Nikon P300 hands-on preview (no RAW!)

Dpreview just posted the Nikon P300 hands-on preview and the the P300 has no RAW capabilities:

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  • Peter B


  • opterown

    slightly disappointing; i was hoping for specs similar to the XZ-1 oh well

  • No RAW, extra small sensor and slow lens. This camera is total failure.

  • Funduro

    Big bummer, no Raw, slower lens at tele. Not the spec’s I was hoping for. Looks like lower price point with higher volume sales is what’s on Nikon’s spreadsheet.

    • J C

      They wont achieve higher volumes since no one gonna buy this over the Canon S95. Such a huge disappointment…

  • TCD

    So that thing has 720p @ 60fps but they cant push that to the D7000?

    • Discontinued

      Quite annoying, isn’t it ! ?

  • amien

    nikon is more & more disappointing every day… I bet next FF will NOT provide 50P…

    • amien

      TO TCD : this is THE main reason I did not buy the D7000. (besides the hot pixel problem)

  • Pacu

    So disappointing! No RAW, a smaller sensor and slow lens when zooming. Was hoping for something that was more along the lines of the Samsung EX1. Looks like i will have to wait for the EX2! A missed opportunity by Nixon definitely.

  • Adde
  • Carlos R B


  • broxibear

    No raw?…in a camera aimed at enthusiasts and professionals ?…The Fuji guys, the Canon guys, the Panasonic guys and even the weird guy who stays next door from me will be laughing their asses off ?
    Was the dude who does raw off sick the day they designed this camera ?…what next a D800 with no viewfinder ?

  • If I was in the market for a P&S, I’d definitely get the P7000.

    • jack

      Of I was in the market for a P&S, I’d definitely not get a Coolpix…

      Last great one Nikon made was the 8400… how long ago was that?

      I love Nikon, but compacts have never been their specialty. Before someone jumps down my throat and screams what about the 28ti and 35ti… Well, that was a long time ago and even then, there were better options available. The lens was nice, but they ate batteries like crazy. Plus the competition was exceptional–contax t2 and t3, minolta tc-1, konica hexar, leica minilux and cm, and Gr-1.

      Sigh, I still haven’t found a compact that does as nice a job as any of those. I’d be willing to pay $2500 for a t3 or konica hexar with a d700 sensor.

  • Hazman Hasib

    Yawn..what a boring is the last to be released yet it is the worst one..

  • C

    It is really disappointing.
    I think the tele end should end with f/3.3 or f/3.5, or at most f/4. Now Nikon told us that it is f/4.9…
    The sensor size is a joke… 1/2.33″ is the lowest end of the current sensors. I think it should be 1/1.6″ no compromise.
    It seems that it is just a camera “look” good. 24mm wide, f/1.8 and 4.2x zoom. To the amateur the specs sound excellent but to a camera enthusiast it is just cheating!

  • NXNightmare

    Too easy, made my mind up. Buying a S95. 🙂

    For a few dollars more you get the flexibility of raw.

    That’s a no brainer.

  • nick chan

    it does fullHD though, most ppl would buy for aesthetic reasons. fullHD is a marketing force. it all depends on the profit rate the retailers are getting. isn’t this slightly cheaper than s95?

    I like canon’s performance under low light. But I do love the P300’s design

  • Art

    I really _really_ hope that this is not a reflection on what we can expect from the D800….. I’ve shot Nikon for about 18 years and if the D800 is like this (another yawn), I’m off to Cannon.

    My first decent camera was a Cannon (AE-1 Program) but over the years, I’ve been glad that I jumped to Nikon. The long release cycles really has me worried especially when there is a significant jump in technology (such as video) that can be handled mainly by a software change. (Why can’t we turn the D300 into a D300s simply with a firmware update? For that matter, why isn’t the camera scriptable?)

    I was really hoping that the P300 would make a nice little addition to my camera bag for those times that a SLR is too intrusive and to handle video in tight situations. Now I have to go find other alternatives.

    • Hayzeus

      First of all, I would recommend that if you plan to make the switch, you at least spell the company name correctly. It’s spelled “Canon” not “Cannon” like a big gun.

      Second, what the heck does the Nikon P300 have to do with any future DSLR releases?

      People need to take a step back, get their head on straight and think a little before you post.

  • twinfighter

    I wonder why all of you so disappointed. The little P300 will find its place in the market. For those of you who want Raw and a very good “enthusiast and professional” small camera could buy a LX5, TL500/EX1, S95, XZ1, … . In Nikon dont lay the answer of all your questions. Sometimes its better to look elsewhere. But this is no reason to spit on Nikons SLR lineup.

  • James

    Why would anyone buy this over the Canon S95? Also I bet the designers of the Nikon P300 must have felt real stupid when the Olympus XZ-1 got announced.

    • jack

      Yes, I agree… but I maintain the majority of consumers still won’t look at the sensor size–and many of them will not care about RAW. They’ll see some of the nice boxes checked, and the guy at Best Buy will sell it too them because it is cheaper.

    • Hayzeus

      Why? The ZX-1 sells for $500. I wouldn’t even put the two cameras in the same category.

      Different price point, different capabilities, different shooter.

  • Steve

    Too bad it has a small sensor and no RAW. Not interested.

    I wish they would fix the issues and glitches with the P7000, and then I think you would have a really attractive non-DSLR offering.

  • Dumb.

  • anonymule

    I don’t use RAW, myself. I wonder how many people disappointed that this camera doesn’t have it, actually use it? I quit using RAW 3 years ago. Saves me from having to upgrade my software. At any rate, it’s a COMPACT. There’s such Bourgeoisie on this site, I swear.

  • scurvy hesh

    When I want raw format in a point in shoot. I pull out my T4 I bought at an estate sale for 5 bux.

  • NXNightmare

    The frustrating thing is that the formware probably supports RAW, but this will be a feature that will be brought out in a future, more expensive incarnation of this camera.

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