Nikon D7000 will be available in Europe on November 5th

According to Amazon UK (and many other stores in Europe) the Nikon D7000 body only will start shipping this Friday (November 5th).

The Nikon D7000 kit is listed to be available in stock on November 15th, but I believe many stores will get them on Friday as well.

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  • Adonay Pernía


  • Luke

    Australia must not be far off!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anton

      lol 🙂

  • Richard S

    I hope I get my body only order faaast!! I have a gig the 20th and it would be so sweet if I could film with the D7000 instead of the D3s!!

    • Zograf

      ?? “instead of the D3s”?? I would dream to take night bar scenery pictures with D3s instead if the D700)) Less than street light lighting conditions – D3s would have been perfect, well, one day…

      • Richard S

        I want the D7000 seeing as it’s a film job. Real HD, lighter camera, DX increasing the focal length of my lenses , longer sequences. No need for the low light capability of the D3s on this one.

        • Richard S

          I got it! I got it! I got it!

          For fellow swedes:

          Pre-ordered at the beginning of October.
          Just the house.

  • Twinmoons

    Yeah, it would be nice if they were available in the u.s. too. I’m so pissed right now. I had a pre order with amazon from sept 15 which never got shipped. Then on Friday October 29th I got on and their chat rep said they were in stock and would DEFINITELY ship. So I canceled my amazon pre order and ordered from ritz. Nothing has shipped. Come to find out the bastards lied. They were on backorder. I have never bought anything from ritz before and now I never will. Bloody liars.

  • Cowbell

    Bunch of people overpaying on ebay for this camera only to realize it doesn’t make them a better photographer.

    • Funduro

      It beats spending it on heroin. It’s their money. It’s their decisions. So some people get carried away BFD. Again it’s way better then shooting it up your arm.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Unless it’s really good heroin.

        • jaHko-420


    • It may not make a lot of those who are buying it better photographers, but it will help some get better pictures. For those who are limited by their current equipment it’s a nice upgrade.

      • WoutK89

        If it’s really that big of an upgrade, it’s either a very old (Nikon) camera, and so they could have waited some extra weeks I would assume, or they switch another brand to Nikon. It still doesnt add up that people are so hyped to get this camera for a premium JUST to have it now.

        • JakeB

          I currently use a Nikon D60. I’m also a pretty good photographer (I have technique). I hate using flash in low light situations, but with the D60 I can’t get anything clean enough past ISO 400.

          So, yes, the D7000 will help me to get usable photos I couldn’t get before.

          That help explain it?

          • WoutK89

            No, because you have a worth camera already, those extra 4 weeks or so, will not change much, but will save you the premium you pay on eBay 😉

        • Peter

          Some people just aren’t good with waiting.

          Like me. I mean I can wait for my kid to go to sleep, and I can wait for my wife to get ready to go out, and I can wait for my dog while she sniffs around all morning for a place to do her business, but I have to admit I have little patience in this day and age of insane production and delivery capability waiting for a piece of digital equipment I’m going to pay big $$ for. I mean this is pretty amature, imo. Might be typical for Nikon/Canon but you don’t wait 3 months more than you thought you would be waiting for the newest video card to be stocked or the newest iPod, etc.

          I think a lot of people are tired of waiting because really there’s no good excuse as to why they should be waiting.

          • WoutK89

            They could also announce and release in january, when they have enough stock, but they would miss out on the holiday season, so they announce the in production product to be released in the moment of year when the demand is higher than availability. And you wouldnt even have seen any word on it by now. At least some people have it in their possession and you know you can have it if you pre-order/buy now.

            • Peter

              Agreed, and don’t take this as a trite comment but they also could’ve held off the announcement until, like, now. Or even last week since ‘now’ is when we’re getting them.

              The whole, “big-announcement-mid-Oct” followed by the rather lame, “oh-my! Who’da-thought-so-many-would-want-it” vanity that came after was pretty silly imo.

              Not that any of this will matter once I get it in my paws.


  • ThomasBPunkt

    My dealer said 47th week when I called yesterday. I still hope they ship tomorrow.

    I pre-ordered my D7k body from who have the lowest european price, no shipping fee, accept coupons (40-50€, use google) and accepted my Lufthansa Miles.

  • RT

    My store in Germany sold its first D7000 already last Thursday…

  • Manuel

    Calumet Gemany twittered that preorders from
    customers will get their cameras delivered by this weekend.

  • Benny

    Yesterday I visited Saturn Frankfurt (in myZeil shopping center) and they told me it is expected to be in the shop on Nov 20th.

  • Brian

    I haven’t checked the new Saturn here in Heidelberg yet, but the local Nikon dealer told me that they will be in store on the 5th.

  • Alain2x

    Same day in France, at least from official Nikon dealers.
    Some independent shops have already sold their demo samples, however.

  • This is great news Nikon; we can’t even get one at the local dealer; we’ll have to go to Europe to get one.

    • @Gorji: where are you from?

  • explicit

    Confirmed, polish shop announces D7000 available in sale 05.11.2010. Can’t wait till tommorow 😉

    • WoutK89

      My favorite Dutch store had it for nov. 5th since 2 days after announcement.

  • jessops have it on there site order by 7pm today get it tomorrow

  • I already have bought a D7000 (body only) from a german local store 🙂
    I also have reviewed it: (german)

    • enesunkie

      Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut aber Ich verstehe ein bisschen. Seems that ya like it!

      • Maybe google translator helps a bit…
        Yes, I’m very pleased about the D7000, there are only a few, small issues.
        I think the camera is worth the money. 🙂

  • Woohoo! I’m getting mine tomorrow from Fotofabrikas, Lithuanian e-store! 🙂 They told me that they are only getting 2 cameras which are now being shipped from Germany, and I’m one of those two guys who’ll get the camera 🙂 price ~ 1 515$ or ~1 072 Eur (I got 7% discount because Fotofabrikas was celebrating its 7th birthday)

    Can’t wait tomorrow! I should really go to sleep earlier today!

    • Mikils

      Now, it will be nice when this shop will celebrate its 75th bithday!

      • Anton

        It would be even better when this shop will celebrate its 100ths birthday.

        • not to mention the 125th birthday when they start paying you

  • Josef Nguyen

    hmm…somebody know when the German Amazon Store got it? i pre ordered the same day it was available for pre-order (16th of sep.) but still no confirmation when they have it available.

  • Hmmm Jessops has removed that Advert saying order by 7pm get it friday. Either they have sold their allocation or the date has changed..

  • called to tell me they’d get them Friday and they’d be out for Monday delivery. Woot!

    Strangely they called to ask if I still wanted the pre-order?! Damn straight I do!

    How exciting. I’m hoping the jump from D70 to 7000 will be like a thrilling ride into the future 😉

  • SwedishNikonan… , distributor in Sweden, Norway and Finland delivered a first small batch yesterday, Wednesday. Unfortunately site is only available in native languages.

  • Mats Larsson

    Got mine today… sweet

    • Henrik

      Mats, judging from your name I’m making a wild guess that you’re Swedish(?) In that case, from where did you get the camera already today? The stores I have called today say they won’t release it until tomorrow or maybe Monday.

  • wannabe anonymus

    Mats larsson: damn you, lucker

    should i buy D7k with 35mm/F1.4 now or shall i wait untill february so i have enough money to buy it in kit with 16-85? i’m thinking of first option, my camera can fall appart any day from today… (if not maybe today :o)

  • Martin Wildi

    Jupiie, just received the long awaited call: i can pick up my D7000 from my local dealer ( I’m sitting in Aarau, Switzerland, they meant that i’m one of the first (ordered at 15th sept.).

  • Jaap

    I live in the Netherlands. My dealer is quite sure he gets some D7000 tomorrow and… The first one is mine…. I am such a happy bunny…. This is going to be a great weekend for sure. 😉

  • Ant

    Ha, went into Calumet Munich today and saw a D7000 box on the shelf, tried to buy it, but it’s their only display model, so they wouldn’t let me have it. They confirmed that stock will be released from their warehouse tomorrow, in store by early next week.

  • abo

    Is there any of you considering the D7000 with some FX lenses? Does that make a huge difference in a DX when comparing to D700 body?

    • Peter

      Multiply the size by 1.5 to get the FOV range under DX for an FX lens.

      Example, AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8 Wide Angle is approx. equal to 21mm-36mm.

      (14 x 1.5 = 21, and 24 x 1.5 = 36)

      Besides that I don’t think there’s any difference at all. Maybe others could point out something I’m missing.

    • Anton

      The FX lenses are usually larger, heavier and more expensive. That’s the very reason that i consider the DX sensor size to be a better choice (You can buy DX lenses that are cheaper, lighter and smaller). As a matter of fact i don’t see any other reasons why would you buy a DX camera. So if you bought one you should take full advantage of it.
      If you want to buy FX lenses then you would probably should buy an FX camera, but remember that the FX is for the pro and people that want to show off. Also, as technology matures the image quality of DX sensors is comparable with and sometimes it better then the images of the old FX sensors.

      And remember, that when you buy an FX lens you pay money for the larger circle., that you don’t use. It’s kind of stupid.

      • Michael

        I don’t understand…show me any DX camera with better image quality than old FX camera (the oldest FX is D3)…

        • Anton

          It all depends on the use.
          Since the questioner was willing to buy a D7k this made me think that he is probably not planing to do any professional shots (very low light, high frame rate, …) in harsh weather conditions and then print a poster size photo. So this i he is probably buying a camera for regular photography in which case a D7k (even D90) is no worse then the D3. Please, no pixel pepping and a print of no more then A4 size and no magnifying glass for viewing. Please.
          You will get an even better result (image resolution) if you take several pictures and the stitch them together, bit this work only for static objects. So, in very rare situations would a Pro camera outperform a sub-pro.
          When you buy a D3 you are paying for the durability and tough build, not for the quality. (That is, the technology that is used to build the pro sensor is eventually used to make a DX sensor)

      • Abo

        Thanks for the explanation, but in my case, I dont want to expend dam money on FX body knowing that pretty soon there will be new cameras (d700 replacement for example). So, the idea is to get 2-3 fx lenses and a d7000 for example, later on give that to my wife and get a pro body while taking advantage of this new beast…

        • Anton

          In your circumstances you have a point.
          But i always wonder that would all those who bought FX lenses do if Nikon decides to make a medium format sensor. I see no reason why it wouldn’t. Those expensive FX lenses will have to go i guess.
          So, it’s best to figure out exactly what you want from your camera.
          This is like the recent hype with the megapixels count. A larger sensor does give you better quality (that is larger photo elements), but do you really need to have such quality. (Please, no pixel pepping)
          No matter what you buy, there will also be something better.

          • Horst

            i want the best sharpness with fast lenses and a shallow DOF.

            funny thing is, people looking at the pictures with shallow DOF often end up saying: “oh, that’s so sharp and crisp, which camera did you use? I’ll buy the same one!”

  • teko

    Remember, remember… the 5th of November.

  • jms

    Preorders being delivered. Got mine 1 hour ago in Finland (Nov 4).
    Body only. Split from a kit.

    • nikonpoika


  • bokehyeah

    I’m living in Germany and got mine about a week ago … it seems so far, like the D7000 is far superior to the D300

    • tp14

      how? where? I live in Germany too, but i am heading for asia on sunday. I’d love to take a brand new D7000 with me.

      • Benjamin

        I also live in germany and i got a D7000 today (Friday) for 1099€ in a local store in Hamburg (in Bergstraße in the city) . I could take it in my hands and try.
        They told me they got 5 today and they have still 3 left.

  • Calumet Germany is shipping mine via DHL express, i will get it on Saturday. Preordered the camera on the day of its announcement.

  • Piarco

    Well, no joy from Amazon. A “we’re sorry but” email was awaiting me this morning, saying the body only from was due in by the 17th Dec.
    I’d only made an order on the off chance it would ship as I originally ordered the D7000 kit, which is the order I’ve kept. But that isn’t due to ship until between 12th-17th Dec!

    And its a reseller in that Amazon screen grab, not actually Amazon themselves who still have those December dates. I’m not expecting anything for week, but hope I’ll be proved wrong. If not I’m in NYC in late Nov, may pick one up then.

    • TdM

      Yep I got that mail this morning too… I REALLY need a robust camera and I’m half contemplating switching my order to a D300s for expediency but I really want that 7000….

      • Piarco

        Looks like it’s Jessops to the rescue! Checked the website for the hell of it, lo and behold they have them in stock – delivery & collect! Just reserved mine for pickup in Kingston, will be heading to pick it up over an extended lunch 🙂
        Shame it’s the rrp though, was getting used to the idea of Amazon’s cheaper price.

        • Piarco: Pity you never pre-order from Jessops. Got mine with

          Nikon Kit Bag
          2 SD Cards
          Gorrilla Zoom tripod
          £60+ Print voucher

          Same price as they are selling it without. Quite a bundle compared to others.

          • Piarco

            I originally did, but cancelled as I already had enough SanDisk Extreme SD cards, Crumpler bags & a Gorillapod DSLR Zoom! They would have just ended up on eBay, and I’m just to lazy for that 😉

            But the sunnyside is that through the pre-order and picking up the body only today, I still managed to get all the Virgin Airmiles associated with both transactions – so many cheap flights next year!

            • TdM

              YAY! It’s on it’s way from Jessops! I could mitigate most of the difference in cost to amazon with topcashback so all is well!

            • Lew.b

              When did you pre order yours? Just hoping i get mine asap still not got any news of them dispatching it 🙁

            • tdm

              Never mind… in stock delivering monday has become ‘on backorder’ just after i. Cancelled amazon preorder! Lying gits!

            • tdm

              Got one new oxford street london! Jessops have them in stock…

        • Phoenix

          Jessops are only doing Backorders at the moment due to high demands. The top stores will have the D7000 in stock, but most others can only backorder with a deposit (full one too) due to the high demands for the camera itself.

          I’m going to wait out until the price drops.

  • impaler

    Got mine yesterday evening at the PCH store in Brussels, Belgium, immediately after they’d got them. Pre-ordered about 2 weeks ago. Paid 1059 euros for body only, which I believe beats all European prices I could see online. An ecstatic jump from the old and beloved D50.

  • Finnish retailers still claim “available on x weeks”, but at least has bodies and kits on stock.

  • ThomasBPunkt

    Ah got it, body only. Not at Amazon or another online shop. Not at one of the big electronic stores or warehouses. It was the smallest shop in town who had it. My weekend is saved 😉

    • Horst

      I’ll just have to play with myself on the weekend. bugger.

  • metalorange

    Went to several shops in my Hometown in Germany today and it is still not available. I was told it might still take one or two weeks.

  • Joe from Hamburg

    Calumet in Hamburg just told me that they got a few Today but that these a reserved. So Why does Amazon Germany does not have it? I did my pre Order at the wrong warehouse!!!

    • Piarco

      It’s beginning to look like Amazon – not matter which European country – just doesn’t seem to have stock of any sort. Anybody from the EU care to chime in if they actually got either their D7000 kit or body from Amazon?

  • Karl

    Waiting on Amazon Germany too!
    O want to take photos on a silver wedding
    but I think i have to do it with my former D300
    nothing new here

    • Ant

      I ended up storniering my Amazon Germany order. I went straight to the Foto Köster in Münster website and they had free stock to order for EUR80 less than Amazon. It should be delivered Monday or Tuesday.

  • Calumet is known for good contacts. Got the tracking code for the express delivery at 3 p.m. – will arrive tomorrow.

  • Benjamin

    As i posted in an answer above: A local store got a shipment today.
    I was there at 18:30, tried mine a bit before I bought it. They have still some (+-3) in stock… so when you fast tomorrow morning ……. 😉
    (I am now waiting for battery to get charged…)

    • Joe from Hamburg

      Which City? Which Store?

      • Benjamin

        Hamburg (big city at the elbe), Foto-Gregor, Bergstraße nearly next to the Europa-Passage…
        …happy hunting 😉

  • Torbjörn E

    Yes! Finally got mine.
    Thanks kameradoktorn in Sweden!

  • Joe from Hamburg

    Thx Benjamin

    but to bad i was to late. I was the first one this morning in the store and the seller thought he had some left but they all (i think 2) have been reserved. I could have had the one from the window but one button was broken.
    so i wait for my amazon order 🙁

    • Benjamin

      Oh – I m sorry.
      It sounds as if at least one of those would still be free…
      And btw: the one with the broken Focus-Selection-Button was the one I first tested – and it took a while to convince the seller, that the button really is broken.

  • me

    I start to believe Amazon Germany doesn’t want to sell a single piece. I preordered there at september 16 – no message yet about possible shipping. So an hour ago I ordered at a small Ringfoto-Dealer near Stuttgart (via amazons marketplace) for 50 euros less – Status now: preparing to ship 🙂

  • Joe from Hamburg

    i got the last body only d7000 from calumet hamburg :). i checked the hp and it was available in hamburg so i called and the reserved the last one for me. i cancelled my order from the 16th of september from amazon i few minutes ago.

  • tdm

    This camera rocks. The new autofocus is great and the iso performance is rocking my world… SUPERB job Nikon!

  • Peter

    You know what? #### it.

    I’ve had my camera on order since the middle of October and now Vistek is telling me end of November. I realize ‘old timers’ probably get some kind of masochistic pleasure from being told ‘No’ over and over again but I’m not an ‘old timer’. I’m new to dslrs and only decided to get one after using my friends D300 for 2 months. This is amature hour. There is *nothing* you can list in the way of consumer electronics that *ever* has these kind of inexcusable wait times, confusion and ambiguity. I mean does anyone anywhere know where their ####ing cameras even are at this moment?!

    Unbelievable, inexcusable and just plain juvenile. I’m going to tell Vistek to keep their non-refundable deposti – it’s the last dime they’ll ever see from me, and going out at lunch dropping my money on a 7D and I’m never looking back.

    Have fun waiting till mid-December (maybe) people, I’m taking pictures TO-####ING-DAY not “whenever”.

    Don’t care about the specs. Don’t care if Nikon is “the Brand”. I’m gone. One less customer Nikon.

    • Peter


      So much more satisfying being a camera *owner* rather than a camera dreamer. Woo-hoo!

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