Nikon Capture NX 2.2.6 is out

Here are the download links for the latest Capture NX ver. 2.2.6: Windows link | Mac link.

Changes in this version:

  • Support for RAW images captured with the D7000 has been added.
  • Support for Nikon Message Center 2 has been added.
  • On systems where ViewNX 2 has been installed, Nikon Transfer 2 is now launched when the Launch Nikon Transfer button is clicked or Launch Nikon Transfer… is selected from the File menu.
  • When Photo Effects... was selected from the Filter menu, and the Auto button in the Photo Effects palette was clicked multiple times, the Brightness value sometimes decreased. This issue has been resolved.
  • When a RAW image captured with the D3100 using a Nikon Speedlight was saved in NEF format after adjustments under the Develop section of the Edit List had been applied, and the new NEF image was later opened, the adjustments applied were reflected in the image, but the adjustments and their values were not properly applied under the Develop section of the Edit List. This issue has been resolved.However, even when such images saved with Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.2.5 are opened in Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.2.6, adjustments will not be properly applied. Adjustments must be reapplied using Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.2.6.
  • When NRW images captured with the COOLPIX P7000 and a Nikon Speedlight were opened, Capture NX 2 quit unexpectedly. This issue has been resolved.

Nikon posted also this message in their "Answers" section (related to the warning they issued on Monday):

"It has come to our attention that a website called “” is attempting to sell Nikon software keys. This web site is not an authorized dealer and is not affiliated with Nikon Inc. in any way. Nikon Inc. cannot assist with any license keys sold by this site and cannot replace any non-working keys without proof of purchase from an authorized dealer. To locate an authorized dealer see our Where to Buy page. The only web site authorized to sell software keys alone (not boxed copies of software) is the Nikon Mall. To ensure that you receive a legal, authorized license key for Nikon software which Nikon Inc. can support please only purchase from an authorized dealer."

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  • Last point release had a few hidden gems like a setting for updated processing for picture controls. I hope there’s a hidden gem in this version, too.

  • asdasd

    and bug #321545754544 program crashes when NEF files are deleted is not resolved
    and bug #321545754545 no dualcore support added
    and bug #321545754546 saving NEFs takes longer time then cooking eggs

    sorry nikon, gave up waiting and made effort to move to Capture One

    • asdasd

      what i wanted to say, it is good to have extensive RAW processor, but such crappy student quality software should be free with all (or at least all pro) cameras if it is already released by major imaging company

      • st r

        Disagree. Crappy software should not exist, at least from big names. Software should either be basic but usable, robust and free; or paid, but complete, usable and robust. In 2010 there is no room for crappy software.

        They have plenty of techniques and tools for software design, development, and testing. If they don’t do it right, it means that they have spent their money on the wrong parts of the software development cycle. I doubt that it is a matter of how much was spent; rather, how it was spent.

        No excuse for crappy software.

        • alvix


          • mxrv

            I’ve never had any problem with NX2. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Anonymous

    Great, from this release we learned that Nikon is not a software company. No 64 bit, multi-core threading etc. it’s like time stopped at the Nikon facilities when the first Pentium processor was released. Nikon, you are a moron! Now long live the Adobe products.

    In the meantime, I am still wondering where is the big goddamn surprise the a-hole new Nikon president was teasing us? No FX or Pro camera in 2010. It seems to me that Nikon is not capable of releasing quality cameras without the help of sony.

    So where is and what is the big surprise?

    • The invisible man

      What’s a Pentium processor ?
      Is is better or faster than my Z80 ?

      • Anonymous

        Pentium Processor >> I was referring to those that were released by intel between 96 and 2000.

        Yes, but it is almost in the same league as the Commodore or ZX-Spectrum.

        • The invisible man

          LOL !
          Actually I do have a like new ZX81 (timex 1000) with a Z80 processor.
          There is still many people collecting them, few years ago I was fixing them and selling them back on Ebay, that was alot of fun !
          I wish I was able to find a Sinclair ZX80 (the first personal computer) but they are VERY RARE.

          • Anonymous

            Last year I travelled in Europe and saw quite few on flee market. I was stupid, I should have bought some. I am not sure but maybe my parents may have kept the one I had. I will check it when I go home for the holidays.

      • Not better than my Motorola 6809

  • Anyone ever tried to find a nikon-reseller through let alone try and buy something? You can’t. The ‘find a dealer-button’ just sents you in a spin back to page one and a link just brings you to the importer who NEVER answers e-mails or contact-forms.
    And no I can’t buy through Nikon USA or UK because they won’t accept my Visa if it’s not from these countries. And although I used to live in a country where I could buy the software, that seems to count for nothing here.

    That’s why I was so glad to finally found a site that looked totally legit to buy the software legally. As I was tired of screwed up cracked versions and therefor no support.
    Well, that Imagemixer-site gave me more support in the past then all the Nikon-people in Greece combined.

    So, it seems, I have to head back to the illegal stuff. Or I was already in that realm it seems now. And as long as companies like Nikon don’t get their act together I really can not see what other choice I have?

  • Finally!! 🙂

  • mshi

    Nothing beats LR so far.

  • Alain2x

    Sounds like D7k will be released by 29th 🙂

  • Tylera7707

    so, is this euro update safe for me to update my american version?

  • 2.26 is a full installer, not an updater. On a Mac, it will make you remove the old version before it will run the installer.

    These days I have moved to LR 3. CNX2 is only used for minor tweaks to stuff that was previously done in CNX2. MOre often than not, I start all over again with LR3.

  • Dan

    I think I’ll wait a while and just collect unprocessed NEF files for the moment. Looks like 2.2.6 is a bit buggy.

  • Jim

    I downloaded what I program – I thought that it said I was at the updater portion of the site. When I installed the software (it requires removal of the previous version (I have 2.2.5)) I had to enter the product – it said the key (from my original CD) was invalid. So then I removed 2.2.6 and reinstalled 2.2.5 – again it said invalid. I’m about to give Nikon an earful. The only problem is that the link here is to the Nikoneurope website and I don’t see any about an update on the USA website.

    • Dan

      Hmmm…my guess is your 2.2.5 key is probably already registered at Nikon and when you tried using it for 2.2.6 it flagged it as a “pirated” key. Try reinstalling but this time disable your network connection before starting the installer. It might work.

  • Seems a few of us now have no software working because of this key problem I can’t even get a reply from the all powerful nikon to sort it out.. Wish I hadn’t wasted my money now on the upgrades.

  • anon99

    It sucks that Nikon is one of the very few that still charges customers for its RAW workflow software. Canon has always provided its own for free (almost), even Olympus now provides such software for free to registered customers (the previous Olympus Studio was trialware). CNX may yield stellar results from NEF/NRW files, but its software key and software activation policy really bugs a LOT of people and is still constantly scaring off prospective users like me. I’m sure there are other ways for Nikon/Nik Soft to generate revenue, but charging for RAW workflow software? This old trick won’t work anymore in the long run IMHO. Shame on you Nikon.

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