Nikon D7000 body only now shipping in the US

I received multiple reports that various stores in the US (including Amazon, Ritz and some small dealers) are now shipping the Nikon D7000 body only to existing pre-orders. Here is the proof:

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  • Soskha

    does anyone knows when it will be available in middle east?

  • Illegal Machine

    I’m returning my D7000 kit to Best Buy today or tomorrow.

    Hot/Stuck pixels. Check out the video in 1080p and pause when I pass throug the tire.

    I *was* going to order through Amazon, but I’m afraid my body-only model will have the same issue. If I have to return it to Amazon for a new camera, who knows how long that will take.

    I’ll probably wait a couple weeks and see how many of these suckers are actually getting shipped out…

    • Zach

      Same issue here. I don’t know if i should send it in to Nikon to get fixed or just return it and wait until another one becomes available

      • Sidney V

        Same here. Going to return to Best Buy today due to hot pixel. Can’t do an even exchange b/c they don’t have any in stock and don’t plan to until late November/Early December. I’m going to wait until 2011 to see if Nikon has/will actually fix the “hot pixel” issue. Hopefully by then the body will be slightly cheaper. In the meantime I’ll just have to treat myself to some new glass for the trusty D50 🙂

        • Illegal Machine

          Unfortunately, I sold my D200 back 3 weeks ago.


  • Worth a check, D700 x D7000 with LR3 from NEFs, for those that haven’t seens it yet. 24-70mm at f/8 used.

    Resized, side-by-side:

    Pretty amazing for D7000, especially in darker areas, where noise is more problematic. Detail also a bit better in low ISOs, see pattern in blue letter at right side of crops.

  • hornagain

    Ordered from Amazon about 30 mins after announcement, still no status or email.

  • Mark

    Any idea when the bodies will start shipping in Canada? Seems like I have been waiting FOREVER!

  • Ralph Daily

    Just got off a chat with B&H. They don’t have the D7000 body yet but said my order would be in the first batch.

    • me

      I don’t get it. Why are people getting a sent to warehouse for shipping if they have not received a body only shipment?


    My D7000 body shipped from NPS and I got the call from Calumet that it was in – when I’m on the opposite side of the country shooting on assignment.

  • hornagain

    So, any proof or confirmation that Amazon is shipping bodies?

  • when ….would this come to the streets of toronto

  • Kingyo

    That’s alright, I can play with one at Nikon’s booth today at the PDN Photoplus Expo 🙂

  • SDiggity


  • Phillip

    I recently purchased a D7000 and on the LCD my images look great, but there is a color temperature difference when I go to print directly from the card or pull it up on several different computer monitors. It seems all the images are a little blue, even in auto white balance with all neutral settings. It’s puzzling because the camera LCD looks great and the colors look spot on. A simple levels adjustment in photoshop fixes the problem, but I am trying to avoid that for every shot. Also, all images were shot jpeg fine. I can see the color temp change on the LCD as I go from differences in K to different settings so I know it is working in that respect, but the final image seems to vary quite a bit from the shot jpeg on the LCD. Has anyone else has this issue?

    • Funduro

      Pictures are meant to be viewed on monitors, TV screens or printed. Monitors must be set up for a specific color. Heck the monitors also should be calibrated. Same for printer. Hate to say it but thats the way it is. Their are to many variables to get reproduction off the camera screen. Professional calibrations are done with probes and software. Im my industry the 5 MP monitors cost about $8,000 each for gray scale display. Each monitor gets calibrated then tested once per month. The LCD screen on the camera also has some picture controls plus that plastic screen protector will cause color shifting.

      • Phillip

        I totally agree that photos are meant for monitors, tvs and prints. However, the LCD should be fairly close on jpeg given that you use it for reference on color temp and white balance. Everything I have viewed it on other than my camera is way too cool. It seems like the camera wb levels are off about 400-600 degrees or so from the final output. It really doesn’t make sense to me. If the shot looks too yellow and bright, it matches the monitors and print fine (i have tried someones else’s computer and a lab printing with no corrections). I don’t want to make that concession for the money spent if it’s a problem with my camera. I am wanting to cut down the post processing for surfing photos for a quick turn around. I haven’t found a way to tweak my LCD WB to fix it, just the brightness. I will most likely return it and just order another and wait for it to arrive because I love everything else about it.

      • Phillip

        Here is a photobucket link with a few samples. All out of camera except for the one with the PS correction in the house. Maybe I’m being too picky, but I just think they have too cool a haze.

        • Funduro

          I see what you mean by the blue haze on one surfing picture and the interior. I have a question on the surfing shot where the Sun seems to be present was that an early morning shot with a slight fog? I’m thinking the low angle of the Sun hitting the water particles cause the blue haze. In the interior shot I have 2 points from looking at the picture: The wall color will reflect that color from the flash, also the flash or other light source is seen on a mirror on the right side. The reflected light might have caused the metering to be off(I would think that would have caused an under exposure). Then again this camera has like 7 WB settings. Try replicating the interior shot with the same lights/flash and set on the different WB settings to test that possible source. In the mean time you will get first hand experience on using WB . Then again it could be the camera itself. Hope this helps, I’m interest in your findings.

          • Phillip

            Thanks for your input. The surfing was all in the morning. The first shot about 7:15am and the second when the sun was out about 9:00am. So both were pretty low. I had WB on the sun one at 5000K, I know daylight is more near 5600K, but I was adjusting from the LCD a bit. I think I am just being paranoid. I shot some yesterday of pelicans on 5560K and they look great. I added some to the album with no corrections. They looked a bit warmer on the LCD, but same conditions, water, sky and subject. Judging by the Chase Jarvis sample originals, his seem a tad cool as well. I will probably keep the camera and WB adjust as I really do love it. Anyway, here are the pelican shots.


            • Funduro

              Along with the WB, the D7000 has Active D-lighting. That feature might add some contrast to less then optimal shooting conditions. Shot several shots with the different settings then review which give you the look your after. Then store that setting in U1 or U2. Doing that will quickly setup the camera to give you the best shots under specific conditions consistently.

    • What setting used for WB and Exposure Control?

      • Phillip

        Typically was 5,000 or 5,250k. It looked a bit warmer on the LCD than the final. When shot nearer to 5,600k they look great, bit on LCD a little too warm. Just need to do more trial and error.

  • JoshL

    I’m really hoping there’s some reasonable logic behind the delay (such as they postponed the shipment to fix the source of issues causing dead/stuck pixels)…otherwise, it’s very difficult for me to understand such a lack of disclosure from both the retailers and Nikon. I’ve seen videos of Nikon reps over a month ago saying that the product will be available starting on the 29th of this month, so I don’t thinik they’re actually “late,” but clearly, the Best Buy situation…you know what, I’m so pissed off, I’m not even gonna finish this paragraph….I’m gonna go calm myself down.

  • Caleb

    So I just contacted amazon and they upgraded me to one day shipping for free but when I went back to check my order I had been charged. I called back and they removed the 29.95 shipping charge. Just throwing that out there so it doesn’t happen to anyone else

    Ordered sept, 29 no info on ship date yet

  • Some local pro camera shops got body-only shipments yesterday. My local shop did, and I picked up my D7K body-only yesterday morning!

    • Funduro

      Where? I’ll fire up the Lear Jet and be there in a jiffy.

  • Mark

    I ordered my D7k body only on 09/27 from Just called and was told the item is still not in yet! WTF?!?!

  • Paul

    I ordered a D7000 body on September 15th and just received UPS shipping confirmation, for a scheduled delivery on Tuesday, 11/2.

    • ClickChick

      … ordered from … ?


      • Paul


  • jrcustomer

    Just called J&R, they still don’t have body shipments, expected next week

  • Jim

    Well, this is interesting. If I hadn’t cancelled my order, it looks like I would have been getting the camera this weekend. However, I’ve already run two shoots with my BB kit 🙂

    Still feeling ahead, but I suspect that had I known that it was going to be 2 weeks, I would have held out. I really need to move that lens…

  • justin h

    just got my shipping confirmation from BH on my body only order, placed on sept 15. Woot!!!!!!

  • anon

    i am the stig.

  • Sven

    Hot damn! Got this email from B&H an hour ago….body is on the way! For the record they told me awhile back that I was #32 in line.

    Dear XXXXXX,

    We are pleased to inform you that the following items from your order have been shipped. (If this email was sent on a Sunday or a Legal Holiday, your order has been packed and will be shipped on the next business day.)

    We hope you enjoy your new purchase and look forward to serving you again.
    Boxes: 1

    Tracking #1: (XXXX)

    * Shipping Method: UPS 3 DAY
    * Scheduled Arrival Date: 11/02/10
    * This box requires an adult signature at the time of delivery.

    Item Qty Item Description
    NID7000 1 D7000 DSLR Camera (Body)

    • JCap

      I can, sadly, confirm this. I just finished a Live Chat session with a B&H Customer Service Rep.

      As a point of reference, I placed my order on September 15th at 11:30PM Eastern.

      – – – – – – – – –
      Chat Transcript
      Welcome to Live Chat at the B&H Customer Service Department. Please wait while we connect you to an agent who will be able to assist you…
      You have been connected to Shneur O.

      John : I have been told by associates that their pre-orders for the Nikon D7000 are being fulfilled. We all placed our orders around the same time on September 15th. Will my pre-order be fulfilled soon? My order number is # xxxxxxxxxx

      Shneur O: Hello John. My name is Shneur, and I will be glad to assist you. Please give me a few moments to begin working on your inquiry.

      Shneur O: we have not received them in stock yet

      John: How then would people be receiving automated notifications?

      Shneur O: i am not sure

      John: Thank you.

      Shneur O: i see that we did receive some in stock

      John: Oh.

      Shneur O: but not enough to fill all of the preorders

      John: I had been informed previously that B&H was only taking pre-orders for the amount they were supposed to receive.

      Shneur O: we did not get all of the cameras that we ordered from Nikon yet

      Shneur O: they do not send out all of the to the store right away. they fill a few orders for each store

      Shneur O: your order should be filled in the next shipment we receive

      Shneur O: you are only a few orders down from the top

      John: Well, thats decent enough news. Is there any indication of when that shipment would arrive?

      Shneur O: no, i just checked, we dont have shipping information yet for the next batch….hopefully in a few days

      John: Thank you very much for your time.
      – – – – – – – – –

      So it seems that even large camera retailers have their stock trickling in, and cannot immediately fulfill all their pre-orders as they intended.

      • Sven

        That kinda sucks. Good luck hopefully they get their next shipment soon.

        • JCap

          Thanks, its not too bad. Coming from a documentary film/photography background, but being a Nikon shooter, I’ve been patiently holding out for this camera for a few years really, another week or two won’t kill me.

          But, would you mind looking into what time of the day you placed your order? It might help people figure out where they stand in line.

          • AndersHj

            I Just got off the chat with BH. I orders Sept 16th at about noon.Looks like we still have to wait days or weeks.

            Anders Hjorth : Hi BHphoto I am hearing rumors that you have started to ship the D7000 body only’s. At an earlier call to you guys I was told by the rep that my order most likely would be among the first order to shipped..
            Shneur O: Hello Anders Hjorth. My name is Shneur, and I will be glad to assist you. Please give me a few moments to begin working on your inquiry.
            Shneur O: unfortunately, we did not receive enough cameras in the first shipment to fill your order. we received about 85 cameras
            Shneur O: hopefully we can ship your order the next time we get another shipment in. Unfortunately I do not have the shipping information for our next shipment
            Anders Hjorth: Arrgh…..
            Anders Hjorth: can you see if i look to be in the next batch?
            Shneur O: no, because i do not know how many we will get in the next shipment
            Shneur O: if we as many as we did this time, your will be shipped

          • Sven

            I dont recall the exact time (I’m at work and cant check…), but it was early evening the day B&H made them available for pre-order, I recall I ordered it within a couple of hours after that.

  • alvix

    IR has the D7000 first shots out !

  • MTOW

    I ordered from Amazon on 9/14, status still says “not yet shipped,” but I’ve been assured that I’ll be in the first batch that goes out.

    • hornagain

      Posted October 28, 2010 at 3:22 pm | Permalink
      I ordered from Amazon on 9/14, status still says “not yet shipped,” but I’ve been assured that I’ll be in the first batch that goes out”

      When exactly did you place your order?

      • MTOW

        My confirmation from Amazon is 12:15 am on 9/15, and they have the order date as 9/14.

        Just got the shipping soon notice with an estimated delivery of 11/1. I would have loved to have it before the weekend, but I can deal.

  • Tylera7707

    Ordered mine from on 9/15 around 9am. My body only was delivered today around 1pm est. Paid for overnight shipping.

  • broxibear have changed the release date on their website, it did say Oct 29th but now it says…
    “This item is due to be released on November 5, 2010.
    Please note that release dates are subject to change.”
    Fireworks will light up the night sky in celebration.

  • Chris

    You guys think thew wait for your D7000 is bad? I’m still waiting for even any NEWS about the D400. It’s tough, lol.

    • Funduro

      D400? There’s a rumor of the D400S replacement in some blogs already.

  • Ralph Daily

    No joy for me from B&H order on 11:21 AM EDST, Sept 16. So looks like B&H shipped at least some of the 15th orders but didn’t get enough for the 16th.

    • Bob Smith

      Yep same here, I ordered mid-afternoon on the 16th. B&H told me they have no estimate for me right now. They said to expect the camera’s to come in in small batches. About 3 weeks ago they told me that I was about 75-100 on the list, so I estimate they only received about 50 cameras in the first batch.

  • I Pre-ordered my d7000 body on 9/17 at BH. I just got off a live chat with a customer service agent and he told me they have not received their first order yet but I am in the first per-order queue on 50 customer. That tells me their first buy was for 50 units. I can’t wait to use it.

  • Rand0m

    My most recent amazon “help” discussion regarding my order:

    Me:I heard that some of these orders have begun shipping.

    Sundar :Hello, my name is Sundar. I’ll be happy to help you.


    Sundar :You’re welcome.

    Me:I placed this order on the 19th and I have heard that Amazon started shipping to earlier purchaser’s. Am I in that batch?

    Sundar :Please hold for a minute or two while I research this for you.

    Me:Thanks Sundar

    Sundar :I’ve checked and see that this item is currently not in stock. That’s why order is delaying.

    Me: would you be willing to upgrade my shipping to next day shipping to accommodate for the delay?

    Sundar :Let me look into that for you. It will just take a few moments.
    I’ve upgraded the method of shipment for this order to One-Day Shipping to help make up for the delay. There’s no additional charge for this. The new revised delivery estimate for your order is November 1.

    Me:So its estimated to arrive on 11/1?

    Sundar :Yes.

    Me:Wow that would be wonderful. Thanks so much for your help Sunday, really appreciate it.
    Sunday = Sundar, Sorry.

    Sundar :You’re welcome. Is there anything else I can do for you today?

    Me:Is that arrival date fairly accurate?
    thats only 4 days away.

    Sundar :On the date of shipment, we will send you an e-mail message confirming the date, contents, cost, tracking number and method of your shipment.

    Me:Ok thanks.

    So maybe we will start to see our sexy D7000 bodies soon.

    – R

  • Oz

    My status for the D7k kit on Adorama went from PENDING to PACKED today. Hoping for a shipping notice today or tomorrow!

    • Jared

      when did you order?

    • Funduro

      Happy Happy Joy Joy Did you email a bribe to the shipping clerk? Have fun with my camera. I’m going to cry for your happiness.

    • Congratulations! When did you order? I should have pre-ordered earlier than the 18th…

  • Got a FedEx tracking number today for a D7000 (body only) from Samy’s Camera (ordered via yesterday)!

    • I should clarify (since it probably will get asked) that for a brief period of time yesterday if you went to the D7000 (body only) product page, Amazon defaulted to showing you available stock from Samy’s instead of from Amazon (and the amount left jumped around from 5 to 1 to none to 5, etc. and back down again when I was refreshing the page). I ordered at regular price, $1199.95 (not the inflated prices some third-party merchants are charging on Amazon). Just got lucky that I happened to go to that page yesterday. I cancelled my pre-existing order from Amazon (sold by Amazon) that I placed a couple of weeks ago. Sure, I won’t get the $25 off but oh well. 🙂

    • brent

      Thanks for Samy’s Camera tip! I was on Adorama’s list since 9/21 and they told me it would be another 2 weeks. The wait is OVER!

  • DrWebguy

    I got my shipping notice from OneCall today!! D7000 body only. Pre-ordered on 9/16.

  • Akh-Horus

    For all those in the Toronto area. I just dropped into the local Henry’s store where the rep told me that unless you were on the preorder list a few weeks ago you they wont have stock until January.

  • Reminds me when I was waiting form my D200. I waited 6 months before it came.

  • dk700 less

    I am so bummed. Waiting on Adorama, waiting on Nikon. Not enough product. Bad planning or big scamming?

  • palefire

    Got my tracking number from Amazon today and it will be delivered tomorrow (Friday). What’s funny is that on Wednesday I changed my shipping from 2 day to one day and I got the email from them telling me my order was ready to ship 30 seconds after I got their email confirming the shipping change.

    • msuhorn

      palefire – when exactly did you place your order. I placed mine about 15 minutes after the release. My status changed today to “Shipping Soon” after I changed the priority from 2 day to 1 day.

      I will be really upset if the 1 day shippers jumped ahead just because of their chosed shipping option.

      • palefire

        msuhorn, I ordered within 5 minutes of it becoming available on Amazon on sept. 14. I’m totally convinced that my changing from 2 day to next day caused my order to get processed. AS I mentioned the email sayingit was to be shipped came 30 seconds after. Can’t be a coincidence. I’m just glad I was bored to day and decided to change with my shipping.

  • Jonathan Doyle

    Ordered September 23

    Me:Is it possible to see when the shipping date is?

    Jeba Pearlcia :Let me look into that for you. It will just take a few moments.


    Jeba Pearlcia :We’re expecting to receive more stock soon and your order is expected to be shipped out by November 30.

    • Terrence

      Also, a person reported that amazon live chat reported that his order made on September 23th, 2010 would ship on November 30th. Is that true?10:55:55 PM

      Ira:Okay, let me check.10:56:19 PM
      Ira:Sorry, this is not true.10:57:18 PM
      Ira:As soon as it will be in stock it will show you delivery date.

      Are you lying to us? Hoping to for some of us to back out so you can get your shipment faster?

      • JD

        Try another agent. Jeba would take a minute or two to respond so she was most likely digging up the answers I asked. You might have gotten a lazy one. I changed shipping to one day and it hasn’t done anything.

        The thing that sucks is I preordered the first day with the kit lens then cancelled a few days later and bought a 18-200mm lens. Most likely would have it by now if I didn’t change my mind.

  • Miko

    d7000 body shipping is it? About time too, tho I probably won’t get mine till next month cos there’s a huge queue ahead of me at my local shop

  • BeefHammer

    Amazon people, I followed the other guys and changed from super-saver shipping to one day and my order now shows preparing to ship. They certainly seem to give priority to their next day shipping customers. I ordered mine moments after it became available.

    • webward

      Yes this trick works.. Looks like Amazon s squeezing folks for another $30. I did the same thing and it shipped waiting for it to arrive tomorrow. Just go through the motion and get your camera and promise never to order from Amazon ever again..

      • Eric J.

        I tried the 2-to-1-day shipping trick and it did NOT work. Maybe it’s because I ordered in the evening on the 15th and not midnight of the 14th when everyone else seemed to order…

        Hoping that I get some kind of e-mail in the next 24 hours.

  • Brian

    B&H sent me a UPS tracking number for my D7000 body only order from 10/3. If they are shipping i guess everyone else is as well.

    • Tom

      Just been told by B&H (as have others) that they only received a small first shipment and only a few pre-orders were filled. I was told they had no due date for the next shipment. I pre-ordered on Sept 16th (evening if I remember right) so if you ordered on the 3rd October you must have somehow jumped the queue (lucky you).

      For those of you who are tearing your hair out over this, I of course want my new camera and have been checking the past few days as reports of shipments going out come in but as with any pre-order, you just have wait. I’m sure there are people out there who would happily pre-order now a D700x/s D800, D900, 5D Mk III or D4 with bells and whistles and painted gold even if the due date was 2020 and then spend every day from now till then checking their order status. Patience. Turn off your computer and go out and take some pictures with the camera you already have!

  • AC

    had customer service via chat change mine to 1day ship for free and the status instantly changed to “These items are being prepared for shipment, and this portion of your order cannot be canceled or changed.”

    I ordered on 9/14

  • Andy Quirot

    Hi there I have just recived my D7000 and 18-105VR kit in Jersey Channel Islands is this the first in the Channel Islands ???. Andy Q

  • ahab

    My body only D7000 is shipping from Amazon today and arriving on Monday. I pre-ordered at 9:16am EST on 9/15. This is with one-day shipping.

    Does anybody know if the shutter button on the D7000 is metal or plastic? I had a problem with my D90, breaking the cheap, plastic shutter button twice. The second one I just taped atop the camera. Hence my hurry to get the D7000. I’m hoping magnesium body means magnesium shutter button too.

  • Synch/250

    Hi! For those who own the D7000, can anybody take some pictures at low ISO with good light and a Sharp lens (50 1.4 f/8…or so) and upload the NEF files for as to pixel peep?
    I’m a bit fed up with the blurry, noisy high ISO crappy light samples.
    As a seller I have tested a preproduction sample (In Spain there is not a single production sample yet, the people from Nikon Spain haven’t seen one…) of the D7000 and I have to say about the AF that is fast and precise even with the 18-105 it can focus to a black speaker placed in a dark brown wall with almost no light, fast and precise… But unfortunately they didn’t let us take pictures…

    Thanks, and sorry for my English!

  • Another D7000 article + High ISO video

    • Funduro

      Thanks for posting the link. Will be learning as much as possible till I finally get delivery. Will be buying a decent fluid head for my tripod after seeing this video. Kinda nice I can do video shorts to supplement the pictures.

  • Lee Shekter

    I also ordered my body-only 90′ after release from Amazon and I just received a notice that my expected arrival date is Nov 2.

  • Rob

    Just received an email from Amazon at 9:04 that my D7000 body has shipped with tracking number! ETA Nov. 1. Yesterday I did upgrade my shipping to 1day.

  • Lu

    I ordered my Body Only from Amazon on Sep 15 morning around 11am. It now says “shipping soon” at the Amazon site. “These items are being prepared for shipment, and this portion of your order cannot be canceled or changed. ”

    I am still using the free shipping. Hopefully, this means I will get it sometime next week.

    By the way, I have not got any e-mail about this, had to log in to check this.

  • Akira

    ETA November 2 from Amazon! Should have changed to 1 day shipping but still crazy excited. If it comes in on time I will be able to use it to cover the election, which will be great.

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