Nikon launches global NPS website

Today Nikon launched new global NPS (Nikon Professional Services) website located at

TOKYO – Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the new Nikon Professional Services (NPS) global website today, November 9, 2010. The new NPS Global site will serve as one of the measures in which Nikon reinforces its services for professional photographers.

NPS is a membership organization through which Nikon offers support and services to professional photographers throughout the world. For nearly half a century, NPS has not only provided routine maintenance and repair services for professional photographers' equipment, but has also provided support for them at international events held throughout the world. With the expansion of Nikon's lineups of high-end digital-SLR cameras, NIKKOR lenses and other accessories, the NPS Global site has been developed to serve as a portal that distributes the latest information to assist NPS members working globally in their photographic activities.

In addition to introducing an overview of NPS activities, the NPS Global site will offer members greater convenience. For example, it provides: links to regional NPS sites to find out about practical local information, local service facility list for photographers to visit when they face with equipment problems while they are on overseas assignment, and world-wide NPS service depot information. The site will also offer contents, such as the introduction of effective techniques for using professional equipment. All of these information can be accessed by professional and advanced amateur photographers who are not NPS members.

As a manufacturer of imaging products that leads the professional industry, Nikon will continue to expand and enhance the contents of the NPS Global site and offer new services that fulfill user needs in order to reinforce its support and service organization.

Primary contents:

  • Basic information (About NPS) - provides an overview of NPS activities, support and services available to members, and also serves as a service network for members who are on assignment at overseas
  • Event support information (Event Support) - introduces information on NPS service depots set up at international events held throughout the world
  • Worldwide NPS contact information (NPS Global Network) - provides links to, and contact information for, the NPS organization in each country
  • Introduction of NPS members (Members) - introduces the activities and work of NPS members who are active internationally
  • Equipment tips (Technical Solutions) - provides explanations and tips for the effective use of professional equipments

About NPS:

NPS is a Nikon organization designed solely to assist qualified, full-time professional photographers who earn their living using Nikon equipment. The organization is currently operating in approximately 30 countries with primary functions to provide equipment maintenance and repair services and to provide on-site support for professional photographers working at international events.

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  • Kevin

    Oh? Lots of new sites now…First btw

    • Banned

      For us amateurs there is always NCS – Nikon Crappy Service.

  • preston

    that guy better be careful or he’s going to poke his buddy’s eye out

  • I can hardly wait to get to that level of work, where NPS would benefit.

  • James

    Now all I need to do is get into NPS….

  • JWW

    All lovely, but still no NPS support here in New Zealand. Small market you might say – maybe, but Canon has CPS over here…

    • event support:
      americas, asia and oceania. does exist any europe?

      • Mikils

        I am not a Pro but I know for sure there is a net of NPS points in Italy, thus Europe should be serviced

      • We have NPS service in Europe, but it seems that we have no major ‘NPS supported’ events here (or they are not listed yet).

    • Gareth

      where about in nz are you? seems n one shoots nikon in nz.

  • Dweeb

    Wow, finally a somewhat useful website beside somewhere to store you Christmas pictures online. See what a tiny bit of competition from Canon can do?

    How deep – there’s even a Philosophy of NPS. Which is I believe – Show me the Money!

    • Yes, for smaller studios it’s not really worth it. Just another way of Nikon trying to make money.

  • The new site looks nice, but right now it doesn’t have significant content over the old site at hopefully that will change soon…

  • MrMoo

    Being an amateur, there is nothing to see here….therefore, I am moving along now. :-\

    • yes, that’s why I left only one sentence on the front page of this post 🙂

      • You might have looked closer. See my front page report on the site. One onerous statement in there certainly does apply to non-pros: “Digital products are not currently covered by ‘The Nikon Worldwide Service Warranty’ ” and there are articles and two technical guides available on the site to even non-NPS members (at least at the moment).

  • Joe

    I agree with Bob — the site is pretty, but the content isn’t expanded or improved.

    • For a working pro, there are two things on the new site that weren’t so conveniently located before: the NPS event support by region (and it looks more current than what’s on the other sites) and the repair and NPS contact numbers for all the main countries all in one place (but there are 30 NPS countries, and I only see 27 listed on the site ;~).

  • Why doesn’t it surprise me that there is on no NPS Greece? 🙁

  • Moisés

    This guy get 31 FX bodies… jajajaja, I hope niko give to him some stuff

    What’s in the camera bag?

    Frakes describes himself as a greedy artist in terms of acquiring equipment. “I own twenty-four D3 bodies, six D3S bodies, one D700, one D300S, and several D300 bodies. And my collection of NIKKOR lenses now numbers over eighty.” In addition to his favorites such as 14-24mm f/2.8, 200mm f/2, 400mm f/2.8, 600mm f/4, and the classic 50mm f/1.2, he has added in the last year all three of the PC-E lenses, which not only are terrific for perspective control but also allow him to craft a different look for portraiture and scenic shots. He is also impressed with the new 24mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.4. “These are the photojournalists’ dream, and I never leave home without them.”

    • That Frakes dude would make a good sales man. Oh wait, he kind of is, isn’t he?

    • At this level it’s a disease. Cure the guy!
      24 D3 bodies ???? 6 D3S ??? I guess somebody actually wins at the lottery.

    • Funduro

      OCD plane and simple. If your going to suffer from one might as well make it a cool OCD. Imagine what the battery charging area in his place looks like? Must need a bag just to carry all Compact Flash.

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean that actually Nikon will one day repair its own products no matter where you purchased it? I guess for Pros.

    Nikon, I have an idea, why don’t create a Global Service center…

  • Markus

    Wondering what the difference is, always had no problem what so ever with NPS service in an other country, by this meaning going to a Nikon service centre and showing your membership

  • That is a Really Right Stuff tripod he is carrying. I just acquired the same one, and RRS has the very best stuff. NR should do a feature on that which is much more relevant than NPS to your readers. In just a few weeks from discovering RRS I have purchased their quick release plates for D3s, D300s, their pro tripod, new monopod, pro ballhead, plates to go with Manfrotto fluid head and other accessories. I have no affiliation with this company but really, really love their stuff!

    • this is a Nikon site…

      • DFive

        Lolz Admin – you are so so right 🙂
        ( but yes RRS is great…. but NOT Nikon… 😉 )

    • mshi

      Last month I witnessed a photog crossing a shallow creek using a new RRS Carbon tripod as a stick and one of the tripod legs’s washer and screws fell apart. As the result, she fell into the creek with all her equipment fully soaked. So much for the legendary quality.

    • Gareth

      looks like my gitzo to me

  • edward nafzger

    Yes Nice but where is Nikon in Colombia South America does exist Nikon do you now that i want to buy nikon pro stuff here to please and so does 1000+ pro shooters to here and i don´t mean riflesharpshooters

  • I love Nikon, but I must say that rarely I have seen a FAQ page as useless as the one on this NPS site.
    It’s ridicolous !!!

  • mark

    Hopefully they offer better service that the normal nikon help line Ever since they farmed it out to some foreign country they take forever and fumble to answer the most simple of questions And then when they do answer the question is wrong and give misinformation ARE U LISTENING NIKON
    When you had it in SOCA the people spoke english and you could understand them and they were professional and knew their stuff Calling now is a total waste of time THEY KNOW NOTHING

  • jo

    I am an nps member… trust me it is not all it is cracked up to be. Alot of hype and I waited 14 days for a repair, it was nice to have a loaner but it looked like it survived the war. They also have such a limited equipment pool and I got outdated replacement equipment. They also cleary ignored my request to return a part (battery cover) and threw it out. their answer is nothing we can do. if you ever go to the missisauga location be prepared to be treated like dirt at the front desk (the techs are nice though)

  • The invisible man

    Only 47 days left before Xmas and no sign of the D400 or the D900
    My birthday & my wedding anniversary, are both on december 25th !
    If I don’t get my new DSLR I will have to wait next Xmas !!!!!
    So, please, get back to work !

    • Anonymous

      Those asshole Nikon execs in Japan most like don’t celebrate Xmas. They do not understand that and don’t give a damn about it. Nikon execs love they hello kitty crap so don’t expect anything from them. 🙂

      • Anonymous, please watch your language

  • bluedog

    I am a former member of NPS (in Australia). To obtain membership when I did (in the 90s) it was necessary to establish professional status (having worked on several contract assignments for Nat Geo, Oz Geo etc, this was not difficult). Some years later NPS (Australia) folded and was not resurrected until Maxwell (the former Nikon agency) was morphed into Nikon Australia. When I attempted to rejoin NPS under the new auspices I was advised that the membership criteria was not down to one’s professional status, but only by proven possession of certain specified Nikon “professional” cameras and lenses (for which I qualified). But then I was advised of the additional criterion: this gear had to have been purchased from a Nikon Australia authorised outlet (for which I did not qualify). So… in essence, membership of NPS (at least where Nikon Australia is concerned) is nothing more than a marketing ploy and completely contrary to the spirit of the original association.

    • bluedog

      …also, @jo is right – membership of NPS is of very limited advantage. The couple of times I used Nikon repair services while an NPS member, I did not receive any sort of priority treatment, and not living in a capital city I was not eligible for the loaner service. I reckon NPS is really of most appeal to all those aspiring wannabees who class themselves as “semi-pro” when pasting their equipment reviews on the B&H website…

  • J.San José

    And of course, NPS don’t avalaible in Spain. I can’t imagine why…

    If you know the worse Nikon distributor in the world, multiply by 10 and this is the distributor that we had in Spain… They don’t respect the Nikon European Warranties, if you buy a nikon in france, and fail, they don’t repair anything that you don’t buy directly to him, it’s a shit !!!

    Boys, things can’t go on this way

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