Rumor: Nikon D5100 to have 11 AF points

The Nikon D5100 is expected to have 11 AF points (just like the D3100 and the D5000). I am still getting conflicting information about the sensor: the first report indicated a 14.2MP sensor that is currently in the D3100, but the latest info I received implies that the D5100 may use the 16.2MP sensor from the D7000.

The Nikon D5000 (12.3MP) had a higher resolution sensor than the D3000 (10.2MP). If Nikon keeps this ratio, the D5100 should get 16.2MP since the D3100 has a 14.2MP sensor. The timing of releasing another 16.2MP camera seems to be right, since the D7000 is now in stock almost everywhere and is even eligible for instant rebates in the US.

I still do not have exact announcement date for the D5100 - I was told that it is "just few weeks away". The earliest possibility for a press event could be the biggest UK photography show Focus on Imaging 2010 that will start this Sunday but I have no reliable information to confirm that (Canon will not be part of this show).

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  • Martin

    uh… if, just if, the d5100 has the same sensor as d7000… i’d get one to play with. btw, if two cameras have the same sensor, does it mean that they will be almost the same in image quality and iso performance? it seems to be true on d3 and d700, but not quite consistent on sony a580 and d7000(people say that these two cameras have the same sensor)

    • WoutK89

      it seems there is more to a sensor than just a name 😉 optics, electronics, software…. so fort

    • farb.rauschen

      depends if they have the same electronics behind – if the camera allows you to set the AD-readout to 14bit etc etc. Sensor is only the first element in the whole processing chain.

    • hombreee

      It is true on D5000 and D90 too. The image quality and ISO performance is the same.

    • d90 and d5000 sensor rankings are virtually identical in Dx0Mark — both were near the top of their generation.

    • Catastrophile

      v good question but with no certain answer, it seems that things like AD converter, CFA, AA filter can often make a difference especially when the same sensor is used by diff mfr’s like the sony ones, also it seems there can be subtle differences between hi vs lo end within same brand (in favor of the former, ie you get a 16MP D5100 but slightly lower IQ than D7000 watch out DxO scores). finally possibly there might be un-named diff models (early & late versions) of same MP sensors (eg is the latest 12MP sony sensor of Kr the same as the old 12MP one in A700/D300?! probably similar but w some improvements).

  • Cyrano76

    Get the 7000, and then little brother horns in on my territory…sigh, can’t ever have anything nice without everyone else copying.

    Naw, it’s all good – just means the higher-ups will be even more amazing – which means they should be just wow, if low-end gets this

    • iamlucky13

      Not really different than the D90 and D5000.

      Within either DX or FX, you’re not really paying for better image quality when you buy a more expensive camera. You’re paying for a better body (controls, durability, frame rate, etc).

      Which isn’t remarkably different than the film days. An $200 N55 could use the same film and lenses and thus get the same image quality as $3000 F5, but pros would spend that for the F5 solely for the features of the body.

      The D7000 is a sweet camera body. For those who need the extra durability, shooting speed, and external controls over the D5000, I think it’s very much worth the price.

      • Not to mention the internal focus motor on the D7000. There won’t be one on the D5100.

  • The Invisible Man

    Great news !
    What about my D900 ?

    • Please, return back in 2015.

      • OMR


      • I think he fell in the wrong hot tub!

  • Same sensor may not translate to same quality if they don’t have the same processor chip/setting/SW

  • Anonymous

    Who needs a D5100? D7000 is perfect for what it is intended for. And the price is a bargain for what you get.

    Nikon, stop lingering with milked down DX versions. Time for D800. New FX please…

    • iamlucky13

      Seriously? Most of the SLR’s Nikon sells are the entry level versions.

      There are literally millions of customers around the world who want an SLR, but for whom the D7000 costs twice their target budget, and they probably don’t want the extra size over a D5000 anyways.

      The fact that you and I aren’t very interested in a D5100 means little compared to the actual size of the market for such a camera.

      • Sly Larive

        Touché! A successful D5100 design would be more profitable to Nikon than a D800 would. They still need to look after the pro/semi-pro/enthusiast market but they probably feel they need a D5100 before a D800 or D4 for that matter. Lots of consumers will be in the market for a camera for summer holidays (although it is unlikely to hit the market in time) and a D5100 fills that niche pretty well along with the D3100.

      • Manfred

        It’s really a sad thing that Nikon put so much energy into the consumer field. Since most of this people just buy a body with a cheap kit-lens it doesn’t really matter which brand they buy. Majority of them will just shoot family snapshots and a couple of “me-in-front-of” anyway. In fact most of them don’t really have a need to shop for a SLR, other than a SLR looks cooler and more professional.
        Right, entry level cameras do have a higher market share. But one have to calculate the whole thing: lesser margin because of higher competition, lower life-cycle because of fashion goes fast, lower brand loyalty and these customers will hardly buy more lenses. For the makers it’s basically a rat-race to keep being at the top in this segment while they sacrifice a lot of resources they could use in the enthusiast, semi-pro and pro level.
        However, the good news is, if the D5100 gets the 16,2 MP sensor, the D400 has to come up with something superior!

        • LGO

          It make sense that the D5100 will have a 16mp sensor if it it to do battle with the 60D above it and the T3i/600D below it – both of which have articulating screen and pretty good video.

          Using the 16mp sensor will likely mean a better video performance despite the greater effort required to downscale from 16mp to 2mp needed for 1080p video than from 14mp to 2mp.

          If Nikon has learned anything, it should provide the D5100 with a better-designed and more reliable articulating screen as the current design on the D5000 is a poor second compared to that found in the 60D and T3i/600D.

          • LGO

            While at it, Nikon would also do well to include the wireless flash commander on the Nikon D5100 as Canon has included this feature not just in the 60D but in the T3i/600D as well.

            If Nikon does indeed do this, then the primary differentiating factors between the D7000 and the D5100 will be the built-in focusing motor which the D5100 will still not have, and the articulating screen (hopefully better designed and built) which the D5100 will have but not the D7000.

          • Art


            I have a thought / question.

            If in the past we had 12mp cameras on the low(er) DX end of the resolution scale and 24mp on the upper end of the scale on FX cameras……

            Does the 16mp DX D7000 and possibly D5100 mean that we might be looking at a 32MP D800??????

            Are there any 32MP sensors being made????

        • iamlucky13

          I have to disagree with part of that.

          Most people either go read a bunch of reviews, or ask a salesman for a recommendation, and then buy whatever has the most appeal to them.

          When faced with a decision between

          – The T3i that’s a brand new design with an 18 MP sensor, ISO 3200, and 1080p30 video

          – The D5000 that came out 2 years ago with a 12 MP sensor, ISO 3200, and 720p24 video

          They see these numbers, and knowing nothing else about what makes a good photo, buy the one with the biggest numbers.

          And yes, the margins are lower, but they’re well above nothing. 50,000 pro cameras with a $500 profit don’t compare to a million consumer cameras with a $50 profit.

          Additionally, those testing the waters of SLR’s who buy an entry-level Nikon first may well eventually buy a higher end Nikon later.

          Those who buy an entry-level Canon as their first SLR because Nikon neglects that market segment will be much less likely to later buy a Nikon.

          • Sly Larive

            Those are good points. Things is, consumers are always driven by the need for a good bargain. Think penny auctions here 🙂

            Well, as Manfred so eloquently put, they want a “me in front of” camera that they think will magically make them the next Ansel Adams. Still, they head up to the store and look for a good deal. Then they get swayed into buying bigger numbers. That is a 7 gazillions to one contrast ratio… You’ll do much better with these 175 dB speakers… Oh sure! That Intel i7 950 will run the “internet” faster. They’re not dumb, they just don’t know technology like some of us do.

            So all of this amounts to the fact that most manufacturers need an entry level product that will attract buyers, then a step up to make them spend more than what they usually need. Companies go to great lengths to add tidbits to the step up models that aren’t really that useful, but sell the products really well.

            In the end though, these company still need their top products to perform. Because consumers rely more and more on the internet to validate their purchases. Car companies have known this for years. They make models people can’t afford, just to flex their tech muscles. You see that LFA Lexus and they hope you’ll end up with a Prius… Funny but it works…

  • Gabe

    I have the feeling that Nikon is about to change the whole lineup. Starting with the D7000 numbering (not like D95 or so). Whatever will happen, it’s high time to see something new on hand.
    I expect to see the D700 successor or at least D300(s) successor before summer.

    • baked bananas

      You are correct. The D700 successor will be here before the summer of 2012. Try late spring 2012.

  • It would be nice if Nikon D5100 eill have Multi-CAM2000. I doubt that anyone would be against it.

    • I do agree Multi-CAM 1000’s getting a bit long in the tooth but I don’t think there’s too many Multi-CAM2000’s lying around from then D2 bodies alas . Would be a good upgrade as you say while not making the AF too complicated for the less initiated user.

      • PHB

        I suspect that the D5100 will get either the D7000 sensor OR the D7000 AF module but not both.

        Based on past experience, the sensor is far more likely. The D5100 does need to stand out from the D3100 and be competitive with the Canon. The D7000 already has the magnesium body and a host of prosumer goodies.

  • mandrake

    If they copy Canon it will just be the same as the D7000 in a cheaper body with the swivel screen.

    • Gabe

      …and D800 would be the same as D4 in cheaper body 😉
      hopefully Nikon has different strategy than Canon and will show up some great bodies very soon.

    • HDZ

      Funny, who copy?

      Nikon have a first D-SLR with video function, swivel screen is first on D5000.

      60D just later.

      • HDZ

        And don’t forget a curve for hand palm, Nikon is first.

    • LGO

      Actually, this is one instance where Nikon would do well to copy Canon.

      The articulating screen on the Canon 60D and the T3i /600D is considerably better and more flexible than the current screen design used in the Nikon D5000. This is most specially true for video use.

  • PhotoHop

    Having the D7000’s sensor, imaging processing and Remote RF sensor and I will order it the day it’s released…I have a D90 for all my AFD lenses, and have been looking for an upgrade for my D60 for all my Pre-AI/AIS lenses…

    • WoutK89

      Seems like the D7000 is what you need, dont expect the D5100 to have the same support for the old lenses.

      • D5000 is actually the king of old lenses. D7000 doesn’t take any Pre-ai lenses, so if the D5100 is the same mount as the D5000 he is making the correct choice.

  • Anonymous

    Why? Why does it have 11 AF points? I have only 10 fingers!

    • PAG

      But if you’re male you should be able to count to 11. Maybe 13.

  • James Brown

    I honestly can’t imagine that the cam will carry the sensor of the D7000, I think it makes much more sense that two cams (D3100 and D5100) share the same sensor to reduce the costs per sensor. I can’t imagine Nikon to solely develope a sensor for only one entry-level cam. Maybe the D400 will carry the sensor of the D7000 so Nikon could build up there DX-cams based on 2 sensors which reduces costs. Just my 2 cents.

    • JED

      Why not? That one entry level camera will likely sell more units than any other camera in Nikons lineup..

      In any case there are reasonable arguments why either D3100 or D7000 sensor could be used.

    • Raff

      I fully agree with your comments. They make sense!
      At the same time we should bear in mind that the main competitor of the D5100 is the new Canon 600D.
      If you consider that for the buyers of these two models the MP count still has a big impact over other “unknown” features, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nikon decided to provide the D5100 with 16MP to be close to Canon.
      I guess that a potential buyer in this market segment would consider the gap between 18 and 16 MP close enough. It would put him off if it’s 18 vs 14 MP. Just marketing …

      • enesunkie

        I’d be interested what the difference in cost between the 14 MP and 16 MP sensors is? Not that much I’d bet. They really upped the ante with the D7000 too and it ended up being a huge success for them. That could have an impact on what features they decide to put in the D5100.

    • James

      > I honestly can’t imagine that the cam will carry the sensor of the D7000, I think it
      > makes much more sense that two cams (D3100 and D5100) share the same sensor to
      > reduce the costs per sensor. I can’t imagine Nikon to solely develope a sensor for only
      > one entry-level cam.

      I have to agree, unfortunately.

  • bjrichus

    Hmmmm…. D3100, D5100 … I think there could be a D7100 just round the corner…

    • WoutK89

      in 2-3 years
      Its not about the name, it is about the order in the line-up.

      • enesunkie

        Yea, But if Nikon announced the D7100 this summer, they might actually be available fall of 2012!

  • Bit of a surprise to hear the rumours of the 16MP D7k sensor being used for this body – surely it wouldn’t make sense for Nikon to develop the 14MP in house (as I understand it) and only use it on the lowest end body with such thin margins – Might as well just use the old 12MP D90 sensor then

    • enesunkie

      Maybe the 14 MP sensor was an experiment on their part and they’ve since decided it is easier to just let Sony do the devolopement?

  • Anonymous

    Any idea as to the screen resolution? The D5000’s screen left a lot to be desired.

  • Trevor

    Couldn’t agree more with James Brown. I think things will be a refresh of the current line. D5100 is the D3100 with swivel screen, bracketing, maybe an external mic jack, etc, but nothing significantly different.

    I don’t think we’ll see a refresh of the D90. I think DX will be 400 which will basically be the pro body with 7000 internals, 7000, 5100, 3100.

    And, call me crazy, but I bet we’ll see a 16mp D4 well before a 16mp D800 followed by a 32mp D4x and later a 16mp D4s. Just a thought.

    • James

      > Couldn’t agree more with James Brown. I think things will be
      > a refresh of the current line. D5100 is the D3100 with swivel
      > screen, bracketing, maybe an external mic jack, etc, but
      > nothing significantly different.

      It might have better movie modes, for those who care (not me).

  • broxibear

    If the D5100 has the same sensor as the D7000 then many considering a D7000 will save themselves hundreds of pounds and buy the D5100 instead.
    I’ve always thought camera manufacturers make too many products that overlap too easily. For me (and I’m not a Nikon marketing exec so what do I know?) having a D3100 for £400, and a D7000 for £900 leaves a sensible financial space between a casual dslr user and enthusiast…the next gap would be to a professional user who’d go for the coming D400 around £1400.
    Instead of confusing potential buyers why not help them and say, here’s the best camera for you if you’re an enthusiast, here’s the best camera if you’re a casual user… having a definite price difference helps with that.
    Or…maybe I’m wrong and I’m talking crap lol ?

    • PAG

      I think the additional price points may drive the upsell as well as lens sales. Think of somebody who started with a D3000. They’re ready to upgrade but a $600 or so jump to a D7000 is a bit scary, so the D5100 gives them an upgrade and saves them some cash. Now factor in the fact that they are fully infected with a bad case of lens lust (a common condition around here) and you have a customer who buys the next step up instead of 2 steps up but uses the “savings” towards a lens.

      The other reason for the number of cameras might be weight / feature ratio. I assume a D5100 will be smaller and lighter than the D7000. That might make it a great choice as a second body for travel.

      Sure that’s all conjecture, but I read comments here and at Fred Miranda all the time from people trying to make just those kinds of decisions.

    • Mike

      I respectfully disagree. My brother is a perfect example where the D90 exceeded his (or what his wife would let him spend), budget limit, and the D3000 was already old tech, so he bought the sweet spot of a D5000. Some people can justify $700, but not $1200, but don’t want to buy an entry level DSLR for several reasons. I think Nikon needs the D5000/51000 price point in their line up. Plus, the D3000 to D7000 is a big jump in upgrade price. The D5100 will provide a nice mid point.

      • enesunkie

        Yup, Canon has like what, 5-6 Rebels and the 60D, all spread out by a difference of a hundred bucks. Now I hope Nikon doesn’t go to that extreme, but $500 is a high premium for a lot of people that have no need for a focus motor or the controls of the D7000.

  • raj

    When it is coming in market? And what will be the price.?

  • Is it just me or the discussion today is, how should I say… courteous?

    • LGO

      Noticed that too! 😀

      • I will make sure it stays that way

        • btw, I banned more than one person

          • Just checkin…

          • Anonymous

            Really NR Admin? For example me but I am clever and if I wanted I could easily bypass the ban. 🙂

            • Sure, I can ban all “Anonymous” and then I can still manually delete comments. I can also ask for email verification before anyone posts a comment. Let’s keep it civilized. Thanks.

            • as I said already, I banner several readers, not only you

            • Anonymous

              I can keep it civilized not a problem. Although I am banned…. 🙂

              Does it make any sense? I mean, either you’re strickt and CONSISTENT or things get out of control. Look, you gotta sort out the personal attacks first because most of them those are the one that trigger anger from others. That’s my 2 cents

          • Rob

            Checking if I was banned!

          • Mock Kenwell

            Ha. Yes, it’s been quite pleasant. I don’t think anyone minds the negative comments. I think folks here are far more civil toward Nikon criticism than on other sites. It’s the constant need for attention from a chosen few and same old rants over and over that bog it down. Kudos, Admin for being generous with the “free market” posting mentality here. You have to do a lot to get banned on NR.

            • You are right, I hate censorship, but several readers complained that 80% of the discussions lately are useless arguing on the same topic between few individuals.

            • Anonymous

              Then put in some voting options for the posts. Then people will stop posting garbage once they realize that everyone is booting them off. Use let’s say a “Cool” and “Not Cool” sign. People in that way maybe just click on those signs instead of posting some retard answer.

              NR Admin, can you remove the ban for me? I do not like to trick you….(See I can post even you banned) 🙂

            • I do not like to ban anyone, but when the whole thread is highjacked by few people, I have no choice.

            • Anonymous

              Is there any way you can try out that “post voting option”? Just let’s say for a day on one thread?

    • scurvy hesh

      YAY! no anonymous

    • broxibear

      Nah it’s just you…I’m always courteous lol ?

  • rhlpetrus

    16MP makes more sense, if it is supposed to compete with the new canon 600D. Nikon needs that segment,it’s doing well at the bottom (D3100) and at the high consumer levels (D7000), but the 550D (now 600D) owns the intermediate level.

  • Chester Lam

    Wow…courtesy, in an online discussion? The world must be ending. Anyways,

    If Nikon launched the D5100 with the D7000 sensor, I wonder how Canon would feel. Imagine marketing the Rebel T3i:
    Yeah, it’s the same old 7D sensor, but look at the cute flippy screen instead of the D5100 or Sony a580!

    Btw, I’m an a580 user, and I’ve played with a D3100 and Rebel T2i/XSi (friend’s cameras).

  • scurvy hesh

    I will probably buy one of these if its the same sensor as the 700. this will be my lil beater camera for bumming around town. I will take the savings and put it towards a used D700! I really hope that they update the Screen though. that was the only lacking feature on the 5000. At least give us the one on the D90, I would be happy with that.

    • scurvy hesh

      I mean same sensor as 7000. LOL!

    • PAG

      “I will probably buy one of these if its the same sensor as the 700.”

      Oh, man. I bet you got more than a few people on this board all moist and dewy with that line.

      • LGO

        Maybe something like this will be Nikon’s surprise this year?

      • scurvy hesh

        yeah I make a lot of typos. Sorry!

        • enesunkie

          Now we’ve just got to get Nikon to make the same “mistake” !

          • I should sell my D5000 today if that happens!

            • Errol


  • Chuck

    Frankenikon a hodgepodge of random parts resulting a diffuse camera that targets what audience?

    Better sensor
    Miss thought out tilt screen
    Butchered focus module


  • Rob

    Sensor MP isn’t important 14 or 16. A high res screen is. I’d be happy if they kept the 12.4 sensor, tweaked it, replace the screen. An evolution not a revolution. Maybe more weather sealing a la the the D7000 or better autofocus.

  • Iorick

    If the new D5100 will share the same 16MP sensor of the D7000, we’ll have two cameras with spots (hot pixels)! Nikon will become pandemic! 🙂

    • scurvy hesh

      Is that even an issue anymore? I mean for people actually doing photography, not people taking 5 minute videos of the inside of their lens caps.

      • Global

        Even worse, the D700 didn’t have video at all! *gaasps*
        And the D3s couldn’t autozoom with video! *eeeeek*
        Oh nos, the latest video cams have spots! *boooo*

        Let’s face it — Nikon’s DSLR video tech is GEN-1.
        Always wait for GEN-2 (hear that iPad owners!? Suckahs! lol).

        Seriously though, Nikon is improving and improving and improving.
        They don’t have a MASSIVE video division, unlike Canon.

        So let’s see what GEN-2 rolls out and ride along, because the primary purpose is stills. The video is just a work in progress. And YES they should release aspects that are in progress, because that’s what people keep begging for.

    • So what? My camera has them too. Not an issue.

  • Arthur

    Wow, if this means that the D400 will have better sensor I surely can’t wait for that D800.

    I hate this website! I’m checking it twice a day at least, while I could just spend all those hours for something good and be surprised by a D800 announcement in 6 months! 😛

    • FredDog

      I hear that. SELF CONTROL.

    • Man, just calm down and go to the street. And shoot. 😉

  • If the D5100 gets 16 MP, logically speaking, D800 should get more than 18 MP! 😀
    But Nikon is never logical 😮

  • Global

    This is Nikon…

    The D800 will have 14 MP.

  • I just hope it works with the Tilt-Shift lenses….

  • I hope Nikon finally includes 60fps among other features into the video features as a lot of consumers tend to be buying Canons because of the superior HD video in them atm. It’s a shame Nikon has not really ceased the opportunity of this segment efficiently,

  • PhotonFisher

    Just a quick question: how much money will people spend, if they repeatedly purchase entry level every 2 years rather than “a bit more” every 3 years ? probably the same …

    Usability was not discussed here a lot – I’d love to see more comments on that topic.

    • Markus

      PhotoFisher: most people don’t do. If they keep interested in photography/want to keep using a DSLR, they move up, change format/change brand (a lot do in Japan, changed to smaller non-mirror interchangeable format.) Keeping entry level users brand loyal is one of he most daring tasks in the camera industry 🙂

  • Bharat Wadhawan

    Well, I feel that the D5100 will carry the D7000 sensor to counter Canon 60D/600 D. What will happen with this move is that for many consumers, the D5100 will start to look more attractive than the D7000 (in terms of value). If we assume that that D5100 will carry a 50-60% price tag of the D7000, we will surely see Nikon reduce the price of the D7000 once the D5100 has released.
    No point in releasing a D5100 with a D3100 sensor, as for most entry-level consumers, it will spell -> D5100 = D3100. It will sit in between the 3100 n 7000 and the 7000 price will be reduced…………

  • the bandit

    This market segment / camera is probably the most important in Nikons line up. Being low ~ish priced but full featured the d5100 will most likely be many buyers first DSLR and once that buyer has started investing in lenses for their Nikon its highly unlikely they will swap to Canon for example for their next camera. So its like a hook, you tempt them to Nikon with a very attractive entry level camera and chances are they will stay with you for ever more.

    • Markus

      Indeed. If I remember the figures correctly, A Nikon dslr market research showed that 83% stays brand loyal (this was done during a survey held after the D90 was introduced) This was only related to dslr users who invested at least in one previous dslr model of Nikon, and the question was asked if they would purchase another Nikon dslr model in the future.

  • Amien

    Hey, the 3100 has a very sweeeeeet 14MP sensor BTW !!! With less issues than the D7000 one… 🙂

  • D3100 .. sweet, d5100 .. sweet for playing, making family pictures. Where is D800? Please, please, please!

  • amien

    So funny when you write “playing” : a D3100 will fill 99% of what any photographer will ever need, but fact is 99% of the forumers are tech noobs.

  • C

    If D5100 is going to have just 14MB, then what is the difference to D3100? Just the flip mon?

    I always believe D5100:
    Flip mon >=3″ 920,000
    AF same as D3100 or better but worse than D7000
    No AF motor
    May have rear wheel control

    • Young Boy

      And probably even direct ISO access button? xD
      C’mon, Fuji for 100 bugs has it!
      command flash maaaaybeeee?
      pentaprism (ok, i know that one is unreal, but would be cool)

  • MATT

    What i’m wondering is how long will Nikon continue to try to market the D90?

    The D5100 will certainly be cheaper, with as good or better IQ(especially if it goes with the 7000’s sensor). Even if it doesn’t have built in auto-focus drive or flash controller(which i’m guessing most D90 users don’t use), it will probably have the tilt screen which is useful to say the least.

    What do you guys think? Will Nikon keep pushing the D90 out? For how long?

    • Rahul

      I don’t know how long, but I thought the D90 was sure to be replaced in 2010 being 2 years old and perceived as outdated, vis-a-vis the T2i/550D. My eyes showed the D90 to be better IQ-wise even if it was older, and so it can keep selling esp since the even older 500D is still selling (manufacturer most likely stopped a while ago).

      Now the D90 has some important features : AF motor, prism VF and dual command dials, better manual controls. I stretched my budget over a D5000 mainly because of the AF motor providing better lens compatibility, and the VF. The faster fps, higher capacity battery, better LCD were all gravy , but as it turns out the commander mode was a benefit I didn’t expect to use, but I sure will now after dabbling with flash.

      So even though some features seem like you’d never use them, they might seem handy later as you find uses for them.

      My axe to grind is why Nikon doesn’t provide AF motors on all their bodies. Canon’s lenses work on all Canon bodies, but Nikon’s low end bodies can only mount all AI/AF lenses, but not auto-focus. Worse, even the D90 is crippled partially as it does not have full lens compatibility like D300,D700, D3, D3S/X. The D7000 seems to have full compatibility as with the pro bodies, with any lens that works with 100% fucntionality on D700/D3 will have 100% functionality on D7000. With the D90, some lenses will auto-focus but not meter, or something like that which makes you wonder why such discrimination ?

      And then there’s the AF module – 11 points but just 1 cross type, even on this mid-range body. That is an ancient module, so is the 420-seg metering. The D7000 gets a huge step up in AF and metering. D90 has that stuff common with even the half-priced D3000 ! Why Nikon why ?

      • Rob

        You’ve hit the nail on the head. We could go back a generation or two in sensor technology if they gave us a screw drive on the D5100. Now that would be an interesting feature.

    • PAG

      Until they run out of stock?

  • wishbone

    The d5000 has the same sensor as the d90 and d300, so I think that the d5100 will have the d7000 sensor.

    If ever the d5100 will use the d3100 sensor, it will just be a d3100 with a swivel screen. If they choose this sensor, I hope that they will include bracketing, wireless remote, higher fps, and a wireless commander for CLS, to go up against the 600d (which also has a wireless commander like the 60d and 7d).

  • Bharat Wadhawan

    Looks like all of us are thinkin that the D5100 will have the D7000 sensor. Then,do you guys think the D7000 price will decrease by5-10% once D5100 is released? I expect a price drop prior to 2012………..

    • Salva

      To all people investing to much emotional effort on the 14 or 16 MPix quest, I include a list on what I think, IMHO, is more important to achieve a great image:

      1.- Knowledge
      2.- Glass
      3.- Accessories (tripod, hydrostatic head, L-plate, ND/ DND filters, polarizer, shutter cable, emong others…)
      4.- Sensor

      • MRPhotoau

        You forgot ‘Experience’ which would be fighting for 1st place.
        Practice, practice, practice!

  • D700guy

    Whew, I was getting so worried that Nikon wouldnt come out with another low end DSLR this year. Thank God they didnt announce a full frame camera. That was toooooo close.

    • MRPhotoau

      That’s exactly what I was thinking!
      Anyone notice the difference in the quantity of comments on this thread compared to the last one on the D800, 4 or 5:1

  • PhotoHop

    I can’t afford the D7100 and welcome the D5100 if it has the same sensor

  • LGO

    I wonder what DX lenses Nikon will introduce with the D5100.

    I would welcome any inexpensive fast prime lenses from 16mm, 18,mm, or 23mm. An updated pro-level DX zoom like a 16-60mm f/2.8 VR would also be very nice.

    • Salva

      I agree MRP

      1. Knogledge/Experience

      I agree LGO:

      Remember Floyd´s “The Wall”?

      Hey Nikon !!!
      forget 3.5-5.6 glass
      All in all it’s just
      another brick in the wall


    • Young Boy

      Subscribe me in! Inexpensive fast(er) DX wide prime! Only micro 3/4 have some, otherwise nothing! Minimum 16, ideally more (14) but not fish-eye! 35 is too narrow for dusk/dawn landscapes! You can use FX standat/tele, but never wides!
      In longer term, would say update of 16-85 would be great (better distortion) and make it constant F4, while still compact and relatively cheaper. Not sure about 2.8 DX zoom, I guess it’s price (and size) would “kill it” and those who could afford such a lens anyway shot FX… On the other hand – you see these Canon F4 lenses everywhere around… I guess it’s exactly in reach of most enthusiast who don’t want plastic kits…

  • Rob

    No but they have kept a sensor through model changes. IE D40x, D60 and D3000 all have the same 10mp ccd sensor. So maybe D5100 can keep 12.4 sensor.

  • raj
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