgrade a video image to a 240 fps refresh rate. Also if you want to change apeture while recording can’t you do it manually with a 50 mm 1.4 manual lense?

  • I just bought a D7000 at Milford Photo, Milford Connecticut and it has firmware version 1.02.

    • Can you send me a screenshot? Does it look like the screenshot above?

  • baked bananas

    Oops… I wasn’t paying attention…higher frame rates allow for better slow motion smoothness after post production.

  • Vitaly

    DEAR NIKON, Please give us 30fps 1080p!!!!

  • Arthur Nava

    I’m in the camp that wants 60fps, but for now twixtor works just fine for me. google it. I honestly don’t do much video shooting, so it’s really a non issue. My D7K focuses a lot better with my lenses, all old AF lenses, than my D90 did. The difference is very much noticeable. I’m buying the calibration thing from datacolor to use the AF fine tune, which I hope all of you are resorting to before you go ahead and ship your cameras back to Nikon. Either way I am a happy camper, and a very happy Nikon custromer. Now, if we could only see that D800 before next year, that would be the cherry on top.

  • Timmy Jeng

    Any word on 60fps for the D7000? Nikon really needs to step up their game if they want to penetrate the DSLR/HDSLR market.

  • lookyhere

    Well, liveView in my d7000 works just too well, any pic taken is always slightly better focused than in Viewfinder AF, any shutter speed, distance, hand held or not. all my previous cameras have been virtually the same, just the time taken to AF is slower.
    IF there is a new F/W it had better correct this or is it a H/W fix?

  • RB

    Just got back my D7000 from Nikon Service Center in Shanghai China yesterday (4/23/2011) and found the firmware has been updated:
    A 1.02
    B 1.02
    L 1.002
    I read this thread but still have no idea what the cumulative changes are between this version and the 1.01 version or the 1.00 version.

    • Can you send me a picture of the LCD screen with the new firmware (

      Did you notice any improvements?

      • RB

        Nikon D7000 Picture of Firmware Version 1.02
        Sorry, I’m not sure how to upload pics to
        I upload to Flickr:

        • RB

          Just to reply on “Did you notice any improvements?”, I’m not sure if I noticed anything that’s different.
          I got the camera back with the menuing set in Chinese and my stored settings in U1 and U2 gone, and seems they ‘reset’ it. However, my comment in the “Comment” section still there.
          Since I can’t speak Chinese and the person on the service center seems very busy and don’t speak English, I’m just glad I got the camera back in 4 days.

          • gt

            Try assigning the FN button to iso sensitivity

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