Nikon View NX 2.0.3 and Camera Control Pro 2.8.0 released

Today Nikon released View NX version 2.0.3 (they skipped  v. 2.0.2): Mac link | Windows link.

There is also a new version of Camera Control Pro (2.8.0): Mac Link | Windows link.

What's new:

Modifications enabled with Ver. 2.0.3
- When the White Balance setting in the Adjustments palette was changed for NRW (RAW) photos taken at an ISO sensitivity setting of Hi 1 with the COOLPIX P7000, the entire photo took on a magenta cast. This issue has been resolved.
- In some rare circumstances, the correct hues were not displayed when a third-party (not Nikon) monitor profile was used. This issue has been resolved.
- An issue that prevented exporting a project from Nikon Movie Editor as a movie file when Use background music on the Audio tab is checked has been resolved.
- An issue that prevented ViewNX 2 from starting correctly under the Danish version of Windows XP has been resolved.

Modifications enabled with Ver. 2.0.2
- Support for the D7000 has been added.
- Information regarding flash displayed in the Flash portion of the Metadata palette has been modified.
- The flash compensation value display method has been modified for photos taken with the D3100 and D7000.
(Total compensation value — camera + optional Speedlight — is now displayed.)
- Zoom Position, Illumination Pattern, Nikon Diffusion Dome and FV Lock have been added to the Flash portion of the Metadata palette for photos taken with the D3100 and D7000.
- D-Movie sizes of 640 × 424 and 320 × 216 have been added to export sizes for movies created using Nikon Movie Editor.
- An issue that prevented the display of information in the Metadata palette for photos taken in scene auto selector mode with the D3100 has been resolved.
- An issue that prevented operation of slide transition effects for slideshows has been resolved.

Changes in Camera Control Pro (2.8.0):
- Support for Mac OS X version 10.6.4 has been added.
- Support for Nikon Message Center 2 has been added.
- The viewer built into Camera Control Pro 2 has been eliminated. Use ViewNX 2 to view images.
- Keyboard shortcuts can now be assigned to Shoot and AF and Shoot button functions.
- When the Show images captured by Camera Control Pro 2 option in the ViewNX 2 File menu is checked, photos taken using Camera Control Pro 2 are displayed in ViewNX 2 as they are taken.
- Support for the D7000 has been added.
- Movies can now be recorded with the D7000. Movies are recorded to the memory card inserted in the camera. Movie files can then be downloaded to the computer after recording.
- When shooting with the D3S or D7000, images can now be recorded only to the memory card inserted in the camera.
- Support for the D1, D1H and D1X cameras has been terminated.

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  • Now where is Capture NX 2.2.6?

  • Anyone got any opinions about Breezesys’ NKRemote V. CC2.x and how they handle Live View?

    • frank

      Another alternative is smart shooter (, which I’ve using for live view with my D5000. Seems to work really well, and focusing is really easy as you can zoom and move the live view output window.

      Theres also a program call softbildapp on mac only, but I don’t think that supports live view.

      • Thanks for that, though it doesn’t support the D700 (natch).
        I note the extensive support for Canon, in spite of the free remote control software supplied with Canon’s cameras being quite good.

        • …but I see they say they’ll test an unlisted camera!

          Ooerr, could be worth a punt then!

          • I got in touch with the Smartshooter team – the D700 ( and others ) is now supported. Works well too!

  • Re Camera Control Pro 2:

    I am still amazed that Nikon has not yet incorporated a way to control multiple cameras from the same computer. I understand Canon has done this a long time ago. Some day when I have a few more bodies I would like to trigger them remotely for sports shooting simply by typing on the laptop.

    Note from for the Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2 II A:

    Camera linking makes it possible for up to 10 cameras to shoot the same subject simultaneously, from different angles. Up to 10 cameras can be connected without a WAP or network, and then be set up to take a shot the instant the shutter is released on the Master (Main) camera. With an effective distance range up to approximately 330 feet, this linked shooting is invaluable for the best possible capture of sports, news and wildlife.

    And for Nikon? One camera. I tried to hook up my D200 with the WT-3A transmitter, and then the D700 with the USB – no dice. Only one or the other. Tried both on USB – can only do one.

    Does anyone have any experience in this regard?


  • And what the heck is this:

    When shooting with the D3S or D7000, images can now be recorded only to the memory card inserted in the camera.

    Isn’t the whole idea of Camera control to shoot tethered? Is this going to be the case for the D4?

    I shot an entire 5 day dance festival – 17,000 frames – more than some people shoot in the entire life of their camera, using a brand new out of the box D700 on a USB connection tethered to a brand new Dell desktop using Camera Control 2 as the tether software. Now, if I understand this correctly, I could use CCP 2.7 to download it tethered, but NOT 2.8.


    Obviously, the answer is to now use Lightroom 3 to shoot tethered, and directly import it. That would have been easier for that event, as it would have saved time. But Nikon should not be stripping these things out.


    • Fenst

      Why? it was told only about D3S or D7000, but not the D700

      • yes, but a D3S or more likely a D4 will find its way into my use within the next year.

  • obald

    and another time…..
    no 64 bit…..

    • Rocking Kenwell

      This really sucks!

      The lack of 64-bit is a disaster! How hard can it be to recompile?

      • Anonymous

        for Nikon? Well, since they stuck for 5 yrs at 12mp my assumption to get to 64bit is another 5 yrs. These dudes at Nikon are not that sophisticated. You have to be patient with mentally challanged Nikon presidents! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        You don’t turn 32bit software into 64bit software by recompiling… It’s like saying all you need to do is change the fuel filter in a petrol car to make it run on diesel. Only benefit for 64bit software on x86 platform is to use more RAM. No performance. I you want performance increase you have to go true 64bit like itanium or powerpc or something….

        • lenb

          Yes, being able to access an address space > 4GB from a single program
          is a key advantage of running native 64-bit software. However it is not
          the only advantage. 64-bit mode on x86 did more than extend the length
          of the existing registers, it added more registers to an architecture
          that was starved for registers. On some software, this is an important

          However, the bigger performance weakness of ViewNX is that
          it is compute-limited, yet its performance doesn’t scale when
          you add more processor cores.

          While it is difficult to multi-thread some programs, it is trivial
          to “go parallel” for things like converting a bunch of NEF files
          to JPG — just run multiple copies of the program, each working
          on a single image. Unfortunately enabling even this very simple
          scaling is beyond the reach of Nikon software.

  • Fenst

    When shooting with the D7000, images can now be recorded only to the memory card inserted in the camera.


    • dave

      Yup, I agree completely. I hope that’s some kind of translation error. Like maybe they meant to say the image could be written to the card and the computer at the same time. Otherwise it’s like saying, “this update will remove the one function you really wanted.”

      • WoutK89

        Think about Eye-Fi cards, I think that is the solution to your problem, no?

  • Bart

    Jeezz… Nikon software sucks… Not even 64 bit ?! Most new computers are more than 4 GB so they are 64 bit. This will cause trouble in 2/3 years if they don’t patch or update it soon.

  • Bart

    And why do they ‘terminate’ D1 series function ? Would trouble could it cause when it’s still in the software ? It won’t harm anyone…

    • WoutK89

      You can choose not to update

  • Martin

    WARNING DON’T BUY Nikon software from!

    I bought Camera Control Pro 2 from them some years ago. Everything was fine till today.

    I just tried to update Camera Control Pro 2 and saw this message:
    The product key ……. is unusable since it is not a genuine product key. Please purchase a genuine product key. If you see this message when you enter your product key, please contact your local Nikon office mentioned in the user’s manual.

    I also found this Seems like I have to buy the software again 🙁

  • I hope this fixes the fact that I cannot access my D7000 images through NX2.02.
    It crashes on my Mac when I attempt to download anything from the camera. Since I cannot mount the disk and copy files and no other software will open the D7000 NEF files, I have a $1200 paper weight. Shooting with my D200 for now.

    • No bug fixes listed, but it seems to work now!

  • lenb

    ViewNX makes Nikon look bad.

    If I select 100 .NEF files and click “convert”, it will usually crash
    before it is half done. I have to kill it, find out where it was,
    and re-start. Sometimes it takes a few hours just to convert
    a few hundred NEF files to JPG.

    Performance is horrible.
    It is only slightly faster on a 2 core machine than a 1 core machine.
    I have access to a machine with 16 cores, yet even if I throw 100
    NEF files at ViewNX all at once, it converts them one at a time,
    as if it were running on a computer from the 1990’s…

    Oh, want a native 64-bit Windows7 version? Forget it, Nikon ships
    only a 32-bit XP version. Don’t even think about asking
    for a Linux version — you gotta convert your files on Windows
    and then copy them over to Linux.

    What is ViewNX good for? It makes a great demo on how
    to convert a single NEF to JPG, with PQ better than my D700
    can do on-camera. But trying to use ViewNX in “real life”
    is pure torture.

    • st r

      You probably already know that, but…

      That guy with a not-so-nice surname (Dave Coffin) has done a great work for reading many raw formats, in open source. It supports the d700, also comes as a library (so many other programs are really based on it, including commercial ones), and is available for linux. Actually, it is available as source code, so you can do whatever you want with it.

      The GIMP plugin “UFRAW”, for instance, is based on it, as are many other software for cooking raw files.

      There will certainly be things at which it is not on par with commercial software having access to official documentation and APIs, but I would give it a try.

      The wikipedia page also lists front-ends (graphical interfaces) in addition to UFraw which I already mentioned:

      • Honza

        regarding PQ, colors, etc. View and Capture NX are for Nikon simply incomparable… [okey new profiles for LR and ACR are quite fine]

    • alvix

      ..seems a different version then the USA one.. ?

  • xjrx

    could not install this software, “corrupted” files-whatever-message. as thom hogan states repeatedly, nikon has some issues with software-engineering. sad.

  • alvix

    if I open NX 2.2.5 and select “update ” nikon message center doesnt detect any new software…maybe its too early ? ..

  • j0rg

    new download today . well, it works!

  • Boris

    I’d like to try it out

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