Nikon D800 design concept camera

Tecnofotografia published a new Nikon D800 design concept that features a wireless screen, replaceable rubber cover that fits the shape of your hand, rotating grip for video recording that simulates holding a camcorder and more:

Would you buy the Nikon D800 with those design changes?

This is just a design concept created by an artist and is not related to Nikon in any way.

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  • George

    No way in hell. If I wanted a camcorder I’d buy one. I want the best piece of still imagery equipment I can afford in a configuration that is comfortable and familiar. If this were the future I’d start stocking up on D700’s.

    • Kristin

      I couldnt agree more!

      • Yan


    • I so agree with George’s comment. I have felt that way every since they were pushing the d300 with camcorder qualities. I want stills only. Or, better yet, add more usefill still qualities for the same price, and delete the camcorder all together.


  • God I hope so….drool.

  • Stephen Purton

    That’s just wrong on so many levels…

  • cumi


    • Ferlan

      You cumi gila!

  • Jim Elford

    It doesnt matter!!!!! The Nikon D800 is just a never ending tease from the Geniuses at Nikon. After waiting for a single product for over two years, they know we will all buy whatever swill they throw at us – for whatever price!

    • Abe

      I agree. I own a D3X and I must say it does amazing work, if I have the light or I’m in the studio…. yet I still ended up spending $8,000 on it. I’m waiting to see what the D4 has to offer and at what price. If it isn’t up to par, I need to stock on a few more D3 bodies. ~Abe

  • Charles Thorn

    I would love to see more video features on the D800 but that swivel grip could be more than I could spect.

    I’m very interested in what nikon have to show us about the D700 replace.
    Please nikon, don’t make us wait too much ñ_Ñ

  • Joe

    D800 with a DX lens? really?

  • ben

    Absolutely NOT

    • ben

      I thought it was SONY.

      • ben

        And I will still not buying it.

  • Never!!!

  • Mr.D

    WTF!… Did I see DX lenses label on this D800?… and what the hell with having swivel LCD and rotating grip?? it is like having boots on you right leg and sandals in you left?? and why there is 2 focus point adjuster in this camera? haha.. well that is some bad comment I can throw with this design. For me the D700 is still great till now and just need a slight tweak like a very High resolutions LCD, new sensor, metering, AF Point, improved ISO Range and quality…. that sort of thing that very useful upgrade to make you WOW! when you see the image quality that it can snipe….

  • KS

    Definitely a handsome body design. Rugged looks, macho, and blocky. Wireless screen and rotating grip are ridiculous, totally useless. But this is the model I look forward to upgrade from my D90.

  • Q

    Wireless screen is awesome! The camcorder is misplaced, is more than enough if it can take film sequences. But I really miss a stabiliser in the body. Sure it’s better in the optics. But there is no VR in the 2.0-1.4 range.

  • Id like to see this not with a wireless screen, but a wireless EVF…..

    Rotating handgrip definitely is an interesting option!

  • I’d buy this ONLY with a medium density full frame sensor. The video features in my d7000 are only a cherry on top but folks are willing to pay for video…

  • Hans

    I find the rotating grip a very good idea. I want the best of both, video and photo, in one product.
    Nikon should definitely have a tilt screen in her next camera. Actually it is a missed opportunity in the D7000.

  • A wireless LCD screen? Now that’s something unique and…perhaps not necessary. Other than that, excellent design!

  • 23&

    Wireless screen!?? so what if I lost the screen, or just forgot where did i place the screen……… lol

  • juergen

    I would not want any filming in a d800, or moving parts. for me d800 should not have a flash.

    Why don’t the sell cameras with interchangeable sensors! so could we have the camera we like and upgrade only the sensor. Instead of changing film, we would be changing sensors. when ever a new sensor comes to the market we would have the option of only changing sensor and not the whole camera.

  • SF

    Interesting ergonomics and design. but nikon should focus on function, features, etc .. ie: while using 1080 30fps video and taking a high resolution picture at the same time without a flicker. interchanging sensors, advance live view focusing, recreating the image as we see it without the work. the reson why we upgrade is function and features not the crazy designs. much that it is creative, but is it feasable? you can always accessorize to the ultimate dslr camcorder if desire.
    nikon might aleinate the core photographers and possibly gain some videographers 🙂

  • Never. In terms of photo cameras design, Nikon could learn something from Fuji (see the beatiful X100).

  • Just give me HD video and a little more megapixels.

  • x.

    yuk… nasty ergonomics, useless crap… just deliver a 24 mpx FX with tons of detail and latitude, make use of the d3x technology, and voi la, perfect pro dslr… with video capable features.
    swivel stuff…that just compromises the camera to an exponential lelvel of failure, flex components break, weather sealing is hardly possible, wireless screen who thinks this up? someone on crack…
    im not a hater, but this is an out rage, I cant wait for the folks at Nikon Sendai to get back on their feet and deliver us the most wanted Nikon ever.

  • louis

    non and the digital screen is to small

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