Nikon MB-D11 Multi-Power Battery Pack for D7000 will start shipping in mid-December

Amazon sent out emails to existing pre-orders indicating that the Nikon MB-D11 Multi-Power Battery Pack for D7000 will start shipping in mid-December:

"Nikon MB-D11 Multi-Power Battery Pack for Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera. Estimated arrival date: December 14 2010"

Few readers got a later estimated shipment dates.

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  • Is there anywhere yet in Canada where I can get an additional battery for my D7000?

    • Have not found them here in the USA yet either!

  • IndyGeoff

    $256 ?? I’d just get the knock off later for 1/2 the price.

  • PHB

    I find these add on battery packs rather lame.

    I don’t particularly need additional battery life, but I do see the advantage of a larger grip area when handling big lenses.

    What I would much prefer is a grip that adds WiFi and/or GPS capability to a body. I know that Nikon sell these as add-ons. But who on earth has time for such ridiculous, clunky devices?

    Another major win that is being overlooked is a grip that boosts the flash capability.

    A speedlight consists of several components. There is a capacitor bank, som batteries, a bit of electronics and the strobe head. Of these it is only the strobe head that needs to be positioned in a particular place with respect to the shot.

    A grip could easily do dual duty, providing extra power to enable higher fps when shooting without flash and powering a strobe head when flash is in use. The strobe head would be mounted on a bendy goose-neck stalk and plug into the body as needed.

    This approach would allow Nikon to sell a range of strobe heads for different purposes. There could be different power strobe heads, heads with or without built in diffusers, heads with different length stalks, etc.

    • Paul

      Sounds interesting and expensive.

    • pavel

      But who uses camera mounted flash? Once you go off camera (and you should most of the time), you have no power to your flash :/
      sb900 is fine with it’s 4 AA batteries – it charges super fast and lasts forever

    • Nau

      totally agree… ‘power pack’ needs some options
      I dont really need extra battery and whn I do I got no problem having one spare in my bag…
      from the power pack (that I like for the reasons that u listed) I want something that actually will benefit me…
      and come one Nikon 250 for a battery holder is a bit of ouch… especially considering you can get knockoffs for 50

    • Do you own a camera with grip? Have you ever? Don’t knock it ’til you try it…

      And by try, I don’t mean pick it up in a store. I mean use it/live with it for a week. I actually like the whole idea of a more pro body that can be pared down to pack lighter. Like my D700. If you shoot vertical at all, it’s a godsend.

      I grip with GPS puts the unit on the bottom of the camera half the time (BAD for something that needs line of sight to the sky). GPS can and should be tiny–why make a whole freakin grip for it? Wifi is still not super useful, except for triggering, and there are better/cheaper ways to trigger. Wifi is a power suck. And it’s not very fast/efficient for the bandwidth that high quality image files can take. It take a significant amount of juice to write to a memory card and you’re at least doubling that to send a signal through the air–at the same time? There’s more than one good reason that Wifi is an expensive add on. It’s just not practical for the masses, and if it’s not mass produced gear, it’s expensive. That’s just how it goes.

      Nikon is smart not to waste their time on wifi, and they offer a decent gps solution.

      Flashes have different voltage requirements, and they also are more likely to fail catastrophically when they do fail. I think Nikon and other manufacturers are very wise to separate these components. You really don’t want your camera battery charging your flash.

  • cirtap

    You know what…I am going to fix my D300…and Skip the D7000 and wait for Dsomething down the pike. I also been seeing problems with dead pixels in D7000….I guess there will soon be an update to fix that problem???

    • ndlbox

      Is this really a wide spread problem? I have zero stuck pixels on mine. I wonder if this is a case where a small percentage of people have the problem, but of course they are the most vocal so it seems over-reported on the net. Happens a lot on forums – people search out the issue, find the gripe thread and it quickly grows, but it could well represent <1% of the total users. Happened with my car in 2008 – it was a redesign year and there was a problem with the engines grenading. From the forums you would think that half the cars sold were blowing their motors – after a few months Subaru issued a recall, turns out it was like .8% of cars were affected.

      • Jordan

        Mine has zero dead or hot pixels, however one of my D90s had a few hot pixels and I bought it LONG after it was released. This is normal for some bodies to have this, don’t wait to buy this awesome camera. GET IT!

        • TdM

          Same here D90 has hot pixels (no big deal) D7000 is completely clean of them.

    • I went through three d7000s before I found one with no dead pixels. For photos its easy to clean up, but for video i can’t use it if there is a big blue and red dot in the footage. I use the video for client stuff, not home video so it was a problem.

      but man, when i found that one with no dead pixels…it was a sweet picture!

  • The invisible man

    The grip for the D90 (MB-D80) cost $139
    Why the one for the D7000 cost $256 ?
    Does the D7000’s grip have more pixels, more ISO, better autofocus ?

    • Everything. And it makes your photos super-duper awesome.

    • It’s more METAL! \|m| (wow, that really doesn’t work in this font!)

      Uh, but really, it’s closer in build to the mb-d10. Which was ridiculously over-priced at introduction as well.

      I own both the mb-d10 and mb-d80, and I’d say I’d have paid a little extra to get something like the mb-d10 for the d90. The mb-d80 IS rather flimsy in comparison. And the extra joystick on the mb-d10 and mb-d11 is certainly worth some value as well.

      As is the weather sealing–I would hesitate to take the d90 out in the rain in the first place, but I would REALLY hesitate to take the d90 out in the rain with the mb-d80. It’s just not sealed or built like the other grips we’re talking about. In fact, I think $170 is quite overpriced for the mb-d80. About $200 would be fair for this new one. It’ll creep down after a few months.

  • brent

    All I want is a spare battery (EN-EL15) but even that is expensive – $72.00!!

    • THAT is something worth waiting for the knockoff off. Of course, if you get one spare in the mean time, it’s probably all you’ll need. Unless you’re gigging with it.

  • Quoll

    Can you plug the D7000 into AC power somehow (via this grip or otherwise?)

    • JamesC

      It’s sort of hard to explain, but there’s a little bit on the inside of the grip of the camera (where your fingertips rest) at the bottom, that sort of leads into the battery door. It just flaps up, and I guess that could house some sort of power cord? Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

    • dave

      The EH-5A AC adapter. It plugs into one of the ports under the flap with the hdmi, usb and other ports.

  • looleylaylow

    Not true. The site doesn’t show it as backordered but a chat session with Ritz confirmed that it is.

  • cirtap

    Adorma and B&H selling the extra battery grip for 249.99. A lil bit cheaper…IF i was buying the D7000, I would purchase the extra grip. Need for all my Vertical Shooting..need that extra hand space.

  • Lance

    I don’t understand why someone would buy this nice small camera and then hang a battery grip on it. If it was me I’d leave it alone and put only a 35 or 50mm lens on it forever. I own a D3S with a 50mm mounted 95% of the time and it’s wonderful, but it’s huge. I keep thinking about cross-grading to a Leica, but I hate to lose the near limitless available light capability. But back to the original point, if you want a big battery grip, get a big camera like the D700 and do it right. Actually I think it’s nuts to one on a D700 too, I’ve tried it. It works but you defeat the whole purpose of the small body.

    • Lance

      I’ll be selling my MB-D10 any day now, it’s just sitting in the case unused.

  • Fenst

    what the hell do I need to have a grip without the camera?!

  • I shoot alot of vertical so a battery grip is essential for me. I’ve always used nikon brand but I got a knock off for my d90 and at half the price I coudn’t be happier. So i’ll just wait for the knock offs, i mean, in this economoy, as much as I would love to own all name brand nikon gear, i have to save my pennys for the lenses.

  • Illegal Machine

    I loved the grip on my D200. It’s awesome for vertical shooting.

    My hands are big, and I feel I need a grip on this camera to make it more compfortable in my hands.

    Coming from a D200 with a MB200 grip, to a D7000 is like going from driving a diesel truck to a smart car.

    • Michael

      Fully agree with you, I love my MB200 as well.
      Having said this, 2 years ago the MB200 was ‘only’ 180€; 260€ without any extras really is a lot of money.
      I fear the worst for the MB400….

      • Michael

        Oh dear, 256$, not Euro. Still a lot of money but….

  • Dweeb

    I’m really getting tired of being screwed over by Nikon with their ever changing battery grip ripoff. D200 grip, D300 grip and now another one? The better not pull this shit with the new D700 replacement. BUT THEY WILL.

  • chuck

    meh.. I still don’t have my Adorama D7000.

  • George

    So $250 and another $60 for the battery. Nikon is really trying to make a dime on us.. That is a good reason to wait for an aftermarket grip.. (And I always buy original nikon accessories) but I don’t see why we need to pay ridiculous price for a battery holder!

  • I ordered my D7000 kit on 10/18 and it finally shipped yesterday from Adorama.

  • FYI: Got my D7000 replacement battery today from Calumet Germany.

  • Am-Expat

    It might seem silly to intentionally add size and weight to a small camera with a grip but for those who use one it is essential. Essential in that my light D90 becomes a different and more desirable camera with the $60 Zeikos grip, very well balanced and the perfect combined size. A 70-200vr becomes a hand hold walking around lens, hand holding is easier and steadier on all lenses with the grip. After playing with a lot of combinations I think for balance only the D3 is better. I expect the D7000 to be also greatly improved to be a serious daily camera for semi-pros, wedding photogs, event shooters etc. The grip and RS-5 Black Rapid strap are the most useful accessories I’ve gotten, even over most of my lenses purchases. The grip improved images more than the 85 1.4 did for example.
    If I get a D7000 it will be after I can try it with a grip. So far the impression I get is that it will be another well balanced, right-sized camera.

  • DBX

    Nikon and grips. The D7000 and D80 are a smaller body than the D300 and D700. And the D80/D90 grip wasn’t all that great, kind of like the D200 one, and needed an update, especially given the new body materials in the camera. The real test of whether Nikon are being disingenuous with forcing obsolescence will be whether or not the D400 and D800 take the MB-D10. If the MB-D10 survives, I’d take that as a very good sign regarding commitment to supporting accessories.

  • FYI: today I received my nikon mb-d11 from calumet germany – preordered it at the same day after anouncment with the nikon d7000.

  • just found out that the MB-D11 is on stock at B&H. Not a lot of it, hurry and order some if you want one.

  • Steven

    I picked up a D7000 on launch day about a month ago at Best Buy. They had four in stock so I bought two. One for a buddy. It feels like a toy in my hand after using a D300 for 18 months. I cant wait for the grip. I ordered it at Amazon (I had gift cards) and they estimated a ship date between 12/23 and 1/7. To my surprise it shipped today, 11/18. I’ll be watching the UPS tracker every day now.

  • Franco

    MB-D11 in stock in Germany. £279.89 including delivery to UK. So cancelled my WEX pre-order (£359.99 including delivery).

  • Seb

    DO NOT BUY – several reports of it breaking (joystick split into 2 halves) very quickly – mine lasted 4 months…

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