Nikon D7000 high ISO samples *updated*

Some high ISO samples from the D7000 (read the flickr description for ISO information) - they are so good that I even question the authenticity of those images:

D7000 pictures at different ISO are also available on Picasa. More samples here and here:

Nikon D7000 review (Google translated). And another new D7000 review (I updated this post multiple times as more info came in).

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  • Alan Tran

    Did they just ship out the body only for D7000? Amazon says temporarily out of stock and is no longer pre-order. Check it out

  • Ray

    if these photos are real, the iso 6400 is…. market leading!!!??? the iso 6400 looks like 3200 of my d700, the london gin… what the heck?

  • woop! got mine in houston today. there are a smattering of them around town and was able to use that coupon. now trying to figure this thing out!

    my first impressions of iso6400 with NR looked pretty good. then i took off NR and it was kinda gross. i’m gonna pull out the tripod and figure out how to really use this beast. 😀

    • so far it looks like 3200 is really, really good, and 6400 is the limit. HI2 is noise city! with NRlow 6400 is better, but probably best for small print work. would love to see how this shoots in a club!

      AF is kinda slow and noisy, much more than my d60kit. the AV/gps doors are really sketchy and flimsy feeling. more like rubber suction doors. good thing this isn’t a hand rest area. the battery door is on a really crappy hinge. i’m really worried that pulling it out for recharges will wear it down fast. the SD door on the other hand is super solid.

      so far i don’t really see bad hot pixeling at ISOs less that 6400. i do have three hot zones on the lcd when in live view that are kind of annoying and debating if it’s worth an exchange.

  • Mike

    Argh….. can’t decide if I should spend the extra money for the tax to get it in Bestbuy….. I bet Amazon wont’ ship mine out any time soon, probably not even next week 🙁

    • FiZ

      Probably not. I ordered my body-only D7000 on Sep. 23 and I finally got an email today telling me that there’s been an unexpected delay due to high demand. So on Amazon, it now says that the D7000 is temporarily out of order, and the email says

      At this time, we’re not sure of the exact date your camera will be shipped.

      But hey, at least they’ll give me a $25 discount whenever they get around to shipping me the camera. That’s if I don’t break down and find a Best Buy with one in stock first.

  • Yahhhhh.. Just got my D7000 kit from bestbuy here in Newark DE. The guy pulled it off the truck.. Young 20 yr old did not know he can’t sell it before 17th.. So he sold it to me. I used a coupon and got it for $1300. Currently doing unboxing video.. soon will post it


  • Kingyo

    if these are real..and that ISO 6400 is so clean.. man I just peed myself thinking about how sweet the next FX will be 🙂

  • Chad

    Anyone interested in buying my D700? This camera looks good, but it looks more like clever noise filtering than genuinely clean images. The ISO 6400 looks “sharpened” at 100%, scale it down and it looks amazing.. but my D700 looks clean at 100%.

    • GutterSkunk

      This is something I’ve been wondering about. How much of this performance can we expect if we’re shooting raw, with low or zero noise reduction — how much of this is for shooting jpeg?

      on an entirely unrelated note: anyone who’s shot with a D7000, how’s the drive speed & buffer when shooting Raw? (the specs say 11/12 vs 18 shots or so for D300s.. I love the D300s buffer)

  • AHC

    Those are really some extra ordinary ISOs in comparison to the D90..

  • Just in case anyone needed one more sample set, here’s one:

    I also picked one up at Best Buy this afternoon and I LOVE IT!!! I upgraded from a D40 and it is worlds apart. Good times ahead! 😀

    These were all shot on a tripod at F8 with tungsten WB using a remote–speaking of which I was happy to find that there is now a remote sensor on the back! Not having that was quite an inconvenience at times on the D40.

    Also, I haven’t even opened the box for the 18-105 since I don’t need it. I’ll be selling it for $275 if anyone’s interested. 🙂

    • I was also going to mention that noise reduction was turned off for these…

  • Dennis

    I’ve been playing with my D7000 all night. ISO 6400 is very clean and usable at 6400. I’m in love and glad I picked this up instead of the D300s (also tested for a few days). I like the D300s external controls, but image wise, D7000 is better IMO.

  • And here’s yet another Hi ISO sample set. But this time, I’ve also included my old D5000 for a side by side comparison.

  • l.hawkeye

    I own a D40 and a D90 and from the samples I can say that D7000 has very big isuues with sharpness, I do not like D7000 at all because of the sharpness!

    • Ronald

      If this is realy the case, I’m not gonna get a D7000…. I’m a D80 owner at the moment. So i’m gonna wait what the succesor of the D300s or D700 will look like.

      • Jpg directly from the cam are never really good and I havent seen pics with sharp primes yet. I am waiting for RAW images taken with proper primes. The D7000 is a serious option for me. The D700 is too expensive, but if there will be a D800 the D700 will be cheaper. D300s is also an option. I am not really into more MP.

    • human tripod

      Is this sharp enough?

  • Right Coast

    Someone mentioned they were getting 25Mbit/s bitrate in another post. I’m curious where that number is coming from. From the videos I’ve taken, (1080p/24), Windows is reporting:

    Data rate 18138kbps
    Total bitrate 19675kbps

    For me, autofocus full-time-servo AF in video seems to have trouble in low light. Subject-tracking AF looks really cool, though accuracy is not good outside of the cross-type sensors as you would expect. I am going to do some tests outside later today when the sun is actually out.

    Admin, how about creating a post for video discussion?

    • Moritz Janisch: We shot with a test camera not with the final product. We couldn’t test the HDMI out. The bitrate is 24 MB/s.

      Here’s the link, and don’t forget to download the full size file:

    • Another d7000 video with color corrections:

    • Right Coast

      Okay, I shot some more video with more moving subjects, moving background, etc.

      The video with the highest bitrate is:

      Data rate 21787kbps
      Total bitrate 23340kbps

  • zeissgit

    if it really is down to compression .. and the D7000 IS NOT better than the D700 .. then shame on admin for posting these pics with such a sensationalist headline. i read this thread last night and it took me a while to wade thru the drooling and glowing praise to find that quite probably that its all red herring, .. justice to the D7000 yes, but this sounds like a hyping pile of crap to me. I could have spent the money last night (as other folk seem to have done) and bought the thing (if available) instead of holding on to my money for a FX or whatever. Does Nikon have somekind of influence over the headlines/postings on NR??

    • Catastrophile

      calm down and think of a better way to influence NR admin and Nikon into doing what you think is right. being openly angry and rude with people of authority won’t usually help in convincing them to change their ways.

    • Really?

      The headline is “Nikon D7000 high ISO samples *updated*”. I don’t see what the issue is. The comments are, to a large extent, outside the control of the admin.

    • Dennis

      LOL…go buy a Canon.

  • Shuttersight

    I have uploaded some sample pics on Flickr as well:

  • eric

    greta samples but which interest ?? we have the ISO but not the conditions of lights, et speed , so no interest ! please for example go to a basket ball game, inside an arena , do the speed a 500, et let’s see the iso and the result .something in action !

  • Paolo Marini

    Being in Tokyo for a business trip, I had today the opportunity to test the new Nikon D7000 at a Nikon Live Digital event.

    I took my SD card in order to come back with the images.

    Having already read that the noise is so low at high ISO, i tried several time shoots at the testing scene, consisting on a BMW Z4 and a nice Japanese girl, with increasing ISO up to 4000 and I can confirm that the noise increases, but just a little and the details on the image are very very good.

    I was very impressed by the camera performance, the richness of the menu functions, the construction and most important by the image quality.

  • Paolo Marini

    Here my flickr links to a few pictures from ISO 800 up to ISO 4000 of yesterday shot:

  • Paolo Marini
  • Spodeworld

    When checking ISO results, do most examples rely on images captured as jpegs or raw files?

  • chuck

    D7000 is looking good but no D700.
    Good news for D4 and D400.
    The D400 WILL be the same sensor with better AF and prcoessing and video. The D700 won’t be coming for a while

    The D4 and D400 come next year. The D700 will get an upgrade next year as D700s with the same sensor once Nikon fixes its sensor yield issues.

    Nikon still needs improvement on video and the new focus cam for the D4 and D400 will be the test as to whether the next generation will kick Canon to the dark ages

  • SDiggity

    @NR Admin – Would you happen to have any links to D7000 full res video samples? I have been scouring the internet, and have been unable to find any to download and keep getting false hits from the Jarvis videos. My main objective here is to see how large the H264 files are @ 1920 x 1280, so that I can order SD cards to accommodate a full video shoot when I get the camera. If you can fulfill this request, I would truly appreciate it!

    • don’t think I’ve seen any full res videos online – I think some people were able to download the video from the D7000 digitutor on Nikon’s website

      • SDiggity

        Thanks anyway NR! I did however find via a chat string on Vimeo that claims a 16GB card will hold ~50 minutes of full HD video. Don’t quote me on that though. 😉

  • Here D7000 samples at 3200 and 6400 ISO from Photokina:

  • Just got my D7000 yesterday and shot some video hand held with it. While it’s not something I would regularly use, the quality of the video @ 6400 ISO definitely usable in an absolute pinch. The continuous AF tracking is a good start but I’m certainly not putting my trust in it just quite yet; as with just about all AF, it’s based on contrast detection and suffers in low light conditions. As a wedding shooter, a camera’s low light performance is critical. I’ll be shooting quite a bit more with this over the next few days and will try to put new samples up regularly.

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