Nikon D7000 kit – what’s in the box *updated*

Several readers were able to buy the D7000 from Best Buy today. Many stores will get in trouble for not keeping their sells embargo (October 17th). I could not even see the camera in my local Best Buy and they had several in stock. I even talked to the manager and they told me to come back on Sunday.

Here are several unboxing pictures for those who did not get one today (thanks Larry N. and many others who sent in pictures):

More after the jump:

Unboxing videos:

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  • Fenst

    not the fact that it is a simple buyer. can store employee simply enter it into the restroom and make this video there?

  • What a mess, people are going to be livid with pre-orders suppliers who don’t now deliver on the d7000!

  • Tehno

    Did anyone here upgrade from a D80 and can post some comparative shots please ?

    Enjoy your new toys guys 🙂

    • +1
      We’re on the same page. I am almost as anxious for a self-cleaning sensor as I am low noise high iso.

      • Tehno

        Or a real AF module for a change :p

  • I want mine now! Great quality photos to boot.

  • Gan

    damn it, some other country don’t even know their price….sad.

  • roni rk

    Sexy! *-*

  • Dennis

    I just picked up my D7000 tonight!! If anyone interested in buying my 18-105mm VR kit lens, reply. I’ll sell it for $280 which is cheaper than most sites and amazon.

  • moises
  • They come with screen protectors now?!

  • Greg Ferris

    It would be great to know how the HDMI out works in relationship to liveview on this – are they both on at the same time, what resolution the liveview is sending out on HDMI (480p, 720p, 1080p), and importantly, can you turn off display information on that output to get a clean signal?

    Also, can I have one?

  • Luke

    Just picked up one of the first in NE Ohio. I went in and asked for it they didn’t have any in stock or on the way so she looked at other store inventory. About 50% or the stores in NE Ohio have 2-3 kits, no bodies at all. So we process my order there and I’m getting ready to head to the other store to pickup. We get a call from the pick store manager saying they can’t sell to me until the 17th. The manager at the store I was at said that’s not true, they don’t show any street date restrictions and everything processes with no warnings. So play dumb at first then be super nice and explain the street date, etc. FYI the 12% code from the other thread worked great plus I signed up for a points account and will get something back for that. Can’t wait to dig in.

    I did get a screen shot of NE Ohio inventory and it is light only 23 kits for the whole region. Item Number is 1230707

    • SlithyToves

      Our Best buy here in Atlanta has them for sale. I wanted the body only, but am now deciding to just get the kit. The 12% off coupon specifies that you need to be a premium silver member. When you bought yours did that matter, or did they even check? Thanks!

      • Luke

        Didn’t check. In fact they didn’t even know where to put it in their system, just had a Manager override it manually. They acted like they did it all the time. Honestly this was a 100x smoother then trying to get my iphone 4, that was a trainwreck. 20min in and out 15min to drive to the store that had them in stock.

  • Scott Robbins

    Just got mine in Dayton Oh (SE). Used the 12% off, they have 2 left.

  • Wow did my comment get censored?


    • Matthew, you called somebody a “moron” – this is why I deleted your comment. Comments like that can hijack the whole thread and it will not be pretty. Please understand my point – I am just trying to keep it civilized here, nothing personal.

      • Understandable, NR.

        Let me rephrase- In my opinion the phenomenon of the “unboxing video” is pretty materialistic. I dunno, I’d rather make images and videos of my friends and family, wouldn’t you?


        (Hope that wasn’t too inflammatory.)

        • I understand – I have done some unboxing videos in the past and my idea was materialistic, just to show readers what’s in the box, in fact I have done some in stores (Leica) for equipment that I do not even own. In the D7000 video for example, I noticed that the battery charger is bigger than older models – not a big deal really.

          • I guess there is a faint amount of merit to the concept, but I’ve just seen too many videos where the people behind the camera are getting a *LITTLE* too excited, if you know what I mean. That’s what turned me off originally.

  • Josh

    Picking mine up later today from best buy! How do I get the 12% off coupon?!

    • Mandrake
      • Josh

        Thanks! The coupon worked and I’m loving the D7000. The shutter is quieter than my D80, and there is less play in the shutter release. This will probably cause more out of focus shots when asking randoms to take a picture of me. Other than that… it’s awesome! Thanks to NR I got it a month earlier and $100 cheaper after tax than I would have paid for my now cancelled preorder on amazon!

  • Mandrake

    This should open up some first shipment pre-orders for people who pre-ordered late. Good for everyone!

  • I just picked mine up in Seattle: Northgate best buy. They had 5 on hand which is 4 left since I bought the first one. 12% coupon works which saved about 180 bucks!!

  • Testament

    Just picked mine up in Birmingham, AL. I saw that someone posted that they weren’t able to get one. Didn’t have any trouble, but it was good when I went. Two guys behind me bought up the last ones, so there are none left at the Hoover store. Used the 12% coupon oh yeah! Cheaper than amazon or anywhere else with that coupon.

  • Alan Tran

    I think Amazon just sent out the body only D7000. Look at Amazon’s page.
    Notice how it says temporarily out of stock and there is no longer a pre-order option.

  • Bmachine

    Thanks again, NR admin for this awesome website which turned me on to this deal. I really appreciate all your work!

  • Dan

    I just went outside to snap a couple of pics with my 85 f/1.4 and I find that in A-Prio mode at f/1.4 my pics are all over-exposed (actually it doesn’t seem to matter what setting I’m at, they are all over-exposed). This is straight out of the camera (jpg fine). Anybody else seeing this?

    • Dan

      It would appear that Canon does a much better job at in-camera post-processing. Not enough contrast in the D7000 jpegs. I had the same problem with my D200. So I ended up shooting in RAW mode all the time and running everything through Nikon Capture.

  • Marvin Gardens

    Bought the first of seven at the BB store at the Sunset Valley Austin, TX location. I asked the cashier if there were any restrictions about release date and he double checked that there were no “flags” in the system saying it couldn’t be sold. Get em while their hot!


    Even after all these news, which led me to believe that there was no way I get one now, I did! Used 10% coupon from cusps too. Amazing.

  • Pablo.

    I got it yesterday, 10/15/10

  • DimSum

    Just got off the phone with Amazon, they didn’t get any in. No they’re saying I won’t see it until mid-November. So much for my preorder being worth a damn!

  • I dont really get the point of unboxing videos… Show it unboxed and give some information of the parts.. Things that are new and interesting.. Tell things we didnt know before.. This kind of movies are just about “look at me, I already got the D7000”.

    I have to save money first. I also want the 105mm micro and 35mm f1.8. Will be at least December. I don’t mind because I am a RAW photographer. The NEF files doesnt load in ACR3.x etc. yet.

    Maybe saving more money for a D700 is better.. I dont know.. I have to think and test both first.

  • wannabe anonymus

    How does it look in kit w/ 16-85? if noone has it i’ll record it when i buy it, but i bet somebody will be faster 🙂

    [Ofc, yeah i’m gonna buy it around february :)]

    • Josh

      I don’t think it comes kitted with the 16-85. I have the 16-85 on my D7000. It’s an awesome combo!

  • Several readers were able to buy the D7000 from Best Buy today. Many stores will get in trouble for not keeping their sells embargo

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