What others are saying: Nikon D800 and PRO mirrorless in March/April of 2011

my favorite band: Vicious Rumors :)

my favorite band: Vicious Rumors 🙂

Generally, I am trying to filter out a random rumors from the Internet because usually they are just speculations, guesses and wish lists. Here are some recent Nikon rumors from other websites. I cannot vouch for any of those - your guess is as good as mine:

According to a "guy from Nikon tech support": D700 replacement is coming in March or April with 16-18 MP sensor and costs of around $2000. Another Nikon D800 rumor from a Chinese forum has the same date - March of 2011. According to the forum member, D800 pre-order procedure for dealers in China has already started. The specs:

  • 18mp sensor
  • 98% preview
  • full HD
  • AF module will be updated
  • Body flash will be removed
  • The looks of D800 is nearly the same as D700
  • Released in March 0f 2011

I also received several reports that the Nikon D700 is not available for orders in some countries.

Another rumor is that Nikon will release a "PRO" level mirrorless camera in April based on a 16MP or 24MP Sony sensor. The initial report was for a potential release in March. Nikon has been keeping their mirrorless plans closely guarded and the filed patents were the only real hints we had in the past few months. If true, this will be the real surprise Nikon has been talking about for a while. Thom Hogan also mentioned that Nikon will run an advertising campaign for a new camera (probably mirrorless) in newspapers and magazines starting in April. There are even some speculations that Nikon and Fuji might be working together on the x100 camera and Nikon may release a similar model.

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  • Spirit Crusher


    • Larry Felix


      • What I find surprising is that Nikon would release the D800 before the D4. Wouldn’t that leak D4 specs? I guess the D4 might see a different sensor — maybe (hopefully) even that new interchangeable module Nikon patented a while ago. I’d also love to see the interchangeable viewfinder the F5 had again.

        • Global

          D3100 is released before D5100 — would that kill D5100?
          D7000 is released before D400 — would that kill D400?

          Furthermore, the D3 has already had 2 upgrades, while the D700 has had 0 upgrades! Step away from the naming scheme and just think about that.

          Additionally, I think it is actually MORE logical to release the consumer before the pro. Get people excited about a camera and then UPGRADE it. People feel gypted if they release a lower-end body with the same features 1 year later — so why not release them at the same time with the higher end body actually having higher-end features contemporaneousnessly? (that’s a very long word).

          By the way, if the D800 has only 98% viewfinder AGAIN it will be a slap in the face AGAIN. Get a damn 100% viewfinder, Nikon!! Stop CRIPPLING the lower end in physical ways. This is a conscious decision and you KNOW that you just make a small modification. Its obnoxious that something that is a physical dimension, not technological hurdle is being used as a weapon. Maybe the D4 could have better dynamic range or ISO or whatever that can cost $1000 or so more. But don’t kill the viewfinder AGAIN which is just plastic and glass to be cut slightly larger!

          • That’s what I’ve been saying – the D800 can be like a teaser for things to come in the D4.

            • Richard

              This is very disappointing. I suppose that it might stem the flow to the Canon 5D MK II for the time being, but the 5D MK III is due out later this year and, if it is anything at all near the rumored specs, it may draw a lot of people to it even without any great changes in the video capability. (Let’s face it, Canon has been in the video business a lot longer than Nikon and so it is no great surprise that they lead Nikon in that regard.)

              Intentionally crippling a product is NOT the way to breed customer loyalty.

            • Ed

              After reading all these posts I’m as confused as this guy.

          • bob

            The 100% finder requires a larger mirror and larger prism. The bigger parts are more prone to defects, so more are discarded in manufacturing. The mechanism to flip a larger heavier mirror is also more expensive. Then consider that a 100% finder must have perfect alignment, where a 95% finder can be less precisely aligned (and it is, look for yourself). Finally the 100% finder requires a more costly dust-shake mechanism on the sensor (the original D3 doesn’t even have one).

            Yep, Nikon shaves off that 5% just to get on our nerves.

            • Full frame only!

              Come on, have you seen the 100% viewfinder on the budget DSLR camera, the Nikon D7000?
              Therefore, if the D7000 can have a 100% viewfinder, don’t you think that it is time for the update to the D700, the D800 to have also a 100% viewfinder?!!! No excuses of the kind that you have provided!

            • Bueno

              I doubt your speculation. Take pictures, worry less about the speculation and specifications.

            • Spidercrown

              D7000 is DX.. 100% DX is significant smaller than 95% FX.
              By increasing the quality tolerance resulting in higher production yield and reduce reworking time. Hence reduce unit cost. SO Bob’s opinion makes sense.

            • PHB

              The D7000 has a DX sensor so having a 100% viewfinder is much easier than a 95% for a FX.

              I can’t see there being a remote chance that the D700 replacement is going to (1) come out ahead of the D4 or (2) be $2000.

              I can see Nikon launching a $2000 FX camera on the D7000 chasis aimed at the prosumer market for $2000 or even less. But I can’t see them mentioning a price to anyone. 16MP would be good, but does Nikon need to deliver a new sensor for the consumer segment?

              I can also see the D3s sensor being added to the D700 and video being thrown in to stretch it for an extra year.

          • Jodjac

            I think the word is “contemporaneously”, slightly shorter than “contemporaneousnessly”, though I’m sure they have the same meaning. Is that a homonym? Crazy.
            Nikon- put out my freaking camera already! Christ almighty! This is worse than waiting for health care to come to America (the most advanced ( read head up your arse) country in the world! Moo-hah hah!

      • PJS

        Sure – a guy at tech violated the “keep quiet” oath and talked to another guy who called him on the phone. Happens all the time. I’m sure it is so ’cause I read it on the net. I’m betting against it.

    • LGO

      Finally! 😀

    • LGO

      Quick observations re “D800”

      98% horizontal x 98% vertical = 96% viewfinder (this would be the same as the current viewfinder in the D700.

      Something does not compute – the removal of the flash should leave more room for a 100% viewfinder. So why is the flash removed yet the viewfinder is less than 100%?

      No flash does not mean that there will be no CLS/AWL commander. The remote flash commander can still be incorporated in the body.

      Removal of built-in flash will leave enough space for PC-E lenses.

      Unlikely that this camera will be priced at just $2,000. the D700 starting price was $3000 and slowly came down over time from that starting point. It is also unlikely that it will be released in March. Announced perhaps but release is unlikely by March.

      This rumor smells fishy. May be all we will get on March is the Nikon D5100.

      But an announcement of a D700-replacement by March will be a welcome and pleasant surprise.

    • Jan

      98% preview
      on a pro body??

      • Discontinued

        D700 is 95%.

  • I’m callin BS on the sensor. It’ll be 24 or 12. If there’s a new FX design, you’ll see it in a flagship first. That’s what they did with the D3/D700–developed simultaneously, but the D3 released to market first.

    I’d be glad to see the flash go! Maybe a nicer CF door seal too?

    • JB

      Yea….I would have said that about the D7000 vs D400 as well.

      • PHB

        D7000 is a consumer body, different thing entirely. I can see a D9000 with an FX sensor coming out before the D4. But it would be retreading D3 generation technology

        The consumer bodies are where the money is. The D90 is the biggest money maker in the Nikon DSLR lineup.

        While a D300 includes a commander mode, it is only activated when the on-camera flash is popped up. Which is kind of stupid, but there you are.

        I would like to see Nikon completely rev their flash lineup and put wireless transmitters in rather than the pokey LED line of sight rubbish.

        • chuck

          D9000 doesn’t leave Nikon enough room in the naming lineup

          • D90000!

            • Hendog

              I agree, the nikon naming system is terrible, way too many zeros! I think the shorter the name the better – what’s wrong with letters or numbers other than zero? Or names which sound enticing?

    • Victor Hassleblood

      “It’ll be 24 or 12.”

      12? LMAO!

      “If there’s a new FX design, you’ll see it in a flagship first.”

      LMAO twice! How do you know? Scientifically established evidence, based on the long long history of Nikon FX-DSLRs?? Well, you must be right then.

      Clearly and evidently impossible that Nikon would introduce the D800 with another sensor and do it first.

      Man, to draw conclusions from Nikons DSLR history on its future is like saying: Everybody who lost virginity can loose it again. It’s just squeezing (crystal) balls and nothing else.

      • sensor

        The only hole in this story I see is that there are no 18mp full frame sensors to use for this camera–that’s a pretty big hole.

        • Mike

          There were no 12 mp FX sensors in summer ’07 that we knew about either. Sony never put a 12 mp FX sensor in their bodies, so Nikon may have another exclusive.

          • Sensor

            I hope your correct; however, I reciently read a story that Sony is working on full frame sensors but they will not be available until the last quarter of this year.

            • Meh

              So they say. 😉

    • sirin

      unless they want d800 and d4 to be two different products, so d4 would be 24mp. i personally prefer DR and high ISO performance to MPs.

      • JED

        When will this myth stop??

        Strangely the D7000 has more MP AND better high ISO AND more DR than its ASP-C predecessors.

        You can have BOTH.

        • Paul

          Yes, more MP, better high ISO, more DR, but there’s no free lunch: diffraction kicks in earliear (on the D7000), plus you really need to have more than steady hands if you shoot at low shutter speeds vs. focal length, more so than the 10MP or 12MP sensors…

          So, why pursue this crazy race for MP, when you can maximize almost all the features, while just merely increasing MP ?

          Just doing a simple math exercise will show you that the pixel density on the 16MP sensor of the DX D7000 would equal that of a FX sensor of roughly 37MP (that’s way more than the D3X can resolve). Do you really need that much ?

          • JED

            Diffraction does not cause a ‘limit’. A higher resolution sensor used at the same F-stop as a lower resolution sensor will still resolve more detail regardless of diffraction. It may not resolve as much as you think it should given the MP advantage but it will still resolve more. Print the images at the same size and the higher resolution sensor will still win.

            Anyway, not arguing how much is ‘enough’ – just trying to stop the nonsense that more MP causes certain issues.

            • PHB

              Quite true, and moreover most people don’t need the full 12MP for printing purposes anyway. They want to have the extra pixels so that they have some overhead for editing losses.

              So it does not matter if there is not an absolutely perfect lens or an absolutely perfect sensor or diffraction does something or whatever.

            • Grumpy Smurf

              TWO correct posts about diffraction in one thread? The end is near!


              No this is not a duplicate post Mr. NoSpam script. This man needs his props!

          • binary_eye

            Actually, the lunch is free.

            Diffraction and blur are exactly the same on an 18MP sensor as they are on a 12MP sensor. They becomes issues only if you display and view the images from the 18MP sensor larger than the 12MP sensor.

            • rhlpetrus

              Finally somebody said it right.

            • Grumpy Smurf

              TWO correct posts about diffraction in one thread? The end is near!


            • > Exactly the same…

              Well, the diffraction is the same, no doubt. Whether it is recorded the same is subject to debate. The math gets pretty intense (due to filters, microlenses, and Bayer demosaic), but most of us who’ve worked at the sensor level do believe that an FX 12mp and FX 24mp sensor are recording the diffraction differently. The rule of thumb has been that diffraction doesn’t get recorded completely on a Bayer sensor until the disc gets to 2x the diagonal of the pixel pitch. But that’s just a rule of thumb; too many variables are involved to predict exactly the cutoff where the full diffraction disc is recorded.

            • Carlos Paredes

              “They becomes issues only if you display and view the images from the 18MP sensor larger than the 12MP sensor.”

              You should have wrote: “They becomes issues only if you try to use images of 18MP from the 18M sensor instead of downsizing them to 12MP”.

              But what is the whole point of a 18MP sensor if one have to make prints of the same size of a 12MP sensor to achieve the same final resolution?

        • Well while you are right about your statement, consider this:

          If they didn’t bump up the MP but employed the D7000 sensor technology for their DX 12MP sensor, what would you get? Probably amazingly good DR and extremely low noise, allowing to get closer to D3 territory.

          So, saying there is NO tradeoff for bumping up the MP is factually wrong. But it is true that the engineering advancement offset the loss in DR and noise due to higher MP count.

          Thus, to me that 18MP for the D800 seems to be a very likely figure, as it would allow Nikon to go really all out on the color reproduction, DR and noise aspects of image quality, which would match the market the camera is aimed at.

    • Kingyo

      The pop-up flash isn’t bothering anybody and I like it! Keep it. But I agree, the CF door needs to be improved..always opening it accidentally while shooting 🙁
      Very funny & fitting pic of the VICIOUS RUMORS cover btw 😀

      • Au contraire! It’s bothering me! I have them taped up on both of my bodies. I’ve considered having a shop remove them altogether. But the caps would still be there, and that’s my biggest concern–catastrophic failure if it gets moisture inside. Worst case scenario you’re basically holding a taser to your face.

        • Nathan

          You guys must be really, really rough with your cameras to have problems with the CF door. I’ve never, ever had a problem with the door.

      • If they will include IR commander for CLS than we flash can be removed

    • Mock Kenwell

      I call BS for a host of reasons. 98% VF? 18MP? April release? And there’s just no wow here. After waiting this long, the D800 can’t be less exciting than the D7000. This rumor is too understated to be true.

      • Discontinued

        “This rumor is too understated to be true.”

        I guess that is exactly what could make it true, I am afraid.
        This is the first rumor on a D700 replacement that does not sound like a wish list at all.

        Secondly this rumor is naturally much closer to an announcement than all previous (older) rumors.

        And third, Nikon has managed to perform underwhelming releases more than ones. Especially in every point you mention. Previous FX cameras like D3, D3s or D700 did not exceed the RES of DX and the D700 has a 95% VF. Of course, all of this could be different this time, but what makes you so sure?

        I agree, it sounds understated and I hope to see more in a D800, but Hey, this is Nikon!

    • yeah, my d700 cf door is busted right off. too busy (which is good and bad!) to get it fixed though, maybe when the new model comes out I can get that and finally give the d700 some tlc.

    • Alex

      That’s the way it used to work – not any more. D3100 and D7000 have their own sensors that were not filtered down previously. D5000 came from D90, which came from D300, which came from D2x. D40x came from D80, D200 etc… Now consumer cameras are getting new technology, not filtered down old technology. Perhaps Nikon is changing the trend for prosumer too. It needs to.

    • cirtap

      IF these Nikon Loons places a 12mp on their new camera..it will tell the whole world..THEY aint got their crap together….MAKES zero sense to me.

      BUT….I told you guys many months ago..the prices would be down and not up. THEY have along with Canon so over priced their camera line ups.

      The D7000 is properly priced at 1199.

      AND when the new D4 comes out..it will be 24mp full frame, full HD stereo, and still with the nice price of 5 grand.

      I was laughed at on that one. I know this to be true like the new D800 will be 1999….bet.

  • low

    it’ll be a 16mp camera, just like the d7k…..

    • Alex

      If it has the same pixel density as the D7000, it will be 24 mp.

  • preston

    I wonder what “pro” even means for mirrorless. Does it mean they intend for professionals to actually choose to use it instead of a dslr for certain applications? Or possibly that a ‘pro’ would find that it has the same amount of external controls (responsive in hands – quickly change settings without looking away from viewfinder) and customization features and expensive lens options at release?

    • Anthony D’Atri

      The latter would seem to imply the former

      • preston

        Not necessarily. I didn’t mention image quality. It may have all those things in the 2nd scenario but have the same sensor as the P7000 (remember most of the mirrorless patents show a smaller than DX sensor) meaning that they would never use it in lieu of their dslr.

    • broxibear

      “I wonder what “pro” even means for mirrorless”…it means expensive.

      • Grumpy Smurf


      • HDZ

        The name of Nikon is professional not consumer product.

    • Mock Kenwell

      The equivalent would be a Contax G2 or a Hexar AF. Pro level carry-everywhere cameras.

      • Blaze

        I sure hope it sports the same look as those.

    • Nathan

      Regardless of what it means, I’m pretty sure I’m picking one up to be a permanent fixture on my Gigapan Epic 100.

  • joe bodego

    I beleive the d800 is going to come this year but not with that puney mega pixels even though I know it doesn’t matter. I have been saving for this for a year and now have enough for a D4 which I should be looking for instead of the d800. Remember guys, it was suppose to be replaced in nov 2011!! so I started saving and now because of Nikon’s slowness the money kept piling up. Looking for the D3 replacement guys!!

    • Eric Pepin

      Seriously…… Who cares. Go take some pictures, only 3 or 4 people on this site probably even make a living of photography. I use this site when im bored, to see whats going on, but seriously now, use what there is, or god forbid use a film camera, and develop it in your bathroom.

      • Jodjac

        That’s what I’m doing and to tell the truth I am ready as hell to make the switch. Damn it, I want a full frame sensor, and it seems foolish to go with a camera that will be shortly “obsolete”, and yeah, I want video, I do.
        Still I take some interesting photos with a) my cell phone and b) any plastic or cardboard crap laying around (holga or pinhole), and sheet film. But I love spotting, how I will miss spotting when I finally go digital.
        The problem with photography is that there is so much crap to buy. If it’s not an enlarger, or a lens, a flash, it’s a freaking color munki or some such thing, sharpening software, Photoshop, light room, aperture, ink jet printers, then new ones that don’t jam till you realize C prints are better and to hell with the inkjet, oh did I forget to mention scanners? Flatbed, wet bed, just hit me in the head.
        When I bought my Hasselblad 2nd hand back in 1998(?), I thought that was the last camera I would ever buy. What a dope! I still have it though, and it’s not for sale 🙂

  • mike

    Flash removed would be a pity.
    16-18MP sounds good.

    • D-RiSe

      Oh please, as if the built in flash is even remotely usable.

      • geoff

        it’s useful as a commander. besides, why remove a feature if you don’t have to?

        • D-RiSe

          Ok, as commander it is usefull.. but it’s a flash.. it would be great if they replaced it with a built in pocketwizard..

          As for why removing it, it’s only something that can break, collect dirt and add 10 cents to the price…

          • Eric

            I’ve wondered that myself. I have no idea why no-one has put a built in RF transmitter into a body yet. CLS is fine, but why not make a wireless flash system with RF receivers built into the strobes? It would be great to make use off the 3″ LCD’s that are on the back of cameras now to monitor and control all off camera strobes; perhaps even by touch screen.

            • D-RiSe

              Because if they did either sales or marketing would figure out they would make more money with a system only compatible with their own receivers and then their own receivers would be three times as expensive as a pocket wizard and so instead of a useless flash we’d end up with a useless rf thingy because we would still use a pocket wizard.


            • Mike

              They probably already have the technics for the “5 remote banks of RF controlled, TTL automated flashes with smile detection” in the drawer. You will get it in 5-10 years, after going through 5 iterations of products.

          • Mock Kenwell

            I know it’s not pro, and that the D800 will likely be able to take photos in pitch black anyway, but an onboard flash for film is just so eminently useable. If you don’t need it, you don’t have to use it. It doesn’t drive cost or take a lot of space. And it’s definitely useful as a commander.

            The VF got bigger, maybe they borrowed the flash housing space to accommodate. Then again, why 98%? Really? Not 100%? You can’t squeeze out the extra 2%?

            This rumor is flimsy as Admin suggests. And it’s a fairly lackluster one at that. Almost TOO believable. There’s no wow factor in it. And after waiting this long for this camera, there had better be some wow.

            • yes, the only thing that matches across all rumor is the release timeframe of March/April

            • Sunny B

              The on-board flash has one problem regarding weather-sealing!

            • Catastrophile

              the D800 rumor from the dpreview forumer sounds a lot like a wish-listy, made-up rumor from someone who’s on a tight budget (hence the unprecedentedly low 2000$ price for a new FF) and who believes that extremely low megapixel is necessary for good image quality in low light (if the APS-C D7000 can have 16mp with excellent high ISO performance, why should a FF camera, with 2.5x larger sensor, have to have as low a megapixel as 16-18 in order to have great low light capabilities?!).

            • I own the D7000, and I can say definitively that it is nowhere near the D700 in terms of high-ISO low-noise response. Not really. The image breaks apart in more ways than just noise, too.

              Is it better than the D300s, D90, etc? Definitely. Is it a replacement for the D700 if you were used to pushing the low light capabilities of it or the successor D3s? Not a chance. Just my 2¢.

          • Daf

            Cool idea – but putting in a PW socket would tie them to that brand.
            E.g. I’ve just bought Elinchrom Skyports.

            Mind you – I do realise other makes like sekonic do it.

          • Daf

            Oh – also PW don’t carry full CLS signals – not even the new Flex/Mini.
            They work on TTL but to do anything manual you need to attach another flash – it won’r work direct from the in-camera menu.

          • PHB

            How about just have a socket into which you can plug an accessory flash head (NOT a flashgun, just the strobe head) and put it on a bendy stalk?

            That would make the flash far more useful as you can get some separation from the camera body.

            Doesn’t need to have a battery, doesn’t need to have a huge amount of power. Just enough for the occasional use.

            • Jodjac

              That’s a great idea!

        • i agree. as commander it was handy and was advantage over Canon 5D.
          Also many photogs use it for candid use cases where it is better then no flash when walking around.

        • UA

          The built-in flash actually has nothing to do in commander mode. It is just some stupid programming that you have to pop it up to use camera as commander.

          The commander part uses IR, which is shot through the small plastic windown on the body.

          Obviously, you would like to use the internal flash as one flash in the system, so it’s kinda a bad thing that there is no internal flash, even though the commander mode would remain.

          But new SB-700 has commander mode, so I guess this is one way to sell more stuff to us, once again.

          • Daf

            Re IR coming from the little port – I don’t believe that to be the case.
            Nikon Make a filter to hide the visible light from the onboard flash – BUT it is an IR filter – to let the IR light from the flash through. SG-3IR – I have one.
            If it came from the little window – they could just block all the light.

          • You’re a troll because what you say is total BS and everyone knows it.

        • I find the pop-up flash useful for fill-ins and candid shots, it’s one of the features that swung the D700 over the 5DII for me. Losing it would be unfortunate.
          The extra MP doesn’t tempt me.

          About the only thing that would clinch it for me is a Live View output equal to that of Canon – otherwise I’m all sort of ‘meh’ about it.

      • Ronan

        I LOVE the built in flash of my D300… i use it as a commander 99% of the time.

        Heck i remember once using the D300 instead of the D3… i had forgotten my triggers… so i used the built in flash of the D300 😛

  • where_the_F_is_D800

    OK, despite having been fooled by the crying wolves in Q12010 and Q32010, I have to admit this time it actually might be real. rumors actually carry more substance if the came out of china! (where the first d700 rumors came out)

  • marc

    VICIOUS RUMORS!!?! lol, I just about fell out when I saw that… you must have spent some time in Alameda 🙂

    • this was a joke – never heard of this band before, it somehow showed up in one of the searches I was doing

      • marc

        I figured that might be the case… but it was really funny to see on this page… they are from my home town and they are pretty cheesy, kinda like our own local Winger.

    • hahaa woooo!!! kicka** tunes bro!!!

  • problem what i see is, that they are late for wedding season.
    D800 would be too late, if they would also announce it, but April release? nobody going to switch mid season.

    they should have hit it when portrait and wedding photogs gone accessorising for new season.

    • Discontinued

      It won’t be late for southern hemisphere.

    • twoomy

      It won’t be late for those of us who aren’t wedding photographers.

    • enesunkie

      D7000 announced in September, availability 4 months later = 🙁
      D800 announced in April, availability = just in time for wedding season 2012!

    • Weddings go year round…

    • Jimbo

      Brides all over the world will be relieved. The D800 will go perfectly with the Fall 2011 wedding dresses….It’ll come in white to match the gown. Canon on the other hand, ….

  • bijan2008

    I hope it will have 100% viewfinder … and mot 98% …

  • rince

    Hehe, just when I finally came to terms with buying a D700 … So I guess I am back in the waiting game … and when I will come to terms with buying the D700 again in 3 months, there will be the next rumor … but the same as I did not learn from it since last year I will not have learned then and will still be wait 😉

    • Dane Gabriel

      Buy! The D700 is an amazing camera, and I can pretty much guarantee that it exceeds your abilities as a photographer. (not putting you down, just a true statement about just about any photographer and camera.) In the world of digital cameras, you will can wait forever for the latest and greatest, but just think of all the photographs you are missing. Will the D800 be superior? You bet, but not so much that the D700 is going to suddenly be an antiquated crappy camera. The pictures will look just as amazing tomorrow as they do today!

      • Mark

        Dane has it spot on. I’ve used film since grade 2 until last autumn when my beautiful F3 died taking a picture of the mock-up of the Starship Enterprise in Vulcan, Canada. Took it as a sign from Spock in the future to get into the 21st century! Although I was waiting for the D800, I became convinced that by waiting I would lose out in picture opportunities and in learning.

        So, as of Christmas, I now have a D700 and it and my beautiful 17-35 mm 2.8 are way too much for me. It will take lots of work to get control of this camera. Would have bought a D90, but it would lengthen my 17-35. Needless to say, I am super happy – in fact – doing the Snoopy Happy Dance each time I pick up my new camera.

        I feel lucky that I have my film discipline too – ie I compose and frame before I shoot, so I needn’t rack up tonnes of shots and hopefully this way I will learn how to get control of this very very brilliant camera one shot at a time. The fact I can see the results of my shot at the time of shooting means I should be able to learn lots about how to set the camera’s settings including f stop and speed and most importantly, ISO.

        Given I had (and still have) my little original Nikon FM and only bought the F3 used 5 years back means I expect to hold on to my (happy dance) new D700 for a very long time to come and I expect we will become as close as I am with my FM.

        Now, off to take a picture. Happy Dance time !!!!!

        • chuck

          I read the wikipedia article on the FM
          “It was also a popular backup for f3 owners”
          You had it coming with your F3!

  • I am impatiently waiting for this to come out. Let’s go, let’s go!!!

  • 16 Mpix is no reason to upgrade, especially if there is different batery and no flash

  • Ian Gilbert

    As for the mirrorless camera, if Nikon is collaborating with Fuji it wouldn’t be hard to design a shell for the the X100’s innards that looks like a Nikon SP.

  • Ishouldbeshooting
  • David_H

    18 MP – pure speculation, I’m sure
    98% preview – they’re going to put 100% preview in the D7000, then back it down for the D800? Unlikely….
    Full HD – pretty much a given. EVERYTHING else new coming out is 1080. Anything less isn’t even worth a mention these days.
    AF module update – again… new one in the D7000, I don’t see any reason to hold back on a D800. Maybe even the same one?
    Body flash removed – Unlikely. Nikon likes their CLS system. I can see forcing the D3+ users into an SB-900 or SU-800, but at the D800 slot? Doubt it.

    I think we can also expect the 2,005 RGB meter from the D7000. Dual cards for sure.

    MY wishlist would include built-in wireless tethering, working with CCPro 2.

    • Chase

      I’d think that about the flash, too, but if they are trying to simply match the competition (5D), it isn’t too much of a stretch. It would really suck though. I used my flash as a commander all the time before my SB-600 died.

      If the $2000 price is even close, I know someone who is getting a new camera 🙂

    • JED

      Keep in mind that the D7000 is a DX camera. A 100% VF in DX is still smaller than a 98% VF in FF. 98% is still an improvement over the D700.

      No reason to use the D7000 AF module as by most reports it is marginally inferior to the D300 module which is the same generation as the D700 module.

      • chuck

        what reports?

  • carlosrgz

    Mirrorless in a Pro body? Doubtful. They will aim this kind of camera to the 300-500 dollar range. They want it small and they want it to be cheap.

    • I doubt it too, especially since there are no specs indicating what the pro features could be.

      • twoomy

        Probably “pro” like a Panasonic GH2 as opposed to an Olympus PEN. (Bigger than a point-and-shoot with more knobs and curves than a point-and-shoot.) 🙂

      • Mock Kenwell

        And since it’s been so long since Nikon had a major release that DIDN’T pander to the LCD audience. But there are firsts for everything.

      • It’ll be interesting to see. But remember that Sony’s follow up to the NEX-5 is reported to be 24mp and they have a higher end model coming, too. I’m pretty sure that Nikon would be more worried about Sony than Panasonic at the moment, as well they should be. Nikon’s close relationship with Sony Semiconductor certainly gives them some insight into where Sony might be going.

        But the strange thing is that this rumor implies DX. The Nikon F-mount isn’t exactly optimized for contrast based AF (and having contacts at the top of the mount was a poor decision, as it makes mount communications slightly less trustworthy). I can’t imagine Nikon coming up with a different DX mount, so something doesn’t feel right about the mirrorless rumors that are circulating at the moment (other than the fact that April is the target release).

        • Thom is back! 😮
          Anyway, x100 is pretty cool. Hopes Nikon has something like that up their sleeves. A pro version like a Leica, although doubtful, will definitely put them up there in the mirrorless market.

          • Blaze

            Here’s hoping!

        • Richard

          When Nikon eventually gets the D400 out, it would be very interesting if it were something about the size of Canon’s APS-H sensor. That would strike a blow at their upper level models and help bridge the gap between the DX lineup and the (Pro) FX lineup in an interesting way.

          • Discontinued

            That would help a lot.

            Upgraders could bin their WA-lenses and other
            DX-lenses but would keep a little factor on their tele
            lenses. Very good compromise!

          • I’m not a fan of that approach, and the D7000 pretty much proves that APS/DX still has a lot of life left in it. We already have too many people confused about angle of view–we don’t need more.

            The 1.3x Canon chose appears to have been an economic decision, not purely a technical one. Back when sensors struggled with low light and light coming in at an angle, it made sense to build sensors as large as you can for high-end products. The largest you could create with one pass on the old steppers is about 1.3x. The minute you have to do two passes and align them costs increase dramatically and yield goes down. Thus, 1.3x was an economic decision on Canon’s part: largest sensor they could do without increasing sensor costs dramatically or requiring a new fab with a new, more expensive stepper.

            • Richard

              I believe that Canon have publicly acknowledged that the APS-H sensor is simply the largest sensor they could produce in a single pass (without stitching). What’s wrong with that? Most of the outlying area of a 24×36 sensor’s image is cropped in the final result anyway. It is not like we were trying to create a “super 35” (2.35:1) format like is used in the motion picture industry, although that could be interesting for panos.

              Save the cost of the silicon itself, the rest of the production costs would be the same as a DX sensor.

    • BornOptimist

      The first model will not be a cheap one. It will be middle- to high class, so 300 – 500$ – no way! It depends very much on the size of the sensor, but if it’s a DX, it will be minimum 800 – 1000$ just for the body. Lenses will be 500$ and up. A kit with the “standard” zoom (18-55-ish) will be $1100 – 1300. Eventually there will be the same segmenting of this line as it is for DSLR.

      • Highlight

        Evil/kit with better D700 specs: $2000,- and that is a bargain!

        • Highlight

          Huh, DX of course…

      • PHB

        I don’t think a DX sensor makes sense. It is too small for the FX crowd and too large to get a nice compact size.

        DX was the right compromise for DSLRs, there is no reason to compromise in EVIL. All that reducing a sensor size on EVIL means is that you hit the diffraction limit on the lenses earlier. If you have a 50mm equivalent focal length lens with a 35mm aperture you are going to get the same low light performance no matter what size sensor you have.

        I think that Nikon would be best advised to make two lines of EVIL camera – a 2-2.5x crop for people who need compactness and/or very long equivalent focal lengths and a full FX model.

        The FX model would share the software and focusing system of the smaller model and make use of the DSLR electronics and telephoto lenses.

        A 2.5x crop sensor should easily deliver 16MP performance at ISO 1600 in a package that is much smaller and lighter than the D40. A 2.5x crop sensor with a 24-300 equivalent superzoom would be not much heavier than a D40 with an 18-55 on it, and considerably smaller.

        Who wouldn’t want a camera that can equal and surpass the F6 performance in a form factor only slightly larger than a Coolpix? You might not want it as your only camera, but it is going to be a very useful addition.

        The motive for bringing out an FX EVIL camera is a little more complex. It would have to compete with the FX DSLR line and offer distinctly different advantages. Again I doubt that it would be something people would want as their only camera but could be something people would use for specific purposes.

        The big motive in my book for going FX EVIL would be to support wide angle lenses at over 24MP. 50MP is still the benchmark for certain types of photography. Nikon is going to have to develop a whole new technology to support 50MP. Their options being a breakthrough in lens technology or a camera body technology that makes the lens design easier. That would be either a large format sensor (Otoji) or move to a mirrorless design.

        The main drawback on mirrorless is that it is not really ideal for sports or action photography. But most people don’t take ‘blads or phase ones to sports events. They tend to be studio cameras with occasional use on location with a large crew.

        So my bet is that we will initially see a 2.5x crop sensor camera that weighs in at about $1000 with a starter lens.

        If we do see an FX camera it would probably be a very expensive, very high resolution camera. Probably 48MP at $8000 or so with the ability to use F-mount lenses or a new range of wides.

        Yet another possibility would be that FX EVIL is not a separate camera body or line at all. The optical design advantage in EVIL comes from being able to get the back end of the lens closer to the sensor. In the older days NIKON did this with the mirror-lockup feature.

        So what if Nikon brought out a series of ultra-lenses at the wide end that required mirror lockup and use of live-view for focusing? They could even design a mount that would automatically cause the mirror to lock up when an ultra-lens was fitted. That would give all the benefits of EVIL without having to abandon the F-mount or even use an adaptor.

        FX EVIL is not going to give the advantage of compactness. The only advantage is getting rid of the mirror sweep constraint. So if I was Nikon I would do whatever I could to realize those advantages in the F-mount package.

  • Not good…
    1) I like the Body flash of D700, use for CLS
    2) I don`t need 18 Mp! 12-16 is better for me. Nikon don`t have sRAW format
    3) Hope for 50-60fps mode in HD movie.

    • D-RiSe

      60 fps in 720p would be conforming to canon, it would be great if they would improve over that, like 60 fps in 1080p and 120fps in 720p… that would absolutely rock…

    • SDiggity

      I agree. They have to deliver 60fps @ 720 to at least keep up with Canon. Hopefully they will up the stakes by delivering 60fps @ 1080. I wouldn’t mind if they cut recording time in half (20min for the D7000 to 10min for the D800) just as long as they can deliver the 60fps. Smooth, silky slow motion delivered by Nikon would be a huge benefit for my video work.

      • HDZ

        10 Minute is enough for everything that not a shit. 🙂

    • Eric Pepin

      the pop up flash while sometimes usefull, is delicate, and looks amateur when used around clients.
      If you want less resolution shoot in a cropped mode, or downsize your files later. or just buy a bit more ram (very cheap) and a bigger hard drive (even cheaper).
      I agree with the framerate, faster is always better.

  • Those specs are pretty crappy. I mean really, the D700’s rival is the 5DII… let’s bring the megapixel count up a little more, shall we? While yes, megapixels aren’t that important, for getting a good photo, they ARE important for those who want to be able to print big (like me), and to have some crop space.

    Anyways, I wouldn’t upgrade my D300s to that if the specs are anything like that… Come on, Nikon, let’s stop making little changes.

    • Richard

      Exactly, thank you. MPs do matter when it comes to printing, even with uprez software and printers.

      I saw some rather large landscape prints from a 1Ds MKIII file at the Imaging-USA convention. The retained detail was very satisfying. I spoke with the person working the printer and he said that it was just printed the way they got it. Of course I had no “reference image” from a lower MP image of the same thing, but I do believe that it made a difference as I was able to examine the print “up close and personal” and I simply do not believe that a 12 MP image file would have fared as well…there’s a test for someone to do.

  • Those D800 specs aren’t mind-blowing. It’s not going to make most D700 users fly out the door to upgrade.

    I will most likely sell my D300s (current backup), send the D800 to primary, and move my D700 down to backup/second-shooter status. I’ll have a full FX rig, and honestly, who can complain with a D700 backup? 🙂

    • sirin

      i don’t think this camera is meant as an upgrade for d700 users, they can easily keep their bodies, d700 is an awesome camera. sounds more like an upgrade for d300 and d300s people who need FX, better video and high-ISO performance.

      • Discontinued

        “Sounds more like an (…)”

        I guess you are right. The suspiciously well build D7000 already lead to many suggestions, that there probably won’t be a D400. Maybe proish from April on means FX only? A D800 could become a replacement for D300s and D700.

        • Nikon will NOT be abandoning DX… possibly ever.

          It will always be more affordable, allow more affordable lenses, and there’s a user-base that demands it (wildlife and sports photographers).

          The D800 is going to be poised to replace the D700… but the issue is that the D700 was SO good, there’s not much more you can do except a few more megapixels, a little more low light reach, and add (useless to me) video.

          There will be a D400 (or simliar). There is a NEED for a pro DX camera… not for me, but there is.

          • Raff

            Maybe I’m wrong, but D300 made more sense before the D700 age.

            I think a lot of D300 users are looking forward to upgrading to FX (D800).

            MP will surely grow in future for both formats, making it easier on FX rather than DX.

            In order to cope with more MP, better glass will be necessary, ending up with latest FX lenses mounted on DX bodies. But at that point it makes more sense to have an FX body as well …

            • You are correct in that a lot of D300 users are waiting for a D700 replacement.

              But there are a lot of D300 users who want a D3s/x with a crop sensor.

              The 1.5x gives you high pixel density and it gives your telephoto reach a LOT of bang for the buck… which is indispensable for wildlife, astro, surveillance, and sports photography.

            • As a D300S shooter, I am looking forward to a FX upgrade to the D700. I’m not looking forward to a D400 as a DX body. I want improved DR and increased ISO with quality MP not quanity MP!

            • Raff

              I am convinced that a D400 would not sell a lot. Would only really suit a small niche.

              Isn’t the D7k is good enough for DX aficionados?

              Nikon should concentrate on affordable FX cameras, which is what most current expert DX shooters want.

          • Discontinued

            Let’s not forget, that DX and other crappy cropped sensors in both, MF as well as 35mm cameras, never was intended by the camera manufacturers themselves. They just took what was offered by sensor manufacturers and what was working more or less with already existing lenses.

            Sure they did adjust to it and I agree meanwhile DX is there to stay. But is it really meant to compete against FX on a pro-level in the long run? I have doubts.

            “The 1.5x … high pixel density and … telephoto reach” all becomes obsolete as soon as there is an FX sensor of the same density. From then on you can either shoot in crop mode or even better, do cropping of “wildlife … and sports photography” later on your computer instead of doing it in the heat of the battle and loosing shots.

            I did not say Nikon is going to abandon DX altogether. I just said they could possibly drop it from the pro-level to a relatively proish D7000-level. Lets not forget, that DX has already been dropped from the D-single-digit-level and that has happened only very “recently” (with the introduction of the D3).

            BTW, Nikon had to use at least 4 (!) different sizes of so called DX-sensors reaching from 23.1 to 23.7 by 15.4 to 15.8mm – unintended by dependent Nikon I guess, but offered by sensor manufacturers.

    • Daf

      True – but it’s a good upgrade to D200/300/300s users that have been waiting and didn’t go for the 700.
      I’d certainly go for it.
      (Was initially waiting for more Mpx, then Video)

      • agree

        +1 (-1 video)

  • 98% Pentagram view?
    No body flash? (I like to use my D7000’s as the master)
    Curious to know if it will have *60fps at 720p!?!?!?*

    On that note, still waiting for my 720p/60 mode on the D7000 Nikon…

  • ceedubya

    Just give me (cleanish) ISO to the sky and I’ll be happy. A combo of clean high ISO and some of the new 1.4G lenses would be so nice.

    • Does the D700 not have clean(ish) ISO in the sky?

      • ceedubya

        I guess what I meant was that I want ISO 6400 and above to be cleaner (an ISO with a glorious range like the D3s), more so than the d700.

  • Dan

    If Nikon will be advertising the new mirrorless in newspapers and magazines, it’s probably going to be consumer level. I suppose they might have two different models–consumer and pro–but it seems unlikely that the camera would be “pro-level” only.

    • nobody

      Good point!!!

  • FM-2 fan

    why should they constrain video to 1080p? a bit if competition to the Red is welcome … a 2K camera – name it vD4 and we’ve got new discoveries to make

    • madcrow

      1080p (1920×1080) is almost 2K (2048×1080) already. I doubt that most cameras will ever do 2K. I suspect that most of them will skip to 4K, and that won’t be for another few years.

  • DC Cat

    So will the prices of the remaining D700’s in the channel and on the used market go up or down after the D800 is announced? I was hoping prices on the SB-600 would go down when it was discontinued, but they’re going in the other direction. The D700 is the camera I want, but would like to get it for as good a price as possible, so what should I do?

  • adam

    love the idea of removing the body flash. (better weather sealing). under $2,000, yeah right. If they get just as good an ISO performance as the D700, I’ll be happy. can’t wait for it!! 🙂

  • That Chinese rumor sounds like a wild guess to me. I bet it’s completely different from what they say.

  • Yes please. This post just made me hold off on a D7000 for another few months. Whatever the next camera is, I’ll be picking up a rather expensive underwater housing to accompany it.

  • sade

    I am just wondering how can people judge about a camera only based on its resolution and some minor specs.
    There is not even any info about its ISO range, yet people are complaining that it is not an upgrade for D700!
    Even if we know what the ISO range of D800 is, still we can not say too much about its actual low light performance.

    If it has better low light performance than D3s and better dynamic range than D7000, it would be definitely an upgrade for whatever camera one has.
    It is extremely hard to make any judgment about D800’s performance based on these specs (Even if they are 100% true)

  • photonut

    Sounds like a sick joke!

    Build in flash was the only reason I went for the Nikon instead of a Canon or Sony FF.

    And 18MP FF? That’s just sad considering the rumored 24MP DX Sony based sensor.

  • Solok

    60fps in video HD mode? iff not, then NIKON suck, and i buy mark3

  • Daf

    C’mon ya beauty (D800)!
    I’ve even kept money aside from my house purchase to buy it and upgrade lenses to FF.

    • PAG

      House purchase money for camera gear? What a thought. I have a sports car I’ll be selling in the spring, and that 300mm f/2.8 looks awfully delicious. Maybe add a D400 to that?

      Now look what you’ve got me thinking about. You’re a bad, bad person.

      • Daf

        85mm 1.4 may take selling a kidney 😉

        • I got my 85 1.4 on September 1st, and I don’t think it’s left my D700 for more than a hundred shots.

        • PAG

          I shoot mostly birds, so I don’t lust after the 85mm. Of course the 500mm or 600mm…

  • Anonymous

    Flash out >>> well, anyway it is useless for video
    16MP >>> if it does not hit 24MP many will simply leave Nikon. Besides, sony has a good 24MP sensor that may have been revised.
    March/April availability? What the heck are nikon people smoking? Are they working for Canon? I mean Nikon is at least 2yrs late with a high res small body camera.

    • Discontinued

      “What the (…)”

      Sea weed ? ? ?

  • Dweeb

    If that’s all tell them to forget it. This represents yet another small incremental upgrade to add a few pixels and gouge us all for brand new cameras again. Oh, and add a thousand onto the D700 price.

  • clemens

    I think what we here read has more to do with fantasy than with reality. If there will be a APS-C sensor with 24 mp in the near future a new 18 mp-fx-sensor would not make any sense – and the 24 mp-fx , as well. Only the higher sensivity of the D3x’s sensor caused the high quality. If a dx-sensor would have higher sensivity and the same resolution there would not be any sense to build in the much more expensive FX-sensor.

    A D800 will not come in the next months. If we would have to expect it we would see the price for the D700 falling. It does not. What we see is the falling price of the D300s. A d400 will come soon.

    Sometimes it makes me angry what I read here. A few weeks ago the D700-follower should come in March/April. Then it was postponed into may. Now it is to come in February. Nothing but nonsence. What we read here is not reliable.

    • SDiggity

      Sweet…please don’t come back! If you’ll stop using the server bandwidth, then fans of NR will get faster load times when hitting the site.

    • lola

      “Sometimes it makes me angry what I read here”
      It make me angry that people get thie knickers in a twist on a “rumour” site, it’s not a “fact” site.

    • Richard

      “What we read here is not reliable.”

      That’s why it’s called a rumor. Believe it when you see it.

  • Matstar

    Love the built-in flash for walkabout. If they remove it, then the D800 is downgrade IMO. Couldn’t care less about MP either!

    • Geoff_K

      I also like it for that purpose.

    • +1

  • D700guy

    Ok, so they announce the D800. So what?
    They announced the 35mm 1.4G in Sept and it’s still not available.

    • They can build bodies much faster than lenses, and they prepare for much higher demand.

      High end optics physically take a long time to create.

    • Segura

      I’ve had mine since early December . . . some have had theirs since November. If you want it early, you need to pre-order one or check with your local dealer, they should get 1-2 every other week.

      • D700guy

        I dont need one. In fact, the next lens on my wish list is the 400mm 2.8.
        My point is; the announce something and then no one can get it for a year.

        Maybe one can jump through hoops to get one, sure, but then you’re playing the supply/demand game and you pay through the nose.
        When you can log onto B&H and see one, compare prices and make a buyer’s decision then it’s worth looking into.

  • Kiton

    If the prise really will $2000 then no sense to continue D300s line … and in this way D800 kills the 7D. I think.

  • 2000$ for D700 replacement? Three trucks loaded with salt. 🙂

  • Bennyd

    Capture NX3, why no rumors about this excellent program?

    • Because Capture NX is not excellent and is no longer even relevant. Lightroom 3 and a few other competitors are now just as good and don’t have the myriad of problems that Nikon plagues upon its software.

      • JED

        That is your opinion.

        Capture NX2 is still entirely relevant and given that other programs have only just caught up in IQ terms then a new version ~could~ raise the bar higher.

        NX2 has always been perfectly stable for me.

        • Charles

          Capture NX2 is nice. I like it and use it. That said, gotta admit I’m impressed by LR3. The workflow is so smooth. Good to have both!

        • The opinion that Nikon software is clunky, buggy, is slow to be updated, and doesn’t easily integrate with most workflows is only opinion because those attributes are not quantifiable.

          Well, then again, bugs and being slow to updates are both quantifiable.

  • It will NOT be $2,000. It will be closer to $3,000, like the D700 was.

  • Baked Bananas

    D700 replacement in a couple of months? For just two grand? Yeah right. I’m still waiting for my d7000. (body only seems to be EXTREMELY hard to get, kit is always in stock somewhere). Wheres zzdr when you need him?

  • madcrow

    Why is everybody so interested in the “obligatory D700 upgrade” rather than the advanced mirrorless camera?

    • [evil music on the background]
      It’s because D700 sucsessor will rule the Universe and others shall serve (Woo-ha-ha-ha-ha).

      To be serious, what is the point against viewfinders? Why needed EVF’s when OVF’s are so precise?

      • madcrow

        The main thing is that mirrorbox and prism assembly adds weight and size to cameras. While that didn’t seem to keep people from making serious cameras in small sizes during the film era, the prevailing attitude in the digital era seems to be “bigger is better”. The reason that mirrorless cameras excite people is because they offer an alternative to the onslaught of giants while also offering higher image quality than is possible with small-sensor cameras.

        • sensor

          will it keep the sensor cleaner (not as much exposure to dust)?

          • madcrow

            That would depend on how the shutter is set up. Current mirrorless bodies keep the shutter in an “open” state when the camera is off, which isn’t all that good for dust protection. If Nikon were to use a “closed shutter with power off” design, then it wouldn’t be any different from a DSLR in terms of sensor dust.

    • Geoff_K

      maybe not enough people are interested in it ?

  • Zim

    Will my Nikon 17-55 2.8 lens work on it?

    • If you consider D800, then answer is yes, it will. But since that 17-55 is a DX lens, you will see a strong vignette at the wide angle.

      If you consider upcoming mirrorless camera, then answer is ‘who knows?’, because none of us does not know any technical data on Nikon’s EVIL. Would it require absolutely new line of optics and the new bayonet respectively, or would it use the good ol’ F bayonet? There’s no realible info.

  • pooparty

    These specs make more sense if they were for a d400.

    no flash makes sense on an already large body with built in grip like the d3… rumors stated the d400 is to have that same type of body, correct?

    16-18 mp…. those are dx numbers, slightly better than the d7000… again, d400 makes sense.

    $2000…. i could see that in a d400…

    • face


  • Geoff_K

    I would prefer a FF with a built in flash and 18MP. Video would be nice for that odd time when it might be fun to snag a clip.

  • Paul

    Just bought my first D700 refurbished for $2,100. I really hope the $2,000 rumor for the replacement isn’t true.

    • Lola

      Relax, any new D700 replacement will cost over $3500.

      • Paul

        Although, I feel like the D7K did something similar to the D300s.

        But you’re right, I’d be surprised if an ~18mp FX sensor would be released at such a low price.

  • DX2FX

    “Body flash will be removed”…. That’s bad news !!!!

  • the price of the d700 dropped by $1200 aud at the moment in australia, as for stock on d7000 and all the new f1.4g lenses there are no shortage of supply here.
    D800 must be coming soon, love to have a upgrade in ISO sensitivity, don t give a crap about resolution or video. Excelent image quality and more iso performance is my cup of tea.

    • nuno


  • Does Nikon need mirrorless camera system?
    The sensor: smaller than the DX sensor? Then it woudl not be PRO.
    Mabe FX?
    Just imagine that one puts the heavy 200mm f/2 on a small mirrorless camera.
    This is nonsense.

    I just need small, lightweight, dedicated AF-S DX primes, with good IQ, like the AF-S 35mm f/1.8:
    AF-S DX 85mm f/1.8 VR;
    AF-S DX 135mm f/2 VR;
    AF-S DX 200mm f/2.8 VR;
    AF-S DX 300mm f/4 VR;
    AF-S DX 500mm f/5.6 VR.

    Yes, I heard contless times that is not cheaper to make a 300mm f/4 DX than a 300mm f/4 FX, but I really can’t belive that.

    If that would be true, then should be no difference in making a 300mm f/4 for Medium Format, and a 300mm f/4 FX, at least concerning dimensions.

    Just google: “Hasselblad Telephoto 300mm f/4.5 Auto Focus”, and see the difference.

    • Roger

      No point in making DX teles, you can not make a small 200mm or 300mm etc lens. All those lenses you mentioned would be BIG.

    • Richard

      If nothing else, there are the separate development costs, setting up the production line (and taking the space away from the FX production) as well as the inventory costs.

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