Weekly Nikon related news/links #89

I will be out of town next week with limited Internet access and probably there will be few days without a posts (I do not expect any interesting news). Here are the Nikon related links for this week:

  • A new “Subjectiv” 4-in-1 lens kit for Nikon mount available at Photojojo. The kit contains five modules: pinhole, plastic, glass, zone plate, and aperture:

  • Duclos offers custom cinema conversion for the Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 lens with extended focus throw, aluminum housing and even interchangeable mount.
  • Smart Shooter is another remote camera control and tethering solution for Nikon cameras (runs on both PC and Mac).

  • Nikon teams with National Geographic offering opportunity to win an exclusive photo excursion with renowned photographer (US only) - read press release here.

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  • Zorro

    I’m waiting for news of the long rumored D40s. And some news of new DX primes.

    • kyoshinikon

      Um doesn’t the D3100 fulfill that category? I’m just saying!

      • Zorro

        No. D40s:
        6 MP CCD sensor
        EXPEED processor (auto CA correction, ADL)
        11 focus points
        1/500 sec flash sync
        460K dot 3″ LCD
        4 frames per second
        bracketing (3 frames)

        • renard

          I hope I am wrong but I think the days of Nikon with ccd sensors (on dslrs) are over.

          • I wouldn’t paint with such a broad brush.

            CCDs are, on the higher end, better than CMOS. There’s a reason why Leicas, Hasselblad, Phase One, et. al. use CCD sensors.

            • PHB

              Yes, because they can’t afford to move to CMOS.

              The total number of medium format digital cameras sold is little more than a rounding error on 35mm format DSLR sales.

              The technology lag at the high end has been getting larger. Hasselblad have only just managed to get to 60MP with a sensor pitch that is much larger than the D50 of old. Except for the size, the D50 specs are rather better.

              Looking at the recent Nikon prime releases, I think we should be seeing DSLRs that effectively equal the medium format resolution within the next couple of years.

            • Milk

              Sorry, you are clueless.
              CCD have worse SNR than current CMOS.
              Don’t bring your 90’s CMOS vs CCD ‘knowledge’ here.

            • Cartman

              Dude, are you crazy??

              CCD= problems.. old technology.

  • Art

    Thank you for going out of town. Once you are gone with limited Internet activity, the news will finally break about the upcoming release of the upcoming D400 / D900.

    That is simply how the world works ….

    • renard

      Deploy the d4…

    • aetas

      It does seem like that. Maybe you (admin) out of town will be good for us waiting for some good high quality rumors=)

  • santela

    now all i have to do is wait for the 35G to drop $200 as well.

    • preston

      the 35/1.8 G? 😉

  • 1200-1700mm f/5.6~f/8.0

      • TCD

        That it totally not the same lens. In the picture of the 1200-1700 there is what appears to be a handhold that is part of the camera right when the flare starts. Look at the picture of the guy, no handhold.

        Also, that 1200-17000 zoom has 3 steps ups from the camera mount, look at the one the guy is holding, it has a straight barrel coming right off the camera.

        Too bad his head is blocking where the a ring might be, but i definitely only see 1 ring on there, the focus ring.

        • TCD

          Damn just looked at it again, i see his index finger a little goofy, and its because its sitting on that handle isnt it? Ignore that one 😛

          It really doesnt look like it has the same step ups in barrel size, maybe it does. Too bad the picture doesnt have more detail!

          • NisseHult

            Its just a regular Nikon AF 600mm f/4D, the man on the photo is an Elf!

  • That 4 in 1 lens kit looks very nice. 😉

  • I’ve been using Smartshoot for a couple of months now – the author’s recently added a few tweaks and improved support for more Nikon models. Very helpful chap, and a nice bit of software.

  • I would love to see a review on that rocket launcher 😮

  • Greg Webb
    • Colby

      there is no VR on that lens 😛

  • padlockd

    Finally D7000 support is here!!! Thank you Apple!

  • faiz Imam

    Here is a quote from one of the commenters about the big lens:

    “The Photographer is Gilbert Rossi (Australian). Its shot at the Australian 500cc Motorcycle Grand Prix in 1990-1992 (I can’t quite remember which year). It was a special lens that Nikon had at the event for the Professional Photographers to have a play with, there was a very long list. I didn’t get a chance to use it. If I remember correctly it was a 1600 mm. The camera on it was probably an F4. I was using a 800 F5.6 and it made that look small.”

  • The invisible man

    Enjoy your vaccations, am I the only one on earth who will spend christmas by itself ?
    (well, I won’t be totally alone, I’ll have my D90)

    • TripleAlphaProcess

      I’ll bet the top of the thumb grip on your D90 has a bulge too. Like mine. (adhesive is losing grip)

      • Zorro

        That happened to my D50 and D80 (but not my D40). Superglue fixed it. I superglued my D90 as soon as I got it and the thumb grip is still firmly in place.

        • TripleAlphaProcess

          Lol I guess I can do that. Just always hoping Nikon would figure to use more adhesive esp in that area to spare us to have to modify the camera lol

  • Have a safe trip Admin, and see you back soon with something juicy 😀

  • tony

    That 4 in 1 lens kit looks very nice rip to me, the packaging looks nice, soft pouch etc, I know where my $$$ are going and it’s nowhere near that deal 😉

  • yikes

    Mr. Admin, please note that you have trojans in your ads again.

  • Kenneth$

    Get trojan warning when opening Nikon Rumors page..

    • the issue was resolved earlier today – just clear you browser’s cache and you won’t get that message any more

      • I just ran a scan again and the site is clean

        • broxibear

          The blog might be clean but the forum isn’t.

          • Mistral75

            Cache cleared and still getting trojan warning.

            • broxibear

              yeah, sometimes it’s on the blog then it’s the forum… nothing to do with cache.

  • ac

    “Nikon teams with National Geographic offering opportunity to win an exclusive photo excursion with renowned photographer (US only)”
    Grr, USA only *grumble, grumble* 🙁

  • video is gay

  • 24mm f/1.4… You will be mine. Oh yes, you will be mine.

    Since the Nikon price is now $1999, I’m sure in a couple months I can find one for $1800.

    • broxibear

      I wouldn’t hold your breath Sean, the Yen is getting stronger which means higher prices not lower ones.

      • Any reason for that happening in the future? or only an inference based in what happened in the last month?

      • I’m not saying Nikon will drop the price to $1800. I’m saying there’s always someone selling one for less.

  • Hansel Adams

    Forget the lens. I want to know where he got those shorts.

    • renard

      you will need to travel back in time to get a pair of those fashion icons.

  • Vandyu

    First the NR website was down today and now you’re going out of town. Don’t you realize we need this place 🙂

  • NewsMonkey

    I’ve been wondering, why hasn’t Nikon produced a DSLR with an articulated LCD screen since the D5000? It’s certainly not a new idea — it’s why I still love my old Konica Minolta A200 despite many other drawbacks. Are “professional” photographers opposed to them in some way? With the advent of HD video and LiveView, having a swivel screen just seems logical. Canon’s new 60D has a nice LCD screen that would be useful for capturing pictures from odd angles. Now as a Nikon fan, I’m eagerly awaiting an equivalent!

  • Bryan


    Just FYI, when visiting this site last night and today, Kaspersky Internet Security was flagging the following:

    Detected: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Iframer https://nikonrumors.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=shadowboxjs&cache=34e2c4ecaa2479a47b6d642f848acbfb&ver=3.0.3//admin-ajax.php?action=shadowboxjs&cache=34e2c4ecaa2479a47b6d642f848acbfb&ver=3.0

    I know there were virus issues a while back and I wanted to let you know it may be back.

  • Mikeg

    I just received a trojan warning when coming to this site just now. Its still not clean.

    • I will look into this again, my host and sucuri.net checked the site and everything was ok. I think some bad code was cached and it is still showing up for some readers (I have server caching and separate blog caching plugin, not to mention browser’s caching). If I really had a malware, Google would have blacklisted me by now (I am registered with Google webmaster tools and they are regularly scanning the site).

      • Mock Kenwell

        I’m on a Mac running Safari and Firefox and have had no issues other than the occasional “Error: Site not found” message in the last two weeks.

      • Mistral75

        Cache cleared this morning and still a Trojan warning:

        21/12/2010 11:43:49 https://nikonrumors.com/ [L] JS:Illredir-DL [Trj] (0)

  • Mock Kenwell

    I don’t know what is lamer. That tightrope walker’s clothes or that stupid t-shirt. Are all Nikon fans dorks?

    • Looks like Mock Kenwell went and got his Nikkors in a knot. . . 🙂

    • Mock Kenwell

      I know, right? I’d just like a bit more cool factor to pop up once in a while where Nikon is concerned!

  • Well, I am in Sydney and, walking into a camera store, I see at least half a dozen D7000 (body only) for sale. Problem is AUD is so high now the equivalent price, after tax refund, is still USD $1,530, not including whatever foreign transaction fee your credit card would charge you for the cross-currency transaction (typically 3%, unless you have Capital One in which case there is no foreign transaction fee).

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