The Nikon D800 book gets postponed again

The Nikon D800 book listing on Amazon now has a release date of May 4th, 2011:

The previous listing was for March 9th, 2011:

Before that, the release date was February 9th, 2011:

From previous email communications, the publishers insisted that this book is real and will be released on the specified date. Obtaining a book ISBN and listing it on Amazon is obviously not a complicated task and book publishers may create several "vaporware" books (there is a service fee associated with all ISBN applications).

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  • JorPet

    I think the publisher is just yanking our chain…

    • Louis Rosenthal

      that’s one way to draw attention to oneself.

  • PAG

    They may simply be pre-announcing based on Nikon’s historic release schedule.

  • Mark

    Yeah baby! Time for the D700 to have some MP added to it. At leat 16MP, but more likely to be 18MP to 24MP!

    Out in time for us summer travelers.

    Make it happen!

    • Geoff_K

      I agree on the 18MP part in a D700 body. I would like them to toss in video, even if it is just 720. I have used it in my D90 only twice in the yearish I have had the camera but think it is a nice thing to have for a quick vid if i wanted.

      It better be under $3k though. Lenses last but bodies fade.

  • Mock Kenwell

    I know it’s a slow time and I appreciate your efforts as always, but have we not learned from the last dozen Amazon book release rumors that never panned out? Just about anyone can post a fake link for a fake book.

    • they are an actual publisher and actually got on ISBN for the book, but you are correct – it’s just a rumor

      • zoetmb

        As I’ve explained many times before (and I have first hand knowledge of this, although I can’t reveal specifics), it’s absolutely meaningless. And most publishers don’t pay for individual ISBNs – they pay for ISBN prefixes, then assign whatever they like as long as they follow the ISBN rules, which basically are 978 or 979 “Bookland” in the front, a country/language code, their prefix, a # of uniquely identifying digits for the book, and a check digit for a total of 13 digits (same as a UPC). In addition, they’re not supposed to reuse any numbers.

        (And most of the agencies outside of the U.S. don’t charge anything at all because they’re government funded, usually through the library system.)

        There are titles in Bowker’s “Forthcoming Books” with pub dates going out to the year 2025. Some are simply errors, but most of the rest, except for some reference books like large encyclopedias or the Oxford English Dictionary will never actually be published.

    • gt

  • woble

    A rumour site is talking about a book on a rumoured camera that probably is based on rumours from this exact site.

    • Thank you for summarizing this entirely correctly. Too often the discussion fora become echo chambers of expectation that are based entirely on discussion of rumours that are eventually taken to be facts, simply because the rumours have been repeated so often.

  • Anonymous

    Nikon will not have anything new until sony releases the new 24MP sensor period. You will see!

    • woble

      They could always put a slightly updated D3s sensor in a D800. But logically for that to happen, D4 has to come out first.

      • Anonymous

        Toshiba was making the D3s sensor apparently and guess what …. toshiba’s CMOS plant just got bought by sony….

        • Just A Thought

          Ahh, the Toshiba plant did not get purchased by Sony.

          Sony’s plan to do something and getting Toshiba’s agreement and then getting the free Japanese Government funds to accomplish this is a different story.

          Will it happen? IMHO – yes, but probably not till mid-late 2011.

      • softrockrenegade

        It’s likely Nikon will follow past precedent and release a D700 replacement with the same sensor as its current big brother, in this case the D3S. I say this because the D3 came out and then the D700 followed with the same sensor. And I very much hope this is the case. The D3S sensor is phenomenal and I am perplexed when I see posts here hoping for 16 or 24mp; 12mp means world-class low light sensitivity; 24mp means disaster.

        • nuno

          agree 100% Many of us don’t want more pixels but more image quality. We don’t pretend to cover walls with our pictures.

    • Jose

      Anonymous, according sony´s announcement, they wont manufacturer more fx cameras, I think very difficult that sony development a new 24 mp sensor for third parties manufacturer.

      • PHB

        Sony the camera company is separate from Sony the fab. They will have separate boards, separate management and report separate results.

        The way that keretsu work is that there are multiple companies with overlapping stakes. Quite likely Nikon has a part ownership stake in the fab just the same as Sony.

        Sony the fab needs Nikon as a customer rather more than Nikon needs Sony. There are other fabs that Nikon could use. Sony the fab will invest several tens of millions in capital expenditure each year. The marginal cost of making each sensor chip is a few cents. Keeping the Nikon contract is most likely the difference between profit and loss.

        As for Sony developing a 24 MP sensor, chip production is essentially a printing process.

        The reason Sony has withdrawn from making FX cameras is that they do not have the worthy glass necessary for there to be a point. Sure they can make an effort, but there is no way that Sony can make a 400mm f/2.8 that costs even the same as a Nikon or Canon ultra-tele without losing a bundle on each one. Its quite likely that the entire Nikon professional lens range was barely a break-even proposition until Nikon rumors came along. Canon certainly lost a great deal of money getting into the game.

  • maybe for 2011 Q3 they will release something but based on no sony sensors yet… i just don’t see any new camera on its way in near future

  • Dweeb

    See “Sony to invest $1.2 billion in CMOS production” at DPR. I’d say the camera is dependent on those chips. But does anyone really believe Nikon will update the D700, D300, and D3X in one less than one year?

    • Joop

      I think Dweep has a point. Doesn’t have Nikon a logic way of updating/grading the dslr serie. The 700 is in july 2011 2 years on the market, an update version is possible by then. If not, a replacement around july 2012 … I guess.

      It sounds more logical that they will show a 5100 as the first new dslr.

      • Dweeb

        3 years – Aug. 2008. I’d say they’ve done pretty well in sales by then.

        • Joop

          Time flies …and I’m getting old 😉

          So a d800 will show up in the 2nd quarter …

  • brave new world

    Nikon could also update the camera firmware to keep us happy – there are many details, that would deserve improvement or extention at rather low cost for Nikon.

    regarding the publisher announcing the books – great job! the marketing department aves a lot of money …

  • sirin

    if we generally assume that Nikon does release D4 this summer (which sounds perfectly reasonable giving their past flagship timeline), then D800 could be either just before, or just after. if the book comes out in May, the camera has to be on the market for at least 4-6 weeks, which makes it mid March to April.
    verdict: i’d say 60% probability.

    • WoutK89

      You could release a book on specs alone, no need to have hands on experience.

  • joe

    I hope this camera is worth the wait, I have been saving for a year and now has enough cash to buy a D3. Thank you Toronto Film festival for 10 days of awesome tips

  • Yhann

    Does anyone know when will d800 gonna be released?

    • WoutK89

      Nikon does

      • Twoomy

        Actually, I bet they DON’T!!!

  • Kingyo

    Does anyone know when will d800 gonna be released?
    Yes! Summer of 2015..start saving! 🙂

  • I have finally given up caring and bought a D3x a week ago. Obviously I will care if the D800 is 24mp and $2000, but I will pretend I don’t.

    • renard

      That is almost where I am but I am pretty sure the D4 will be arriving in mid 2011.
      The D3x capabilities will hold up against the competition for quite some time.

  • Rivereagles

    Nikon has been feeling the heat for some time from Canon, and frankly is still a bit behind…but take note of the terrific lenses released by Nikon just this past few months. 2011 is “take no prisoners” year…psssst, it’s already started with the new D7000. It’s going to be a great New Year in 2011.

  • Louis Rosenthal

    i guess that’s one way to draw attention to oneself.

  • Bob
    • Chuck

      lol @ their website terms:
      “Whilst we endeavourer to ensure all images and specifications are correct at the time of publication, they do vary. As such we can accept responsibility for incorrect images/information. If you spot a mistake with an image or with a product specifications please let us know.

  • Don’t be so foolish. This is scam.

    • definitely a scam, I will delete this link

  • Joe

    Check out for this:

    Présentation de l’éditeur
    Commercialisé en août 2008 au prix de 2800 euros, le Nikon D700 (appareil haut de gamme) a connu un grand succès. Il sera remplacé en fin d’année 2009 par le Nikon D800. Parmi les améliorations de l’appareil : le doublement des capacités du capteur, qui passe de 12 à 24 mégapixels. Le D800 sera vraisemblablement vendu entre 2000 et 2500 euros. Cet ouvrage est un guide complet de découverte, de prise en main et de perfectionnement du Nikon D800.

    • Chuck

      High school french class…
      “Introduced in august of 2008 and costing 2800 euros, the Nikon D700 was a huge success. It was replaced in the end of 2009 by the Nikon D800. One of the devices improvements: Doubling the sensor capacity from 12 to 24mpx. The D800 will be sold between 2000 and 2500 euros. This book is a complete guide, handbook and ???
      That last sentence lost me-So much for remembering.

  • Anonymouıs

    100% VF please with the new D800 pls. I’m fed up with the imprecise framing of my D700. Apart from showing a narrower FoV than actual, it’s not even centered. I always get an annoying extension to what I see, especially at the left side.

    I like to frame accurately at the location. I was happy with my D300’s WYSIWYG-type viewfinder. Live view is never a good alternative to the optical.

    Please do it Nikon, even at the expense of a darker one. A bit dark is no real problem, but inaccuracy is a real pain. You may even opt out sensor cleaning, if necessary. Anyway, has anyone been convinced that it works? Nothing will remove the persistent dust.

  • Tony888

    I think this whole D800 book thing is bogus. Just another guy with too much time on his hands and no life trying to mess with us or who is simply desperate for attention.

  • Catastrophile

    i can say that i will publish a book on Leica M10 or about what’s coming after Boeing 797 or whatever? does this start any rumors?!

    • correct, the only difference is that they are a legit publisher

  • nuno

    NR Admin, any idea why they delay this book date? When do you expect we will get the low megapixels FX new body?

  • Tom

    Dunod is a quite serious French publisher (they are a bit like Springer or Wiley in terms of academic / scientific focus). Their website page on that book ( is quite a mix though: “D80” in the URL (could be truncated), “D800” in the title and then “D700” in the pitch (which happens to be the exact same pitch as on their D700 book page). I would thus tend to believe that they will postpone the book release just as the D800 keeps being a rumor : they probably just want to be the first to publich something.

  • Xanadu AW18

    Well first happy new year within28 hours and than soon nikon new rumours and new Nikon D700 replacement ill wait for that still happy with my D200

  • CFrom

    The Nikon D800 book gets postponed again and the new new release date is 7 septembre 2011… (on

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