None of the major US retailers have received any D7000 shipments

With the exception of Best Buy, none of the other major US retailers have received any Nikon D7000 yet and none of them have an estimated shipment date. In other words, Amazon is not the only one (at least they offered a discount).

Some readers were able to get the Nikon D7000 from small/independent Nikon dealers:

Not just at Best Buy anymore

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  • Zorro

    Guess we’ll have to make do with what we’ve got for a while longer.

    • asdasd

      guys, calm down, it is just another DX camera. Nothing to see here, move along.
      That is exactly what nikon wants you to do, buy every yearly’s crap of DX supplies until you realize how much is nikon loling at you with their 72% markup.

      • Nikonan T Barbarian

        and ASDASD now go back to your kindergarten and start playing with your canon crap.

    • Why’s everybody up in arms about getting a camera in their hands that isn’t even supported by ACR? Do that many of you really shoot jpegs?

      • Eric


        I hope the D7000 .NEF support will come soon though.

      • DeathKnight

        See “Second Generation”. There’s not much point in shooting RAW anymore except in the most extreme cases where you may need that extra bit of image information to bring an image back from the dead.

        • lolcatmaster FTW

          You should stop reading KR, he writes because he has fingers not because he is knowledgeable about what he writes.

        • Except in cases of extreme number of shots in one day (sports, photoj, etc.) anyone shooting jpg instead of RAW is missing out. Its like shooting polaroids instead of film.

          No comparison.

      • Wraith

        I need to pay more attention before I get excited about buying a new camera. You mean the D7000 doesn’t shoot .NEF?! Notwithstanding Ken Rockwell’s claim that RAW is sooo yesterday’s workflow, that’s a deal-breaker for me on a DSLR. I’ll get a D90 and then wait for the D800 or the D4 (which should ship about when donkeys fly, of course).

        • curly

          Of course the D7000 shoots RAW. However, Adobe Camera Raw and/or lightroom do not yet support D7000 RAW files.

          • Wraith

            Yes, I went through the specs and the .NEF format is there, as I assumed it would be. The issue of support in Adobe Camera Raw is obviously Adobe’s, not Nikon’s, unless Adobe wants to risk a possibly notable number of Nikon users abandoning one of its products by finding something that handles the new format.

    • shf

      I guess D7000 will be a seller
      so dealers are asking for goods all over the world

  • DiZzy

    Why Best Buy and no one else?! That seems strange to me…

    • Just a Thought

      Why Best Buy? Wonder what their Nikon sales volume was last year? Were they the top North American retailer of Nikon cameras?

      New advertising slogan – “Best Buy – the best place to get and buy new Nikon cameras” .

      • BB’s sales volume was quite good, but I doubt it was the highest amongst Nikon dealers when all is added up. They just don’t sell enough of the line.

        I’ll also point out that it’s a mistake for Nikon to get too dependent upon them, as with all those Reward points and coupons, BB is actually the most aggressive discounter. If a D7000 is going for 12% less than the US price when it’s the hottest camera being sold (and the US price is already probably the lowest price in the world), it puts pricing pressure on the entire sales of D7000. You can’t hold product price and margin when your earliest and highest volume is through a discounter.

        • Just a Thought

          Nikon will likely have more problem holding product prices as it looks like the US$ has bottomed. When the US$ rises then the Yen will also likely fall. In my opinion, eventually the price of the D7K could reach parity with the price of the D90 which it replaced. If that happens, it leaves thousands of initial buyers unhappy with the falling retail prices, which they will not forget when the time comes to buy their next camera.

          Now if the US$ has not yet bottomed (and the Yen also continues to rise), it creates other problems for the Japanese Camera Manufacturers like Nikon. They will have to continue to raise prices in the US (their largest market). Higher prices should result in lower total sales volumes.

          It’s a no win situation either way being stuck between a rock a hard place.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      PR move simply, they want to generate this kind of buzz to hype the D7000 even more.

  • Koypucara

    Thanks God I was able to pick mine at the Best Buy in Poughkeepsie, New York on Saturday night.
    The had 3, when I left 2.

  • Maybe they sent a team of geek squad to acquire them

    • If Geek Squad’s anything like the Nerd Herd…

      • Sheikh Dawood

        and … if Best Buy is anything like Buy More…

  • Anonymous

    One thing for sure, being nasty with you loyal dealers is not the smartest strategy from Nikon.

    • Koypucara

      I agree.

    • another anonymous

      Or nikon is satisfying japanese market at first with limited amount of the cameras already made and that 3 pieces got to usa would be problem to send to adorama or b&p 🙂 but i’m ok now as this time there’s nothing for me anyhow

      • another anonymous

        hmm sorry gyus, the though of that 3 pieces in such big store sounded to me too comically

  • Henry’s better not be on that blacklist…

  • ukj

    This is BS you telling me no one can track a shipment from Thailand ( or where ever its coming from). If it has not left the country it made in then fine nikon should tell the people it makes its money from ( the stores the sell too). If its on a 300 ton boat you should be able to fine out where this boat is. In this day and time you are able to track everything (except Osama bin laden). And a shipment of camera should not be this hard.

    Dam it nikon i love you but i’m pissed of right now

    • Funduro

      Darn it, calm down. If the freighter dropped the container overboard, the railroad car got broken into, the truck fell off a cliff or the container is in the same warehouse as the Grail from Raider’s movie. What do you expect Nikonto do? They can only do so much when it hits the fan.

      Having said that, I’m on my way to Melville to kick some butt and get my body.

    • One of the reasons the price of camera gear has gone up in recent years is because of piracy; quite a number of containers have ‘gone missing’ full of camera equipment.
      I doubt they’re gonna shout about what ship its on and where it is.

      And besides, shipping problems aren’t Nikon problems, they’re the shipping companies problems.

      Now take a deep breath and relax. 🙂

    • ukj

      Nikon know’s where the camera are, don’t think they don’t. What i’m getting at is BB is not their best costumer I would say B&H or amazon just for pure volume of sales are, so at least nikon could tell them so they can tell us where it is.

    • I doubt that the initial D7000 runs shipped by boat. In fact, I’m almost sure they couldn’t have been. They were likely air shipped from Thailand to the Louisville distribution center for NikonUSA. Since Best Buy is their own distributor to their stores, Nikon has to ship the entire BB order to the BB warehouse(s), where BB then ships it to their stores. NikonUSA appears to have shipped to BB warehouses early in the week and those warehouses simply shipped them to BB stores immediately. NikonUSA didn’t ship to the regular dealer base until late Friday afternoon, meaning most of the US dealers didn’t receive cameras until Monday or Tuesday of this week.

  • Photo

    B&h had their shipment at some warehouse last time I checked on my order. So maybe it will be soon. “crossing the fingers”

  • Quoll K

    Asked at a couple of stores in Melbourne (Australia) and they’re expecting them around the end of the month / early Nov.

    • I’ve heard the same here in the UK.

      • Nissehult

        And Sweden

  • itznfb

    Why is it so hard to release a product on time and in the proper quantity?

    • another anonymous

      and the God said: “Go and ask for deploy manager job by Nikon and everybody will be happy for the rest of time.”
      I don’t know what happend, but this is the same problem again and again and not only by Nikon. Delivery in time and proper quality and quantity is not simple thing, not mention any global and loccal strategies. Your comment is correct and nikon should think about its managing the things, but be patient and you’ll be surely satisfied soon. Good luck

  • So I suppose my body only order will take even longer…

  • tired of this

    Hate to say it, but it seems that if you live in the boondocks where things have been overrun by big box stores and fast food chains and your expenses are half of what people in big cities pay (mostly because of tax subsidies coming from big cities) you get rewarded for allowing your cultural landscape to be turned to mush by getting things first and cheaper. God bless America!

    • ndlbox

      There are 7 Best Buy stores in Manhattan and 8 more in the other boroughs. I walk by 2 on my way to the office when I work in the city. Rant failed.

      • tired of this

        I don’t live in Manhattan, and none in my Borough are anywhere near me – go back to Jersey…

        • ndlbox

          Connecticut actually – but born and raised in Manhattan… luckily I didn’t pick up the superiority complex most New Yorkers have that makes them so disliked by the rest of the country and I rather enjoyed living in the culturally mushy landscape of Indiana for several years. Read this and lighten up a little.

          • tired of this

            If you consider participating in shopping at retail establishments that have no concern for employee rights and have systematically destroyed the most basic of institutions that the country was built on, the small business, then go ahead and delude yourself that being OK with that is being “light”. And thanks for sponging off my city at the same time you insult it. Enjoy!

            • ndlbox

              Adorama is one of the largest camera stores in the country and their discount mail order operation (operated in conjunction with is certainly putting the hurt on small town camera shops around the country while denying the state and local governments sales tax. And you ordered your D7000 from them? Pot, meet kettle, cast the first stone and all that. Same would hold true if you shopped at B&H.

          • tired of this

            You are funny

            BB has 180,000 employees and 10’s of billions in sales.

            You are truly an apologist for enormity and I’ll guess that you culture isn’t the only mushy thing that you bring to the table.

            • tired of this
            • ndlbox

              nah, I don’t even shop at BB, I just like pushing the buttons of righteous Upper East Side types who put on an air of superiority and look down their noses at or lecture people who don’t think, act and live like them.

            • tired of this

              Last time I checked, Bushwick is nowhere near the UES – good luck with your daily trek to use everything we pay for down here!

      • tired of this

        also, nobody I know would shop at stores like Best Buy which put decent smaller stores out of business by the hundreds- so fail yourself back to the suburbs where you can conveniently ignore morals with all the other drones…

        • lightsaver

          Hey, there’s this thing called the internet. Rumor is its going to affect small businesses someday.

          • well then

            what a pointless comment to make about what was actually a well reasoned argument about big box stores – pathetic…

            • Actually, both comments seemed off the mark to me. Having been through the same thing with personal computers (initially all indvidual stores, then chains, then big boxes, now Internet plus big boxes), nothing is different about cameras. There are two types of people: those who buy on price (and sometimes speed) and those who buy on service. There certainly are people who go to a local camera store to try stuff out, then buy from a big box or the Internet. Essentially, they’re asking for service to disappear in the future.

              In the long run, there is a benefit to the manufacturer to having distribution be mostly big boxes and Internet: it makes the distribution and sales problems fewer. On the other hand, as NikonUSA discovered recently, there’s great risk in putting all your eggs in one basket, too (CompUSA and Ritz bankruptcies).

    • ƒalco

      Maybe you don’t understand where the “boondocks” are. I assure you, if you live there you are more likely to see a heard of cattle than an box store.

      • well then

        boondocks = middle America + the suburbs I’m guessing

  • JoshL

    I’m just as frustrated as the next person, but do we really know that these non-best buy dealers and/or Nikon aren’t releasing them “on time”? I haven’t really heard a definitive release date, other than some videos of a UK Nikon rep saying the 29th at Photokina and D7000 intro on youtube. It’d be awesome to have it now since I’m one of many who pre-ordered via Amazon minutes after it was available for pre-order on the 15th, but I’m really more frustrated about the lack of update/information from Amazon/Nikon…

  • ndlbox

    I ordered mine from a major NYC retailer last week, got this reply when I inquired on Friday: ” Thank you for your inquiry. Our buyer expects they will be in early next week if not later today. We will ship yours as soon as they are received. “

    • ndlbox

      I guess naming names doesn’t hurt – it was J&R… but I received no shipping notification or anything so I guess they’re not shipping yet either.

  • tiarnachutch

    B&H told me that they won’t ship “before October 25th”. They couldn’t give any better information, though, so I don’t know how far past October 25th they will ship.

  • HaloZ

    BestBuy in Corpus Christi has 2 outfits in. As of yesterday, they where still on the truck.

  • JustincaseGA

    Is there any communication out there regarding BODY ONLY availability?

  • Brian

    Amazon super told me no body only before Thanksgiving. I canceled. Wasn’t too happy with early reviews either.

    • ahab

      As I commented in the thread on this topic two or three days ago, Amazon customer service told me they expect to ship my D7000 body only order by December 1. I forgot to mention that they also said they should be able to confirm that date by November 1.

      I pre-ordered at 6am on 9/15.

      • human tripod

        Canceled my order with Amazon.

  • Steven K

    I’m not gonna say that my local camera shop steered me to Best Buy, but they strongly suggested their inventory would be quite limited, and if time were important, other options should be considered… too bad. I’m glad I got mine for the $1350 at BestBuy last Saturday with the 10% voucher from ebay.

    I will say… I do wonder if it’s a Nikon problem/miscommunication, or that of their warehousing distributors… maybe Best Buy got them in “on time” because they have their own internal warehousing system… but smaller operations are subject to a different distribution network. Who knows…

  • tired of this

    I talked to Adorama today, they told me I was in the first batch to get the body only and would most likely have it by the end of the month. For what that’s worth….

    • Funduro

      Excellent news, thanks. I’ll cut down on the anxiety meds now.

    • Edwin

      May I ask when you preordered the body only from Adorama?

  • JCap

    I quiz at least 3 B&H reps daily. Initially they were confused about the situation, then they assured me that everything was under control, today… they weren’t so confident.

    And that does go for everyone, last week in a fit of boredom I called every major camera retailer in Manhattan. None could offer a solid expectation of the camera’s arrival. Most stuck to their estimates of “sometime in late October,” and always included that they “haven’t heard from Nikon yet.”

    Tomorrow I begin my campaign of calling Nikon themselves.

    Don’t care if you call me a cry baby, it doesn’t bother me.

  • itznfb

    Pretty much every D7000 I’ve talked to locally here is trying to return theirs due to massive high quantity of red pixels. 10+ bad pixels on about 7 different D7000’s. Maybe a recall on the front and the reason for the delay? I’ve heard quite a few people complaining about the bad pixels on the interwebs as well.

    • ndlbox

      Maybe there was a stop-sale order like on cars – that happened when I bought my Subaru two years ago – very frustrating seeing the product in stock only to be told you have to wait to take it home.

      • Jim

        I have seen a lot of people complaining online about hot pixels in live view and video. So, it sounds plausible that they might be delaying things to correct a problem or screen the units.

        In any case, I would rather wait and get a good unit vs have to return or exchange a bad one. (if that is the situation)

  • jdsl

    I think this is the surprise the new Nikon President promised 🙂

  • Somehow this photo looks interesting to me…wonder who took it 😀

    • The photo is from flickr – if you click on it, you will find out who took it (a reader who emailed me that he got the D7000 from his local Nikon dealer.

  • Chuck


  • Sven

    What bothers me is that B&H has my pre-order money sitting in their bank earning interest and I don’t have a camera yet. I was willing to wait a month or so but if its going to be a lot longer (they tell me I’m #32 in line for a body only….) I’m going to cancel on that principle alone and get it locally when I can. Last time I order from a company that takes my money up front.

    • Twoomy

      Well it’s not making much interest with today’s bank rates. So don’t feel bad about losing that $.27.

      Yeah, I don’t know why anybody is willing to pre-order and pay to wait in line without knowing when and without knowing if the new camera actually delivers. I’m happy to sit on the sidelines for a few months and let everybody else curse out Nikon, B&H, BB, Adorama, Amazon, etc. etc. Then I’ll buy mine some time in January.

      • ndlbox

        Honestly, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a store charging for a pre-order upfront. That is seriously messed up and also would cancel my order on principal if it didn’t ship within 5 business days.

        • c.d.embrey

          Paying in advance has been common practice for several years. Seems like too many people were ordering from everybody, then buying the first to arrive and canceling the other orders. Sorta like all the posters who bought from BestBuy than canceling their Amazon order.

      • The Man From Mandrem


        Now I blame YOU.

        We all just need some scapegoat. You’re as good as any.

      • Jim

        I know my assumption with the pre-order was that Amazon was going to sell a ton of the cameras, ergo, it makes sense to give them a ton of cameras to sell.

        I also figured that, what with the D3100 and Canon 60D in stock, it would be in Nikon’s best interest to let people know exactly when their camera was showing up so that they didn’t ge frustrated and choose a cheaper camera, or worse, jump ship.

        But there I go, applying logic to the situation. I’m sure Nikon is counting on everyone getting tired of wating and buying D700s. That must be it.

      • Sven

        Yeah I know the interest isnt worth quibbling about. Actually what happened was at the time I ordered it I looked for some policy about pre-orders and how they’d charge my card but I guess I missed the fine print. I’d swear there was nothing obvious posted as I went through the purchasing process on their website. Then when I checked my credit account a few days later I found that they had charged the whole amount, instead of waiting until it shipped which is what I’ve experienced in the past elsewhere. Oh well!

  • LaJaca

    One of 3 things is going on:

    1) Nothing is going on, except communications problems from Nikon. Expect the body SOON.
    2) There’s a distribution snafu, and BB won the lottery. Expect the body a few days after SOON.
    3) There’s a late QA issue that cropped up AFTER BB secured their supply but before everyone else got a shipment. Expect the body a few days after A FEW DAYS AFTER SOON.

    Am I missing something?? And please, oh please, whining is for children.

    • itznfb

      You’re missing the giant fail. No matter what the issue I can’t believe large retailers and Nikon don’t realize how bad this makes them look. Even average consumers get wind of ridiculousness like this. Everyone knows when the camera was supposed to be released. They even start showing up… then everyone realizes they are being screwed with; and no communication from retails or the manufacturer. It just makes them all look incredibly incompetent.

      I’m considering canceling my order just because this is so annoying not knowing what the hell I’m waiting for.

    • ƒalco

      4) This is par for the course. It’s like no one here has ever bought a “hot” new camera at launch before and are “shocked, shocked!” that the biggest electronic chain in the U.S. got first crack.

      • LaJaca

        Thanks, I forgot the obvious. NOTHING is going on.

  • donna

    I ordered mine from on Saturday night and it is being delivered tomorrow by UPS. Can’t wait! I tried unsuccessfully to get one of the three in our local BB on Sunday morning, but they were sold before the official release date of October 17.

  • I’ve spoken to a few people in the know in the UK, and they reckon most places will be stocked just before the 29th, instead of them getting stock now and having to wait until the official release date.
    Some places fear demand might be so high that you wont be able to get your hands on one in general until mid-late November.

    I don’t care, I can’t afford one right now anyways.

    Those who pre-ordered, , sucka’sssssssss. :)))

  • I work for an independent retailer and we *just* received *two* d7000 kits. The bodies only are still a ways off we’re told. If you were you waiting for the body, you might want to spring for a kit if you want it any time soon.

  • Ajit

    Any news about stores in montreal ? or canadian stores?

    • Funduro


    • Denko

      I got a very cagey answer from henrys today that the “body only” would be available late November. Hopefully the battery grip will be available too and not for $300 extra. The camera is too small for me ergonomically so I am hoping that the grip will make it a moot point. Otherwise D400 here I come unless they make that body smaller too… then I am in a very bad spot and would need to get a D300s. Not overly happy about it and the waiting is frustrating.

      • Just a Thought

        Camera too small for your hand? Get a silicon Camera Armor for it. Check

        I have a love hate relationship with the Camera Armor. Makes even a large camera like my old D2H easier to hold – the silicon makes for a better none slip grip.

        The problem is with on/off switches and dials. The silicon fits well but not perfectly, not a show stopper by any means. I have also modified a camera armor from older model camera to fit on newer model if an armor was not available for a specific model.

        The armor makes holding a smaller camera body a LOT easier and it’s cheaper and lighter than a battery grip. Also provides extra protection for the body.

        Cameta and other eBay sellers, have them available at a very low cost.

        Hope this might be of help.

        • Denko

          Thanks for the info, will test it out.

  • If i do a order in now, tonight; What is the estimated shipping day (to Doral)? They have avalaibles items for delivery? I am a little confuse on e-store.

  • Salt

    Hate to rub salt in the wounds but I got a call 30 mins ago from UPS indicating best buy was dropping off a present to my door tomorrow. I got lucky because I was going to put the order in with Amazon but last second decided against it.

  • Blake

    That sucks…

    Seems like these things are going to sell really well.

    My buddy John and I scored the only 2 in stock from a the golden ring Best Buy near White Marsh, MD on the 16th. We didn’t think that many people knew they could get them early at best Buy but we went to 3 Best Buys to find them; the Best Buy in Bel Air and White Marsh MD were already sold out! We actually watched a woman walk away with the last one in White Marsh lol.

  • Butkusrules

    FYI . Just got my email from OneCall with tracking number. I ordered A Kit Oct 8.

  • zzddrr

    This looks really amateurish from Nikon. Somebody mentioned above that this move is basically nothing else than Nikon is screwing up its own reliable dealer base. How stupid Nikon execs can be? I mean first they promise the magic camera and then they do not have the brain to figure out that if it is not available then they cannot sell it. Idiots. 🙂

  • Gary

    It seems like a lot of people are getting angry about waiting a few extra days. That’s just silly.

  • Charlie Martin

    Being a railfan and understanding how railroads ship containers, it works like this. The container ship docks in Long Beach CA and the ship is off loaded in about 24-36 hours. The container is then placed in a well car or a container chasis depending on the final destination. If by train, then the train is made and must clear customs, about 24hrs same for the container on a container chasis. Once the containers in the train have been cleared by customs, a train crew is called and the train is given a departure time. Once the train leaves, it may take 48hrs to make it’s next destination which would be Chicago. Once there, the next railroad will bring in their own locomotives and call their own crew. Once the train leave’s it will take about 24hrs to reach it’s final desination. It then takes 8hrs to unload all the containers and wait for the druage company to pick up the container and deliver to Nikon’s warehouse for final inventory and ship to their customers. This is in the US. I can’t speak for other countries.

  • Fuck Nikon, my money is trying to escape from my account, i´m going crazy lol

  • solehman

    Picked up a D7000 today from a small/independent dealer in Houston! Can’t wait to take pictures!

    • raza

      which dealer? im also located in houston!

      • solehman

        Houston Camera Exchange

  • here is my story about the Body Only i wanted

    ordered mine from Ritz Camera on saturday and then they called me on monday (surely from india) telling me there is something going on and they don’t know when they will be able to ship it, so i cancel the order right away and order from best buy, now the thing is i will have to sell the lens on ebay since i don’t need it anyway but they DO SAY it will arrive before nov 5th

    now im trying to purchase Class 10 memories for the camera on amazon (funny huh?) and all i can find is Transcend 16GB Class 10 SDHC or should i get some patriot class 6 16gb card? Anything that is under $35 is fine for me but i want to be 1080p capable.

    • lightsaver

      I put Transcend 8 gig class 6s in, about 15 bucks each from newegg and everthing’s working great.

    • ahab

      Amazon’s got the Sandisk 16g Extreme class 10, which I can highly recommend, for $84.

    • Two cheap options:

      Patriot LX 16GB Secure Digital High-Capacity (SDHC) Flash Card Model PSF16GSDHC10 (Class 10)

      PNY Professional Series 16GB Secure Digital High-Capacity (SDHC) Flash Card Model P-SDHC16G10-EFS2(20MB/s)

      • that Patriot LX 16gb looks great!
        i ordered 4 of them 🙂

        i think with xmas season coming up, prices might change and if i can find a 16gb class 10 for US$30 afterwards that’d be awesome!

  • MauiJared

    What “major US retailers” are you guys expecting to carry the D7000? Sears… Walmart…?

    • teehee


      • Just A Thought


  • Fabricius

    Nikon has said the entire time the release date is October 29th. Everything is going to be okay folks. I’m happy with the $25 discount from Amazon, they didn’t have to do that, but they did. The target release date quoted from Nikon is October 29th, we have time. Sometime’s delayed gratification is okay. 🙂

  • In NYC, went to four best buys and major retailers today.
    Finally found one super helpful associate who checked the system. Poughkeepsie NY Best Buy had 6 in, 5 available, only store within a 5hr drive.
    I paid and drove the 2 hrs and picked it up (need it for a shoot next monday).
    another was already on hold when i got there. if in the NYC area, this store should still have 2-3 available.

  • Dan

    Glad I got mine at BB last week. It cost a little more but I save on anxiety meds!

  • Drew

    Got mine yesterday through a local Mom and Pop.
    I had prepaid for it as soon as Nikon officially put it into the system.
    Only 2came in and they don’t expect any more for 30 days.

    Counter guys asked me to stop back by once it was set up so that they could get hands on it.

  • Owbewan

    For what it is worth, I am observing the buying frenzy with interest and some amazement at the degree of anxiety.

    As I am in Angola (that is a country on the West Coast of a continent called Africa) I don’t expect to see stock arriving soon … if at all.
    I have a simple plan: fly to Jakarta at the end of December and pay 25% less.

    The D7000 looks like a great camera that I can live with. It will supplement my D90.
    By then red pixels should be a thing of the past. For the rest, I adapt to the idiosyncrasies of my chosen weapon and build my own workarounds.

  • It is always the same with hot items like this.. All iPods, MacBooks, iPhones, Playstations, Nintendos and new Nikons have delivery problems in the first months. There are so many people who are waiting for it worldwide and producing cameras is not like baking bread.

  • Broxibear

    Nice piece on called Broken Record, well worth a read even if you’re not a big fan of the man himself.

    • Sven

      Yeah, I agree, I read it yesterday, good sensible stuff.

  • Jim

    I work for an electronics company. Launching new products always introduces issues and production always has a ramp up schedule. The first several weeks are always built in smaller volumes while processes are tweaked to increase first pass test yields. You can’t have hundreds or thousands of assemblies sitting around because the process had an error. That is why most launches start with low volumes. It just is catching you because maybe this is your first personal experience with a new product with high demand. But just think back a little for any of the latest video game system launches (think about the people that lined up to buy at midnight), or an iPhone, or an iPad, etc. Just relax…this baby will get to you soon!

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