Potential Nikon announcement: late March, early April

I still do not have an exact date, but it seems that Nikon will be announcing the D5100 somewhere in late March/early April. I was told also that there will be new Coolpix camera(s). This is highly unusual, since the compact camera line is refreshed in February and August. Those rumored Coolpix camera(s) could actually be the new Nikon mirrorless system. Nikon already hinted that their EVIL system may be presented in March. Back in July of 2010 in an interview with Bloomberg, Nikon's President Makoto Kimura also mentioned that Nikon could introduce their mirrorless camera “any time this fiscal year or the following year” (Nikon’s financial/fiscal year ends on March 31, 2011):

“The new concept model will probably have an enhanced function for video recording and may adopt the so-called mirrorless structure. It could be any time this fiscal year or the following year, as new models are starting to sell.”

Nikon has a history of March/April announcements:

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  • preston

    The timeframe does make more sense for mirrorless

    • LGO

      Anytime soon is a good time for a D700-replacement. 😀

      • Axel

        wouhou ! Had to wait for the second comment to read about the D700 replacement …. I nearly fainted seeing it was not in the first one … Thanks guys !

        • norman specter


  • The Invisible Man

    There is already accessories on Ebay for the D5100

    The good thing about the d800/900 is that more we wait for it and better it will be.

    • where_is_the_d800?

      I totally agree. If we had waited this long, I rather want a mini-D4 instead of a higher MP D700.

    • gt

      I wonder if we’re overhyping it and ultimately we will be disappointed…because it can never meet the specs we’ve decided appropriate in our minds

      • The Invisible Man


        I had a D700 and It was perfect, except the 12mp sensor.

        If Nikon make a D700 with 24mp (same noise as the 12mp) It will be ok for me, I don’t even care about the video or wireless shit.

  • broxibear

    I guess we’ll find out soon if Nikon’s mirrorless camera will be based Fuji’s X100 as was suggested ?…far too late for me as I went Micro four thirds with a GF1.

  • Joe R.

    “Coolpix Pro”

  • Banned


  • trololololo

    No D800. No party.

  • Anonymous

    D800, D800, D800…

    • ja

      you want 3 ,

  • Peter B


  • Baked bananas




  • dan

    I really hope Nikon start implementing the same digital zoom in video Canon have started including in their line up. Would be awesome for someone like me who only has primes.

    • where_is_the_d800?

      that’s more like a pipe dream. most high end nikons outside of D3S don’t even have video as of this moment. we would be lucky if they can give us a proper 1080/30p and 720/60p

      • dan

        What? Nikon aren’t dishing out different sorts of video for different models.
        Each camera released has had the best video they’ve been able to come up with at the time. Every camera after the D7000 will have the same or improved 1080p the D7k had.
        Would be suicide for Nikon to do anything else. The only reason they’ve lagged so far behind is because they have no experience in video, and as a result haven’t been able to implement anything at all worth using until the D7k.

    • LGO

      The ETC on the Panasonic GH2 works very well and I believe is better than the Canon implementation. It adds approx. 2.5x to the 2.0x crop factor of the m4/3.

      I mount my Nikkor lenses on the GH2 and using an adapter. A Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 works like a 100mm f/1.4 on a m4/3 and 250mm f/1.4 on the GH2 when ETC is activated.

      A 70-200mm f/2.8 at 200mm becomes like a 900mm f/2.8 – pretty nifty though one needs a solid and steady tripod to use it properly.

      I expect this will be a standard video feature of the D300-replacement as well as the D700-replacement.

  • burak

    just got a d7000.. should i be worried?

    guys, opinion?

    cheers, burak

    • Discontinued

      ’bout what ? ? ?

    • twoomy

      I’d be very worried if you just got a D7000! It might take photos and movies and do all sorts of crazy stuff!!!!

      • Man de Labrat


    • gt

      worried about the D5100? No. Your camera will be better.

      Worried about the D400? Yes and no. The D400 will probably beat it in a lot of categories. MP, ISO capability, AF system, new features, ergonomics, build quality, etc.

      But it will be more expensive. Maybe saving money is more important to you. Or maybe shooting with a modern camera from now until August is more important to you.

    • scurvy hesh

      I got a d2hs. Im not worried

      • The Invisible Man

        What is that ?
        A new film camera ?

        • scurvy hesh

          LOL its an anachronism.

          • Man de Labrat

            I heard that it has a lot of anachronatic distortion

      • Mike

        I have a D3s on order. I’m not worried. 🙂

      • broxibear

        I have photographic talent. I’m not worried

        • yeea

          thats what everyone here thinks about themselves…

  • Carlos R B

    I honestly do NOT expect anything excitinng or new in this mirrorless coming from Nikon…after all the failure from the coolpix line….i bet Nikon will scre#@%w this camera too…

    • iamlucky13

      You never know. Nikon could screw up and make something that sells for reasons other than because they used Ashton Kutcher to pitch it.

      I fully expect it to be consumer oriented. I doubt they’ll have an enthusiast/ultralight pro variant like Thom Hogan is always dreaming about on his site, although I’m holding out hope.

      But even if it ends up looking like the other mirrorless cameras on the market, I will give it serious consideration.

      Simply releasing it alongside a mount adapter that allows you to use F-mount lenses and supports AF-S and VR would alone make it extremely compelling to existing Nikon users.

      Even though the UI will probably mostly menu-driven, I can hardly imagine them not at least including the usual mode dial with P, A, S, and M modes in addition to the full auto modes.

      I’m not really decided what kind of sensor size I’m hoping for. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 2.5x crop, which might be nice for pixel density on telephotos, but if it’s DX, then my existing DX lenses are useful on it.

      • Carlos R B

        im still on the fence on pretty much every mirrorless system…had the G1, but the sensor suc…and sony has no vf…samsung still behind on sensor tech also…for last ricoh seems awesome, but the lenses are not to my taste…a 35mm 1.4 would make me the happiest guy in the world….

  • Sarge

    Lots of Nikon system owners like myself have been holding off buying a Nex 5, GH2, or other MFT EVIL cameras for some time now, in anticipation of Nikon’s EVIL solution. If they don’t announce within the late March/early April time frame, I (and many others) will go ahead and buy a competing system… and quite possibly ditch the Nikon system all together.

    • Man de Labrat

      It is too late for me – I preordered an X100 some time ago. In all probability, if Nikon do release the camera of my dreams (FF EVIL, with a mount allowing fitting of M series lenses via adapter) I will ditch the D700 and X100, but this is highly unlikely – the trend seems to be DX at best in this class of camera. Ultimately if Leica pull their finger out and drop the rangefinder the M10 could be my dream camera – then they could produce an S series adapter to M mount to give telephoto options. Would like sensor based image stabilisation as well. I don’t want much 😉

  • John

    Well, if it’s Nikon’s mirror-less offering it had better be pretty stunning in order to play catch up with the rest of the field. I’m sure the price will be stunning as well – though, as Nikon probably assumes, folks like me will still likely buy it.

    If they wait too much longer I may have to send my $$ over to Panasonic for the GH2. Summer is coming soon here in North America along with vacations, trips, etc. that I’d really want a compact interchangeable lens mirrorless camera for. If they announce in March/April it had better be shipping shortly after that.

    • LGO

      The GH2 takes good videos but the still photos are nowhere as good as those taken with the Nikon dSLR, even when compared with the Nikon D3100. It is not until I mounted Nikkor lenses on the GH2 that the still photos became good. Even then, the JPGs are simply horrible and you have to convert from RAW to get good JPGs.

      • Sarge

        I only shoot raw anyway, but you are right. The MFT sensors are just too small. However, as a ‘family camera’ the GH2 is great. GREAT videos for toddler videos (fast focusing is key) and they’re super sharp right out of the box, without time-consuming processing. I will probably have to go that route, as I’ve got spring vacations coming up, and Nikon probably won’t be shipping in time.

        If they do come out with something better than the GH2 at video, I may go back – I still have a D3 and many lenses, so I’m sort of committed. There’s going to be a lot of interesting stuff at the end of the summer, too. D4, and some ‘supposedly’ amazing high ISO VDSLR’s from Sony. It will be an interesting time, for some time to come.

        I just hope Nikon knocks the ball out of the park with their EVIL. I prefer Nikon ergonomics and image quality, but I won’t settle for second best, either (hence I’ve never owned one of their crappy pocket cams).

  • John

    Wait….wait….wait…. I think grass growing is more exciting right now…

  • lolly

    Nikon’s mirrorless (coolpix pro) is $600-$800 price range ? … any price higher and it can’t compete with NEX or m4/3 … any price lower and D3100/D5100 suffers.

    • John

      Totally depends on it’s features and capabilities. Also depends on the lenses that Nikon makes avvailable immediately. As Thom Hogan has written, Nikon needs to differentiate itself from the rest of the competitors, so a higher priced, pro-like model (build, weather sealing, lenses, video, etc.) will enable them to command a higher price.

    • SZRimaging

      Think less m4/3 and more baby leica in terms of quality. In fact, if they just brought back a rangefinder in the $1100 to $2000 range and it was a pro oriented camera, I bet it would get a nice little market share. Even a pro mirrorless without a rangefinder system would work wonders.

  • Chris P

    Is there any chance that the long awaited 80-400 AFS will part of the announcement?

    • My luck the 80-400 upgrade will be soon bsince I just paid for the current version. Still, I’d sell it used and upgrade to a newer autofocus system.

    • Count me in. I cant sleep well until this is announced and brought to market for some real tests. Please, Please…

    • Sue

      Me too! Been in wait mode for that lens long enuf!

  • nikon mirrorless is more then 2x factor, forget using your nikkors, forget DOF, and any pro features.

    • JED

      Yes, the patents were for a 2.5x crop but nobody knows if the patents were citing actual numbers or something more obfuscated.
      Time will tell.

  • This sort of agrees with what I’ve heard. But here’s the thing: I can’t figure out what the heck the Sendai plant is doing. It doesn’t seem to be making D700, D3s, or D3x bodies, as all seem to be in short supply and are not showing up in big numbers when supplies do replenish. Any D700 replacement would be done in Sendai, as the Thailand plant has its hands full with the D3100/D7000 (which is one reason why the D5100 is a bit late). I can’t believe that Nikon would make the Coolpix Pro in Sendai (would put its cost structure way out of line, for one thing). So what the heck is going on at Sendai today? Something, one would hope ;~). It’s still too early for the D4 to be in production there (would go into production in June for an August ship, later for a later ship).

    • pooparty

      is this the real thom hogan? If so, please convey to nikon everyones anger, resentment, and fury for the lack of a D700 replacement, and no news about a replacement. Loyalty to a brand can only go so far…

      • gt

        Thom Hogan doesn’t have a direct line to Nikon or anything. He got to visit and present his ideas one time – but he arranged the meeting himself, paid for his own flight to Japan, and Nikon were kind enough to let him stop by. He doesn’t work with Nikon or have any real “inside” contacts there.

        That being said — I’m pretty sure Nikon knows. unless they are the most oblivious company ever

    • JED

      The wildly optimistic guess is that they are busy stockpiling D700 replacement bodies (D700s, D800 whatever it might be called) for a surprise release….

      • ja

        ye get ahead of the game , i totally agree this year is looking good for us nikon users
        im really looking forward to seeing all 3 D400,D800,D4

    • Thom, maybe they are producing the mirrorless camera in Sendai. Nikon may have decided to create a high end EVIL camera and made in Japan engraved on top will help justify the high price (this “trick” worked well for the Fuji X100).

      • pooparty

        ill be really pist if that mirrorless crap is the reason i dont have my d800 yet.

      • broxibear

        It wouldn’t surprise me if Nikon’s mirrorless uses the Fuji X100 12.3 mp APS-C CMOS sensor…they’ve have shared technology in the past with the S5 Pro ?

      • I had the same thought, about the mirrorless being manufactured in Japan. That’ll surely bring the price up! 😮

      • Joe

        I believe Thom has already thought about the production of mirrorless camera in Sendai. There’s no way he could forget about that. There must be something which leads him to believe it’s not the mirrorless.

        • That’s correct. Mirrorless is not going to perform at anything close to a pro level unless you put an FX sensor in it with 120 fps video support in it and design new PRO lenses. We’re talking D700 kinds of prices for a camera that doesn’t perform as well as a D700 in key ways (viewfinder, autofocus, etc.). As much as some of us would welcome such a camera (if done right), it wouldn’t do a damned thing to blunt the m4/3 and NEX sales, which are cannibalizing the P7000 and D3100 sales.

          So, no, I expect the mirrorless camera to be the Coolpix Pro, I expect it to be aimed at the compact owner moving up, and I expect it to be a mass production camera that requires every last cost benefit Nikon can wring out of it. Sendai is not the plant in which to do that. Moreover, Sendai has the D4 and D700 replacements to deal with soon. As we saw with the D3 introduction, the right pro body just puts Sendai into overtime and it still can’t keep up for long periods.

          • Joe

            So what would be the conclusion then? I just don’t get this. Right now, almost all rumors hint the D800 will come out in August. But if D4, D800 and D400 are really coming out this year, then I can’t imagine how 3 new pro level cameras can be released within four and half months (Aug-mid Dec). The release schedule seems too packed to me.
            March/April looked to be a good time frame to me before as mirrorless, D5100 and D800 are all aimed at different markets and D4 activities can happen in late Summer/fall. Also, they have been clearing out the D700 inventory since beginning of this year.
            However, latest rumors all points to August now, will we see dual announcements again for D4 and D800? Yes Nikon has done that before for D3 and D300. However, they are DX and FX and the prices of them were positioned differently. This time it’s D800 and D4. They’re much closer in terms of both prices and features. From the marketing perspective, this may not be a good strategy.

            • broxibear

              I don’t see that many dslrs being released at the same time either Joe.
              Still think the D800 announcement will be in Sept with a view of it going on sale in mid Dec, but the usual stock issues will mean pre-orders won’t be met quickly.
              D400 and D4 announcement this time next year, March 2012… Nikon want to get the D4 in the hands of the sports photographers in plenty of time for the London Olympics.
              That’s what I thnk from the limited information I heard ?

            • JED

              Many seem to be assuming the D800 will be a baby D4 like the D700 was a baby D3.
              I think the D800 will be very much a D700 body with new sensor and video features. While the D4/D400 will come with all new goodies to repeat the D3/D300 splash.

      • JED

        Isn’t the mirrorless what Thom refers to as the Coolpix pro?

    • Bruce

      LoL… it’s making the D800 and D4. Getting ahead of the curve this time. Nothing else on the cost-curve makes sense coming out of Sendai.

    • lolly

      Perhaps the Sendai plant is gearing up to build the D4/D400 ? A new model to be built needs retooling and retraining. Maybe half of the Sendai employees are in training class 😉

  • Mock Kenwell

    I’m firmly jaded at this point about the prospects of Nikon doing anything non-DSLR related that is “pro-like.” I hope they prove me wrong, but everything non-DSLR they’ve released in the last several years has been a disappointing, marketing-driven also-ran.

  • Kingyo

    Please! Let’s stay on topic people!.. D800! D800! D800!! 😀

  • Iorick

    By what I’ve been told,
    D800 will be unveilled in June-July to be available at September
    D4 unveilled at the end of 2011, available beggining of 2012
    D400 only 1stQ 2012

    • gt

      that sounds wildly inaccurate. It doesn’t even take into account that CLIQ happens in the first week of september, and nikon employees have been ordered not to take vacation days for the last two weeks of august.

      End of August we are getting an announcement guaranteed.

      • Iorick

        Yes, precisely, that cant take vacations because they have to be packing all the cameras before the show! 🙂

    • Art

      A friend owns a chain of stores and he recently met with his rep and after much pressing, the rep said late summer announcement early fall availability. This coincides with the rumors for an August announcement. I went and checked at another store where I know someone who should know and they said the same thing. The only thing they added was high resolution and good high ISO.

      My hope and this doesn’t have any rumors pointing towards it is that since the standard dx sensor is 12mp and a high res fx sensor is 24mp I have to wonder if the 16mp sensor of the d7000 was scaled up to fx size, that could give us a 32mp sensor. Perhaps I’m only dreaming…..

      • Mag

        Fall availability for which body ? the D5100? Thats the one I’m waiting on for my 1st DSLR. If its not announced by mid april, I’ll just get a D7000. I need to start shooting!

        • Art

          My guess and that of my friend who was pressing for information was the d800. On the other hand, given the nature of this whole excercise it is entirely possible for he and the Nikon guy to be thinking of entirely different cameras. But my hopes are on hold until August for the d800 announcement.

          It would be good to see an EVIL announcement soon — who knows, Nikon may have a pro EVIL camera that might be a good alternative. Better to find out now if the EVIL camera fits your needs or not than find out after buying a d800 that the EVIL camera fit your needs better.

        • I feel your pain. I want a D800 but while I hold my breath I just keep shooting with my D300s and my good 2.9 Glass! At least I can still take quality pictures while I wait!

      • WoutK89

        “the standard dx sensor is 12mp and a high res fx sensor is 24mp I have to wonder if the 16mp sensor of the d7000 was scaled up to fx size, that could give us a 32mp sensor”
        The math works different than just multiplying by two to upscale DX to FX. 24MP FX gives 10MP DX crop mode.

  • Xanadu AW18

    Still no D800 or D400 80-400 repl

  • Wildlife Shooter

    I’ll predict that the Coolpix announcement will be water proof cameras.

  • Pierre

    Tired of waiting for D800, to make my wait worth, I now hope for the D4. In the meantime, my D700 is plenty enough.

    • D700guy

      My thoughts exactly

    • You sound like a Photographer and not a gear hound. It’s always about the skill of the photographer and less about what updated gear can provide in terms of MP or ISO!

      My D300S is good enough while a wait and hone my post processing skills, untill I fleet up to the FX level and gain improved quality.

  • kayaker353

    Still waiting for a sighting of the mythical 80 to 400 replacement! Did I get into the wrong brand? Is Nikon interested in nature photography?

    • WoutK89

      Yes, they have since 2007 a great line up of superteles prime lenses.

      OHHHHH wait, you mean budget wildlife?

    • I could not wait any longer so I just recently bought a 80-400 from KEH in LN- condition. I now wonder why I waited so long. The lens is very SWEET and I’m extremely happy! I Nikon now can take their time to come out with a 100-500!

  • JH

    All i want is a Nikon version of the T3i 🙂

    I’ve been holding off on buying the T3i as I prefer Nikon and have been hoping that Nikon will come out with a T2i/T3i competitor around $1000.

    • Roya

      Same here. If Nikon f*cks up with the 5100, Canon definitely has my vote with the T3i.

  • Anonymus Maximus

    Announcement :Yeahhhhh!
    only d5100 and EVIL :Ohhhhhh!

  • ich bins

    The most important Nikon vocabulary is:

  • Gabry

    D5100 will be announced on early april and should be in stores on may….the new D700 will be announced at the end of August….in stores end of September….

    • Gabry, this is pretty much what I am hearing. The interesting part is that nobody is mentioning the D300s replacement (D400 or whatever it may be called)

      • Gabry

        the new d300s should be out in later 2011 but it’s not confirmed officially by the company……i have a friend in NITAL…i will try to get some more info….

        • lolly

          Can you find out if D300s replacement (D400?) has 24MP DX sensor ? It’s rumored that Sony’s A700 replacement (A77/A800?) will have a 24MP APS-C sensor.

      • Sahaja

        What’s the point of a D300s replacement (“D400”) if Nikon don’t make some new “pro” quality DX lenses?

    • uhh

      thats effing heart breaking…

  • Frank

    I don’t think a mirrorles camera will be anounced along side the D5100, they would steal each others thunder.

    • WoutK89

      yet they are two completely different cameras. The D5100 for stills and video, the Mirrorless for video and stills (prioritized features)

  • Anonymous

    I have feeling that we all will be very surprised. I think there will be no D700 follow up. I think we will see a cheaper and much smaller D4 and a D8000 which will have exactly the same body as the D7000 but with an FF sensor and sub 2000 price. I think the price of the D8000 will be $1,800 and the D4 will be $4500.

    • Anonymous too

      You think? Good imagination btw…Lol!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. The reason why I think the above will happen because we have a problem with the prices right now. Look at the D7000. The price is low for a camera which half the body is made out of magnesium alloy. I can see a similar trend in the FX area. And don’t forget, sony is really hungry and agressive in this segment. The price of the A850 is below $2,000. No question in my mind that sony wants to grab market share in this segment and the only tool they have to do this is to offer lower price.

        What would Nikon do if sony comes out with the revised version of its 24MP sensor which will provide the same image quality as the D3x at sub $2,000? I think Nikon would have no other option but come out with a model that is cheaper.

        • Discontinued

          Smart thinking.

          For the very same reason I expect the Leica M10 to become cheaper and smaller as Sony’s NEXs too. There is just no other way to compete with Sony but being cheaper and smaller.

          • Anonymous

            Same thinking. I have a feeling that the mirrorless segment is getting crowded and price drop will be the key to capture more share of the pie. In addition, as Thom pointed out the NEX cameras are hitting hard the bottom of the dslr line. The big curveball would be if sony manages to make an FF NEX. Now that would be a big blow for Nikon and Canon.

            No matter what I think we better watch out what sony will do with its FF line. Their FFs are 3 yrs old and no question in my mind that they will come out this year with an updated version. And as I said before sony has only one tool in the FF segment to capture market is the price.

            On the other hand, I disagree with Thom with the lack of lens issues at sony. I think this is temporary as they opened the specs for lens manufacturers. I would not be surprised if they would do this with the dslr mount.

            I mean look the Zeiss lenses are not bad at all. Also samyang makes cheap lenses and many say they are not that bad at all. If sony opens up then really easily they can have plenty of lenses.

            Interesting 6 months is coming … fasten the seatbelts!!!!

            • Discontinued

              Actually …

              … I was just kidding.
              (Sorry, thought that would be obvious)

    • human tripod

      I agree. There will be no D400. All Dxxx will be FX. All Dxxxx will be DX. The successor to the D300s was the D7000.

  • Dweeb

    Oh goody, that means I won’t have to trade in my 300 ƒ4 for a new VR model.

  • Lola

    Psst, I heard a rumour that people are bored of all the rumours, and that some people are even taking pictures with their cameras instead of keeping them in their box, ready to be sold “as new” on ebay.
    It is only a rumour though.

    Mirrorless: April release, won’t be as good as the Olympus or Panasonic micro four thirds.
    D5100: April release, it’ll pretty much go unnoticed since most don’t care about an updated D5000.
    D800: September announcement, very limited stock in December/January and it’s 18mp and high price tag will anger many.
    D4 and D400: April 2011 release, D400 will be a slightly better D7000 with a higher price, and the D4 will be 18mp with same high iso as D3s.
    Oh, and Canon will release a 5D mark III that’s the same as the mark II except it’s video capability will include RAW.

    • I hope you’re wrong about the D800. That’s my upgrade path from the D300s so I hope there will be more of a technical leap for MP and ISO ti be worth the increased cost.

  • Brock Kentwell

    I regret to be the one breaking this news, but the D800 has just been canceled because of Charlie Sheen. I’ll post further updates as this situation unfolds.

    • broxibear

      Breaking News:
      The D800 is back on schedule Brock, Nikon have just put John Galliano in charge and all is well.

  • D800 FF in a small D5000 body, but with large bright viewfinder for manual focus. Yes please.

    • Anonymous

      That’s not a good idea. Why?
      1- If compared D700 to D300, you’ll observe how hardly the VF is merged into the body. Smaller top lcd, bigger hump from prism, etc. FX VF and smaller bodies will never come together (unless EVF implemented).
      2- FX lenses are bulky and heavy (except for a few). There’s no point of having a compact body coupled with huge lenses.

      • WoutK89

        budget before ergonomics in this case…, and thats when the rant starts, why didnt Nikon make it more sturdy we want Dxxx 😛

  • non

    F ing f the d5100 i need the d800 with 120fps full hd and good autofocus.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder which of the theorethical D800 bodies would sell more? (assuming both are for $3000)

    A) D700x type: Video enabled sensor of D3x, 24mp + full HD video
    B) D700s type: Exactly the same sensor from D3s, 12mp + full HD video
    C) New sensor: 18mp + full HD video, iso performance, shutter speed & anything else between two models above

    • Anonymous

      Although we know from D300 – D300s – D7000 progression that it may be possible to have an 18mp camera that even exceeds D3s performance, my question was about guessing the percentage of high-res to high-iso camp.

      My estimate is likely 50-50% or maybe 40-60% at a stretch. More pixels won’t harm as long as other parameters are impoved.

  • dino

    The last weekend of the month there’s the so-called “Photoshow” in Milan – for what matters I’ll let you know if anything special is being announced there.

  • Boo, I was totally hopeing that the D800/D700x would come out then. Oh well, Im sure the D5100 will be a great hit.

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