Nikon D7000 body only now shipping in the US

I received multiple reports that various stores in the US (including Amazon, Ritz and some small dealers) are now shipping the Nikon D7000 body only to existing pre-orders. Here is the proof:

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  • RMT

    Amazon order on Sept 15th (free shipping) now changed to “Not yet shipped, delivery estimate 04-09 Nov.”

  • Mock Kenwell

    Jesus. 300+ comments on a shipment story. Wake me when the full frame rumors roll in.

    • Karlosak

      We need an update on the D400/D800 combo (hopefully) coming soon!

  • zen-tao

    Don’t be so eager to get a D7000 wait for serious comparatives in or . It’s likely we’ll have a lot of surprises about the real performances of this camera. I’m looking too much smoke but I can’t see the fire…
    Ooh! I missed , forget new cameras from Nikon in a new future they are up to the neck and have spent the midnight oil in this camera made up reluctantly so that not be definitively wiped out by Canon in the new video market. I hope this camera would be better than EOS60D Nikon never make bad stuff; on the contrary they are very cautious with their manufactures . That’s why they are the best.

    • TdM

      Surely people either get it and they think it’s great (and at which point what does it matter what dpreview e.t.c think) or they get it and they don’t like it and then they get rid of it, sell it or give it back for a refund… at which point it doesn’t matter what dpreview e.t.c. think. I mean, if you think you want it and it is probably an awesome camera – go buy it and see what you think. I think most will be happy.

  • did anyone else notice that amazon does not have the d7000 body only listed anymore, except for one “used” @ 2000 bucks?

    • Caleb

      I noticed that also. I never would have thought this would have been such a problem

  • Hamuga

    Not that it really matters now.

    But my local small camera shop in the middle of nowhere Japan had at least 1 lens kit and 1 body only of the D7000 on October 29th.

  • Robert L

    Has anyone who has ordered the body on Amazon after Sept 24 received any sign that their order would be shipped soon? At this point, I am wondering if it is worth it to keep on waiting or get a 7d.

    • Aushia

      I’ve been impatiently waiting on mine…didn’t order until sometime in October because I couldn’t decide. Haven’t heard a word from AMAZON except for when I contacted them and they said basically they have no idea. Keep searching around for somewhere I can get one, but can’t find it anywhere. I also have placed one with ritz camera and talked to them today and they said they are hoping to get them out in the next couple of weeks. Might also order one through local camera store and see where I get it from first….
      THIS SUCKS!!!

  • Rand0m are lie’ers! I was told the camera would arrive on 11/1 and now I contacted them and they tell me they do not have a ship date! Ridiculous and horrible customer service!


  • Lu

    FYI. I order mine from Amazon on Sep 15 10AM est. It just shipped last night will arrive tomorrow. I did not upgrade to one day shipping. Good Luck!

  • JoshRtek

    Ordered D7000 body only from Amazon on Sept. 15th at about 11:00 p.m. Changed to one-day shipping a few hours later. No updates…

  • Cminor

    Gave up waiting on B&H and found the body in stock at a reputable but smaller store also on the east coast.. shipped this morning.. we’ll see how that works out 🙂 I think it was the last one too, as it was listed as out of stock the morning after I ordered. Heh.

  • ukj

    just picked mine up in Vancouver Canada body only from london drugs

  • Lexington Steele

    ordered midnight sept 14th, just received my d7000 from amazon 30 mins ago, i chose 1 day shipping. btw.

  • Ex-Amazon customer

    Ordered Sept 15th:

    Finally got word that my d7000 body only has shipped. Would have shipped 5 days ago but of course, Amazon online help screwed that up and I almost lost my place in line. Must now wait until I return from Europe to pick it up.

    Way to butcher this one Amazon. Ding-dongs.

  • tomas

    Pre ordered from Amazon on 15 Sept, still no word on shipping body only.

  • Robert L

    So it appears that amazon is not even done fulfilling orders that were made the first 24 hours? I hope that the bulk of the preorders was made during the first day, otherwise I’d have to start posting on canon rumors…

    • Caleb

      where did that info come from? I cant get them to tell me much at all

      • Robert L

        Which info? Just reading different forum, you realize that people having ordered from the 15 not “30 seconds after it was possible” or on the 16 have no idea of when they’ll receive their order. As for the bulk of orders happening the first day, that is just a speculation… For the record, my order was passed the first week of October.

  • Scott

    Had a D7000 body only on pre-order fro The Camera Store in Calgary. They’ve got their first shipment of kits in, but won’t be getting body-onlys in until Christmas. Pfft. I cancelled my order. Might as well just wait until they’re everywhere now.

    I should have ordered from Henry’s. Lesson learned.

  • I got it yesterday in the mail!

  • TJ

    Purchased a D7000 body from a great local photo shop in Washington D.C. They received six and I apparently got the last one. Another local shop I use had received some kits but was sold out.

  • Brett

    Just picked up my body from Kerrisdale Cameras in North Vancouver! Can’t wait until the battery is charged!

  • chirag

    i cancelled my d7000 body order from Adorama…

    had been 2 weeks still havent heard from them.

    got an e-mail from who ship worldwide and they already have it in stock and I will be receiving it on Friday – i live in Australia.

    pretty happy about it. cant wait!

  • nikonmatt

    Called my local camera store Stewarts in Anchorage AK on friday, they called this morning, It is on the way. That was easy!

  • Tim

    So far as I can tell, Adorama, BH, and Crutchfield are not shipping D700o bodies. (I’m on a very short list at Crutchfield.) Does anyone know differently?
    It is a little confusing that Amazon seems to have received some bodies but not these other three very large retailers.

    • I talked to the reps at BH a couple of days ago ( my order was the 16th sep mid day). They said they had received 85 body onlys and shipped them. He also said that if they get 85 body in the next shipment ( in the next two weeks) then i can expect to get my order at that point

  • Tim

    I just spoke with Crutchfield customer service which reported that they are not expecting bodies only ’til the 23rd of November.

  • Frogman in pool

    Nikon D7000 Body Only on order with Amazon for a few weeks, but as of 5 P.M. EDST they stopped taking orders for this item. Found some shops with one or two available, but if fee… Got lens a few weeks ago..
    Seems like all the Nikon products going through the Middle East lol..

    hope I get something by 2011…

  • Andrew

    Ordered D7000 (body only) through Amazon on September 17th. Looks like they expect to ship camera out on November 17th based on following online chat with Amazon Customer Support:

    You are now connected to Satish from

    Me:Any idea when this order will ship?11:37:38 AM

    Satish: Hello, my name is Satish. I’ll be happy to help you today.11:37:42 AM

    Satish:We except to ship your order on November 17.11:39:10 AM

    Me:OK Thank You. Is there any way you can upgrade the shipping to Next Day for no charge given the long delay?11:40:47 AM

    Satish:Sure.11:40:58 AM

    Me:Thank you for your help11:41:21 AM

    Satish:Is there anything else I can do for you today?11:41:34 AM

    Me:No11:41:43 AM

  • Only for report:
    I am in colombia, and did my preorder on 18th Sept. On frist week of octubre i ask to amazon and they send me a mail “you shipping date is 17th Novembre”… really bad news for me.
    But, suddenly on october last week i recieved an mail from my courier box on Doral “We have u camera” on 22 Oct !!!. Finally amazon delivery it on 20th the same day that Nikonrumors admin say in a post.
    Finally on 03th Nov i get my new camera on my hands, just 2 day before my vacations on Peru..
    I hope you have the same luck

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