About next week Nikon announcements and beyond

There will be no new DSLR announcement during the Nikon press conferences scheduled for February 9th, 2011. At least five new Coolpix cameras will be introduced next week for the  CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show in Japan (February 9-12, 2011). One of them will be a new super-zoom (Nikon Coolpix P500), the second will be a 24-100mm compact with a f/1.8 aperture at 24mm, similar to new OIympus ZX-1.

The first new Nikon DSLR for 2011 will be announced in the next two months and it will be positioned between the D3100 and the D7000. Since the Nikon D5000 is already discontinued, this new camera should be its official replacement (think D5000 with a D7000 tune up). The announcement can happen as early as the end of February. In the past Nikon has announced DSLR products a week after the Coolpix press event.

Most of the activities in the FX line will happen during the Summer and I was told that by the end of 2011 all old Nikon DSLRs (D300s, D700, D3s) will be replaced.

On the lens front, I was told again that a new 80-400mm lens is very high up in Nikon's release schedule.

Nikon D90 will not be phased out yet and will probably be available all the way till the end of 2011 (similar to the D40).

Nikon will have a lot of new products this year, most of them are still listed only with code names. The word "surprise" was mentioned again to me, related to accessories and/or probably some new type of cameras. This "surprise" project is kept secret even to many people inside Nikon and only few know all the details. My assumption is a new Nikon mirrorless/hybrid camera system.

The above is not my personal opinion, it is based on several different tips I received lately.

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  • Kevin

    D5100 = has af motor?

    • Highly unlikely. It’s more likely that you’ll see the 5100 be the kind of refresh that the 3100 was: some major improvements to its predecessor, but no really big changes over what came before. They won’t want to cut too far into the 7000’s sales.

      • WoutK89

        As long as they keep the IR-port on the camera (which is one of the major changes from D3000 to D3100).

        • LGO

          I expect the D5000-replacement will incorporate a wireless flash commander similar to the D90 / D7000 / D300s / D700.

          Canon has incorporated the wireless flash commander on the newly released T3i/600D. So Canon now has 3 bodies with this feature, the two other being the 7D and 60D.

          As Nikon can easily do this (even with the D3100 if it chooses to), I expect that this new competitor will pressure Nikon to incorporate the same function in the Nikon D5000-replacement. Thank you Canon! 😀

          • LGO

            In terms of features-upgrade, if the Nikon D5000-replacement has a mirror up function and front and rear IR-port like the D7000, have wireless flash commander and get an articulating screen but remain near the size and weight of the D3100, then I will sell my D3100 and get the D5000-replacement. This is something I will be looking forward to.

            • Chris Lilley

              LGO, I would doubt a mirror-up on the 5100. I suspect it will have a classic single mode dial with lots of scene modes which Nikon seem to think people with not so much money want, and no drive mode dial.

        • PhotoHop

          The D3100’s lack of an IR sensor was the deal breaker for me. I’m hoping the rumored D5100/5500 will have it.

    • Roya

      I know it’s unlikely but I’m praying for it. It’d be the best gift Nikon could give me…. I can’t afford the D7000.

      • Roger

        AF motors in camera are on the way out. Also, expect all AF lenses to disappear in favor of AF-S lenses.

        • Rob

          Until they change the mount, Nikon will never take the AF motor off their pro bodies. They’re all about backwards compatibility. They may discontinue the lenses, but they aren’t going to screw over every pro that has thousands of dollars of older AF lenses.

        • ZoetMB

          Only at the bottom of the line. And the reason for that is that at the bottom of the line, users tend to buy the kit lens and never buy another lens and the kit lenses are already AF-S.

          People on sites like this one tend to own lots of lenses, but that’s not actually normal consumer behavior. In fiscal 2010, Nikon sold 1.49 lenses per body sold vs. an industry average of 1.63. So far in the 2011 fiscal year, Nikon has sold 1.52 lenses per body sold vs. an industry average of 1.67.

          But for enthusiasts and pros, it’s a different matter. And although it’s a little surprising to me that Nikon still has so many AF-D and AF-G lenses in the line, there are still 17 AF lenses in the active catalog (5 zooms and 12 primes). So AF motors are not going away in the mid to upper DSLR line even if Nikon did no longer care about backwards compatibility with deleted lenses. And even that would take years. Only four of the AF primes have AF-S equivalents and the AF-S versions are priced substantially higher.

        • SZRimaging

          Not happening until lower end AF lenses (i.e. 50mm f1.8) are redone with AF-S. Even then, I doubt anything at the D7k level or higher loses it’s AF motor for quite some time.

  • Admin, I just need to check on that wording. Did your source say that the FX cameras will be replaced by the end of 2011, or that they will have been replaced by then? Just curious. Any way, a very interesting Nikon year ahead! *pats my new D700*

    • All DSLR replaced by the end of the year. Most, if not all of the FX action will happen during the summer.

      • WoutK89

        So, where do you see the D3x by then? Will we have 2 flagship FX bodies this year?

  • cpm5280


    I know, I know, I should be happy with what we get. But given that a) I am in the market for a DSLR with video chops in addition to top shelf still quality, and b) I have more invested in Nikon glass than any DSLR might cost, I find myself amongst the countless people waiting for the D400/D800/D4 releases that are no doubt coming. I just wish that they would arrive sooner, rather than later.

    • Ronan


      Voila done, next???

      • Ren Kockwell

        Yeah, and it only costs a kidney and a black market baby!

        • Discontinued

          Yeah, and it does great 108o video too.
          D3s already beats anything everybody could wish for. LOL.

          And I just randomly checked two of the bigger retailers in my country online. In terms of availability Nikon is still at 12 MP and at 720 video in 2011. Oly can do that and even cellphones can.

          Oh I forgot, I could always pair a D3s with a D3x. So it’s just two tanks chained around my neck and 13K to beat a cellphone. Not gonna happen.

          • Roger

            What Oly cant do is shoot over ISO 400, though.

          • thorgal


            So show me now in 2011 any better low-light camera than D3s…

            I think you are just a troll.

        • Ed

          All this camera talk makes my head feel like this guy.

    • Ren Kockwell

      +1 Summer can’t come fast enough. Bitch is, at Nikon summer means we won’t have it till fall.

      • What are Nikon playing at??? do they want us all to swap sides and go to Canon!? Let’s get a D700 replacement out there NOW? I need it for the Summer, not announcing it in the Summer so we get it in the Aut/winter when the photo season is in decline.

        • Yes please ! A replacement for the D700 in the next couple of months !
          Mine was stolen 5 days ago, I still can’t believe it 🙁 I’m devasted…
          So the only thing that could make me better is to know that his succesor will come out very soon !
          I can’t stay till autumn with no camera !
          And if I buy now a D700, I will be mad, to see that in a couple of month they will release a new one with major improvments !

          By the way, someoe can tell me where I can report the serial number of my stolen equipment ? And if one day someone had “good luck” with that ?
          Oh dear, I just don’t know what to do 🙁 3000$ gone in a blink….
          Thank you for your answers….

    • Dustin

      couldn’t agree more

  • eyecee

    my guess (a.k.a. wishlist)

    D400 = D7000’s DX sensor, new AF from D4/D800, faster fps, 1080p 24fps video but with manual features, maybe 60fps at 720p mode, similar body to D300s with 100% viewfinder

    D4/D800 = new FX 18-20MP sensor with 16bit colour, twin Expeed2 chips, new AF module with 2016 RGB metering and 75+ AF spots to cover 85-90% of viewfinder frame, ISO performance same as D3s or +1 stop, 1080p 60fps, full manual video options. D4 with built in WiFi.

    • Ronan

      Stick an improved D7000 sensor in a D300 body, with D4ish technology = Gold.

      • Panfruit

        Seems hard to improve on perfection. 🙂 I would imagine they have killer video features up their sleeves (not that I care too much, but cant complain).

        • cpm5280

          I do care, and not just because I would make lots of use of it.

          Nikon needs to maintain market share (and when it does, that’s good for all of us), and regardless of whether everyone uses it or not, right now people are flocking to Canon for the 5DmkII and the 7D, precisely for video. For this reason alone, we should all be hoping that Nikon has some video performance chops to show everyone.

          If past is prologue, I don’t doubt that this will be the case, eventually. Canon may well release a horde of cameras every other week and dominate the market, but Nikon’s done well in the past by being slow (too slow, for many of us!) and methodical, releasing well-conceived and well-executed products, at a slower rate than Canon.

    • Roger

      ISO performance (correctly called low light performance) 1 stop better than the D3s, that would mean D4 would have to have QE of 114%, as in the camera would have to break the laws of physics.

      Your wishlists are only that, wishlist and will remain only that.

    • WoutK89

      100% viewfinder has been done, we want 100% with higher magnification then at least. 100% at 1.0x magn.

      • Anonymous

        110%!!!! I want a 110% viewfinder by tomorrow or I’m switching to Canon.

  • dyckim

    I’m pretty sure Nikon will announce the d700 replacement by March. If you look at all the d700 depletions, ending of the d700+Lens rebate by March, and etc… –>Points towards March/April announcement and May/June release. I highly doubt the D700 replacement will be released as late as August.

    • JustBro

      I hope you are right my friend. Hope you’re right…

      • heartyfisher

        unlikely though.. cos then the D3replacement later in the year will be boring and unsaleable.

        • WoutK89

          Yes, because the D700 was what the D3 was, 1:1 copy but in a smaller body. Keep ’em coming, I like a good laugh.
          Seriously though, there is a big difference in both the markets of D700 and D3, the people that need them know what they want.

          • sirin

            comparing D700 and D3 is about the same as doing so for D90 vs D300.

      • May Nikon’s God hear you !

    • Yoyo

      I really hope you are right.
      I have to replace my D300 before April.

      • T140AVRider

        Why? Will the body suddenly disappear in a cloud of smoke come the 1st April?

    • f/2.8

      Don’t forget the D700 came after the D3.

  • busynbored

    Admin, do you have any dates for the lens releases?

    I know, this is getting as repetitive as that FX crowd, but I have a decision to make, get a used 300/4 +1.4x TC now, or get a D7000 and use it with my 70-300VR while I wait for the 80-400 replacement. Any thoughts?

    • No, everyone is tight lipped, Nikon keeps their cards very close this time, I am even surprised I got thew above info. This also means nothing is coming anytime soon.

      • SGN

        Thanks a lot Admin!

      • cirtap

        HUH? U mean I have to wait till the end of the year? COME ON NIKON….

        Get with it….I am tired of waiting..DONT make me buy a Nonac or a Xatnep

        Get with it…NIKON

      • Zomg

        One more year of taking pictures with my trusty D200–is this what Nikon meant by being patient?

        • Darkness

          D300, D300s, D700, D7000; waddya want?

          • zomg

            don’t forget about the d3100 and the d5100!

        • Chris Lilley

          Unless your primary use of the D200 is as
          – an underwater hammer
          – an IR-converted camera
          then just upgrade to a D7000. Really.

    • I have the same problem in waiting for the 80-400X. I returned a used 300F4 becuase it gor poor results with my 1.7 Tele. I got better results on my 70-200. While I wait for a D800 I’ll continue to buy FF Glass for my D300S and keep my fingers crossed.

      • PAG

        Was your 300mm the current f/4D or was it the older f/4? I recently bought a new f/4D and used it for BIF with the TC1.4. It performed phenomenally. I was thinking of getting a TC1.7, but would like to hear from somebody with firsthand experience with this combo.

        • It was the current F4D but I had a 1.7. The camera store said that Nikon’s website reported that the autofocus was NA with a 1.7 . Perhaps what they ment was that the autovocus was unreliable. wide open the aperature was close to 6.5 so I understood that my images were not tack sharp even when used with my Gitzo. While the aotofocus appeared to work, maybe is was not as accurate and just close.

          I expect at 1.4 would yesld better results. I look forward to a long lens and hope for the rumored 100-500.

          Good luck. the 300 F4 is a good lens. A frienbd loaned me his and I got a great shot with it here http://cdsharper.zenfolio.com/p462898212/h336a600d#h336a600d

          • PAG

            Thanks for the feedback. Like the shot, and I love the prey item since it’s very distinctive. I think it’s a Brown Bullhead (a species of catfish). Very cool.

  • New Coolpix, not for me.
    Mid Range DX, I already have FX.
    New FX this summer, that will be a 3 year cycle for the D700, which is what I have been predicting all along, since the 5D went 3 years until the 5DII came along. 18MP and a 1.3 stop improvement in high ISO for $2700 is my wish.

    Please visit my not so tame photo blog.

    • I just checked out your ‘photo blog’. Pretty perverted.

      • You are a prude.

        • So how many restraining orders do you have against you?

          • To answer your question, none. This is not the place to have this sort of discussion. Go start a thread over at dpreview or Nikon Gear. I post in both forums under the same screen name. PM me so I don’t miss it.

    • twoomy

      @ronscubadiver: Looks like you can’t stop pointing your camera at boobs and @sses. I don’t see anything very artistic here, but I’m sure you would enjoy trying your hand at porn if you haven’t already.

      • jack

        you clearly do not understand his art….. :-/

      • And just who gave you the moral authority? Lighten up.

        • Twoomy

          I’m perfectly light. If street boobs is your thing, then good for you! I don’t have to like it though. So when you use a forum like this to advertise your site (note that you are telling people to check out your blog), don’t be so cranky when some people think it’s crap.

          • KMA

          • Mock Kenwell

            Give the guy a break. He’s just waiting for a 600mm f/2.8 in a year without lenses!

            • You are absolutely right!

            • Perve?

              600mm would make a great “Steet Boobs” camera. 😉

  • C

    My guess for a D5100 would be:
    – 16MB sensor with all specs equal to D7000’s
    – 4.5 fps like D90
    – 11 focus points or more (19~21) but must be less powerful than D7000’s
    – WITH rear dial, but NO AF motor
    – Flip mon with 3″ 920K
    – Built same as D5000
    – Lower price than 60D, a competitor for 60D

    • Ronan

      No… wtf are you smoking?

    • Steve

      I agree that Nikon will have been looking closely at the 60D and want to offer something similar at a slightly lower price, but it’ll be still within Nikon’s clear model-differentation patterns.

      Was the D5000 a top seller ? If it was, you can bet Nikon will keep the same formula…..but if it wasn’t then we can hope for something a little more ‘surprising’, such as a rear wheel.

      Nothing really new though so I’d don’t expect the excitement that surrounded the D7000. Hopefully, just a very useable camera.

    • enesunkie

      I think you’ll see also change in the layout of the buttons in back more in line with what they did with the D3000 to D3100. U1 and U2 would be great, but I’m thinking that will not happen. Hopefully they don’t make the mistake of ditching the IR sensor. That was a big loss. The new shooting modes dial on top is likely also I would guess. They gave the D5000 the D90’s sensor, but they could just put the 14MP sensor on it and save the 16 for the D7000 and D400? Just a wild guess here.

      • WoutK89

        I agree on the MegaPixels here, just 14.

    • PAG

      Nikon already has a competitor for the 60D. It’s called the D7000. A D5100 will not be a comparable camera.

  • Robert Stoffer photo

    Fantastic…. Was looking forward for a D800 release somtime soon. I guess I’ll have to wait till summer.

  • I probably speak for lots of folks: This is painful in many ways. More waiting to do.

    • Roger

      No, man, only for the gadget freaks. Pick up whatever camera you own, and go out shooting. That’s what I’m doing in 5 minutes…

      • Trevor


      • cpm5280

        There are many people on the net who do what you do: hang out in forums waiting for a chance to harp on other people for wanting new gear. Instead of using “gadget freak” as an epithet and telling people what to do, perhaps you should take your own advice: get offline, go shooting…and leave the “gadget freaks” to do whatever they’d like to do, sans interference.

        • Thank you cpm5280.
          The person does not know what my needs are and just makes a comment.

        • Mock Kenwell


  • The Invisible Man

    DSLR: D900 Sure Look Rare !

    • JustBro

      Wtf D900, everyone know that it’s gonna be D800.

      Moi aussi je parle français.

  • dyckim

    Hi NR Admin, are you positively sure because release date 0f d800 will be the deciding factor of if I should switch gears from Canon.

    • No please, I am not positively sure, plus Nikon can change their plans at any point of time.

      • cpm5280

        This is one time I’m hoping that your info is wrong. But I appreciate all of the info, regardless!

    • dyckim

      Thanks for the response. I think I will change to Nikon and pray for d800 to come out..

    • The invisible man

      Canon is great for copy machines, for photography I’ll stick with Nikon.

      • Panfruit

        Do you see their new 200-400 f/4 with built-in teleconverter? so cool. 🙂

        • WoutK89

          At first I thought you were joking, seems like Canon is catching up to Nikon and more. They also offer a speedlight with added video lighting!

      • R R

        they make good faxes too!

        wait a second are faxes still getting built these days?? mmmm… If they are, Canon will sure make some!!

      • jack

        Actually, having worked in the copy business, canon copy machines are absolutely terrible for any significant amount of work. Their copy quality sucks, user interface is backwards, and reliability…well, let’s just say that I would take one xerox over two of its Canon counterparts. Xerox machines (albeit more expensive) are exponentially better.

        That said, it looks like Canon released some good camera stuff in this last release. They checked a lot of the right boxes for their P/S, and while I cannot afford the Super Teles, they sure look nice.

  • Thanks for the info Admin. A very exciting few months coming up! I think there won’t be any lens announcements anytime soon as the new bodies will require a lot of focus from Nikon 😮

    • Panfruit

      That’s handy, because Nikon has excellent focus. 🙂

    • roland

      Your prediction failed before you hit the “post” button…
      Because you got to have lenses to be able to focus, right?

  • Art

    Personally, I think that Nikon loves NikonRumors.com and they keep postponing the release of the D300s/D700/D3x replacements to keep us checking back 5 times a day increasing NikonRumors.com’s page / ad views and bottom line.

    Ok, Nikon we now know you like to support NikonRumors, time to release some cameras!

    • Talking about ads – have you guys noticed that I reduced the number of ads on NikonRumors? Few more ads are expiring at the end of the month and they will be removed as well. The goal is to completely eliminate all 3rd party ads. To achieve this I started to accept advertising directly from companies. That way I can select and be in control what banners will be displayed on the blog and eliminate all the garbage out there. I will soon make a public announcement, but if anyone is interested in advertising on NikonRumors, please contact me. Only photography/Nikon related banners will be accepted.

      • texasjoe

        Maybe you could open a camera store and be priced like B&H/Adorama. That should bring in some bring in some revenue.

      • Actually, I had noticed that. I figured you were just going for a cleaner look.

        • Not only a clean look, I prefer to know my advertisers, now I don’t and sometimes low level ads are pushed to the site and that’s not cool.

          • JustBro

            Wish I could “Like” your comment.

          • roland

            Roland like this

          • f/2.8

            Turning down revenue!! That’s a man with principle.

            We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy…. …

            Thanks Admin.

            • If your website is full of garbage ads, your revenue will go down on the long term. It took me a while to figure this one out.

            • cirtap


            • cirtap, there are no viruses on nikomnrumors, check your setup

              btw using caps on the net means that you are screaming

            • cirtap

              Every time. So all I can say..when I come here…Norton kicks in and says there is a security risk here..probably laying low in those damn ads.

              Norton Blocks it..and the next time it happens..I will gather up my info and send Right back to you.

            • I have a third party monitoring in place and everything on the site is clean. Try clearing your cache or go over your Norton settings. Some security software get triggered even if there are iframes on a website and there is not much I can do about it.

          • jack

            LIKE, LIKE, LIKE…
            [NR] Admin, I’m in a PhD program and was wondering if you would be willing to talk to me about your site/business model?

            • I don’t really have a business model… it’s just a website like many others

      • Sigersted

        Nice. Although ads are annoying they are essential to a free website (and ads can be useful a times).

        The most useful/least annoying ads are the appropiate ads.

        So kudos to the admin for taming the ads.

      • The Invisible Man

        I’m sure if you let us post our girlfriends pictures on NR, you won’t need any ads !

        • JorPet

          What would be the point? You probably have invisible girlfriends. We would all just be staring at a blank screen!

    • The Invisible Man

      You go on NR only 5 times a day ?
      You need to see a doctor ! (I have 5 PC in the house, one of them is connected on NR 24/24h)

  • dyckim

    Should I get the sell my 7d + 70-200 is ii usm + 50 1.4 and get the D700 + 24-70 now, or should I wait for d800…..

    • Are you happy with what you have right now? That’s what you should be asking yourself. You don’t need to have the latest and greatest. After all, Canon will update the 7D at some point.

      That said, since almost all of us over here are Nikon users, I don’t think we’d mind if you switched systems. =P

      • dyckim

        Well, im not happy. Im happy with the 70-200 is ii usm, but I just don’t like the crop factor plus Nikon makes all their dslr’s like a king. Ergonomically speaking its the best .

        • Robert Stoffer photo

          Then switch :). the Full frame camera of the D700 is amazing. I wouldnt just get the 24-70, maybe try the 70-200 as well! you can get some killer rebates with the D700 right now.

          If your happy with the canon 70-200, id say the nikon will be just as good or not better since its Nikkor 😛

    • enesunkie

      The D3 and D300 were both introduced together in August 2007. People here are guessing the same might happen this summer too. The D800 is a wild card because there is not enough history with that model line to make an educated guess. My advice is to shoot pictures with what you have and in 5-6 short months, we’ll all hopefully be flabbergasted with what Nikon will come out with.

  • Summer Breeze?

    … and i was counting the days to hear it:
    “finally the D700 replacement is here! and its specs are screaming `canon bring it on – try to improve this!`”

    guess we have to wait for a light summer tan – damn. damn. damn.

  • pooparty

    Boooooo!!!!!!! this sucks!

  • I’ve got a D700 and I probably won’t upgrade (emphasis on probably). Even so, here’s a wishlist of non-critical things I’d love to see in a replacement. I bet none of them will happen but it would be fun to see:

    1. IPS display for the back LCD with a higher resolution. I’d love to see an iPhone style retina display here.
    2. Built in GPS
    3. Optional model with no low pass filter
    4. AF covering more of the frame
    5. Built in gyro to go with the in-lens VR to achieve some really cool stabilization

    OK, I’m through with my fantasy…

  • Jordan

    Any word on the possibility of Capture NX3 as a “suprise” accessory? That would be greater than any of the expected announcements for me…

    • WoutK89

      Native 64-bits (see Nik software lately), built in HDR support (see Nik software), faster response times, what else can we ask for at this moment in time?

      • Banned

        We can ask for an actual working application, that doesn’t lag, bug or otherwise wastes half of my time waiting to see the result of a simple adjustment. We can also hope for an application that actually works as a Lightroom replacement instead of having to go back and forth between the 2 and having to store a 70 meg .tif file per .nef file (I have thousands of these, takes gigabytes of space, thanks.)

        Finally we can ask for better native plugins and not just the Nik ones. But I guess that one won’t happen before NX reaches 9 or 10 users worldwide.

  • I agreed with Neil, love to see the new FX model have more AF point coverage so i can shoot moving target without having to recompose. Is it possible to have more coverage of the af point area or that is the limit of coverage you can get. If so i guess i can pick up a crop sensor and shoot moving subject hence the af area covers the full field of view.

    • WoutK89

      The biggest problem would be sharpness in the corners of lenses (the ability to hunt gets higher because of low contast) and the light fall off in some lenses. I think the middle of the frame coverage is the sweet spot for all lenses.

  • Todd

    Any word on the 80-400mm replacement and to whether it will be announced in February? Thanks.

    • I doubt that

      • Todd

        Thanks. Hope sooner than later.

    • PAG

      +1. Also a new 300mm f/4 with VR, though I must say I’m having a great time with the current version of that lens that I just bought.

      • Funduro

        Heck I just ordered the 300mm f4 AF-S lens today. It has lots of good comments by many users at online dealer and Nikon sites. I did order the Kirk lens holder also, the OEM Nikon has to much flex and the comments made that perfectly clear. Sure sometimes I’ll have to use the tripod/monopod, but VR would add $1K or more to the price. It even got good comment’s when used with the TC1.4 also.

        • PAG

          I was using it for birds in flight all day Saturday. The lens is sharp, AF was fast, and it worked great both with and without the TC1.4. It was attached to my new D7000. The lens balanced nicely against the D7000 and a battery grip, so I had no problem handholding it for hours.

          FYI, I used the auto-ISO setting with a base ISO of 400, top ISO of 1600, and min. SS of 1/1000. Performance was perfect and ISO 1600 shots look quite clean. This is the same auto ISO function that the pinheads at DP Review called “confusing and poorly implemented (but no worse than any other Nikon DSLR)” because they’re too stupid to figure out how it works and, more importantly, WHY it works so perfectly out in the field. If I had the lauded Canon auto-ISO, I would have been locked in a 1/400, less than half the min recommended SS for BIF.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Nikon really dropped the ball not choosing to update the D700. Some of us are still waiting, but many have switched. What a drag.

    • Kingyo

      Here are my predictions:
      The D700 will be updated this year.. to a whopping 12.7 mp! It will be a camera unlike any other.. In addition, it will have HD video at 24fps @ 480p!! It will be the size and weight of a D40x and use MicroSD cards because everything in the future will be smaller..this is pure innovation. The price will be roughly $700 cheaper than the D4..which will be about $4,200. 😉

      • Rob

        Yum, full frame in a small body. Cost is a bit high. What’s video? Apart from your quoted price it sounds too good to be true..

      • Panfruit

        With twice the efficiency of the d3s sensor!

        • Roger

          Twice the efficiency of D3s sensor is not actually possible. Not in our universe, anyway!

          P.S. God forbid things get smaller, I struggle to use small Nikon cameras already as it is. Well, maybe if my hands magically shrink, maybe then smaller will be good….

      • WoutK89

        Micro SD cards are a pain to keep hold of, one little bit of wind and you can say bye bye. I hope the camera gets 16GB built in memory then with built in Wi-fi, sound more appealing,

        • Funduro

          Hope they add an iPod port.

          • cpm5280

            And an FM radio. And a map light.

    • Roger

      Patience, padawan. Nikon havent dropped anything, let alone “the ball”. 😀

      D700 will be updated just like all cameras eventually get updated. Patience, it’s coming.

      • Mock Kenwell

        It’s getting upgraded, not updated. They updated every pro-level camera in their lineup to a video-capable S version except the D700. And it’s the one that needed it the most in order to compete with the 5D. I’m sure they know what they were doing, but had I known I would have switched to Canon until the comparable Nikon replacement came out. Now it’s more of a hassle because I’d have to ditch the lenses again, only to re-purchase when it came time to switch. So I’ll just make-do through another summer, and stitch product shots to get enough resolution while I lug an additional GH1 with me when I need video. What a pain in the ass.

  • It’s so frustrating, as a Wedding photographer, to have Nikon release new DSLR camera in the Summer. I need the new stuff before wedding season! Come On’ Maaan!

    Help a brother out!

    • Roger

      Technically, you dont really need new DSLR camera. The current ones are already best cameras available for what you need to do.

      Now, you want new cameras, that is true.

      • roland

        These types of general comments are so stupid.
        You have no idea of the situation of needs for anybody but yourself, so please don’t speak for “everybody”.

        If I would want to argue in the same way as you, I would say that nobody really needs _any_ type of camera.

      • I think Roger is right.

        I make awesome 60×90 cm (23,5×35,5 inch)prints out of my D300s. I can’t imagine that your clients requests that size, or even need more.

        • xjrx

          i am with roger here too. what feature do D700/D3s/D3x etc NOT have, that working photographers, in this case “joe the wedding-shooter” needs this summer?

          – assuming i missed some important technology-update, which is it?
          -assuming i do not use my body up to all his capabilities, what can i learn from a working pro concerning the limits of our tools?

  • Andres

    My D300 died a month ago, was waiting for a new replacement to be announced – so what to get if i can’t wait (obvious) until the end of the year ?

    Is the D700 price to be dropped any time soon?

    • f/2.8


    • gt

      Even after the D800 is announced, expect a solid 6 months before the D700’s price reduces

  • Rob

    This is actually bad news for me. I wanted to get a D700 for the spring sports season, but with the announcements happening right after that, I’ll lose a ton of money on the resale. How much can we expect the price of used D700 and D3s bodies to drop after the announcement, and how much more will they drop after their replacements are out?

    I may have to stick with the D300s…but I really wanted to shoot night games this year.

    • Roger

      Want to shoot night matches? D3s is what you need, my friend.

  • Matt


    Any speculation on lenses and timeframes? By late Spring, I should be ready to buy the 24-70/2.8, but there’s speculation that this model will see an update with more reach and VR.


    • Roger

      Buy the 24-70, dont wait for VR, unless you desire more expensive, optically inferior and physically larger lens than the current 24-70. To put it another way – you’d pay more money to get a worse lens.

      Buy the current 24-70, and enjoy.

    • JorPet

      It took them 8.5 years to go from the 28-70 to the 24-70. The new lens has been out for 3.5 years. Do the math. You will likely be waiting a long time before the next upgrade to the current version

    • Roger

      Canon 200-400mm, just as I’ve expected. The only suprise is no Canon 14-24mm, I wonder why is that lens delayed?

      • Discontinued

        Canon already has a 16-35 that – unlike Nikon’s – has 2.8. And unlike the 14-24 it does take filters. Not a bad solution IMO.
        Combined with a 70-200 you can take a 16-35 out for a walk or on travel without the feeling of privation. Ask prime shooters. The gap between 35 and 70 is alright to many many people whereas a gap from 24 to 70 and no polarizer below 70mm is a no go. Each to his own I guess.

        • Ken

          I now have a D700 and consider these two options:

          buy 24-70, or

          buy 16-35 VR plus 60G macro

          which one is better for travel and indoor use both? Thanks.

          • gt

            24-70 hands down is a better than your option B.

            The 60G, like all macros, has a variable aperture depending on the distance to your subject. The 16-35mm is an F4 lens – if you’re shooting indoors, you want every F-stop you can get.

            • WoutK89

              and this distance is the macro distance. I think the 60mm doesnt have a focus limiter, what could be annoying at times.

          • mshi

            what do you shoot?

            for macro, get 105VR or 200 4.

            for landscape, get 16-35.

            for social events, get 24-70.

            for walk-around with some occasional macro, get 60G.

            • Great suggestions, I have the 16-35 but use the 24-70 for sunrise/sunsets. But i could onluy afford the 60G for Macro.

              But there’s always next year after I upgrade to my D800 🙂

          • jack

            16-35 really is nothing special–it is huge and heavy for its range and the results really aren’t magical.

            Go for the 24-70… arguably the best midrange zoom out right now.

            • Yes, I agree; I leave the 16-35 in the bag, the 24-70 is cruise control!!!!

    • Royalan

      Canon’s new dslr offerings allow you to shoot different aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9…)along with the appropriate crop lines when you activate live view. I wish Nikon would offer this on its lower end models so I can visualize an 8×10 better. Maybe I should invent a custom diopter with cropping for 4:5. Patent pending.

  • Roger

    Admin – you’re sleeping in the classroom. There’s already initial info (solid source) on the D4 on the net:

    coming exactly when we all expect it
    more megapixels
    better noise
    better dynamic range
    more fps
    better AF
    higher price than the D3s

    • Roger

      All in all, exactly what everyone expects and what will happen – Nikon will improve the camera in every way, same as any other camera.

      Really, I wonder why people get so hung up over rumors; Cameras are announced at predictable dates, and they are always improved over the previous model.

      Snow is finally melting here, I’m going outside… Enjoy the day, everyone!

    • LOL, I heard the D4 will be better than the D3 🙂

      • Roger

        Of course, this is all very predictable. When’s the last time any manufacturer announced something that surprised you?

        The only case I can think of is Leica announcing the S2 – who could have guessed they are *that* stupid? 😀 Other than that, it’s all predictable, which is a good thing. Users know when the new camera will appear and they can plan their purchases accordingly.

        • jack

          Fuji X100… and look at the stir it caused…

        • Mock Kenwell

          The D700 came out of nowhere.

        • Discontinued

          The D300S came out of a garbage can.

          Can’t say I wasn’t surprised.

  • Anonymus Maximus

    Hallo Admin!

    You are doing a great job in keeping us informed, so that we have at least an informed guess!
    I hope that your success attracts well deserved ad revenue.
    I notice however that the site also attracts some of the more, let’s say “colorful” offers.

    The recent one seems to be http://www.sueeasy.com/class_action_detail.php?case_id=380

    All the best

    • this is why I want to get rid of the third party ads, I blocked that one btw

      • Anonymus Maximus

        notsososeriousmode on

        maybe you just forgot to set the HTML parameter /noscam
        when you inserted the adspace?

        • I wish they had this. The good thing is that now it is pretty easy to block a website on adsense. If you guys see any spam/scam ads, please send me the URL and I will block it.

  • K

    GREAT! Looking forward to the d5100 announcement finally. I have the money but im waiting for it to be announced. When will it be in stores?

    • WoutK89

      as with all products, after it has been announced officially.

  • zer0

    Damn, I was going to get an FX Nikon in the end of Feb. But now 1) it would dumb to go spend on the existing models with just half a year before the line-up upgrade; 2) half a year is still TOO LONG to wait!

    • zer0

      and besides… if Canon release their 5Dm3/6D (whatever they end up calling it), it might as well just give up the idea of migrating to Nikon at all.

  • Nathaniel Sy

    Please, please let your sources at Nikon be JUST misleading you into believing that they won’t be press releasing the D700 replacement when actually, it’s one of their ultimate surprises! I really, really, really want to buy the D700 at fired down price (to give way to the D700 replacement obviously).

    • everything is possible

    • at first, anything which comes into scene in form of D700x or D800 will not drop price of new D700. You might get some deals on used D700 though, there should be more available then now. But new D700 is to stay for long yet.

  • josh

    No new DSLR announcements huh?… That’s cool. I’ve only been waiting for a d300 and or d700 replacement for 6+ months. And so have a lot of people! Oh!? a new consumer model? WONDERFUL, absolutely wonderful. and new point and shoots too? I think I’ll just sell my 2 and a half grand worth of dslr gear and buy a few of those bad boys. Because I’ve been waiting so long for a new point and shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!! As much as I hate to think about it, if there isn’t a d300/d700 replacement at least ANNOUNCED by june.. I will have lost all faith in Nikon. and potentially the Japanese people as a whole.. Just kidding.. but ‘comon Nikon! get your shit together!

    • Zim

      It is just a rumor

    • CajunCC

      It’s not Nikon’s fault that you’ve been waiting for unannounced future models.

      • gt

        they have a duty to keep their customers (who have loyally purchased into their lens lineup) satisfied by constantly innovating and adapting the latest technologies in a reasonably amount of time.

        So, yes, it is their fault we are waiting. Also, if they provided a clear roadmap – customers could make informed decisions.

        • WoutK89

          and a reasonable amount of time includes upgrading sufficiently instead of just changing one bell or whistle and sell for twice the price of the previous model. Therefor it takes time to deliver.

  • nb

    I just don’t understand why people are SO desperate for the D700 replacement? The camera is perfect as is…

    • JustBro

      For the video option.

      • R R


        • Robert Stoffer photo

          D3s ISO as well.

      • Mock Kenwell


    • Aidenag

      Or it’s people in my position. Who own a D300 they purchased right before the D700 was announced. And didn’t have the cash to go FF+ replacing DX lenses with wide angle FX ones all at once. Then after a year goes by, and the money has been saved to make the switch to FX, we realize whats the point of buying a D700 when a D700x/D800 could be announced shortly. I’ve been in this boat for 18 months now hoping a D700x or D800 would be announced.

      The 1080p video is just icing on the cake. It’s the financial logistics that has me, and many others in this position itching for a new mid range FF body.

    • Mithun Patel

      Only cause i dont want my camera to be outdated a month after i buy it and then drool over the new features.

    • francois

      Me too.

      I can imagine they have a point considering Canon’s new T3 (1100D) costs peanuts and does 12MP! 😛 /irony

      (This is getting tiresome . As someone who uses a D200 (though don’t actually own it) I could give my right arm for a D700 even if it’s getting on for three years old).

      • jack

        You’re right… though constraints on my time forced me to sell the d700, I honestly believe that it is the first SLR that I would be happy with for years and not feel the need to replace.

        Fast, check… good at high ISO, check… Nice viewfinder, check… Great dynamic range and recovery, check… Wireless flash, check… Tougher than me, check.

        The only thing that would make me happier is if they fit all of that into an autofocus rangefinder the size of a Leica. My dream would be to fit a D3s sensor into a camera like that.

    • Peter B

      dont forget megapickles…

  • Chris P

    Unless Nikon have found a way to automatically stop my D700 working when they introduce the D800 then I won’t be upgrading. What I will be doing is buying the replacement 80-400, which is the lens I have been waiting for since I bought the D700 over two years ago.

    The only thing that I am still worried about is that the optical/mechanical quality will be ‘down to a price’ and not ‘up to a standard’. My hope is that it will be similar in both respects to the 70-200 f2.8; if it is then I am be happy to pay about the same price for it.

    The other lens I dream about is a real alternative to the 24-70 f2.8 in the form of a 35-105 f2.8 for portraits. The 24-70 is too short at the long end, the 24-120 f4 sacrifices quality for an extended focal length and my 80-200 is too big and clumsy; and it can intimidate the nervous 🙂

    • cpm5280

      On an FX body, the 85 1.4 (AF-D) has been my go-to for a long while. Just right, for me, in every way.

  • chingchung

    nikon disappoints me… can’t wait 1/2 year for a release of a d400/800! 🙁

  • R R

    no D300s or D700 replacement?? then these are NO NEWS.

  • At least five new Coolpix cameras?! Awesome! 🙂

  • Gordon

    What about the D3X? That was due for an update in 2010, are Nikon now holding back until 2011? Seems like 2011 is going to be very congested for Nikon releases.

  • Ed

    All this new camera talk makes my head feel like this guy.

  • NorGate

    ” Surprise ” accesory might be a High Fidelity Microphone that can record 5.1 surround sound for your VDSLR .

    And we might have a ” SURPRISE ” DSLR with a new and super fast processor , maybe an Intel Core i7 3.2GHZ with a 32GB of RAM to match that 24MP FX sensor and can shoot 9fps that everybody wants but couldn’t afford to buy like me . LoL

    BTW , this will come up with a terminal for a HD monitor like the one we have right now . And the great thing is it will have also a built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for your wireless devices such as keyboard and mouse . With an optional A/V and photo editing of your choice for the incamera editing . LoL

  • MC

    Boring announcements on februar 9th…

    Canon has just released 2 new DSLR’s today! Nikon is too slow…

    Many of the Canon DSLR’s are now up to date: 1100d, 550d, 600d, 60d and 7d.

    Nikon only has d3100 and d7000… the “d5100” should have been released NOW to compete with 550d/600d.

    • FrancoDMD

      canon rumors guy says 42 MP for Nikon anc Canon this year?????? WHAT!?!?!?!?

  • broxibear

    Admin, how reliable is your info about a D4 this year?…I was under the impression it would be announced around Sept, but not actually available to buy until 1st quarter 2012 ?
    Considering the problems supplying the D7000 bringing out a D400, D800 and D4 in the space of a few months is a recipe for chaos…I’m glad I won’t be involved in the pre-order, waiting list madness.

    • This is posible, I was told that all old models will be replaced by the end of 2011, but when they will be available is another story. Today you cannot even get the D3s that was announced over a year ago.

      • broxibear

        D3s is fairly easy to find in stock here in the UK…I reckon the people who wanted a D3s already bought one, and those thinking of buying one are now waiting to see what any D800 and D4 brings to the party ?
        I wonder if anyone out there has any info about production, and if Nikon has stopped making new D300s,D700 and D3s bodies in their factories ?

      • mshi

        D3s was announced back in 09/2009.

      • Jim Jones

        I read on other forums as well people claimed that it is not possible to get the D3s and always a lot of replies folows with example of it being in stock. So that it is hard to get a hold of the D3s is not a 100% correct, is it…

  • Iorick

    Thanks again for the news, despite beeing so bad… like almost everyone I’m about getting tired of waiting. Nothing intresting is coming in the horizon, like usual. yhat’s why canon is taking the lead. I’m seriously thinking about moving to Canon. Anyone waan buy Nikon lenses?

    • D700guy

      You’ll be anxious untill the price tags are announced, and then you’ll wish you had more time

      • Iorick

        Dont think the prices will be so high. For what I’ve seen when the D300s came out, the old model was selling for about the same price. Today’s prices are quite different from what they were 3 years ago.

        • broxibear

          I think you’ll get a fright when the prices are announced Iorick, these new dslrs will include the price increase that all manufacturers are going to have this year, and considering it’s £1000 for a D7000 any D800 will be close to £2400.
          Remember the D700 was £2000 when first announced, the D300s was £1250 when it was announced.
          How many of you who have been waiting for the D800 are going to pay £2400 when you can buy a D700 for £1650 ?…something to think about ?

          • Iorick

            WEll, I dont know about the original prices of the D700, but now it costs here between 1500-2000£ (body). The diference between a D300 and a D300s is only of 400£. So, I dont think is too much to pay those extra 400£ for the D800, and get one of the top cameras for just 2400£. Anyway, I think this rumors (from the source, not from our beloved admi) might be just a comercial strategy to keep selling the old models, to clean the stock before they launch a new model.

  • Mike

    Now I’m really glad I bought my used, low count D3. My D3/700 will make a great tandum this wedding season! For those of you with DX, you’re missing out on 6 months of great images with a D700 or the like. There are plenty of used bodies out there right now too. Would I like to have FX 1080p? Sure will be nice when it comes out, but if I actually needed it I would have switched to Canon long ago. Performance reliability takes priority.

    What irks me about Nikon is how quiet they are. “The silence is deafening” as they say. Canon just announced they are developing a new lens. They actually told customers and potential buyers of their mega primes that they are coming out with a mega zoom. Possibly for stopping fence sitters from switching to Nikon. Bravo Canon. And speed light with video LED? After the patents shown here by Nikon, Canon beat them to the punch!

    Hello Nikon, we’re listening!

    • Mike

      Really glad I didn’t wait, and that I came across a motivated seller moving to Canon. The price was too good to pass up so I pounced.

    • D700guy

      Their silence is obviously a strategy. They apparently have learned from past mistakes and are keeping their innovations under the radar until they’re out on the market. This way, Canon will have to play catch up for years now. It’s really quite ingenious; they will have the upper hand for years rather than the other way around.

  • Dweeb

    As I keep saying, Nikon have taken two years off to come out swinging at Canon this Christmas season. Don’t expect much until then. The games will start in August.

  • ken elliott

    A surprise? My guess would be a Nikon V1 video camera. All-electronic mount, adapter for F-mount. Mirrorless still camera to follow.

  • Dweeb

    Like I’ve always said, GOYA Nikon: http://cpn.canon-europe.com/content/news/telephoto_zoom_lens.do

    Built in selectable converter and real weatherproofing.

  • iamnomad

    Enough already with the Coolpix stuff.
    Panasonic’s got Nikon beat in that area so get over it.
    New full frame action, come on, stop messing around.

  • Merv

    If I read it correctly, the Speedlite 270EX II can be fired wirelessly? Maybe an SB-400 replacement is on the way

    I recall the D70s being able to control one wireless flash

    Maybe Nikon will not have a 3 month waiting period to buy after their D3s/D3x/D700 lines are refreshed.

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