Weekly Nikon related news/links #90

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Here are the Nikon links from this week:

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  • Matt

    Awesome! Merry Christmas!


  • Happy holidays to everyone! It was a Wet Christmas over here as usual, instead of a White Christmas…. 😮

    • The invisible wife

      Were are U ?

      • Asia, near the equator… 😮
        What about you Invisible wife?

        • The invisible wife

          in the bed, next to my husband

          • Wow 😮

          • Can you see each other? :p

            • The invisible wife

              LOL, good one !

  • Bonetti

    The Ebay Lens Sale it is only For Germany, if you are in any other country you can not buy it.

  • koga

    The link for the mac Nikon Rumors widget is down.

  • aldi

    Admin, seems like the download link for the widget is broken.

  • Spider

    Henrys warehouse has Pocketwizard MiniTT1 & FlexTT5 in stock.
    Go in and order them if you need to.

  • Segura

    Pocket Wizard Forever (Duke Nukem reference)

    • PHB

      I find the product descriptions on the pocket wizards completely mystifying. How many pocket wizards do I need? What is the difference between the plus, the TT1 and TT5? What is the AC3 for?

      There does not seem to be much of a price difference between the TT1 and TT5 (canon versions) so it looks like the real difference is size, the range seems to be the same. And its a bit hard to use a strobe more than 800 ft away, so the difference between that and a pocket wizard range maybe not important, but who knows?

      They could make it much easier to work out which one to get if they had a chart showing the main features of each model in the range.

      Given that Nikon are not supporting the PC cord on the SB700, the TT1 or TT5 looks like the way to go.

      • Segura

        I passed on playing the endless waiting game with PW and went with Radio Poppers.

        It seems like the Mini/Flex will just really give you iTTL only. It mimics the remotes as if you had it on the main camera. But that is about it . . . you can do basic in camera Flash Exposure Compensation, but if you want to manually set output, you have to walk to the remote strobe and do it on the flash, or buy the AC-3 which is not available yet for Nikon.

        From the PW Site:
        Use the camera’s flash exposure controls for basic control of remote flashes, or add an AC3 ZoneController or Nikon Master unit for even more flexibility.

        Manual Power Control: Adjust the manual power settings of your remote Nikon Speedlights directly from a AC3 ZoneController, SB-800 or SB-900 flash mounted on your on-camera MiniTT1 or FlexTT5.

      • Segura

        I went with the Radio Popper PX system. If you have used the Nikon CLS, the Radio Popper is the way to go. I shoot a D700 and can manually adjust my groups with the in camera menu!

        • Dr SCSI

          Don’t waste your time with the Pocket Wizard system. If you need iTTL, buy a Radio Popper system which is 100% compatible. Pocket Wizard has been promising their TT1 for Nikon for over a year, if not two already. Again, if you need a solution that works now, go buy Radio Popper.

  • regular

    Any news about the street availability of AF-S Teleconverter TC-20E III ?
    This converter looks like vaporware to me.

  • Fred

    What’s Nikon rumors and it’s obsession with Apple?!

    • WoutK89

      Fruit will keep you healthy 😉
      I dont see any problem with NikonRumors having Apple links, it is the same as some people dont like Coolpixes, but you can still post it, because there are people out there that ARE interested.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Yeah. Like me!

  • claudio f

    you can buy the lenses worlwide
    the listing just does not appear in the US
    the shipping is very clearly describe and how much you would have to pay.
    maybe try this link


    • Smudger

      No need to worry about the shipping, which seems very reasonable given the weight. But……..this is quite a high value item and the seller will only accept payment by bank transfer Njinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!! That’s a 2/3 scale deflection on the scam-o-meter folks.

      • asdasda

        well in germany all money transactions is bank transfer, here exists no checks, paypal is weird and expensive.

  • Jim

    What – no Android app!? I thought this was supposed to be Nikon related. haha. Just kidding.

  • The invisible wife

    There is something absolutely unique on Ebay right now (camera), but I can’t post the link, Peter will kill me !
    (I hate that keyboard !!!!!!)

    • i am interested.. if you cannot publish it here, write me (follow my site-contact) and i will publy it here 😀 hope Peter will not kill me 😀

      • The invisible wife

        Enter “unique camera nikon clock” in the search of a famous online auction site
        (can someone get me a real AZERTY keyboard before I put this one in the trash ?)

  • What? I don’t believe that – the link is broken btw. Anyone heard of Canon buying part of Nikon?

    • This smells like BS – it seems that Loco and Charlie are the same person just trying to get some traffic to their website. Deleting their comments…

  • Anonymous

    very boring Nikon. 3 days and not even 1 new post. I guess NR Admin is on holiday.

  • PHB

    I had checks issued on my German bank account.

    But still, does seem rather suspicious.

    Looks like a very nicely presented piece of kit though. Complete with wooden accessory box.

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