Here is the proof

Taken at an unknown Best Buy store:

Again, don't assume that you can walk into a Best Buy store today and buy one. They will be released for sale around October 17th or 18th, which are probably the embargo dates for all retailers. Some Best Buy stores may not have any, others may have only only 1-2 pieces.

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  • Koypucara

    I have the feeling that all the first orders of cameras are going to be for the combo option. Not body only.

    • yes, kits are shipped first

      • NRC

        Grrrr! Kits! It’s a shame the lens is over-priced…

      • Dad

        Why did they go backwards on the kit lens?
        Wasn’t it 18-135 before?

        • Noed

          18-135 was for D80.
          D90’s kit is 18-105.

        • WoutK89

          And they didnt go backwards, they added VR, and shorter zoom range equals in general better image quality

  • Koypucara

    I mean, even in Amazon.

  • I was gonna say, there has to be some employee with a camera phone.

    Looks good, Admin! never doubted ya!

  • Anonymous

    Great, but where is a f**** Nikon small body FX that is beyond 12mp? I guess it is sony or canon that can make one.

  • Kevin

    “drewcifer” says he picked one up at BestBuy today.

    • Kevin

      Another user has purchased one in NYC on the same tread.

      • JCap

        Just called the lower Manhattan store (622 Broadway), it’s in stock there as well.

        • lightsaver

          C’mon Amazon, enough already with playing coy. Give it up.

  • JCap

    Tempted to track one down, then sell my body only (already paid) preorder on ebay…

    • NRC

      Sell your body?!?

      Hmm, I feel a song coming on…

      you don’t have to put on the red light
      those days are over
      you don’t have to sell your body to the [Nikon]

      • JCap

        Nah, but i would sell my actual body for a D800!

    • Brent Schmidt

      Trying to get the wife to be down with this idea too… My D7000 is due to arrive Nov 16th from them, and I’m sure it’ll be a hot commodity and people will be willing to pay more at the get go of this thing.

      • WoutK89

        To sell her body? 😀 sorry, just kidding, I hope you do mean buying a Nikon D7000 body to sell on ebay

  • But do assume you can break-into a BB store and steal it at night. Want one nowww! Awesome shit!

  • The invisible man

    I work at best buy and I can sell you one for $20.000.00 (+taxes)

    • ukj

      think you mean $20,000.00 but i’ll buy your for $20 lol

      • The invisible man


  • larry n

    just got mine in hand – bestbuy Niles, I’LL

    • The invisible man

      You’re talking about the camera, right ?

    • ukj

      do a unpacking video please

      • human tripod

        of the camera..

        • Twoomy

          Ha ha +1

          • Patrick


  • Brent Schmidt

    I’ll be driving down Wichita Falls, TX to purchase mine in two hours! They have three in stock! Effff my pre-order on Amazon on THE HOUR OF it’s availability.

  • Kid Krinkle

    How long after kits do body only kits usually appear? I’m in the top 10 for a body only at a local shop but I NEED this camera before Nov 2.

    • ƒalco

      From my experience w/ the D90, a month.

  • Koypucara

    I want body only, but I wish they had other option, like a combo D7000-18-200mm.

  • Koypucara

    To Admin:
    Any idea of about how much time usually takes to get the body only version after the combo is out?
    Do you remember how it was with the D90?

    • Dpreview mentioned several weeks after kits… I hope that’s not true.

  • The invisible man

    I don’t get it, reading the D700 spec on Nikon USA, I was thinking “this is better than the D300s”.
    So, can we expect a D400 soon and big rebates on the D300s ?
    Anyway, the D700 replacement will have to be at the top or sold at less than $2000 (first afordable FX body ?)

    • human tripod

      We’ll see entry-level FF at $1600, but it will be the D400 – not the D800. D800 will be $2600.

      • jhnw

        Two years after it’s release the D700 is still priced around $2500. There is no chance Nikon can bring out a new FX camera for nearly $1000 less than that. That would certainly be a game changing camera if they could!

        The D400 will be priced around $1800 – $2000 and will have to be DX for that price.

        • lightsaver

          “D700 is still priced around $2500. There is no chance Nikon can bring out a new FX camera for nearly $1000 less than that.”

          Nothing about full frame prevents a sub $1500 or even sub $500 price tag except manufacturer strategy. Sony alpha has shown up Nikon on this one.

          I suspect there will be no DX in the Dxx series in the near future.

          • WoutK89

            the Dxx series has always been DX and has ended its life cycle 😉

      • The invisible man

        Sorry I meant “D7000”
        I think Nikon could keep the D700 body (saving desing and cost), put a 18mp FX sensor inside, video and sell it for $1995
        I’m sure there is customers for that maket.

    • ukj

      No one cares about the other camera right now. For the next 2 week its all about the D7000 and their someone right now opening one up and playing with it. Wish it was me but i live in Canada and have to wait.

  • JCap

    THIS JUST IN: Thousands of Best Buy employees nation wide have been fired for breaking street date on a new camera despite clear warnings not to. Customers everywhere rejoice!

    …somebody post some unboxing, i need to salivate more…

    • Kevin


  • ukj
  • No Joke

    Thought the bestbuy things was a joke. Went in, bought with a 10% off coupon and then cancelled my pre-order from bestbuy because they did not ship and won’t until the 17th. I can send pictures if needed. Columbus, Ohio

  • Dmitry Brodsky

    I got mine in LA during lunch time today. No embargo of any sort. They just had to find them in their warehouse. Used the BB Silver Zone 12% off coupon. Please be aware that coupon expires on the 17th of October so if you want to take an opportunity to get the coupon in, buy it on/before that date. Coupon only works in person

  • Kingyo

    Nice! Real spy shots are the best 🙂

  • Larry N

    How can I upload photos of what is in the D7000 box?

    • WoutK89

      Use the internet, hehe

  • Gary

    What coupons are available for a Best Buy purchase? I do not have a BB Silver Zone account.

  • Dmitry Brodsky

    Gary some people supposedly used the silverzone coupons successfully and were not asked to show their premiere card, today. Depends on your luck.

  • Kid Krinkle

    3 left today @ Best Buy in Reston, VA. Showed the 12% coupon off and the total was $1385. 😀

    No batteries or grip though.

  • ƒalco

    Just got back from my BB @ Pentagon City (VA). 12% coup worked even though I’m not Silver — I even had my regular RZ card scanned. $1385 out the door + about $20 in RZ dollars coming to me. I’ll now cancel my body ony at Amazon and sell the kit lens for $200 or so. That makes my net cost on the body $1165. Not bad for getting in on day one, or maybe day one minus two.

  • JCap

    After repeatedly pressing for information from B&H representatives, I think I believe them when they say they haven’t gotten them in yet. They then apologized when I told them the BestBuy in downtown and midtown had begun selling them. I can only imagine what their Nikon rep is going to hear from them.

  • kay

    got mine in the store with 10% coupon!

  • smh410

    Can anyone post a pdf of the coupon? been searching for one forever.

  • Larry N

    Charging the battery for the D7000 now. Will try some low light photos soon.

  • kithic

    Glad you got some info from BH Jcap. Good to know it sounds like they don’t actually have them. (More like, glad to know they’re not holding out on us.)
    I must admit, this is making me kind of sour right now though. I’m disappointed that I chose BH.. I’m guessing a lot of Amazon people are feeling the same.
    I know we’ll all get it eventually..

  • Dennis

    Yay…picking mine up from best buys right now.

  • JB

    I’ll just wait out Amazon for the body only.

  • Kid Krinkle

    How can I donate to NR? Seriously…

    • there is a PayPal donate button on the bottom of this page:

      did I say that I have a growing family to support 🙂

      • Tom

        Admin, I just donated 10$. You have saved me much more than that. Thanks for your hard work.

  • James

    My local Best Buy had the Nikon D7000 in stock and they sold it to me today. I even got to use the 12% coupon.

  • Rockland01

    Got mine today at Best Buy in NJ-they said that the store received 3 in stock-I purchased 1st one, and another one on reserve, and 1 more left!

  • Larry N

    The D7000 shutter is extremely quit compared to a D90 (almost too quit)

    Auto focus was fast, even at dusk

    When too dark, the D7000 used it spot light for focus – only OK – needs to hunt and peck (naturally) – but did eventually find the ‘best’ focus, seemed to do much better than D90

    • Dreuben

      Thank you Larry!!!!!, that shutter sound sounds nice (I think)… Oh my!!!, december come fast!!!, or ebay…

  • kithic

    Awww.. I love the typical Nikon shutter sound.. 🙁
    I currently have a canon and the sound of Nikon shutter compared to Canons… Oh MY! Too bad d7000 isn’t the same..
    Not that it will hold me back from getting the camera..

  • Nikonff&dxuser

    Called my local best buy store and I was told they have it in stocks but they are not allowed to sell not until Sunday. Someone is gonna get fired. If you already have that could mean a collector items because you got it before the release.

    • Same here – I drove to 3 different BB in my area and they won’t even show me the D7000 – they told me to come back on Sunday.

      • SGN

        You have a bad reputation 😛

  • mwphotofan

    Just picked up the kit at a Best Buy in Minnesota, using the 12% off coupon (they took it even though I’m not a silver member)!

  • Mark

    Got mine a few minutes ago at the BestBuy in Mountain View (silicon valley). It was the last one, but there’s a few other stores in the area that have them. Used the 10% coupon from USPS. Time to cancel my preorder!

  • Nicky

    I hope everyone is canceling their pre-orders from Adorama, so that I get bumped up higher on the list. 🙂
    I can’t wait to get mine.

  • Rich

    Couldn’t wait…. snagged one at Best Buy too & used the 12% off coupon for a total of 1,412.39 (after 92.40 of sales tax grrrr). They had 2 others sitting there. Pittsburgh area, North Hills location.

  • Gary Martel

    Thanks everyone for your advice about the 12% discount at BB. I got mine this evening in Beaverton, Oregon – Best Buy

  • geeksouth

    I work for Best Buy and we sold two D7000 kits today (one kit remaining). And yes, that 12% coupon is valid. Ask DI dept employee where you can locate one if your local store sold out of it.

  • Gary

    So…I tried out the new D7000. Very quiet shutter (the normal shutter) and the quiet mode is even better.

    Images are very nicely exposed. I found that on the D90 I had to shift the EV settings one or two stops, but the D7000 creates beautiful exposures out of the box.

    I plan to take the camera out tomorrow and really test it out.

  • I had to delete few comments – guys, when c&p emails from Amazon please do not give your Amazon order # online – who knows what can happen 🙂

  • Scott Robbins

    Just picked up a kit at BB in Dayton.. Woot!

    • I just scored one at Best Buy too! Battery is charging right now… can’t wait to see how the video mode looks!!! Plus, it’s my birthday today, how lucky is that?? =)

  • Matthew Tang

    I just brought one in Bestbuy. Then I just saw this best buy coupon code thing on here. Do you think they let me use the coupon if I bring it back? It is a $180 difference…

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