Hitler is not happy with the Nikon D7000 shipment schedule

Hitler rant videos are always fun, especially when they mention NikonRumors (this is one was done by the same guys who created the Nikon lenses iPhone app, warning: graphic language):

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  • Lola

    I’m hearing Nikon aren’t too impresed with this video and are in the process of having it removed.

    • you mean the clip is made and promoted by Nikon? I wouldn’t believe it. if so and if they don’t remove it immediately, I would never buy Nikon equipment again.

      what a bad taste this leaves.

      • Lola

        “you mean the clip is made and promoted by Nikon?”
        Sorry Peter but where did I say that?
        Nikon didn’t make or promote the clip, do you honestly think they want their products to be associated with Hitler ?

    • ZoetMB

      I doubt that very much. Nikon doesn’t own the footage and therefore would have no right to have it removed. Satire is legal in most countries. The outrage from Nikon trying to censor this would do far more damage than this video ever would.

  • I will continue to delete comments with offensive language to other readers, nations, etc.

    • Dweeb

      You could also of course remind some people that don’t understand that this is not the real Hitler.

  • rob

    wow, that was a great way to start my morning, thanks for posting!

  • MIchael Devonport

    To all those people who think this funny, You are wrong. You are condoning a mast murder in the form of laughter. It not funny to use a man who does not care about a peoples religion, heritage, up bring, colour, mental condition. He was willing to kill anyone who was not part of the master race. If you going to tell me to lighten up, then you are condoning what he represents. My advice to you would be re-evaluate your standing in world around you.


    • T

      Agreed, it is just inappropriate and disrespectful for the memory of those loved ones who were lost during these dark years.

      This comment goes to the people who created this sequence. Some things you can joke with, others are best left alone.

      Anticipating the rants… I do have a sense of humor: see below, it works and no need for Hitler to be involved 🙂

    • Banned

      Foarm. lol.

      • WoutK89

        Thats the only typo you saw?

        I liked the Good buy and good lock (buy and store safe is the message)

        • Banned

          No but I found foarm hilarious.

    • gt

      “To all those people who think this funny, You are wrong.”

      That’s not laughter coming out of your mouth…those are tears!

  • LMAO~!!!! =D

  • MIchael Devonport

    To Nikon Rumors,

    Which is more offensive, showing Hitler in Nikon video or explaining what he did during WWII. Get your head out of sand, man!

    • gt

      the implication that by laughing at this video…we somehow CONDONE genocide…is just silly. I find your posts to be inflammatory and irrational.

    • Mock Kenwell

      I’m busy editing a Michael Davenport Hitler video as we speak…

      • Mock Kenwell

        Loosely based on the MIchael Devonport tirade witnessed here, of course. Changed the name to protect the innocent.

  • hybris

    well im not happy either1
    we want the d800 now

  • Gary

    Anyone who uses Hitler in a comedy situation does not understand that he is responsible for the terrible deaths of over 6 million people! There is NO REASON to use Hitler for a comedy purpose. NONE. Much of my family was wiped out due to this maniac. Why would anyone want to use Hitler for comedy?

    • Banned

      Whatever you make fun of in comedy, you will ALWAYS end up offending someone, ALWAYS.

    • Ken Rockfell

      Anyone who uses Hitler in a comedy situation does understand that shit happens. A strict dictator could be funny. Just look at “The Great Dictator” by Charlie Chaplin.

    • Dweeb

      OT but I take it you’re not a big fan of “The Producers”.

    • Eely

      So? much of my family has been killed during the Holocaust as well, and for their memories I will keep on laughing and encouraging everyone who makes fun of this son of b****. Can’t you understand that by mocking him we diminish his legacy, making what he stood for useless and just plain dumb? I say long live Hitler memes, I even showed one to my grandfather whose mother was beaten to death by nazis, he loved it. He loved how they showed Hitler as nothing but a pathetic weak looser.

      (by the way that was a very nicely executed film, I understand German only a tad bit, but I still fully enjoyed it)

  • Christina

    Like others, I feel guilty saying this, but I laughed my A$$ off.
    I’ve not seen the real movie, but it appears it was very well done. As for making fun of the Germans, or Hitler, I do apologize for finding this ‘remake’ really really funny.

    KInd of makes up for Inglorious Bastards that my husband and I watched a few weeks ago. For me, it was so horrifically violent, although acting by some of the actors was very good. Guess I’m not a Quentin Tarrantino fan.

  • Jim

    Yep, this pretty much sums up *almost* exactly how I feel and have been behaving. No “you’re stuck til next month” letter yet, hope springs eternal…

  • (sarcasm alert)

    Heil Nikon !

    Even Führer abandons nikon thats a shame…. Now Goebbels, give me my Leica M9 SS Edition !

    (/sarcasm alert)

    PS: The brackets are for the people who doesnt have a f…ing sense of humour.

  • Guest 1138

    ITT: we misunderstand internet memes.

  • tom

    Greetings from Germany.
    This video is NOT funny!

    • Chris

      Greetings from Germany.
      This video IS funny!

      Hitler and the hole military and political garbage in Germany in the years between 1933 and 1945 is worth it to laugh about. That does not mean not to think of the victims of the Nazis

  • Major William Martin

    According to my intel report….

    Heir Fuhrer means Fuji X100[and not the sony]

    Heir Fuhrer prefers vintage design….[it was Himmler who wanted the Sony]

    i was laughing my heart out watching the spoof version of this film….

    and yes i do have a copy of “Downfall”….and i would say its the best hitler film of all

  • TEM

    NOT funny!

  • WAlfaro

    Great video set-up, I am also eager to get this camera, think is too long the waiting for it!

  • Edwin

    Hitler, I never thought I could agree with you more.

  • Robin

    I dont care about Hitler, I just want the D7000 to be available soon!!

  • Alex

    D800 please!!!

  • Rich

    Everyone in the Western World apart from a few wackos know that Hitler was a lunatic, a murderer, and a warmonger, so having a laugh at the expense of a film about him is hardly condoning any of the acts that he did nor will it make people see Hitler in a better light, so please stop going out of your way to be offended and try to crack a smile, it will make your day a happier one.

    • El Aura

      To me this was (an attempt at) making fun of hard-core Nikon fans, which as an intent is perfectly fine. It to some degree implies that Nikon fans are as irrational, self-centered and whatnot as Hitler, which naturally is very far from reality. It elicits the feeling that Hitler was just a spoiled little brat (which probably is one of aspects why people feel uneasy about this).

  • moises

    That’s a funny video, maybe we can recibe the d7000 for xmas. Amazon.com drives me crazy.

  • pher

    Admin still has a sense of humor. Nikodoby could learn a thing or two!

    I’m pretty sure the internet agreed to stop making these videos, though.

  • dr_no

    hitler about the D3x was way more funny…

    i´m german, and it took me a long time to make up my mind that hitler as a joke-persona IS okay.

    this is not easy to understand, friends of mine (from the us) spent years living here without ever understanding that post-nazi problem so many germans still have.

    posting it is okay i think. pls respect people who say they don´t like it, even if you may think it´s nothing, it means something to people and they rightfully complain form thier point of view. please don´t fuel it any more with “heils” and all that SS-shit, thanks.

    to my fellow countrymen: leute, er ist tot. es muss auch mal humor darüber geben, humor ist doch eh die einzige rettung. der mann muss auch mal als clown dastehen, es kann nicht angehen, das der immer so ernst genommen wird.

    • Sgt. Hulka

      Indeed Dr. No,

      Redikolus ~pointing wand~

  • Chr

    Funny !
    Great movie with great German actors.

    • Holo Deck

      Germans they are — except the guy who played Hitler: that’s Bruno Ganz from Swaziland.

  • Nikon Tifosi

    If I won’t get my camera in November the whole thing will be a thousand times worse than shown ….

  • Conan

    guys,what’s the original name of the film?

    • Vlad

      Der Untergang, or “Downfall” in English.

    • Fredbare

      I was scanning the lists to see if I could find out the name of this movie to.
      for those interested:
      I watched it once on TV and have wanted to get a copy. Not sure how accurate the movie is but it’s exceptionally well acted and I think and has some historical value.

  • Art Casey


  • ELK

    -My dog has no nose.
    -And how does it smell?

  • scurvy hesh

    This is a perfect parody of the babies that post on here complaining about release dates being pushed back. Face it, we have a popular camera. And its popular for a reason. Also, if you fail to see the humor in that then you are either German or need to get off the interwebs. NOW!

  • George G

    Admin, I know you are getting lots of flack for this posting.. but I know it’s a parody.. There are lots of these style parody using the hitler scene. and I do have an open mind and don’t mind the post..

    For those that are offended.. don’t be… we are glad we are in American where freedom of speech and expressions are legal. If you don’t like the post.. I guess you can comment just like others have.. and if you don’t care for this type of parody.. don’t watch it… you can clearly see the title and description before watching the video clip..

    Again.. Thanks to admin for providing information regarding our cameras.. and keeping us posted on progress of shipping..

    • T

      Freedom of speech and expression does not entitle people to be disrespectful to each other…

  • enesunkie
  • matthias

    this is the dumbest sh** i ever saw…espacially when you understand what they are talking!

  • gpa

    Funny the first time, but reincarnation after reincarnation as every new camera come out start to grind a little…….move on people nothing to see here.

  • Lance

    Hitler’s Rant: Actual Words from the Movie Subtitles

    Gereral: The enemy has made a breakthrough. They took Zossen and are advancing towards Stahnsdorf. They’re at the city’s northern border, between Frohnau and Pankow. In the east, they’ve reached Lichtenberg, Mahlsdorf and Karlshorst.

    Hitler: When Steiner attacks, everything will be alright.

    Gereral: Mein Führer… Steiner… Steiner didn’t have sufficient forces. The attack did not happen.

    Hitler: The following stay in the room: Keitel, Jodl, Krebs and Burgdorf.
    That was an order. Steiner’s attack was an order. How dare you ignore my orders? Is this what it’s come to? The military, everybody lied to me. Even the SS. The generals are no more than a bunch of disloyal cowards.

    Gereral: I can’t allow that…

    Hitler: Cowards, traitors and incompetents.

    Gereral: Mein Führer, that’s outrageous.

    Hitler: The generals are the scum of the German people. No sense of honor. You call yourself General because you spent years at the academy… where you only learned to use knife and fork. For years, the military obstructed me. All you ever did is thwart me. I should have had… all the high officers executed. Like Stalin did. I never went to the academy. But I conquered all of Europe on my own. Traitors. I’ve been betrayed and deceived from the start. Such enormous betrayal of the German people. But all these traitors will pay. With their own blood. They’ll drown in their own blood.

    Woman: Calm down, Gerda.

    Hitler: All my orders have been ignored. How can I be a leader under these circumstances? It’s over. The war is lost. But if you think this means I’ll leave Berlin… you’re mistaken. I’d rather shoot a bullet through my head. Do what you want.

    • Sgt. Hulka

      its all in the delivery.

    • Huggs

      TY, sir. These parody vids all seem to make sense now.

    • Jason

      Whoa! The last block of text? I figured thought that’s what he probably was saying in German. Amazing how his mannerisms, acting, tone and the slight similarity of German and English helped convey that to someone who doesn’t know anything other than, “Guten tag, fraulein.”

  • djiwel

    Excellent parody

  • Robert M.

    I pre-ordered my D7000 from Amazon on September 16. Two days ago I changed my payment method and lost my place on Amazon’s waiting list. I complained, but Amazon claims they cannot override their system… even though my invoice shows the September 15 order date I’m screwed until November 15. Just came from my closest Best Buy Store moments ago. Waiting to take delivery Sunday on the just released Nikon D7000 camera! Amazing I got one of 5 shipped to my Best Buy store of the first of 16.7 million in production, basically unavailable until November 15 according to Amazon.com.

  • dave

    For all those shocked or offended by this video…
    Surely what is more shocking (and even offensive) is the fact that a well educated nation could bring itself to freely elect a man who looked like a ridiculous cartoon charachter spewing nothing but arrogance, ignorance and hatred each and every time he opened his mouth…
    Videos like this are not meant to offend, please take them as they are intended…

    • T

      are you talking of G W Bush ?

    • matthias

      oh yes he is talking about bush…videos like this are nothing but dumb shit…films where they took the video from have an intention!

  • brave new world

    Please remove this one – it is more than just the lack of sensibility to the victims.
    Showing the human in everyone is fine for me, BUT there are much more interesting
    people on this planet, who should have a word.

    It makes me sad I will stop hinting and visiting this page.

    WRT to history – we can’t change it, but we can make sure, we learn a lesson.
    We are still suffering from those, who haven’t learned since 1945.

    NiKonRumors is a brilliant idea, but due to global coverage you might want to think twice before linking or including content.

    • Eely

      As a proud Jew who lost family during the Holocaust I say Long Live Hitler Memes! My God we’re making fun of him not glorifying him!

  • h

    Video is fake. Oktoberfest begins at the end of September and ends at the start of Oktober. Thats not to difficult, even a man with only one egg would know that. Hitler would know that.

  • TheFriendlySponge

    At first I didn’t know whether to laugh or be shocked. While I agree using Hitler is in bad taste, the sub-title dialog is hilarious for those in the “photo know.”

    I say this video clip is a winner…

  • From one Hilter meme-maker to another, bravo! I enjoyed this a lot. (But I still like mine better. That would be the D3x version.) =)

  • NJerseyan

    LOL!!!! I thought it was great! I side on the “everyone knows he was crazy.. lighten up and enjoy it”. FUNNY video 🙂

  • MIchael Devonport

    Looks like some of this generation does not get it. All they care about You Tube, MTV, reality TV shows and so. Maybe they should go and talk to WWII Vets., people who survive the the Blitz, The French Resistance, Belgium Resistance, Denmark Resistance, Russa and people who lost love ones in the war. On Remembers Day (November 11), you should reflect on those people who fought and survive the war, to protect your rights and freedom.

  • Nikaphiliac

    This is hysterical. The fact that so many people find it offensive makes it even that much funnier. What’s wrong with making an idiot look like an idiot? “Those are for children”… PRICELESS!

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