Hitler is not happy with the Nikon D7000 shipment schedule

Hitler rant videos are always fun, especially when they mention NikonRumors (this is one was done by the same guys who created the Nikon lenses iPhone app, warning: graphic language):

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  • LOL! LOL! LOL! I’m glad I went with a D700 instead!

  • This is disgusting. Delete it.

    • James

      Sense of humour failure 🙁

      • come on, this normally is a great movie, no problem changing it a bit. It has been done before with the choice of an amusement park.
        if u think it’s disqusting, don’t watch it

        • The invisible man

          LOL !
          I did not know it was a real movie !
          I’m so dumb !

          • It’s not even Hitler you know. Just an actor.

            • robert

              Actor..no way..that’s hitler and he’s pissed he won’t get on of the first D7000 deliveries. And I know it’s him cause he has an Amazon prime for Christ’s sake!

            • GlobalGuy

              Not to mention that it is LAMPOONING Hitler. I mean if you can’t make fun of Hitler by turning him into the clown mascot of irrationally angry people, then what can you make fun of.. At least Ken Rockwell is still fair game. 😀

    • nameless

      Shame on it.
      It’s just funny for brainless people.
      People who don’t understand the language and in particular understand the tragedy behind it.

      Oh my god, so many idiots beyond photographers – never thought this could be possible.

      Nikonrumors is on the skids.

      • scurvy hesh

        Dont be such a ninny. Its funny

      • Mock Kenwell

        Lighten up.

      • Nikon Cockwell

        its funny, stop ignoring history, it happened, period

      • Sgt. Hulka

        Lighten up Francis

      • dkat

        Com’n, let go of the past and have a little fun you goof.

    • Michael

      about 13% of germans (REAL GERMANS I MEAN) want new adolf hitler.
      these germans are fed up with muslims, blacks, turkish and many more who live in germany and demand more and more benefits, human rights ect


      • Huggs

        Who gives a crap?! This is Nikon Rumors not some political site. Spread your propaganduh elsewhere.

      • matthias

        This is such a crap…not 13% of Germans want Hitler Back….i am a German living in Germany and here maybe 1% thinks this way. Stupid people are everywhere, not only in America. (for those who want to comment on my prejudice: it was irony)

      • ekg

        83.9% of the statistics are made up on the spot…

        • ato3

          Ahem… 84.3%. You must have been using last years figure.

  • TheJoker

    I loved the line
    “He won’t, those are for Children”.

    Great stuff

    • Banned

      Hahaha loved that one too.

      The original movie is excellent I really liked it. Top recommended. It’s called The Downfall for english speakers.

      However they should stop the joke here, they can’t be using the same joke over and over again.

      • WoutK89

        Der Untergang is the other title I know (I am from Holland)

    • Andrew

      That was hilarious!

  • LMAO. I have to say I sympathize. God, I feel dirty.

  • Richard Felber

    Very funny. Nicely written and edited. It made me laugh!

  • lowlander

    ich krieg’ es satt…wo ist meine D7000!!!!

  • Mandrake

    NOOOOOO! Not the Sony Alpha!

    • JorPet

      Couldn’t you just read the shame and defeat on his face when he went Sony.


  • disco

    hilarious! LOL

  • That is great!!!

  • Funduro

    ROFL , or the u4/3rd version: LOL

  • Hilarious! Oh wait, that is almost me…

  • john

    this is highly insulting to anyone who speaks german. this clip is actually from a highly regarded foreign film, and the moronic overdubbing only screams out ‘ignorance’.

    • James

      Downfall is a fantastic film. I’ve watched a few times and I don’t think this “belittles” it.

      You are clearly not a fan of internet memes.

    • Matthias

      Exactly my first thoughts (I am German.), though I do have to admit I had to laugh. Still, this video leaves me with a feeling of “How could they?” like all these fun Hitler videos do most Germans.

      • Banned

        You guys should chill out. I know Hitler and WWII is still taboo in Germany and you guys can’t even talk about it… But it’s time to move on. Der Untergang was an excellent movie and this clip does nothing to detract from that.

        • alfredo

          In my German School here in peru, if you say “hitler” youre out for a week :S

      • GlobalGuy

        More like, “How could they not!” I mean, gosh, Hollywood Hitler was born to be the spokesman of poorly executed product launches.

    • WoutK89

      see you soon again, I bet this isnt the last of these movies we’ve seen.

      The subtitles were not added to make the movie look bad, but for entertainment, please have a laugh once in a while, it will make life a lot more bright

    • SZRimaging

      First off, dubbing is used for spoken words, so “moronic overdubbing” would be watching Godzilla in English. What you are calling overdubbing is subtitles.

      Second, this is a very long standing internet meme. The part of what makes them so funny is how out of context and ludacris they are. If you take them so seriously, you have a lot bigger issues on hand than just not liking a meme.

    • scurvy hesh

      Welcome to the internet German.

    • Sgt. Hulka

      Lighten up Francis. Sgt Hulka

  • Eduardo

    Hilarious!!!!! He is a madman, a Sony Alpha????

  • Jesus

    i’m sure a real hitler would buy a Leica M9 and not some japanese crap…

    • Jesus

      don’t get me wrong, i don’t mean Nikon is crap
      i mean hitler would say it’s crap cause it’s not german

      • grumps

        Wait, so is Hitler still alive? Ready to invade Canada? 😛
        Funny stuff, I agree, he’ll be a Leica man for sure!

        • SZRimaging

          Who invades Canada? You just walk up and say I want your country, then they give it to you…

          Oh wait…that’s France…..

        • El Aura

          Coincidentally, Leica for a while had a production site in Canada.

  • Brilliant stuff!

  • Feel guilty saying this, but I laughed out loud in a few spots.

  • Eduardo

    John, your laughbox is broken. I would have laugh even if it was in spanish!

  • Nikonier

    i p… in my pants. Sooo great.
    What will he do when he don’t get the D800 in time. Oh my god!

  • Chai

    This is so Funny… the script is awesome… LOL

  • Dweeb

    Hitler’s unboxing video – LOL

  • The invisible man

    Buy a Leica S2-P, as a German leader is he not supposed to get it for cheap ?

  • i thought he was friends with the japanese in the war 😛
    for this, he might have invaded japan!

  • 2cents

    “If I wanted to buy a camera in Canada, I would have invaded Canada!” Awesome!

  • Rob

    Reminds me of myself.

    Well, maybe not . . . I wouldn’t switch to alpha!

  • DespisedIcon

    Haha! Very funny.
    Love the line “No he won’t. Those are for children.”

  • eric

    Sony Alpha? No way, he’s going Leica M9.

  • Don


  • dan

    2:45-3.15 is amazing.

  • Steve

    That was freakin’ hilarious! Anyone not laughing – you need professional help! Made my day 🙂

  • venancio

    can’t wait for the come back episode… when the uberphotog gets sucked into the mania for D400…

  • Second viewing. Second posting. Incredibly funny. I laughed. I cried. I became one with myself.

  • LMAO !!! …five minutes later!
    I’ve seen this movie picked on several times for different subjects including the collapse of the Dallas Cowboys, my home team. It has nothing to do with the movie or Germans but only with a tyrant in a rage over not getting what he wants.
    Get a sense of humor, you’ll feel better.

  • JMD,..in Northern VA

    …every second was just plain hilarious! What a laff!!

    …Have Bold Will Travel~

  • Peter Ahrens

    Scary stuff. This looks just like me when I found out Leica had no R solution coming…

  • alvix

    OMG..noo..not again…

  • Mike


  • Akira

    Pretty awesome. Softens the blow a little.
    I really am losing faith in Nikon, though. I have had too much bad experience with them lately. An inexcusable repair time, this, and the fact that I want to start to get into video make me wonder whether it is time to jump ship.

  • DaveyJ

    Hitler would be very protective of Leica, read his book……

    • Arthur

      Mein Kampf? What about Leica in there?

  • Rafael R


  • The use of foul language was excessive and pointless. It turned me off completely to what human might have been there.

  • By human I mean humor….lol

  • ZoetMB

    If you’ve never seen a Hitler rant video, then it’s funny. But if you have, then it’s passe – it’s simply not funny anymore – there’s hundreds of these including others about Nikon. I made one of these about my office (for private consumption only) a few years ago. The video quality on this one seems far better than the file I found – they must have recaptured the video from a DVD.

    The trick in doing these is to get the metering of the subtitles to be the same as the meter and phrasing of the German, even though in reality, German sentences would always be longer than the English translations. These guys succeeded only part of the time.

    But I wouldn’t be offended by it. People have been making fun of Hitler forever. Charlie Chaplin did it in “The Great Dictator”, Sid Caesar did it on TV in the 1950s and Mel Brooks did it in ‘The Producers”, just to name a few.

    • lorenzo

      I agree that the very problem of this video is the fact that we have seen it hundred of times.
      One of them about the D3x.
      It is about time to select something else (how come Voldemort never rants?)

      • Jason

        Because Voldemort speaks in English. This can only work on English speaking audiences with foreign language films.

        I guess you could take a Spanish dub of Harry Potter and then subtitle it back to English, but on screen speakers wouldn’t have their mouths match up with the audible words.

        • ZoetMB

          It would be harder, but you could redub a film. There was some show that used to redub old Spanish films and IIRC, they used to do it live, and it was very funny.

          I also once went to a showing of “Creature From the Black Lagoon”, in which a live band played a new soundtrack and actors read an entirely new script of dialog perfectly in sync with the action on the screen. They made it really funny….it was one of the best entertainment experiences I ever had.

  • Thomas

    I think we Germans are the only guys who can’t laugh about this. Too sad, after all this shit was 65 years ago. But we can’t forget what we have done und we hear him talking and what he says is not so funny. I am 47 and I feel guilty for beeing a German.

    • lorenzo

      Oh c’mon Thomas, many other politicians from those times were (almost) as filty as Hitler. E.g. Churchil did not want people to know about the Concentration Camps, otherwise the citizens of Her Majesty would not have re-entered the war “just to save the jews”.
      Fact is: all countries of the world have some issues in their past their people ought to be ashamed about. Yet, as we have to work and live and breed, I guess it is easier to be ashamed of what WE have done wrong personally, and not what “our country” did wrong before our very birth…

    • Banned

      Dude I feel sorry for you being sorry being a German. It never ceases to amaze me how Germans feel sorry about this shit 65 years later.

      • Christina

        Very true.
        As an American, I feel guilty about what we did to the American Indian, and slavery, etc. But, I wasn’t even alive at the time!

        And, I cannot have closure or find a way to pay America’s debt for these horrible acts. I just try to be a good human being.

        • Banned

          No worries, your country always finds new and improved ways to gilt you. Iraq anybody? Freedom fries? No shortage…

    • WoutK89

      You know you could watch with sound turned off if you NEED to watch.

  • Bob

    If I had a nickel for every time I was sent a Hitler video rant! I simply ignore them now…..

  • j

    some people like recycled humour…others find it annoying…. we are probably 50/50 what else is there to say?

    • MIchael Devonport

      There is lots to say. You can be a sheep or you can be a person who cares. Which one are you?

      • WoutK89

        To me its not about the video, its about the subtitles, they are the joke.

  • 12

    let him who is without sin cast the first stone lol…. grow up.

    • MIchael Devonport

      Let me tell you something Millions died. It’s not funny to use a person who want to destroy lives for his master race. Learn your history.

      • THURO

        Alright guys come on, Hitler is no longer the enemy… Yes what he did is atrocious and he did kill millions, and it is absolutely inexcusable, but he is the one to blame and no one else. Millions die every year from sicknesses like cancer, diabetes, AIDS, even the seasonal flu… I don’t stay at home for fear of getting sick. Enjoy life and what it has to offer, learn from the mistakes of yourself and others, and when the time comes to see things in a humorous light take advantage of it… because accidents are number 1 on the list of things that will shorten your lifespan, and you probably spend a substantial amount of time in a car traveling at a speed that could kill you. In other words lighten up.

      • Anton

        Does this mean that we can’t anymore make jokes about USA presidents and jews?
        So, no more jokes about Bush and Obama, right? No more Silvio Berlusconi jokes about jews? It will be miserable then.

        • Banned

          Well I love jokes about Jews. Cartman rocks. lol

      • Mock Kenwell

        Lighten up. Mel Brooks, a Jew, wrote the spoof play, “Springtime for Hitler in Germany” in the Producers. It was hilarious. Tragedy plus time equals comedy. It’s one of the first rules of comedy. No one owns the right to decide what is and is not appropriate. If you want that, you’re a fascist. Which is quite ironic, don’t you think?

  • Hahaha Just love it

  • Ralph Daily

    For people that remember the movie and how tragic this scene is, it’s not possible to laugh.

  • gt

    the holocaust wasn’t funny.

    but this clip from a MOVIE with the lines OVERDUBBED – now that IS funny.

    please grow a sense of humor

  • Rob

    Cannot believe that some people don’t have a sense of humor – NOBODY here is promoting Hitler – are you saying that nobody should talk and even mention his name? How is this clip different than any other Hitler movie or book? I don’t know how it is in Germany, but in the US we have something called “freedom of speech”. I think the video was hilarious!

    • WoutK89

      Hitler is the new He-who-must-not-be-named ???

    • El Aura

      This video draws a comparison between really wanting a camera and being responsible for the death of millions. Certainly not a serious comparison but I can’t help but feel a certain unease watching it.

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