Weekly Nikon related news/links #79

  • Nikon supports 100 of the world’s most promising young photojournalists through sponsorship of the Lucie Award Winning Eddie Adams Workshop - see full press release.
  • Nikon sponsors the International Children’s Conference on the Environment.
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  • will take a samyang. amazing power/price ratio…

    • hope, they will create a sharp, close focus 20mm f2 no distortion, no CA for us.

  • BenS

    WOW priceless capture of the flying golf ball … lucky photographer did not get hurt. How fast was that golf ball travelling ? Did the camera or lens survive the hit ?

    • WoutK89

      my assumption is not that fast, I dont know what the distance is he had to travel over, but with a wedge it couldnt have been far, so I would say no harder than 50-60km/h (in comparison, a driver shot can take up to 200km/h or more)

      • ZoetMB

        I think it’s slower.
        If the ball travelled 1/4″, it’s only 14 mph (about 23 km/h)
        If the ball travelled 1/2″, it’s only 28 mph (about 46 km/h)

        And not so impressive for the Nikon focusing system – why wasn’t it in focus?

        • hah

          two reasons:

          he was focusing on tiger. the nikon AF isn’t so stupid as to suddenly track the ball. can you imagine if the first thing that came in front of it would get focus? there is as setting for that but in sports, even golf, you don’t want some goff ball walking in front and throwing your focus off.

          the ball hit the camera. obviously he didn’t have a macro lens to focus that close :p

          • Wow great…

            … spoken like a true fanboy.

            Camera AF isn’t fast enough to track something that small, at that speed, at that distance. Yes, I’ve used the D3s and top pro lenses much much better than 24-70s.

            Also it doesn’t make sense for the photographer to have turned on tracking AF since there’s enough DOF at that distance and this is golf where the player stands in one place during action… not polo.

        • WoutK89

          So you see, its not harder than 50-60km/h 😉

    • the article says that the ball bounced on to his chest

  • Eric

    My Lumix FZ8 even (almost) managed to focus on the golf ball:

    Nothing to write home about! 😀

  • Anton

    Could somebody tell me what camera is shown on the second page of the Nikon lens catalog.

    • Karlosak

      Looks like the D300s, no surprises there 😉

      • Anton

        You are probably right. It’s just with this evil craze any camera that seems slim (especially the LCD screen) seems to be an evil.

  • There are some *hysterical* characters in the golf shot crowd! Look at some of those faces!

  • john

    For unknow reason, when i try to open photorumors.com, i can only see strange symbols

    • Paul


      • Same here and it is weird. It was ok earlier on.

      • Very weird – I did contact MediaTemple and they are working on it. Last time I had a problem, I did not move leicarumors.com and photorumors.com to a new dedicated servers. Will do this first thing on Monday morning.

        Btw, I will delete the garbage from this post – it’s very distracting.

    • UFO

      i think it has something to do with the UFO in china

  • Edson

    The flying golfball link….. that looks like a 70-200mm VR2 lens. It’s too short to be a 24-70mm.

    • I was just thinking the exact same thing.

      • WoutK89

        He has two cameras, one is his left, one is his right, the one in the left is the 24-70

  • Not just Silverefex has been updated to 64bit. ColorEfex has been updated to 64bit as well.

    • I’ve been using the 64Bit versions this week with Photoshop CS5 and Windows 7. Both Color Efex and Silver Efex absolutely fly along and are two great pieces of software from my point of view. I use one or the other on pretty much every single shot I produce.

      • Matt

        Now if they just get Dfine and Sharpener working on 64-bit I’ll be a happy man!

  • Lance

    There’s more that photograph than just the golfball. It is fantastic, like a Norman Rockwell painting with every face looking at the camera. So many expressions. Obviously the there’s the fellow in the turban with the cigar. But there also the little kid looking between legs behind Tiger, the man leaning over beside the raised arms, the man on the far right with the grimace, the man on the left with frown and the one beside him with the smile, and many more. The far background is even out of focus just the right amount to look to be] “the rest of the crowd.” It’s truly amazing, and I think may be immortalized as a Pulitzer Prize winner.

    • Lance

      Also Tiger is in just the right position and expression halfway between concentration and realization. And I forgot the mention the periscope. This is everything a photograph should be, full of people being themselves and reacting naturally. If this isn’t the proverbial “decisive moment” I don’t know what is.

  • Duff

    Hey, that’s the Cigar Man! 😀

  • Benny

    The new lens catalog was already available at the Photokina fair.
    I’ve got mine on paper…;-)

  • That tilt rig while inventive looks like it would never fit in my bag 🙂 I’m never really sure why people create such contraptions – OK cash might play a big part but you could hardly describe the setup as portable or even practical.

    If you do have the cash however I can highly recommend the performance of Nikon’s 24mm f/3.5 and 45mm f/2.8 PC-E lenses which hardly ever get a mention on any forum I frequent – they are absolutely top draw pieces of glass in the Nikon arsenal, but they often seem like forgotten options to me where most people are concerned. I guess the draw of auto-focus ‘do it all’ zooms are what everyone wants these days…

    Underneath the tilt/shift capability of each lens they are two amazing primes, so good in fact that I sold my 16-35mm f/4 and 24/70mm f/2.8 once I saw what they could do and bought the 45 and then the 24. I use the shift function particularly for architecture but the tilt function is totally creative and in fairness I can see why someone would want to create their own lens to replicate the capability. I have a set on Flickr for my attempts at using the tilt function if anyone is interested: http://www.flickr.com/photos/russbarnesphotography/sets/72157624530733280/

    • ZoetMB

      That’s some very beautiful black and white photography. Congratulations. I’d like someone to tell me how any new models of Nikon bodies are going to take any better pictures than the ones you’ve taken and processed.

      The only thing I don’t like about tilt-shift is the effect where objects sometimes look miniature. You have a shot of a rowboat with this effect. But I love everything else. The tonal qualities and images are extraordinary.

      • Wow, high praise indeed – thanks man. I still say it is 90% down to the glass though, you just have to pick your moment 😉

    • SZRimaging

      Price/usability/limited audience would be the problems. For me, I am running a D200 and about to get the D7000. Not sure if you can even mount them on those two cameras. Not to mention you do lack swing (although, so did that guys). I don’t find swing as needed as tilt/shift though.

      Personally, I miss the full functionality of a 4×5 rail camera. Might have to set up a 2×3 technika and see if I can’t do a Nikon mount. If only I had money…..

  • hah

    fantasic shot. It was clear he wasn’t using a canon for it would have focused on neither the ball nor tiger….more likely it would be focused on some tree out there 😀

  • Sounds like the D7K is shipping from Amazon on the 29th, so arrival on doorsteps between the 1st and 3rd of November?

  • Japanese release date confirmed from Nikon’s D7000 Product Info PDF?

    Seems to suggest October 29th, 2010.

  • onezilla
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