Nikon D800 with 24MP in February 2011? *UPDATED*

Amazon UK listed a new book called "Obtenez le maximum du Nikon D800" (translates to "Getting the most from the Nikon D800"):

The book is set to be published on February 9th, 2011.

The same book is also listed on Amazon France and on

The description of the book says (Google translation):

"Sold in August 2008 at a price of 2,800 euros, the Nikon D700 (top of the line) was a great success. He will be replaced in late 2009 by the Nikon D800. Among the improvements of the device: the doubling of the sensor, which increases from 12 to 24 megapixels. The D800 is likely to be sold between 2000 and 2500 euros. This book is a comprehensive guide to discovery, empowerment and development of the Nikon D800."

On several occasions in the past we had a Nikon D400 book listed on multiple websites and the camera never materialized. At the end, the publisher came out and said that this was all a big mistake. What is interesting in this D800 entry are all the details they provided in the book description, including price, MP count and the number of pages.


  • The above description actually mentions D700 and not D800.
  • The URL actually says D80 at the end:

Via AP

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  • Paul

    Omg please arrive sooner d800!
    First woot

    • LGO

      If the book is the only basis for the rumor, I would say that its too early to get one’s hope up.

      Nikon will release at least one FX body next year, maybe two even. But I have no reason to think that one of the FX body will be like how it is described in the book.

      • Nikki

        OK, D800 with 24 Megapixels and 1080p sounds reasonable. But they should also stick to high-ISO improvement at 12 Megapixels.

        For me personally, the second FX body in 2011 should be a kind of D3100FX for around 800 Euros. Plastic body is cool for me, also I’d be fine with a single AF point, to enable a compact and lightweight body and the low price. The D7000 housing would be great for that, it’s nice in the hand, and I’m thinking of a 700 grams limit. On top of the D3100 features I would welcome bracketing though.

        • panfruit

          You want more high ISO improvements than the d3s? 😛 A bit greedy there, aren’t ya? I’d say they should put their efforts in high ISO performance of higher megapixel full-frame cameras! Persoanlly, for me, 12 megapixels can be rather limiting sometimes. 🙂

          • photonut

            talking about greedy: I want min. 18 MP and better than D3s ISO…

            • panfruit

              Sounds good to me — as long as I can have it in a d700-sized body, for a d700-sized price. 🙂

            • Nascar Geoff

              my impossible dream would be D3s ISO, D3x megapixels and dynamic range, D7000 body/bells +whistles, D700 price

          • Roger

            He’s not greedy, technology improves over time, and D3s is not perfect – it can be even better. In time, you will have both more megapixels and lower noise than the D3s.

            • Ronan

              @Roger Thanks Captain Oblivious…

      • Q

        This is a camera I’m waiting for as well. I’d love the ISO performance and bokeh control offered by a full frame sensor, but neither can afford, nor want to lug around something like a D700.

    • bot

      Clearly he writes books with made up specs, since it doesn’t exist. Then at the end they tweak model # etc and sell it… to fools.

  • Wow


    • StickingZoom


      • Discontinued




  • Dormant

    want … drool … want … drool … want

    • Rafael

      couldn’t agree more!! sweet!

  • abo

    I know exactly what to ask my wife this Christmas (not the book for sure)…

  • cenc

    Yahoo! Looking for a reason to blow my cash & this will be it…along with a new D7000.

  • Ant

    Aren’t Nikon still doing odd numbers until D4 arrives?

    • Tommy

      I thought about that, too. Shouldn’t the high-end FX even-numbered Nikon be realesed before the semi-pro FX? As it was like about… Always? It’s a scam. I’ll bet 50 cents for that! 😉

  • abo
  • Nikon has introduced a lot of higher end DSLR in February (D1H, X, D100 and D2H). I don’t think pro-level cameras are as linked to the holiday season as entry level or pro-sumer DSLR, but Nikon might be wary of cannibalizing sales at Christmas premium prices so I could see them waiting until the holiday rush. Also a big new launch will get a lot more media focus in the February doldrums than fighting for media time over the holiday season.

    But, I hope its sooner too!

    • ja

      ditto me to i hope i can get it on a pre-order before the vat goes up in the uk

  • “He will be replaced in late 2009 by the Nikon D800.” We are way past late 2009…

    • Yeah, that jumped out at me too.

    • monty11

      Funny that so few people noticed this.

    • Teun

      And it’s not a mistranslation. That’s what the french text sais.

  • gregorylent

    yay, rumors!

  • Mike in NOVA

    At current Euro/Dollar exchange rates that’s a $3,000 camera body. Since D700s are going for around $2,000 now, is the rumored D800 50% better?

    I’m happy with my computer with a lens aka D700. I’ll watch and wait.

    Now if it were announced with an updated 80-400mm lens, that would be something!

    • robert

      That’s the price the D700 went for. 24mp, add in 1080p video and 100% VF, and yes, it’s exactly the price I expect. yes, worth 110%. I just hope the high ISO is as good as a D700.I don’t it expect any worse but not sure it’ll be better, & that’s fine by me. I don’t expect D3S quality but I hope they fix the color artifacts at high ISO the D700 has

      As far as 80-400, I’d rather have 300 f/4 VR or 400 5.6 with a 70-200 and boom, done. I’d use those before I would get an 80-400. I’m sure there enough who would buy it though. No thank you.

  • NikorRyan

    Guuuuuuys, I want it too. Very much. This has happened before, though. Remember the D400 book? Woops. Accidental entry in the book listings for something non-existent, then it auto-replicates to partner suppliers.

  • S

    What have I said all along. Expect this camera to be called D9000 or D700XS not a D800. It might be announced in december 2010 or early next year. Yes, expect more pixels and iso as good as D3S. Also, I’ve heard it will have a 300,000 capable shutter life and 100%VF, 3.0 inch LCD and similar dynamic range to a d3x!
    This rumour has the same ‘taste’ and ‘feel’ to it as the D3X rumour back in 2008.

    • ja

      lets hope its in a body styled around the pro cameras in something like the D2x cos i hate those add on battery grips

      • anon

        It’s not going to. Although it serves other purposes, most of the reason that the D700 was created was to make a “small” bodied full frame camera. Portrait grips are something unique to the Dx/Fx series even going back to film (f4, f4s, f5).

    • Darren

      too bad it wont be OVER 9000!!!!!!

  • robert

    That’s what I said 2 weeks ago. February. i’m a bit surprised they would shove a 24mp inside. I was certain they would use an 18mp sensor. nikon is on a rampage!!!

  • SNRatio

    Could seem like the FX D7000 companion we might expect from Nikon, $2000-2500 price inclusive. But I don’t think this is a “good” rumor. Don’t think it is a very good book either, if it is, after all, for real – If they already can set exact page numbers… think last minute firmware tweaks etc..

  • Nathan Shane

    Well, it does look like the publisher Dunod, actually has published six Nikon camera books.

    So perhaps there may be more info to explore. I did a quick search of the authors name and didn’t immediately find anything on him but I wonder if one of the previous authors of the other Nikon books might be the actual author…like I said, just something to explore if you’re bored.

    • thanks – good info

    • PHB

      That may simply mean that they have a placeholder ready for the launch of the D800 that they keep seeing predicted on Nikon Rumors.

      I guess that a 24MP D800 might just be compatible with the ‘refresh line from the bottom’ theory. If they were to re-use the 24MP sensor from the D3x, it might be plausible.

      A 24MP D800 could also serve double duty as a professional DX body. 10.4 MP is not that far from 12.3MP. And the D7000 could be seen as moving towards the D300 niche.

      But I don’t think the D7000 is quite a replacement for the D300s. It seems to fall a little short of a professional camera not least on price.

      Of course, a carbon fiber….

  • Nikon D800 in 2010 December, Cristhmas gift!


    16mp sensor
    sensivity: Iso 50 to 105200
    Burst 8 fps
    Video Mode 1080p 60/30/25/24 fps full manual controls
    Dual slot
    79 AF point cross type 100% frame cover
    3.5″ lcd screen
    Easy controls , dedicated buttons.
    Price: USD$2.700,00

    Wait and see!

    • robert

      nice try but I don’t think so. $2700!? you can always dream..reach for the stars.

    • oh come on…

      3,5″ LCD…?
      “Easy controls”…?

      there is better ways too increase click-count of you web page… 🙂

      • I removed the link to his website – this is why we have the avatar link.

    • panfruit

      79pt AF w/ 100% frame coverage? BWHAHAAH! 😛

    • sss

      Even though I know he just made that up, those would be perfect specs for me. A compromise of 16-18 MP with decent video and 8+ fps.

    • anon


      I agree with Tomas. Nikon wouldn’t waste their time advertising “easy controls” or “dedicated buttons.”

      They also wouldn’t let marketing material anywhere near someone who would post it on a rumors site just to get clicks.

      I call BS.

      • This was posted on AmateurPhotographer (UK) website – do you call them a rumor site too?

  • carl

    Let’s hope the MB-D10 grip will fit on the D800. If so, the camera will sell like hot cakes, no matter the price!

    can’t wait for more details!!

  • You think more than 2.7 k?
    D3s is 4.8k .

    • robert

      Get your 3g’s ready. nothing less than that IMO..for a 24mp sensor and 1080p video?….
      NO WAY IN HELL. $3k. When you’re putting new tech in a body the prices come back up. Don’t get yourselves all psyched up for a bargain with the D800. Won’t happen. I too would like a lower price, but I’m thinking logically and realistically. If a 24mp sensor in a D3X body costs $7500, do you really expect Nikon to just drop a 24mp and sell it for anything less? Do you really? Don’t be so naive fellas. Expect the worst hope for the best.

      Btw, what was D90’s price when introduced? I can’t recall. How does that compare to the D7000? Same with D200 and D300. Price was the same when launched. You forgot to calculate Nikon is back to collect their money. Recent yen to dollar calculations were updated.

      Start saving your pennies now..HA!

      • robert

        Btw, where the hell is ZZR he was disappointed Nikon didn’t release a new FF camera. I was certain he would be jumping for joy..but no where to be found.

  • jk

    I think it will be in the low $3000’s….

    • Nikonff&dxuser

      Why would anyone suggest higher price? Dsl r has reached maturity and despite advantages over it’s older brother it should not command much higher price. Now if this is the replacement for D700 with 16mp and higher native Iso say 12800. Then the price range should be in the 2700 to 2800. Look at your laptop or pc folks and factor the price of the computer system 10years ago. How advance computer system right now? The competition heats up and prices leveled off.

    • Nikki

      They can’t go way above $2000 because of Canon. Maybe $2400 for introduction, lowering to $2000 after six months.

      • robert

        HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! In my wet dreams!!! Statement of the year. Tell him what he wins bob!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

      • anon

        The D700 is still selling for just under $2,400 new after two years. I’d love for Nikon to release a brand new FX camera with higher megapixels, better noise performance, and a handful of other gadgets for LESS than the D700, but that just isn’t going to happen.

        And since when does Nikon care about out pricing Canon by $500?

    • JorPet

      I agree, though I would guess a price point of $3,500 USD.

      DSLRs haven’t reached anything approaching maturity. There are still strides to be made in the sensor, image processor, memory bus and memory implementation, video, etc. All of this takes huge R&D budgets that have to be paid for by model sales. Those who argue for higher specs at lower prices are dreaming.

      It took PC’s nearly 20 years before they got to that point, DSLRs are not nearly there yet.

  • Abo

    considering all the rebates around the globe regarding d700, i wont be surprised if Nikon releases a new camera feb 2011…
    selling a lot now means: funding the project and get rid off stock…

  • I could not find any info on the author Jean-Baptiste Guges. Anyone heard of him before?

    • Fred

      He works for Dunod as far as I know.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is BS. Just 1 question; what will happen with the sale of the D3x and D3s? Yes, both would be eliminated as all you’d need is the battery grip and in crop mode you can get 10mp out of 24mp.

    • Not if the D3 is replaced before the D700 – I started to receive some interesting info, will post online soon.

      • LGO

        Now this is getting more interesting …. 😀

      • Gonads

        I love this website! Caught my interest now 🙂

        • Welcome to the NikonRumors world! My name is Peter and I am also an addict 🙂

          • Heeellooo, Peter. Don’t be afraid, tell us how you feel…
            We are friends and we loooove you… 🙂

            • Jivee

              LOL. ‘NAA’ – Nikon Addicts Anonymous.

            • Discontinued

              @ Jivee,

              what about NRA?

            • Enesunkie

              I think another group of shooters is already using that one!

          • Peter. So that’s your name! Everyone has been calling you ‘Admin’.

            • I aways wanted to make sure this site is about NikonRumors and not about me – I am just the guy who pushed the button 🙂

      • Anonymous

        You mean about the D4?

        I can see a double release of D4 and D400.

        • If I remember correctly, that was the way D3 and D300 showed up… There was only few week difference…

          • Same day!

            • This is getting very interesting. Hope we’ll see an announcement of both the D4 and the D400! 😀

      • Mal Reinhard

        Well, well, well. Not surprising at all. I have a suspicion that they will all be upgraded over the next 24 months. I for one am very interested to see what the D4 series will be like. The D3100 just squashed the D5000 sales, the D7000 just made the D300s obsolete. Now considering that each level must be an improvment on the one below it to give a reason for spending our hard earned cash on a higher model, this means that a D400 must be better than a D7000. Also a D800, or whatever they choose to call it, must have obvious advantages over the D400 (not just FX over DX) then the D4 must be an improvement over that. Now unless the drop the D3x line completely and given the improvements that just happened to the D7000 (4 models are above this) a D4x must have somewhere around 35-45MP’s that are being rumoured on the CR’s site. Now this is becoming very interesting!!!!!!!!!!

        • Similar to what Thom has mentioned, the D400 must definitely be better to persuade D90 and D300s users to upgrade. Apart from ISO, MP, better focus etc, I think they might be some new features which we haven’t seen before, maybe a scaled down version of what will be introduced in the D4! 😀

  • Bellow 3k it´s affordable, more than that Nikon starts to steal our accounts =D

  • rubber jonny

    You can’t predict Nikon, they seem to be one step ahead of us! Canon’s 5D mkiii will be out probably next year! Found this on the Canonrumors site…

    “I have a bit more information
    It seems that both Canon and Nikon are aiming for very high megapixel flagship cameras near the end of 2011, somewhere in the 35-45 mpx range.

    This exceeds original reports of a 32mp sensor inside the 1Ds Mark IV.

    Before either of these cameras launch, I suspect both Canon & Nikon will release big megapixel cameras to come above the D700 & 5D Mark II. Think in the 28-32mp range. This would match up with some stuff I’ve been told in the past.”

    • So that’s why “Leaf” and other “big boys”
      rushed to level up to 80+MP this year… 🙂

  • I’ll be super pissed if it has 1080p 30fps and 720p 60fps…

    Still hopin’ for a firmware upgrade for the D7000 on that. (Well, once I receive my D7000 anyways)


    60 fps @ 1080p please, and 10fps with grip. now that would be awesome. No matter what happens with the specs, this WILL be my next camera.

  • The invisible man

    I just called Jean-Baptiste (the autor) and told him that “D900” sound better.
    He said that the book in not printed yet, and he will try to modify the title.

  • nb

    Hardcover? Unlikely.

    • Discontinued

      It will hardly have any cover.
      It will probably never materialize.

      How come amazon always has books listed that do not exist?
      How come they get listed at places where they would not sell, anyway.
      A french book on Amazon UK ? ? ?

      Come on, the UK is not Canada. Most people (natives) I’ve met in GB do not speak a 2nd language at all.

      Same with the Klaus Kindermann book on the D400 in german. I am quite positive Amazon Tibet will sell a lot of them and BTW Amazon Germany has listed it as available since May 2010.

      I don’t give a s### about Amazon’s listings anymore. They just want attention.

  • cirtap

    I have said all along…and many times..and with everyone here saying I was crazy…but..I truly think the new high end cameras will be less in price than that dreadful D3x bs job….

    I have always heard also..the new D4, D800 and so on..will have 18plus MP…and 1080p. and so on and on..will be tagging in at around the 3 mark..and 5 mark…NOT nothing like 8GRAND!!! bs….I have heard from 18mp to 24mp.

  • Down Under

    Can’t wait for the new FX type camera to come out and see if it has dual card slots. I basically use Canon digital dSLR camera but have used the D300 Nikon from time to time. Not adverse to getting a Nikon FX camera of the D700 quality. Both companies are pretty good. Only gripe I really have with my Canon camers is no dual alots. Would be a nice feature.

  • Dormant

    According to the publisher’s website, the author is Bernard Rome!

    Note that the web address ends with d80, not d800!

    • Eeyli

      And the summary mentions that the book is actually about the D700: “Ce guide pratique dévoile toutes les caractéristiques du Nikon D700” -> “This practical guide unveils all features of the Nikon D700”

      This is all fun and games kids.

  • Bootlogger

    IMO its the D80. False alarm for once Peter, sir.
    Now please, no more rumors of any new bodies until I buy my D7000. I don’t want to wait for a DSLR anymore, don’t tempt me 🙂

  • Ballz

    I think when people write books, they template off of another pre-existing model…

  • Full frames soon!

    Where on earth do you see that the Nikon D800 will be a 24 MP camera with this info on this book? That there will be a D800, yes, but on what information could you conclude that it will have 24 MP?

    Avoid this kind of wrong conclusion in the future even though you are a rumors web site!

    • You did not read the test I quoted, did you?

    • Eeyli

      Avoid jumping to the comment box before reading posts to the end.

  • D800 won’t be 24MP, it’ll have same sensor as D4, likely 18 or 21MP at most. They need to be able to process RAW files at 9-10fps with big buffers at 14 bits at least.

    • MB

      If you know that you know more then people in Nikon … good for you …

      • ja

        well i recall nikon saying that they were gonna blow us all away in 2010 – 2011 with the next gen of cameras so as everyone keeps saying has it begun, lets hope so getting bored of waiting :()

  • I really can’t wait for the D800 or whatever it’s called to come up!!! Please Nikon, do it ASAP! :))

  • safeg


    D800 Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nikgun

    I’m ready to lock and load. Or is that load and lock?

    • Geebee


      The book placeholder is basically a hoax, believe me.

      • Nikgun

        …I’m ready to load up the Bigma and see if I can pick me off a few.

  • Rocking Kenwell

    All you need is 20 D’40’s in a big box and piece the images together.

    20 x D40 = D800. 🙂

    • LOL 😀

      …don’t forget few rolls of duck tape… 😀


    what the fuck is this ?
    le résumé d’un livre qui doit paraitre en 2011 nous apprend que le nikon D800 est sur le marché depuis fin 2009?! C’est pire que le scénario de TERMINATOR…. quelle blague

    • “The summary of a book that has paraitre in 2011 learns us that the nikon D800 is on the market since at the end of 2009?! It is worse than the scenario of TERMINATOR…. which jo”

  • Huggs

    Time to start saving up and asking for actual $’s instead of gifts this X-mas.

  • Kingyo

    Yes, the rumors are true! D800 coming with a 24mp FX why do I know this is true? Because I just bought a D700 😀

    • Jaybar


      Me too! Arriving tomorrow 🙂

  • Daf

    As much as I’d love it to be true – I’m pessimistic due to the previous book false alarms.

    • ja

      im just pessimistic

  • Bart

    Could be. Still 4 month’s away. Happily I didn’t wait so long and got one 2 month’s ago.
    Well , good for all the people still waiting. Altough , A book from a camera which has not yet been released. We don’t even now 100% sure it actually exists.

    Anyone in Rome who could track this photographer and editor down , kidnap him , and interrogate him for the next 48 hours about what he knows about this ? 🙂

    Anyway , I think it’s a false alarm…

    • S

      I was told that there was a few meetings going on in shinjuku tokyo with this FF model being passed around at the headquaters..and the general talk was that this thing would blow everything else away. These meetings I was told about happened some 4 months ago.
      I really believe that this is what my friend was talking about the whole time and it is true that it will be an amazing new FF DSLR. I just though that it would be released in the summer, then photokina..but I was wrong.

    • Broxibear

      Someone at Amazon was bored and decided to stir up some internet buzz ?

  • JS

    Is it just me or did I read in the book description that it said that the D700 is due to be replaced in late 2009 by the D800.

  • Broxibear

    The translation above says “He will be replaced in late 2009 by the Nikon D800.”
    Late 2009 ?…If it has mistakes like that then the other numbers like the “24” in 24MP may be wrong too ?
    The other thing that’s wrong is the price, the D700 was never 2800 Euros…the most expensive it ever was in Europe was 2300 Euros when it was first released?
    The numbers in this rumour are ambiguous, but I guess that’s why it’s a rumour…still think 2nd quarter 2011.

  • Kingyo

    “He will be replaced in late 2009” refers to Nikon’s change in president. Anyway, never trust what the French say. Credibility rating: 0% :p

  • safeg

    D700 is due to be replaced in late 2009 by the D800.

    late 2009 ??????

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