Nikon D7000 Digitutor now online

Nikon D7000 Digitutor is now available online - it's really well done:

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  • Nikon has done quite a good job for this.

    • At least the volume control does not control the über annoying dink,dink,dink navigation sound, the hightlight is sufficient to indicate focus.

    • Dim

      Why has there been on D400 rumors since late 2009?
      Is it to quell any loss in sales of the D300s, if the D7000 is almost there and the D400 is known, there would be no sales of D300s in the interim.

  • Very useful information, thanks!

  • Funduro

    Nice. Good job HTML programmers. Will have to do till I get delivery. Nikon keep up the good work. NR admin, thanks for your hard work(ThinkTank giveaw…).

    • Splinter

      While it is a good initiative on Nikons part, it’s not HTML, its built in Flash which makes it absolutely useless as a learning tool on both the iPhone and iPad.

      Not a very forward thinking move on Nikons behalf – or at least the company they employed to do the development.

      • jdsl

        You can blame Steve Jobs for that.

        Microsoft should buy Adobe and stop developing CS for Mac 🙂

        • Splinter

          OK firstly, you can blame anyone you want, but it doesn’t change the reality that Flash as a platform doesn’t perform well on mobile devices at all – the reason it is banned from the ipad/iphone.

          Your second idea, Microsoft should buy Adobe? Riiiiight.
          Personally I’d be all for it actually, after all it would mean Apple would have to create their own graphics software, in the process showing both Adobe and Microsoft how its done. Oh thats right they’ve been doing that for how long now? 🙂

          • Buz

            Pretty sure it nots because mobile compatibility that flash is ‘Banned’ from apple. Anyways flash works perfect on Android 🙂

            Would love to see the merger too. Then maybe these kids fresh out of school will realized they don’t need to spend 4X as much money to be a designer or photographer.

            • Buz

              And for that matter, doesnt the girl in the sample photo look like she has a sharpie pirate beard from drinking the night before?

            • Splinter

              I didn’t say anything about mobile compatibility, I said mobile performance. And it doesnt work fine on Android, its an Android crash whore.

  • Nice, awesome stuff, thanks!

    Seem like good movie options as well, makes me all giddy getting such a new preview of my new camera : )

    But pleeeease Nikon, please give a firmware update for 60fps!!!!

    • D7000

      go buy a P&S

      • I gave it to my brother : P
        Besides, we’re allowed to demand a request.

  • spidercrown

    it comes with back IR sensor now! this will make the cheap wireless remote really useful!

    • WoutK89

      Was already known on day of release.

  • manarianz5

    great stuff!!!

  • Gonads

    It looks like the woman in the screenshot has a handlebar moustache, thanks to the focus box 🙂

    Nice site though, quite a lot of info.

    • burak

      lol.. each good has its buyer..

    • Mock Kenwell

      …and a shower curtain for a dress.

  • Deputy

    Not bad but why o why did they choose a narrator with a nasal problem!

  • Catastrophile

    i am very grateful to the digitutor web designer(s) for making it impossible to download most of the video’s there. watching video on web pages sucks, i always download everything on hard disk, to watch on a media player (or even on TV if i want), but digitutor is very unfriendly for those who want to do this.

    • SA

      I downloaded all videos about D7000 in one file (142 MB).

      • SA

        … and duration is 27:44.

        • Don

          How did you download the content?

          • SA

            That’s my secret. But I can upload this video somewhere, if somebody will give an idea where. I’m from Ukraine, I know local file hostings, but I don’t know which international site better to upload files.

            • Catastrophile

              managed to download the same 27 min file using the same trick that i’ve been using for years, but for some strange reason it just didn’t want to work earlier today.

  • minus

    Very very bad news : It is not possible to modify the aperture after the beginning of the recording (only the speed and probably ISO). Normally when recording film, speed is fixed at 1/50 for exemple (or almost…) and the exposition is ajusted by the ISO, the aperture setting or by a ND filter…

    A variable ND filter will be necessary on this camera…

    Still not OK for movie mode… Next time Nikon, maybe!!!
    D800 please…

    Sorry concerning my english…

    • asdasd

      dude, it is DSLR with movie option. If you want a camera, buy camera.

      You can play golf with baseball bat, but if you want to play golf, you should get a real club

      • Brett

        Very well said!

      • Roland

        Amen brother!

    • There are enough primes with an aperture ring..

    • Karlosak

      Variable ND filter (or multiples of fixed ones) is a necessity every time you try to create a half decent video with DSLRs. If you need to produce a certain DOF effect and want to mitigate the choppy movements during subject movement or camera pans (that means fixed shutter speed around 1/2*fps), you are only left with ISO changes or the amount of available light (i.e. ND filters).

      I’m looking forward to the new Kenko variable NDX filter, hopefully much cheaper than the pricey Singh-Ray Vari-ND!

    • SA

      From where this information? In Digitutor no one word about this. In movie mode they just showed adjusting aperture, shutter etc. before movie. But they didn’t tell anything about possibility to adjust aperture or shutter speed during movie recording .

  • D40-owner

    I just watched the D7000 Digitutor “User Setting Modes” video.
    In the U1/U2 positions, you can store:
    – P/A/S/M mode
    – ISO
    – White Balance
    – AF settings
    – Picture Control settings
    – Shooting settings
    – Custom Settings

    The camera doesn’t remember the changes you made while in U1/U2, you always have to save to change.
    Sounds good!

    • Indeed.. it is very useful! You can easily switch from motion photography to stills (with your own settings)! That is very useful when doing nature photography!
      The AF seems very fast and accurate. I am looking forward to the reviews! 😀

    • hornagain

      Would Auto ISO fall under one of these?

      • D40-owner

        I hope so, along with noise reduction settings

    • Eric Duminil

      Sounds great indeed.

      Does anybody know if it’s possible to lock every single parameter in U1 or U2?
      While shooting with strobes on location, I sometimes inadvertently change the shutter speed beyond flash sync, and get shadows from the curtain.
      I’d love to customize everything, and be sure that no parameter could be changed during the whole shoot.
      Unless I want to, that is. 🙂

    • Karlosak

      Does U1/U2 remember specific shutter speed and aperture too? I often shoot fire performances and ability to quickly switch from long times that create abstract fire patterns to freeze motion style would be a godsend!

      • Eric

        From what I understood, U mode remembers aperture in A mode & shutter speed in S mode.

  • Dweeb

    Too bad we can’t say the same thing for NX.

  • The invisible man

    I still prefer my D800.
    By the way, any news about that D800 ?
    Was the sory about the book fake or true ?

    • Visible

      It’s fake, the book was invisible:-)

      • The invisible man

        Seriously, was it fake ?

        • zoetmb

          It doesn’t matter if it was fake or not. An announcement of a future book MEANS NOTHING. I worked in the publishing industry and I worked with the ISBN agencies. I can assure you that it’s meaningless. As a publisher, I can think that maybe someday, I’ll publish a book about the Nikon D6 and send the metadata out to the world, but it doesn’t really mean anything at all. Publishers do this all the time to see if they get any preorders and if they get enough, then they see about publishing such a book.

          • The invisible man

            What a world….

  • thank you NR!

  • Mike Gunter


  • Anyone have any info of the location of the 9 cross sensor of the auto focus array?

    • N-Mi

      It’s the 9 sensors in the center.

  • zen-tao

    Nice camera. Nikon looks to be facing up a new politic of lowering prices (it was abaut time…) but I hope them not to downgrade camera performances. What happened with the usefull flash sync connector? What can I do with my strobos ? Would I switch a phisical release ? missing… my old D200 have both. Infrared is not totally reliable in certain enviroments. That´s a considerable drawback.
    I look forward to see comparatives in DPreview but I wonder that we’ll have to attach a very powerfull lense to be up to par with 16,2 mpx sensor ( still expecting an affordable FX with my old and new FX lenses waiting in the bag to be used). I wish the photografic perfomances would be higly improved like it seems to be. Video producers will have to spent a lot of money in farmed out gear , optics,software, etc.. to make motion pictures mencioned in American Cinematographer.
    Good luck! but don’t shell the chickens before they hatch. let’s be cautious.

    • cirtap

      PLEASE go back a find my statements…that Nikon was going to lower ALL of it’s prices…THEY know and WE ALL know..their prices were OVER DONE!!!

      I said it would be a lower price camera and packed with goodies…as WILL THE D4 and D8000 oops!!! Did I say D8000? YES…

      The new D4 will clock in at around 5 grand…AND will have 1080p and 10 or more fps and 18-24mp.!!!!!

  • DaveyJ

    Really well done! Can’t wait to get my hands on mine!

  • i can’t wait till i get the D7000@!

  • ZoetMB

    I know it’s been said before, but if the D7000 can do all this, imagine what the D400/D800/D4 are going to do! (or whatever they will be called).

    One thing I’d like to see in the more advanced future bodies is instead of having U1 and U2, just have U on the dial, then use the command dial to choose which U. So instead of only 2 settings, you could have something like 10. Then it would be really easy to switch between those different modes. And if U doesn’t remember every single setting on the D7000, it should do so on the more advanced bodies.

    And a more advanced body will have to permit aperture changes during video shooting, not just ISO and shutter speed changes.

    Anyone know if you have to lock the aperture dial on D lenses like you have to do on most other Nikon digital bodies?

    • Think many of us are interested in the D7000, and many more and having high expectations for the future bodies :p I wouldn’t want to put my expectations too high in case they don’t turn out to be what I expect 😮

  • Barry Schein

    When will my local dealer, The Proshop for Photographers in West Palm beach Fl be carrying Nikon? It would be a nice thing. I would like the opportunity to buy my D7000 locally.

  • glumetu

    this video is inaccurate – I mean there’s no way there are SO many people shooting Canon, Pentax, Oly and other brands! 🙂

  • big eater

    Those of you who have downloaded the video; can you look at the metadata and see what kind of camera it was shot on?

  • Kid Krinkle

    How can I donate to NR? Seriously…

  • Brent

    Did anyone notice that out of all the sample images, none were shot with 18-105mm? So much for the kit. Looks like the photographer prefered the 16-85mm.

  • Aliperti

    I have downloaded the high iso images of d7000 and verified the authenticity of them. The camera is really miraculous!

    • Aliperti

      I have downloaded the high iso images of d7000 and verified the authenticity of them on Photoshop. The camera is really miraculous!

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