Nikon to introduce new NIKKORNER product line

Together with the D5100, Nikon will also introduce a revolutionary new brand called NIKKORNER which will include products from the Imaging and Sports Optics divisions. In the Imaging division, Nikon will be announcing a new lens that can take pictures around corners and protect photojournalists when working in dangerous areas. The lens will be available also in camouflage pattern/colors.

In the Sport Optics division, Nikon will introduce a new riflescope, specially designed for the CornerShot weapon system, that will eliminate the need of the LCD screen (currently embedded in all CornerShot products). The main complains of the CS-APR 5.56 rifle has been short battery life, low resolution and ISO performance and with the new NIKKORNER optics those problems will be solved.

Here is a brief demo of CornerShot weapons in action:

Update: few months ago MIT created a camera that can produce an image of an object that is not directly visible.

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  • ZDP-189

    Yeah sure. Whatever. 😛

    • foo

      NIKKORNER technology first reported by New York Times last December:

      Congratulations Nikon in mass producing this technology. This is much better than the BACKASSCAN lenses Canon are expected to introduce today, which allows capturing images from behind the photographer.

      • Roy Booth

        isn’t that what mirror lenses were for, taking pictures behind you. ISTR in the past (film days) a mirror attachment for the front of the lens which allowed you to take pictures at right angles, for those awkward ‘beach shots’ 🙂

    • lol. Now a better April Fools would have been an announcement that the D800 is actually being released 🙂

      • venancio

        thanks for mentioning April Fools… i was already carried away, i even thought what the hell, Nikon can miniaturize this and have it available for colonoscopy…

      • Mo

        agree)) I think wiki-leaks is our only hope to find out when D800 and D400 will be released

  • EAJ

    1st (April)

    • The invisible man

      Even worse than The invisible man’s jokes !

      • EAJ

        I consider myself duly insulted 🙂

  • April Fools!

  • Kudos for trying Mr. NR Admin!

    • iamlucky13

      Actually, I looked at the picture for a second before I started reading and was half wondering whether the site had been hijacked or if it was supposed to be some sort of new PC lens.

  • d70

    you can do better!

  • bigfoot

    sounds awesome.. i’ll take 2 of each!!! 😛
    They forgot the super compact 2″ long 600mm f/2.8 lens for $150 though.. maybe next time??? 🙁

    • rawnef

      You mean the full-frame NIKKOR AF-S 6-52700mm f/0.95G ED IF VR III,
      with 17,732 elements in 9,305 groups, 403 aspherical elements, 719 Nano-crystal coated elements and 241 Super ED glass elements and close-focusing distance of 0.05m?

      • Cadaver

        You forget to mention the tilt-shift feature.

        • Flow

          And ofc the light weight…

          • bigfoot

            all the size and weight of a 50mm f/1.8 lens.. yupp thats the one 😉

            Maybe it will be ready with D800 in 2021

  • How much are they?

    • The invisible man

      The much be cheap, Nikon trying to cut the corners in production cost.

  • Oh good, I can use this when I am driving in my tank, I’ll “periscope” it out the hatch, while following a police pursuit on the freeway…

  • Lihkin

    I LURVE it! Thanks Peter. 😉

  • aetas

    I will have to pick one up..So whens in available admin=)

  • Seshan

    Har Har

  • BenS

    LENS for FOOLS ! hehehe

  • This is by far the worst photoshoped April fools joke ever. Next year if you need help photoshoping something let me know. I’ll be more than happy to make something that looks believable…I’ll let you come up with the bs backstory.

    BTW amazon already sells 52mm adapters that let you take pics around corners.

  • April fools!!!

  • Nathen J

    Nice attempt. LOL

  • Jimmy Lamont

    Well, you fooled me. I knew the picture was fake, but about 90% of the photos on here already are…

    I figured it would be a 45˚ mirror embedded between a few elements… guess that’s my inventor side getting the better of me.

  • Gerry

    the better joke would have been to say that the april 4 announcement was a d800, and list the specs!

  • Wormwood


  • imjohnsmith


  • Wow, admin is you made that image.. u need to bone up on some photoshop tutorials 🙂

  • Cricce

    You can do better Photoshop than that ;D

  • Isn’t that what this does?

    Happy April Fools to you too, Mr. Nikon Rumors guy. Boston beat ya to it though- snow!

  • Simon

    Well Nikon Rumours always sprout out nonesense throughout the year if would be more appropriate if they announce something more credible for 1st April.

  • Simon

    “Nikkorner”. Is that the same as “Nano Crystal Coating”? All hyperbol!

    • Mock Kenwell

      Happy April Fool’s Canon Troll.

  • TiltShift

    The image is not suppose to be a good PS job, it’s suppose to be funny and it is.

  • Just for the record – I have not ps-ed this image and I don’t think I could have done a better job.

  • Al0n


  • Louie

    This would be really funny if Porter’s Camera & Photo Supply (from Cedar Rapids, IN) didn’t come out with something similar 20 years ago. It looked like a double-mirror periscope that kids use with a camera mount attachment. Strange but true.

  • Rimelis

    It’s not a joke at all! I have preordered two – one for myself and second one for my mother in law…

    Ohm, my bad – I am not talking about the lens but about the weapon presented in the movie…

    • bigfoot

      i’d be interested in some of these too!!! 🙂

  • 😉

  • Chris P

    Good one Admin, no more than half awake I looked at it quickly and thought it was the long awaited, now almost mythical, 80-400 AFS.

  • ahuahuahauhauahuahuahauhau LOL!!

  • hehe, nice joke 😀
    but a real good joke is a bit more realistic 😉

  • plug

    Was Bill Clinton involved in this design?

  • Nikkorz

    I honestly believed this was true for about 10 seconds.

    Although I think if this kind of lens were to exist they would be fixed focal length lenses.

  • harry couvert

    around the corner? Grass is always greener it seems…

  • Haha, thats lame.. but I guess thats what april fools is all about, lame jokes.

  • Brian

    Look’s like a photoshopped 18-200mm vr to me. 😉

  • broxibear

    Did anyone notice Nikon have redesigned their website ?…
    (not an April fool)

  • *haha*
    nice idea! Thanks

  • the alvix

    there is also a 360° version …to watch your six …

  • Garni

    that is it, d800 for april is gone!

  • Chris Cullen

    Almost had me fooled until I saw the DX logo!

  • Pataro

    Ok! Nice! April, 1st…

  • Drizzt

    Great Idea! April`s Fools! LOL

  • Flying Gradma

    I just saw my grandma spreading wings and flying this morning.
    Must be the DST effect.

  • Niken

    Most Excellent
    Hope they will also have a coffee mug edition of this lense

  • ilpoveropiero

    Now that’s a good April Fool’s Day prank!
    Anyway, a lens like that would be really useful to shoot photos of the past… just think about all we left behind us… 🙂

  • The image looks weird to me :p But it’s a good idea!
    Btw, no April Fool’s joke this year? :0

  • Cesar

    Must be quite hard putting a sunhood on 🙂

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