New rumor wave is starting: Nikon D5500


Nikon D5000 is already discontinued and a replacement is expected. The D3000 was released in July of 2009 (three months after the D5000) and it was already replaced in August of 2010. All that means that the Nikon D5000 should be updated any time now. The rumor is that the D5000 will be replaced by the D5500. Here are the D5500 basic specs:

  • Same metering and AF modules as the D3100
  • No AF motor.
  • 1080 HD video with manual controls
  • 16MP sensor
  • Large detachable screen, that can be kept attached like a fixed screen or detached and connected to the camera via a cable, or mounted on the hot shoe.
  • Some interesting alternative accessories for the detachable screen may be offered, namely an EVF for video shooting. Remember the Nikon Media Port? It was already demoed with the Nikon D90. Nikon has also filed numerous patents about various wearable displays (headset).
  • Similar to D3100 in shape, just a bit larger.

[NR] rating: 40% just because I want to hear those specs from few more places.

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  • Tonny

    meaningless with manual focus HD video. I don’t get it.

    • Mikycoud

      What is ‘meaningless with manual focus HD video’?
      If you’re reffering to the the ability to accurately manual focus using the LCD, it all depends on the focus assist functions Nikon will implement. ie: if they introduce a nice ‘peaking’ function, then one can use the monitor to focus accurately.
      If you’re reffering to the fact that Autofocus is not top notch on video dslrs yet, then that’s a technology limitation: contrast detect AF can only do so much. Especially with large sensors and fast obos, where DoF is limited and doesn’t compensate for AF errors.
      Sony’s use of Pelix-like, semi transparent mirrors in their NEx series is interesting though, and opens a way for other manufacturers to follow and try and combine the benefits of Phase detect AF and video in future dslrs.

      • Mikycoud

        Forgot to mention:
        If the rumors of a detachable LCD is confirmed, that’s awesome news! Especially if one can replace the monitor with a third party, higher-rez one…
        Damn, I bough the D7000 as a B cam to my D3s, and it turns out the D7000 does better videos than the D3s.
        Now, I want the D5500 as a B cam (well, it should be C cam, shouldn’t it?) for my D7000, and the rumored specs are, once again, better than the features of my D7000.
        Nikon is on a roll! Yipee…

        • I don’t know how the marketing guys at Nikon are coming up with these numbers, but D5500?? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to name it D5100, so that they won’t run out numbers in the D5k range too soon? Else, what would be the D5500 successor — the D10000?

          • Paul

            haha, nice

          • Biziclop

            D5000->D5500->D5550 ->D5555

        • Patrick

          How do you figure the specs are better than the D7k?
          No af motor, no user presets, fewer external (menu-avoiding) buttons… A removable screen? Yawn.
          I love my D7000, and though I rarely use the auto focus in video (too clunky), it does beautiful video. Every new Nikon is a technological leap ahead (-d3000), but they won’t ever give us everything we want because we might stop pouring $$$ into their pockets!

          • iamlucky13

            Following up on Patrick’s post – And a lighter weight body. This is almost certainly going to be a comparable body, viewfinder, and focus module to the D5000, with the D7000 sensor in it.

            Which is not strange at all, considering the D5000 carries the same sensor as the D90 and D300.

            Of course, it remains to be seen what the actual specs will be, but we all know a D5000 replacement is coming before too much longer, and the only thing in the list that is a surprise to me is the detachable LCD.

            As far as third party screens, I’m skeptical on that one, although if it has some sort of standard interface, it may be possible.

            It would actually be pretty cool to be able to have enlarged screens that attach to your camera, smart phone, or MP3 player. I’m not sure I see the benefit you seem to on the camera, but for those people who like movies, internet, or games on their smart phones or video-capable MP3, a plug in screen could be pretty slick. Then instead of making phones larger to fit 3.5+ inch screens on them, you could get away with a slightly smaller model, and sell a still fairly compact 7″ screen that’s easy to carry along when you expect to be doing more on the phone. It might not even need to be a touch screen. If these things existed, Apple and Droid could adapt their OS’s so the phone worked as a touch screen by itself, or as a trackpad when a monitor was connected.

            They’re already basically miniature computers. Why not blur the line between media device and PC even further by making peripherals for them?

            And make other electronics like cameras also compatible.

            • Ed

              Good argument. Except the D90 did NOT have the same sensor as the D300 or D300s.
              Just because they are nominally 12mp does NOT make them the same sensor.
              They don’t even have the same pixel count!

            • iamlucky13

              I somehow missed ever noticing that. Thanks for the correction.

              On the other hand, all reports I’ve seen indicate very close similarity (although according to DPReview, slightly discernible differences) in image quality.

              So the point still is that Nikon did not rest the value of the higher level cameras over the lower level cameras on resolution and image quality.

            • Ronan

              D90 is far from D300/D300s IQ… But nice try.

              Different sensor too.

          • Mikycoud

            I don’t ‘figure’ the rumored D5500 has better specs (it would be a bit of an oxymoron to ‘figure’ something based on a rumor), but I’m merely saying that the rumored video features (not the least of which being the detachable screen, which is a big deal for the kind of work I do), are likely to exceed the ones in the D7000.
            WHy am I assuming that?
            Simply because I hope Nikon (for their own ‘market shares in the video business’ sake) will correct the few mistakes and annaoyances they made in the D7000 video implementation. A list of which I’ve talked about in a thread over at the nikonians D7000 and Video fora (admin, am I allowed to link to other sites?)

    • Catastrophile

      @ Tonny
      There is nothing in the rumor about focus/AF during video shooting, the manual controls mentioned with the full HD simply mean you can select your exposure settings (shutter, aperture, ISO) for video, and that’s a nice feature to have such control over how your video frames will be exposed, in that point the rumored camera is like D7000 and not like D3100.

  • R3d

    Same metering and AF modules as the D3100 D7000 – FTFY

    Also needs a better screen than the D5k

    Wouldn’t it make sense for it to be a downgraded D7000 instead of an upgraded D3100 like the D5000 was for the D90?

    Oh well, can’t get hands on the overpriced D7000 in this part of the world anyway.
    Might as well get a Nex5 for christmas till this comes along.. hopefully with better QC than the D7k

    • R3d

      whoops.. struck the whole thing through… meant to strike only the D3100

  • I’m totally confused by all these numbers. Would this be a lesser model than the D7000?

    • Steelo

      Yes, I’m also confused. I’m on the verge of buying a d7000. This has some interesting features but it sounds more like a pimped d3100? Where do you think the price will come in? Any idea of when it will be released? Thanks!

      • gt

        yes, it’s a lesser model than the D7000. No autofocus motor alone makes it worthless to a lot of people

        • iamlucky13


          I’ve been using a D40 for several years with a collection of manual focus and AF-D lenses. My general use lenses are AF-S, but with the more planned out shots like landscapes and macro, manual focus is really no liability at all.

          I’ll also echo what others have said in the past that most of the people buying this sort of camera will have few to no non-AF-S lenses.

    • Ed

      if you can’t work it out by reading the specs, maybe you should learn them before going out and just asking to buy the ‘best’ camera?

  • James


    Like the d3100 rumors, most of that will be false. The detachable LCD? yeah right!

    It will be a d5000 with updated internals and a few external controls. Maybe a high res screen.

  • Anonymous

    Well, since sony has not completed updating the FF sensor then we cannot expect any FF. It is sickening that Nikon is still stuck at 12MP in the FF arena. (D3x is sony sensor)

    • Yeah, surely Nikon is sitting on its arse and doing nothing?
      And why is Nikon stuck at 12MP even if the base of the 24MP sensor is from Sony? It does mean they have a 24MP sensor (which is a lot better than the one in the Alpha 850/900).

      In short, we don’t know yet what Nikon has up its sleeves, it makes no sense whining about what might or might not happen.

      • Anonymous

        Freddy Hurkmans, you are not really bright one Nikon funbois. Let me ask you this:

        What do you think who should get the credit the tunning companies or the car manufacturers? Or which one is easier, developing a new Mercedes Benz car or making the tunning for it?

        See, Nikon is bloody freerider with the 24MP D3x sensor. That’s my 2 cents.

  • bobos

    I agree with R3d, it should be a downgraded 7000 not an upgraded 3100. I would like to have more dedicated buttons especially WB and ISO to rely less on menus.
    Detachable LCD! Does this mean you can either remove it or used it fixed but you cannot flip it down/up/sideways? It could be a good idea or a disaster. Let us wait and see

  • Anonymous

    W h o C a r e s . . .

    Hey Nikon, get your @$$ in gear and bring the D800 !

  • Anonymous

    Who Cares…

    Hey Nikon, get your *** in gear and bring the D800!

    • Daf

      (or I’d consider a kick-ass 400)


    • Porks Photo

      Yeah !

  • Mandrake

    So a basically this is a D3100 with a detachable screen but that connection can utilize other accessories? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Bring on the D700 and D3 replacements!

    • Porks Photo

      Hear hear !

  • Zorro

    I hope it is accompanied by some inexpensive siblings for the DX 35/1.8.

    E.g. 18/2.8, 24/2.8, 70/2.0, 105/2.0

    Seems like the long-rumored D40s is not going to materialize. Pity.

  • amien

    I would buy it over the D7000 IF it has 60P. Then, I will sell my 550D & D40X.
    I’d rather buy it with the optimised version of D3100 14MP’s sensor than the crappy-full -of-issues D7000 sensor !…Oh yea, didn t I mention : 39 AF points is useless if the system doesnt track the subject well.

    • Ed

      An argument from an owner of BOTH 550D & D40X is less than unconvincing.

      Given you don’t have a D7000, it surprises me that you know so much about its supposed AF issues. Go and buy another L lens, it may help your blurred pictures of flowers in strong winds taken at 1/10s.

  • Why 5500? When they call it 5100 it would make more sense.. then they can make 4 more models in that serie and it is more in line with the 3100.

  • jelmer ten hoeve

    an other subklone half half camera…12 / 16 mp… does matter that much…
    make an FF/full HD 2000$ camera please 700s or 800

    why do I have an 14/200 2.8 nikor range?? on my 300

    • $2000 – you are dreaming.

      • Discontinued

        Unfortunately he is indeed.

        ¥en is pretty strong right now. Look at the prices of lenses and their direction and you’ll get an idea, where cameras are going. Guess a D700 replacement will be 33% above it.

        Still I don’t care. Bring it on Nikon ! ! !

  • WTH

    I just don’t get the naming schemes.

    I thought the only reason why Nikon went with Dxxxx scheme is so they don’t run out of numbers like they did with D70/80/90 line and to avoid confusion with D40/60 line.

    So it made sense for them to go with new Dxxxx naming scheme where:

    D3000 low level
    D5000 mid level
    D7000 high level
    (consumer like only of course)

    Then, they have endless room for upgrades with D3100/D3200…D5000/D5100….D7000/D7100 and so forth.

    Consumer market is wayyyy to saturated right now…especially with Canon (500D/550D/D60/7D all very close to each other)

    • PAG

      I disagree (respectfully). I think that they have just the right consumer lineup for the price points. It should end up something like this:
      D3100: $650 (w/ kit lens)
      D5500: $999 (w/ kit lens) … and I think it will probably be the D5100
      D7000: $1,200 (body only)
      D400: $1,800 (body only)

      The FF pro lineup is fine as it is, and I assume that each current model will have a direct replacement.

    • Catastrophile

      there is enough room with the new numbring scheme, specially now when this new system is still new, Nikon can shift quickly to a much higher number (D5000 straight to 5500), then as they get closer to the end they can gradually slow down so 5500 –> 5800 –> 5900 –> 5950 –> 5990 –> 5991 –> 5992 … … —>5999, in that way the D5xxx series can have 15 iterations before running out numbers again.

      • That comment is so funny! By the way, don’t forget about the x, s and h versions: D5999x, D5999s, D5999xs, …

    • And D9000 for D7000-like camera with FF sensor.

  • I thought that the reason the D3100 came out so quickly was because the D3000 was horrible. So that shouldn’t give an indication of when the D5000 replacement would be coming out since the D5000 is a decent camera.

    • dave

      If you take a look at what went in the D3000, I think you can see why it got replaced so quickly. The only thing in the D3000 that didn’t come out of the left-over parts bin was the software. Body from the D40x/D60, sensor from the D200/D80/D60/D40x, same old metering, no AF motor, no video, and the only thing it had over the D60/D40x was the 11pt AF (which it inherited from the D90/D80/D5000). With the D3000, Nikon was just clearing out their stock of unused parts. The D3100, OTOH, has some NEW stuff in it… a 14MP sensor? Are we going to see that sensor in other bodies? Nikon likes to share.

      In contrast, the D5000 was a stripped down D90. And I think that bodes well for the D5500 or D5100 (It would make more sense to call it a D5100). the detachable screen is an interesting idea, but potentially expensive. But I’d expect it to have at least an articulating screen like today. But will it be a stripped down D7000 with a 16MP sensor or a beefed up D3100 with a 14MP sensor? But will it have the new 39pt AF or the crusty old 11pt? It won’t do 6fps, but how high will Nikon let it climb? 4? 4.5? 5fps?

  • The Man from Mandrem

    Is the Rebel T2i also called 550D? I’m guessing the D5500’s raison d’etre is to give hurt and take market share at the $800-900/kit price point. If that’s true, I could imagine a marketting guy needing a competitive number.

    I would hope their engineers spec this camera to compete effectively with the T2i including flexibility in lenses (It should support D-type lenses). No offense to the Emperors’ Club but $1200 is too much to pay for a screw.

    • R!

      I prefer the 6000 nbr is the smarter name possible since it should compete against the 60d!!!…

  • (a different) James

    So basically this is a D3100 with a D7000 sensor and a detachable (or at least articulated) screen. I don’t care much about a detachable screen, but the D7000 sensor makes this interesting.

    I hope they offer a kit with the 18-105mm lens. I think this is reasonable, since the Canon T2i can be purchased in a kit with the 18-135mm lens.

  • Dr. ZZDDRR

    Oh great, where is my D800?

    • 2q 2011

      2Q 2011–it will feel like 2 more years

      • CK

        Call me crazy but i imagine the D700 replacement would be after a d3 replacement unless the d700 replacement is just a d3s slightly gimped and put in a smaller body.

        • PHB

          I don’t see much likelihood of a D800 in the same year as the D4 on which it is based. So a D700s with the D3s sensor seems reasonably likely.

          The detachable screen does not make a lot of sense to me. Why not give the D5500 a normal screen and offer a separate screen accessory for any Nikon DSLR?

          • D700s

            I would buy a D700s–but they have never made a non pro body version of the X, H or S.

            • F Master

              D 70s, non-pro body with an “s”

            • F Master


            • F Master

              S= upgrade
              X= increased resolution
              H= high speed

            • Alfredo

              If the D700s (or whatever is called) has the same ISO performance of the D3s, i will have to sell my moms car to buy one.

            • D700s

              The d40x and d70s were not based on pro bodies like the d700s would be. I hope they do come out with a d700s.

            • ja

              thats a point where is the D3H body and also id lke too see the D3Xs
              plus why couldn’t nikon do what sony has done with that great offer of the VAT-BACK ???

          • Ren Kockwell

            If they were going to build a D700s, we’d have seen it already.

        • baked bananas

          No you are not crazy. With accordance to nikons strict timeframe it will come out one year and one month after the d4 at the earliest. How do I know? Well I just know. And many of you know too. If I’m wrong and it comes out earlier…well let’s just say that’s a good thing. Shot out goes to to zzzzdr..congrats on getting his doctorate.

          • R!

            Nikon will have to follow Canon in anyway they go,so if they come out with a 5dmrkIII ;then we will have a D 800. If they come out with a 1D then the D4 will come first, anyway Nikon next gen will be out this summer like Canon’s.

  • Seems like they’ll be holing themselves with the naming conventions again…

    3100, 5500, 7000
    3200, 5600, 7100

    3500, 6000, 7500

    and suddenly you have a new level.

    Wasn’t there a post a while back talking about how the even numbers show up every other year and the odds every other year? We had the 7000 and 3100 this year and expect the 4 and 400 next year… maybe D5200?

    • clearly, my math sucked there. That bottom row should read 3600, 6000, 7500

    • Catastrophile

      this odd/even alternating number theory was already proven false before it was even proposed. if d7000 was odd number, then so are D90 & D300 (ignoring the zero’s). but then you have D90 in 2008 and D300 in 2007 two odd number models in two successive years. i think the theory was only about D3/D300/D700 vs D4/D400/D800 (D700 was odd # in 2008 but generally considered same generation and tech as D3/D300).

  • E

    Where is my D800 0r atleast a D400 ????

    • Nikonff&dxuser

      Where is your D800? D400? I think it will be my D700s and D400 to take advantage of the D700 popularity.

  • Young Boy

    As D5000 user I’m would like to ask “d700” club to calm down and let other breath. This site is not only for you and not about d700! There are some people, pretty interested in DX as well, and – whaaaaat a surprise! – even in D5100!
    And it’s great it don’t have AF motor – I’m sure people with collection of antic Nikkors are not target group here! For me it’s perfect – all new glass including Tamron and Sigma is with AF motor. So calm down here, pls!
    For this rumor – I hope it will be D5100 and LCD would be hi-res (to have 250k for 1000$ is bad joke), and implementation of any “detachment” will be done without compromising quality and (!) articulation – and most importantly – that it won’t detach by itself in critical situations!!! (Especially in light of quality issues with D5000.)
    Very important – to improve direct-access functions – at least ISO would be nice in time, when most middl-class compacts have it!!! Take away that useless “info” button or make it programmable! Customization, dear Japanese, is what is moving this world!
    Oh yes, I know they won’t make it, but I hope they won’t do any stupidity like make it “articulated screen D3100”. Otherwise they can loose many people to 550d/60d!!!

    • bert

      I’m in the same camp. I have no interest in spending $1k plus for a camera. I’m still using a D40. Used a D5000 for a bit. Really liked it, thought it was a great value for anybody who doesn’t need a focus motor. But sold it to wait for a similar camera with better video capability. D3100 isn’t quite the camera for me bc I want bracketing. This camera sounds great to me… hopefully it has the D7000 sensor rather than the D3100, although I’d still buy it if it has the latter.

  • the odd/even thing reflects the flagship model. with the D3 we have all odd numbers, with the d2, all even numbers, D1 and so on. now that we have a d4 coming, all future bodies after that will be even. D4 gives rise to d800 and d8000 and d6000 d4000 so on.

    • MB

      I am not sure that odd/even thing is correct at all.
      In D2 flagship era we had D70 and D50, and D60 was introduced couple of months after D3 right?

  • Kingyo

    This rumor is sooo fake, and if it isn’t..then it’s just plain ridiculous. What’s the big rush on updating this useless d5000?? Aren’t the d3100 & d7000 are enough for the amateur market? Didn’t the d700 come out in June 2008-like forever ago? Yes, I’m bringing that up. All I’m saying is Nikon doesn’t need to waste time updating these recent (2009+) consumer cameras that are already good enough for the masses. If the 12mp sensor on the d700 is ‘good enough’ for most people then what’s wrong with keeping the d3100 & d7000 and getting rid of the d5000?..and using the time and resources to update a worthier camera like the forgotten d700? I wouldn’t mind having 1080p continuous AF video & dual card slots in my d700 ;(

    • MB

      I think D5000 replacement was ready couple of months ago, Nikon just does not have enough manufacturing power to release 3 new cameras at once.
      They decided to target highest and lowest DSLR consumer market first with D7000 and D3100.

      • enesunkie

        I think you have it right. I have yet to even SEE a D7000 in any of the local stores, let alone announcing another body that they can’t deliver!

        • Nikon might as well announce the D4, D400, and D800 now. The D7000 is about as easy to find in stores as your average Yeti, so if they announce the other cameras now, they MIGHT have them out by this time next year.

          • right now the D7000 kit is in stock at B&H

            • Anonymous

              Yep, but the body only version completely missed the holiday season. Congratulations for the morons at Nikon for sorting out the out of stock issues. This exactly what we can expect from Nikon….Out of Stock!

        • Nam

          If you go to Bestbuy (online) or any other online dealers (in which not to mention you don’t have to pay tax when you buy there and you don’t even have to pay for shipping!), they have them in stock.

  • Nam

    No AF motor… no talking! Yeah.. that too, no AF video.

  • eagle eye

    MB…you hit it on the nail. I was told by someone who is very close with Nikon that there were 3 camera bodies coming out way back before summertime of 2010. They just staggered the release as a marketing stragegy.
    We’re all waiting for an FX with 1080p and multiple shutter speeds to compete with the Canon 5d and 7d who’s got wedding photogs and Hollywood agog. Except, they are using Nikon, Leica and Paramount lenses. LOL.

  • GlobalGuy

    Does anyone else think that the D5000 series should be Nikons wild card and become the Mirrorless series? Take away the prism… but ADD a motor. Have modularity and ports like crazy, but keep the simple layout.

    Orient it towards Video with increased modularity (a la Red), but keeping it entry-level. (If successful, a big if, they could make a higher end later on, differentiating the D7000 from the D90 lines). I just wish D5000 line was a LOT different than the rest of the series. I want the D5000 series to not be ho-hum. I want it to be the dynamic one — the crazy one in the lineup that “tries out a bunch of new stuff” each time its introduced. Too wild for you, you can buy up or down.

    • Sony

      what, you want slow response and 3fps in a midrange DSLR?

    • F Master


  • I really hope they catch up to Canon with their HD movie mode this time. The D7000 was so close, all it needed was 1080 25p and adjustable aperture during capture and I would have bought one.

  • Merv

    I am looking at the responses above; I am agreeing that the D3100 and D7000 are positioned as “classical cameras” while the D5000 consumer level line is where Nikon is experimenting a bit.

    I don’t see the D5xxx or D3xxx series needing the autofocus motor, most of the mass-market consumers that these cameras are targeting would only be buying AF-S lenses anyways.

    • enesunkie

      Just took a look on Flickr: Over 53 million photos with the D40 uploaded. Lack of a focus motor didn’t seem to stop a lot of people from going out and taking pictures! The D40 is second only (Nikons) to the D80 at 69.5 million uploads.

      • Ronan

        Thats a new one… counting a camera’s worth by how many people takes pics with it…

        Ever considered….
        Cheap = More on the Street = More photos uploaded?
        Easier to use = More people use it?

        Also just because theirs photos on Flickr doesn’t mean they are any good… i have seen plenty, plenty of shitty pics on it.

        You know… their are many reasons why professionals (which takes better photos than amateurs and have a better grasp of photography), spend thousands and thousands on gear…

        They are many reasons why your D40… D80… D3100, whatever amateur consumer grade DSLR is cheap and not seen in the hands of professionals…

        Now mind you, NO you don’t need a $5000 D3s to take good pictures, but that little D40 sure has a LOT of things going against you…

        Now lets stop the pixel dust ‘omg best consumer grade amateur dlsr gonna blow away D3s’ bullshit, and get real.

        This message wasn’t specifically aimed at ‘enesunkie’, but at the majority of dreamers that needed a good slap on the head.

        • Ronan

          I await the trolls (you know… never stepped in a photography studio… have mommy & daddy pay for their D40… ) to spit non-sense bs, but let me say this… I won’t be reading it. I’ll be busy working.



          • enesunkie

            1) Yes, a camera IS “worth more” if people are inspired to go out and take pictures with it!

            2) A lot of people (probably the majority) wouldn’t call a $500 D40 or a $1000 D80 cheap.

            3) There are a lot of even cheaper Nikons on that list, but D40 owners seem to take a lot more pictures with their camera and post them.

            4) I concede that a lot of D3s owners probably don’t post on Flickr (neither do I), but my intent wasn’t to “knock” the higher end bodies.

            5) I’m not implying that all 53 million of those the images were masterpieces, but they are probably better as a whole than those taken with the dozens of Coolpixs on that list.

            6) I agree that there were a lot of compromises made with the D40, D40X…
            but the point of the post was that today with the vast assortment of compatible lenses, this shouldn’t be the owners LIMITING factor to taking many GREAT images. Skill will be the greatest factor at this level camera.

            7) “There are many reasons why professionals take better pictures than amateurs”. Well it isn’t because their camera has a focus motor! LOL

            8) I didn’t say The D40 was the best consumer grade body, or even close to it. I believe the D7000 holds that spot (assuming one considers the D300s as a “pro” body).

            9) My Mommy and Daddy didn’t buy my camera, I did and I’m a big boy and didn’t even have to ask for their permission!

            10) No, I haven’t been in a photography studio since I was about 5 years old. If I never go again, does that mean I won’t ever be able to take worthy pictures!

            • enesunkie

              Let me repeat this again just in case you missed it….The point of my post was that for the “D5500” market, lack of a focus motor will not be the owners LIMITING factor to taking many (actually an infinite number) of GREAT images. Skill will be the greatest factor at this level camera.

          • PHB

            Pot, Kettle, Black.

            You do realize of course that the D40 is a substantially better camera than some of the ones Ansel Adams used to take his most famous pictures?

            And going strictly by features, a view camera does not exactly offer many.

            I have some AF lenses, so the motor is worth something to me. But I only have one AF lens that I consider part of my preferred kit and I don’t plan to buy any more.

      • big eater

        Yes, some people take bad pictures with them, but a lot of those photos are amazing. In big chunks of the world, a $500 or $600 camera is an extravagant, once in a lifetime purchase so the people who own them seem to get a lot out of them.
        We are very lucky to be rich enough to have this debate.

        • Patrick

          +1. A D40 is a pro camera in many 3rd world countries. Many very talented photographers make great images without the luxuries of Kelvin wb adjustment or 7fps.

        • Chris P

          Well said. Also there are far more people in our own, Western, countries to whom a D7000 is also an impossible dream than those who can afford to buy a D700 replacement immediately it is released.

          Every time I use my own D700 I realise just how lucky I am to have been able to afford it two years ago, and the Nikkor 105 f1.8 AIS mounted on it that I bought earlier this year.

          • aetas

            Good point Chris P. I am buying a new body soon, after the new year for tax reasons=). I sometimes also like to think about how lucky I am to be able to do this. Sometimes people forget that a $1000 camera is a HUGE buy for them. Its nice to see some people realize how lucky we all our.

            • R!

              …A pro makes good pictures with a 5mpx compact camera, an amateur makes bad pictures with a 21 mpx FF camera: thats my definition of Pro!!!

  • Ronan

    D400 & D800 please.

    • R R


  • cirtap

    Here Here..Where is my D4? D400? D800? And someone out there is NIKONLAND..what is the best time table for the D4? IS IT really going to be here in March? at the Price tag of 5,000….as I keep hearing over and over again…..

  • Phil

    First of all, who cares if they call it the D5500? They can call it Bozo for all I care. For all we know it may be the D5100 anyway. A rose by any other name…

    Second, no motor drive is a plus if you have old optics like I do. That means I can put my 50mm f1.4 and 135mm f2 non-AI lenses on this bugger and use ’em in controlled lighting situations, or with my Sekonic or Polaris meters. With a D7000 sensor, no less. Sweet.

    The only caveat for me will be the focusing screen/pentaprism. If it uses the D3100 screen/pentaprism it’ll be fine. I put an 85mm f2 AI on a D3100 and D7000 at the PDN Photo Expo and I could focus with their screens/pentaprisms. I could not focus or reach infinity with the D5000 with that lens. Weird.

    Finally, articulated screens rock. If you’ve never used one, you can’t see why. I have a Fuji S9000 with one and I hope Nikon apes the S9000 design in place of that lousy design they used on the D5000. The S9000 screen is an intelligent design that is great to use over crowds, waist-up viewing, and on a tripod. Totally cool. I hope they ape it.

    • aetas


      • Phil


  • NikonJoe

    “[NR] rating: 40% just because I want to hear those specs from few more places.”

    Now that you’ve published those specs, I’m sure you’ll be able to read them in many places…

  • eagle eye

    There is a possibility this will be Nikon’s offering at the CES show in Vegas this January 6-9, 2011. That will be in about 3 weeks guys and gals.

  • I love the Rumor Wave. Brilliant title.

  • sporty883

    Sorry if this was posted before, I can’t find the time to read all posts.

    The detachable screen is a killer feature, yet the D5500 is the wrong camera for that. It should be a D7000 feature, as this camera is the top prosumer model.

    I hate it and its bad product management to stupidly mix features from consumer and pro cameras between models.

    Of course it’s only a rumor, but it spoiled my day.

    • Anton

      The detachable screen is not a killer feature. It maybe fun for several hours or so, but after some time you would understand there is no real use for it (there are some exceptions to this depending on what you shoot, Nikon like all other companies care more about regular use, not exceptions. If you like exceptions then YOU should pay for it).

      A detachable screen on a D7000 would be no good.
      As you wrote “stupidly mix features from consumer and pro cameras between models”. Exactly, why would Nikon put a feature that attract consumers on a semi-pro camera? Ask anyone. They’ll tell you that the more moving parts you have the faster the camera will brake. So, no thanks. I don’t want my D7000 to have a detachable screen.

      BWT, Nikon has a good product management, else the D7000 wouldn’t be such a hit.

      • sporty883

        I agree with the tilt/swivel-screens for photographic use. Never used them, never missed them. But if you take a look at all the pimped out vDSLR and Video rigs, I do think the “use anywhere” screen is a pro feature (I remove the term “killer”) for video. Especially when Nikon will offer oversized (i.e. 5″) screens and/or pro EVFs for the connector.

        Or wireless.

        Or a sort of “back-plate” touch-screen, that covers the complete back of the camera. Screen facing the camera with buttons and dials to the user. And when in “review” mode or “touch-control” mode you remove the screen and attach it to the hot shoe. (just an idea, needs UX research of course)

        It’s not yet confirmed and maybe the D400 will come with a more sophisticated solution, to separate from the D7k, but I don’t like it. For now.

  • The Digital Photography Review newsletter I received the other day was illustrated with a blacked out image of a Nikon DSLR that does not match anything on the market today with a question mark superimposed on it. It *could* be a PhotoShop job but the folks at DPReview don’yt strike me as the kind of people who would use a Photoshopped image of a camera in their newsletter. The image in question (as it were) is available online here and I blogged about it here. It could very well be an image of an as yet unannounced Nikon DSLR that the people at Digital Photography Review are currently testing and thus *might* be an image of the D5000 replacement, or indeed an FX model D700 replacement. . .

    • I saw that already, there is no way dpreview will leak a new Nikon camera, this will put an end to their relationship with Nikon – I think this is PS and they are just trying to get some attention.

    • bobos

      My 2 cents opinion, the strap holders or hinges? are rounded which I realize in in FX bodies and professional DX cameras (not even in D90/80..) . Since D5500 is not professional then the picture could be of D700 replacement !!

  • Expected price?

  • R R

    and yet another DX camera… (as if there wasnt plenty out here )

    where is the D800 !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!


  • bert

    I can’t believe there are people who actually have time to spend photoshopping fake DSLR cameras. Go meet a girl or something.

    • Catastrophile

      at least with cameras the outcome is more predictable 😉

      • 1-


  • :)

    My D700 is being used and abused daily…

    I hope the D4 comes out soon… so i can have more camera to abused LOL
    Please no boxy design like that stupid rendering a while ago, just keep it looking like the D3 s/x….
    Im sure if you provide us with that camera you will get richer from all the nikon fanboys 🙂

    • Zoltar

      D700 is already a bit bulky, let alone the D3 series. No more D3-like bodies pls, no more unnecessary weight to carry in the field.

      I wish the new 24mp D800 will be slightly lightweight than D700 but having a 100% vf. They may use carbon fiber instead of alloy & resort to single SD slot.

  • Hopefully there will be a D4 and D800 in 2011. Any reliable rumors??

    • Catastrophile

      not a rumor but here is my speculative cents: We won’t eventually get 4 cameras to replace D300S, D700, D3S, D3X, instead there would be some sort of consolidation. If not a permanent consolidation maybe a temporary one, ie two FX bodies will be introduced soon, while the other two delayed until the new ones near the end of their lifespan.

      • Anonymous

        D700 & D300 are the obvious imminent ones. D3s & D3x has still got life in the good-earning professionals’ hands. D4 is not as urgent as a D800 or D400.

        And these will translate into more cash flow than if there were a D4 first. Why does a D3x or D3s owner urgently need a D4? For one D4 Nikon may probably sell 5xD800 & 10x D400 bodies. Think again.

        • renard

          The d3s and d3x are great cameras but nikon has to stay competitive. Canon will be releasing new pro bodies by mid 2011.

        • Catastrophile

          i didn’t mean to say that D400 soon is unlikely. the most urgently needed is D800, the least is D4. Some say that maybe D300s will be replaced by an FX, i think that might be one way to achieve consolidation, an FX D400 or 800 to replace both D300s+D700 and priced as low as possible so that there is no big gap between it & D7000. All this is just my guessing of course, a rather unpopular idea, if it materializes it’ll anger those who want a higher-than-D7000 DX body.

  • Akira

    The detachable LCD idea seems pretty fanciful, but if true it would be seriously revolutionary.

    • R!

      I think it is real, because RED is also doing this…if not at least a lateral 920 MP will be welcome !!

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