Some BestBuy stores got the Nikon D7000 already, but you cannot see/buy it yet

As I mentioned few days ago, the first Nikon D7000 should start shipping any day now. Some BestBuy stores in the US already got their first shipment of D7000 cameras directly from Nikon few days ago in unmarked boxes with time sensitive dates on them (I believe this date is October 18th) - this is something like an embargo date for selling/displaying the camera.

Not sure how reliable this is, but someone mentioned on Amazon's discussion board (user KevCon) that his/her camera was already shipped.

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  • Jim

    Say it ain’t so!!!!!!

    • btw, the D7000 is not listed in Best Buy’s inventory system yet

      • lightsaver

        Just curious how they track mystery inventory like this if they don’t have it in their system. They must have some way of keeping employees from walking off with cases of pre-release stuff. Anyone know?

        • Justin

          I was in a store today and saw inventory and orders for my entire area. This particular store didn’t have one, but they said I could buy it in store now and go pick it up at the other location. Don’t know if the system will let them sell it. Thats just what I was told.

      • Brent Schmidt

        How is this so if I called in and they said it was in stock? And also, how could others already have bought theirs from BB today if this was this case?

      • Vandyu

        Oh, and in other news, 33 Chilean copper miners were rescued after being trapped underground for two months. All are generally in good health. Two are having dental work. All will be getting nice book deals and may not have to work again–at least 2000 feet below ground. All should receive a Nikon D7000. Nikon should jump on this before Canon or Sony does. Unfortunately, some had mistresses unknown to their wives and now have some explaining to do as a mistress or two showed up at the excavation site. This was the best news the world has had in a long time. All things in perspective. Hooray for the people of Chile.

      • suzette Griffin

        Bought mine at Best Buy 4 days ago. Love it!! I bought it 4 hrs. after they received it.

  • JCap

    Ooooh please before October 31st!! (B&H preorder, first hour, body only)

  • Dmitry Brodsky

    Oh, what B.S. You know they are doing it for one purpose only. BB Reward members have a 12% off coupon. the coupon only worked until Oct 17. Greedy Bestbuy does not want to lose 12% on this camera, so they are waiting until the coupon use is over.

  • “unmarked boxes with time sensitive dates on them”
    Sounds more like an IED than a shipment of cameras…

  • robert

    BB isn’t being greedy, Nikon is only giving their dealers 10-15% on the bodies – I can’t see BB giving away the cameras:) Plus, embargo dates are pretty standard – and who buys a 1200$ camera from best buy? Find a nearby Nikon dealer(they’re all selling at 1199 as well) or go w/ B&H or Adorama…

    • twoomy

      I buy a $2000 TV from BestBuy, so what’s wrong with buying a $1200 mid-range camera from them? These are all just consumer electronics. I just wouldn’t go in there looking for advice; I don’t want to get that smells-like-teen-spirit attitude. 🙂

  • Jim

    I might have mine in hand within the hour…..heading out

    • you won’t be able to buy one from Best Buy today

  • kai

    I called my local best buy this morning and they said there are 3 in stock there… but they “aren’t available yet”

    gives me hope that my preorder will ship this weekend!

    • cool, so you are basically confirming the info I got, thanks

  • Firedude

    This is how i got my D90 right when it came out. I’m assuming all best buy has initially is the Kit, not the body only.

    • lightsaver

      That’s correct. They don’t sell the body alone.

  • ukj

    Sorry to ask is the D700 made in japan or china

    • ukj

      sorry D7000 not D700

    • LGO


  • Hojo

    Thailand (I think) — definitely NOT Japan (only Pro level equipment)

  • Broxibear

    For those in the UK looking to buy the D7000, Amazon have already reduced the price to £1,029 inc delivery…

  • Jim

    Does anyone else think it’s weird that the camera seems very close to shipping, but the EN-EL15 batteries are not listed in any stores (that I have seen)?

  • Koypucara

    If find what user “KevCon” on Amazon is saying BS. I did pre-order the D7000 body only on Amazon on Sept 14, a second after the option for pre-order appeared and I haven’t got any email yet and the status in my order says “Not Yet Shipped: Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date. You can cancel at any time.”

    • lightsaver

      Yup, Shenanigans on KevCon!

      Of course “con” is in his username, so you can’t say you weren’t tipped off.

  • ukj

    someone on dpreview clams he has it and got the BB 12% off a s well

    • Koypucara

      it doesn’t say he got it, it says he call and somebody hold one for him just to get a call back from BB to say they can’t do that until 18.

  • Called local Best Buy store and they didn’t have any in…but said that two other nearby stores had six in stock. Called them, after a long hold, they found the boxes in the back. All are kits (with the 18-105 zoom).

    • and were available today.
      ==> Beaverton, Oregon

  • TeaMon

    i also called bestbuy today and they confirmed some of the stores had the d7000 kits in stock with none having more than 6 on hand. none of the stores had the body only so it appears bestbuy will only sell kits for the time being.

  • Chris

    Called my Best Buy in Sacramento, CA and they have 6 in stock. They go on sale Sunday -17th at 10am.

  • Jim

    Bought the kit today. In hand. Can provide cheapo cellphone photos at register to prove it. Gonna take some S8000 pics on my table now. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • James

    Just bought the kit today, in-store at Best Buy. Called and they had just received and they said they would hold one for me. Went straight there and sure enough, it was real.

  • peeeeeejay

    guys, please post your shots using the cam.. am also excited to get mine when they arrive here in PI

  • No Joke

    Thought the bust buy purchase was a joke, but no joke. Went in with 10% coupon and have it in my hand. Now cancelled my pre-order.

  • peeeeeejay

    from the other thread…

    from JCAP

    THIS JUST IN: Thousands of Best Buy employees nation wide have been fired for breaking street date on a new camera despite clear warnings not to. Customers everywhere rejoice!

    …somebody post some unboxing, i need to salivate more…

  • Akira

    I put in a preorder at Best Buy, just in case Amazon is being screwy. I wanted to go body only, but I also really want this camera. Also, my 18-55 is acting funny, so I may be in need of a new standard zoom anyways.

  • peeeeeejay

    if bestbuy is selling them on the 18th of October, do you think Amazon will have this shipped at an earlier date as well?

  • PureAlloy

    I just got mine at Best Buy.

  • peeeeeejay

    congrats to all who were able to get them.. hope to see your reviews soon 🙂

  • Nicky

    His guy already picked up the D7000 kit at Best Buy today. He even posted a picture of himself with it…

    • Nicky

      I meant “this” guy, not “his” guy.

  • Great to hear that it’s out so soon!

  • Ian

    Any idea about BH shipping?

  • MikeM

    Got mine today at Bestbuy!

  • I got my d7000 today just waiting on the battery to charge I must be the first to get one from best buy in nebraska I will shooting photos in uk tomorrow with it
    At the moment can’t say what It can or cannot do.

    • JohnnyC

      Where did you order your D7000 from? I’m looking everywhere and nobody has it in stock… all “pre-order”.. I don’t want to “pre-order”…

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