Nikon at Photokina coverage (or lack thereof)

The latest buzz on the Net is the high ISO image samples from the D7000 taken at the Nikon booth at Photokina: the Italian website hwupgrade has a few, including downloadable NEF files. More samples available here, here, here and here. Besides that, the Nikon related coverage from Photokina is almost non-existing. Next time I will make sure I have my own coverage.

There are also four new "I am Photokina" videos:

The story behind the Nikon key cube

Interview with sports photographer Dave Black:

An interview with Robert Bösch:

Some frames from the Nikon booth (in German):

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  • Great noise signal!!!

    • Joe r.

      Holy crap. Pre-ordered.

      • LGO

        Yes, pretty good results indeed.

        Just note that the light at the Nikon Booth was pretty bright so this helps in taking cleaner-looking photos at high ISO … but impressive nonetheless. 🙂

        • asdasd

          nothing much to cover really. was there and is not exciting. Once we get news from internet, all hands on are pretty nonissue
          if it would not be for Leaf and Fuji, photokina would make no sense

        • mantom

          I was going to say the same thing. Bright light with high ISO means nothing. I want to see high ISO under very low light conditions.

          I do a lot of photography at dance venues where the lighting is very dark and there’s a lot of action. I’m always cutting my wrists trying to get good photos even with my F1.8D 50mm and shutter at 1/50th of a second. Even then I’m a couple F-stops short of proper exposure (~1.5 EV).

          the only shot I’ve seen that comes close to what I want to see in an example photo at high ISO is the one of the van under streetlights at Chase Jarvis’s website. However, even that shot is too bright of an environment as the van is directly under the lamp post.

          what I’m seeing is majority of photographers really don’t do much in low light situations or know when they need high ISO. How else to explain the lack of examples, not just now, but time and time again?

          • As long as there are dark parts of the image, what does it matter? When I view high ISO images I’m only interested in the shadows because they are the noisiest parts of the image.

            The colour temperature of the light is important though, I’d rather sample shot were shot under tungsten lights to give a more realistic low light environment.

      • To cover an event like Photokina or just the Nikon area one has to be among the first in the morning or get there before the opening. Else there are way too many people everywhere and you will hardly have a chance to photograph anything — especially at the popular booths. The whole area is so huge that if you enter the exhibition through the north entrance you have to walk about 1-2 miles to get to the Nikon cube. You will then have seen, heard, smelled and felt so many photography related products that your mind has given up long before you get to the interesting areas. Photokina has about 20-30k visitors a day, of whom everybody is an expert in something he/she thinks is the most important thing on our planet and therefore he/she can ignore all the waiting lines. The Canon area is guarded by some freaky L-fanboys who nearly hanged a dude from Italy that tried to enter it carrying a Coolpix on Tuesday. At least 30 percent of the visitors sneak out of the toilets without washing their hands and then have to put their fingers on each and every exhibit. So if you are still thinking of going to Photokina, make sure you have an appointment with your therapist right after to get your mind straight. Although you might never be the same person again.

        • Banned

          Haha that’s great, you could say the same from every single geek expo out there.

        • jdsl

          hehehe… this is the best comment so far about Photokina 2010 🙂
          two thumbs up!!!

        • lol, funny but I have the feeling is the truth

          • Jamiri

            Hi there,

            was yesterday at photokina, too. All David Hasselblaff said is no joke it’s exactly that way! BUT this was exactly what I was expecting. Entered Photokina from the West an the first booth directly behind the entry is Canon and behind this comes Nikon.
            Instead I was a little bit disappointed of the Nikon booth. Often the sentence “the less, the more” here does not fit. Holding the cameras in your hands you only could take photos of other people holding cameras in their hands. (Canon had much of origami stuff moving to take testpictures of.)
            Waiting time for the D7000 aproximatly about 10 to 15 Minutes. BUT (again) that was it going to photokina. The ISO is really impressive (the light is at the booth is okay but very terrible in its colour).
            By the Way. The big booths are only the half thing of photokina: in the down-levels you have hunderest of manufactures for lenses, flashing, printing, bag, astrofoto, tripods and on and on. Here everybody has an ear for you and many fascinating things are waiting for you.

        • f/2.8

          Nowadays when I go to these geek expos I just look for the babes to take pictures with them.

          No one gives a hoot about what gizmos were there a few months later. My pictures with the babes, the Laker girls, the Playmates etc. still entertain years later.

  • Rabi

    So, what I am getting from those is that clear up to 12,800 is usable at web resolution, and even 25,600 would maybe work in a pinch (it looks comparable to 1,600 on my D40). That is wild. I am so excited for this camera.

    • Joe r.

      I bet a good shot at 25,600 that’s been run through some good de-noise software, converted to B/W* and printed will look fine.

      *It’s my opinion that higher-noise images look less sucky when black and white.

      • backatit

        “*It’s my opinion that higher-noise images look less sucky when black and white.”

        It’s my opinion also.

        • Sloaah

          It gets rid of the distracting chroma noise. Only luminance noise is really visible.

          • Joe r.

            Plus folks tend to think B&W images “should” be grainy. They don’t need to know about grain vs noise and ISO stuff.

      • Rabi

        Tell me about it. I shot a concert the other day and had practically no stage lighting to work with. B/W conversion saved my neck.

  • abo

    bloody hell!! those images are amazing for a non FX body!!

    • Nikon Tandoori

      FX has always been a scam and propaganda rubbish.

      • dmgabe

        Keep telling yourself that, but physics isn’t on your side. The fact that each photo site is larger means that it can “collect” more light, resulting in better low light/high iso performance. Not to mention the fact that you can take full advantage of all that full frame glass.

        • backatit

          “Not to mention the fact that you can take full advantage of all that full frame glass.” << Horseshit. What's even supposed to mean, anyway?

          • Anonymous

            Stop talkin’ BS !

          • Elk Haven

            Since the DX frame only uses approx half the image circle from a full frame lens, the apparent and real resolution is that much better on a full frame sensor.

            • Jem

              And the DOF is lower. So in other words, apples taste better than bananas.

              Stop spewing stuff you don’t understand.

              DX is better for product due to higher DOF.
              DX is better on FX glass since it uses the sharpest area in the middle only.

              An FX sensor masked to DX has exactly the same low light/high iso performance as it did before. Or wait, does it magically know it’s not using the outer edge now and inject more noise?

            • dmgabe

              if you are shooting product shots, you aren’t likely using a lens wide open, so DOF doesn’t matter much. If I want a razor thin DOF, I can get it, if I want DOF to be super wide I can get that too.

              As for the DX being better because it uses the center of the image circle, that isn’t quite that easy. I suppose by your logic, medium format lenses would be better on a DX camera since it will use the sharp center of the image circle. Digital sensors must be confusing you, so look at the film background. Large format provides greater resolution that medium, and medium better than 35mm. In order to take advantage of the full resolving power of the full frame lens, you need to use its full image circle on a full frame sensor.

            • Sahaja

              But on film of the same type the “pixel density” is the same no matter what the format. So if you double the area of film you double the number of “pixels” (photosensitive grains in the film). Having the pixels larger is like using faster film, which has bigger grains, in the larger format camera.

        • JED

          The size of the individual photo-site is irrelevant. The light gathering advantage is in the total size of the sensor.

          • dmgabe

            The total size of the sensor allows for the larger photo sites. Photo sites of equal size on an apsc sensor would have similar low noise/high iso capabilities, just at greatly reduced resolution do to the decrease in real-estate. If what you say was true, the D3X would have the same low light/high iso performance as the D3S.

            • JED

              The D3X and D3S are not using the same technology. The D3S has considerably better quantum efficiency. If the D3X used the same sensor design then it could perform at a similar level.
              Note that somehow the D7000 has 16MP with smaller pixels than a D90 and appears to have pushed the high ISO performance 1/2 to 1 stop better (conservatively). Strange that is has achieved this if your theories are correct?

        • If you adjust framing and depth-of-field so that the shot on a DX matches the shot on an FX than there is not that much difference.

          When a DX camera is set to 80mm, f3.5, 1/8 sec, ISO 400, the equivalent FX settings are approximately 120mm, f/5.6, 1/8 sec, ISO 900 (see:

          Of course, for a DX camera to match a f/1.4 lens on an FX camera, you’d need an f/0.94! So they are not exactly the same, but the ISO advantage is much less than you’d think for equivalent shots.

      • nikkor_2

        Nikon Tandoori, are you the new Chuck (Westfall)?

        On a serious note, many C sports shooters have switched over to Nikon, giving up on the 1.3 crop factor offered by Chuck and his group. FF is in significant use by shooters at sporting events around the world.

      • Bob

        @Tandoori–it’s clear you’ve never used a D700 or other full frame camera extensively or at all; otherwise, your opinion would be different. It’s best to make sweeping statements from actual, not third hand, knowledge, if you want to have any credibility.

      • Jabs

        @Nikon Tandoori.
        The mistakes in your claim and even in the responses to this ‘folly’ of yours is very easy to explain.
        FX = a certain SIZE light gatherer
        DX = a certain SIZE light gatherer
        FX is bigger and thus MORE area to gather light at a GIVEN ISO because it is simply BIGGER.
        The problem stems from people equating LIGHT gathering with computer processors wherein SMALLER processor MANUFACTURING means a smaller DIE size and thus people equate smaller with being MORE advanced or say going from a 90nm (nanometer) Manufacturing process to a 45nm or even 32nm Manufacturing process now brings dividends of lower size, heat and such. Now, because the computer chip is made on a newer process and the newer design is faster than the older design, people often mistakenly equate smaller with better.
        We are dealing with LIGHT gathering plus amplification here first and NOT computer chips.
        FX is superior simply because as a BIGGER gatherer of LIGHT, it always gathers more light (in current technology, that is) and all else being equal, the signal to noise RATIO will always be greater as you are dealing with a bigger PHYSICAL area used to gather light through a lens.
        The thing that Nikon DID with both the D3X, the D3S and now the D7000 and even the D3100, is that they IMPROVED and even revolutionized the quality of the SIGNAL coming from the sensor PLUS they have optimized the RESULTS coming from ANY sensor that they use via electronics, as people FORGET that Nikon is a specialized Manufacturer of steppers, specialized Nikon scopes used in Construction and such, so Nikon has decades of EXPERIENCE in micro-electronics and PROOF of that expertise is FIRST, the D3, then the D3X, the D3S and now all the new stuff. Nikon takes some off the shelf parts and then OPTIMIZES this to suit their needs and thus outrageous results as they are the BEST in the Business. They are better than BOTH Sony and Canon as they make stuff NEITHER makes. Have you ever seen a Sony or Canon FILM or medium scanner like what Nikon MAKES itself and does either Company make steppers which is crucial to the Manufacturing of WHAT? Who has a DIVISION that solely concentrates on Micro-processor design and OPTIMIZING? Who does Nikon make its’ STEPPERS plus other ‘chip tools’ for and WHY?
        FX is inherently better than DX due to SIZE, just like so-called Medium format sensors (they are even larger) are inherently better than FX sensors, BUT what you do in the micro-electronics pipeline AFTER you gather the light with the sensor and then turn it into a DIGITAL signal and then process, amplify and shape it to get the RESULTS that you want, is what COUNTS as in what is visible to a TRAINED eye or sometimes even a great result is that OBVIOUS.
        There is a misconception as to WHAT Nikon does and the stuff that Nikon makes itself BEYOND what is well known about it in photography, is even MORE awesome than what many know. THEY have the expertise plus experience that others LACK!

  • The invisible man

    Well, I guess no good news for Nikon lovers this year….
    And I’m so broke, I was not able to buy a pack of beer to get drunk !
    So, anyway, even if Nikon announced the new FX that eveyone wish, I can’t afford a D700x/D800/D900 !
    Let’s save some money for next year, I’m sure Nikon will surprise us, 2011 will be NIKON best year ever !

    • Anonymous

      that’s what we heard last year too.

      • Maybe there wasn’t a FF camera, but doesn’t mean Nikon disappointed… a plethora of lenses and 2 new bodies, that’s really good.

        • nikkor_2

          “…a plethora of lenses …”


          And several were high-end Nikkors; 2010 was a great year for N glass.

          • The invisible man

            But what you do with an AF-S 24mm f/1.4 on a DX body ?
            Answer: you are waisting your money.
            Solution: D700 body with 18+MP sensor (with the same great sensitivity).

    • +1 🙂 This year I added a D700, 24mm PC-E, 45mm PC-E and 50mm 1.4G to my lineup. The UK government is increasing VAT at the end of the year by 2.5% taking it to 20% which means that any new product in 2011 is likely to be 2.5% more to buy in the UK compared to 2010. I know a D700 replacement or something like it will be along in Q1 to tempt me again but I’m not sure I will be in the queue to buy it even if it is spectacular.

      We are still in a major recession in the UK and have nearly 3million unemployed, that’s before all of the expected cuts in jobs from public services that are about to come. I thank my lucky stars I have a well paid job at the moment but it doesn’t stop me from feeling slightly terrified about losing it. My spending will be very different over the next year as a result and I’m sure there are millions just like me in the UK too. I have to wonder what that means for prices too because I just can’t see the volume buys even of the D7000 in the UK compared to say the period when the D90 was unveiled despite how good it looks. Just a feel, but I think Nikon will adjust this in pricing next year and photography is set to become even more expensive than ever?

      • jason

        this is how i am feeling RussB , i myself are from the uk and im starting to think of what is so great about britain , an increase in the VAT and all the other cuts that this self appointed goverment yes self appointed not voted in power by the british public
        (enjoy the power was the words of nick clegg this week) more like ruthlessly , surely a drop in vat would boost the dying economy and encourage the public to part with what little they will have left after all the ruthless cuts.
        it would great if nikon made an anoucment before the end of the year with either a D400 or D800/900 or all 3 models
        as somebody posted the d7000 has killed the D300s so how ever tempting it is to purchase one as a wildlife & nature body /back-up body , its the waiting game

  • ALok

    Grr… I really wish people would post 100% crop with Noise Reduction off, it is not fair to compare with noise reduction.

    • Joe r.

      Why isn’t it fair? It’s possible to get those images out of the camera. Who cares if NR is on or off.

      The point is that you get **at least** that quality of image.

      • ALok

        Because noise is a function of hardware, not software.

        • +1

        • iamlucky13

          Yes, but software (or firmware) performance should not vary wildly between cameras.

          The most useful comparisons are of RAW files converted in the same manner, but camera JPG’s aren’t useless. What I’ve seen so far looks better than the D90, D3100, etc. so that’s promising, but I haven’t seen enough enough to feel I have a good comparison.

    • Then go and get the NEF-Files…

      • Jem

        he obviously doesn’t know that NR/sharpening/saturation aren’t applied to NEF files.

        another know-it-all peeper that didn’t.

    • Rabi

      I always shoot with NR. Always. Therefore, I don’t care if it is on. If there has been noise reduction done in post then there is a problem, but if it is in-camera I say it is fair game.

  • Nikon Tandoori

    I don’t get it.

    Who’s gonna buy now a D300s or D700 when the D7000 is cheaper and has not much to envy from the higher models ?

    The only reason must be that Nikon has sometime new up his sleeve, D400 or D800 to be shown soon but when ? before christmas ? in february ? at the next photokina 2011 ??

    I see no reason to buy a D700 right now, it’s obsolete technology at this point.

    • The invisible man

      @Nikon Tandoori
      The next photokina will be 2012 so it better be before that !

    • dmgabe

      The D700 is still best in class, and takes amazing pictures. Far from obsolete. It makes little sense to compare the D7000 to the D300s and not sense at all to compare it to the D700. There is more to a camera than high iso, and the D7000 is still not a pro body. It is a fine camera, and I will probably pick one up as a backup body, but you are kidding yourself if you think that is comparable to the D300s/D700 in terms of build.

      There is about a 99.99% chance that you couldn’t even take full advantage of the features and quality of the D300s or the D700, let alone their replacements which will do little more than up the MP count, and bump iso number up.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, D700 is best in it’s class but what class? 12 MP class? Non-video DSLR class? FX class?? There is more to ISO…I agree again. The ISO performance of D700 separated it fromD300S class. Level up the ISO of both cameras, then D300S is better than D700.

        D7000 image quality is blowing the D300S and 7D. To compare it to D700 is a outstanding. and the overall features of D7000 is much much better than D700.

        • Anonymous

          May I ask you two questions?

          1- Have you ever shot a single frame with D700?
          2- Have you ever shot a single frame with D7000?

          • Anonymous

            Question 1 – Yes.
            Question 2 – No.

            Re read my post. I did not say D7000 image quality is blowing the D700.

            Do you understand the statement?… To compare it with D700 is outstanding.

            Now tell me, to which class D700 is at it’s best?

            For D7000, it is an easy answer if you are not blind.

            • Pete

              “the overall features of D7000 is much much better than D700” ?

              So what features has the D7000 got that is better than the D700 (neglecting its new video capability, which I dont want). The three features that that stand out as better than the D700 are:
              1) increased MP (but its not really that big an increase from 12 to 16)
              2) the new metering system
              3) the base ISO drop from 200 to 100.

              As far as I can see everything else is not as good as the D700. To people who care about taking photos the additional controls, bigger viewfinder, additional setting displays in the viewfinder, and extra custom functions of the D700 are actually quite important.


            • Greg

              Pete, don’t forget about the new focusing module, which may be superior to the D700 (new technology and utilizes the better metering)

            • Anonymous

              To Pete,

              I stated “overall features”. If you will neglect video, it is your choice but still it is part of the overall features unless you have a new definition of overall.

              You stated, “‘as far as you can see everything else is not good as the D700”.

              Well, your new definition of “everything” does not include video, U1 & U2 settings. Should I mention weight, size, and price?

            • Pete

              @Greg – Good point re the focusing/metering hookup, which may improve the 3D tracking, but I suspect they will have intentionally engineered the system to be not quite as fast/capable as the D3/D700 models.

              @Anonymous – The price isn’t really a feature (although with the D7000 they’ve significantly closed the gap between the two compared to the previous D80/D90). The weight is either a plus or minus depending on what you want – if weight is truly important, then they have taken a step backwards by increasing the weight compared to the D90. The size is again a preference – the D700 (and D300) just feel amazing in your (my) hand in comparison to the D80/D90 (not that these are bad). The U1 and U2 dials may be useful depending how they’ve implemented them, however saying that I can’t say I’ve ever felt that not having a whole other set of settings locked into a dial has ever delayed me in taking a photo, so that doesnt really put it above the D700 for me. On the other hand having to take the camera away from my eye to know what settings the camera is on, or to see what the settings are changing to as i use the controls, does delay me.

              I think that the D7000 looks fantastic, and the ISO performance is a significant improvement from the D90. However in comparison to the D90 its not really got a lot extra in terms of handling. The whole experience using a D700 (and D300) is a level above the D90 line, and addition of video, a U1/U2 dial, and improved ISO does not change that (for me). Each to their own opinions though!

            • Anonymous


              We may not agree on the overall impression of the D7000, certainly I agree that the handling of D700 & image quality is still better than the D7000.

    • Anonymous

      With the D7000, Dx format has almost reached at its usable limit due to lens resolving ability & earliar set diffraction. We may see a 20mp DX (usable up to f/8) in a few years though, but what I simply mean DX is approching it’s end.

      At this point, many people may say they won’t need anything better than D7000 in lifetime. Fair enough…

      But FX has much more potential than this. Most primes and some zooms (both if stopped down enough) have the capacity of accomodating sensor resolution up to around 30mp. Moore’s law has the edge with FX, therefore it will always be the cleaner, better one. Such a camera will also include a D300s-like DX to exploit. So, future is there.

      • Jem

        tell that to Canon.
        I’m sure they’ll stuff 50MP into their 1.6x if it sells more fanboys.

        hopefully Nikon gets their fabs up so they don’t have to rely to Sony who also like the numbers race.

        I don’t need larger files with which to resize to web, nor do I need to ‘crop’ because I know how to zoom and frame properly.

        • Anonymous

          Cropping is not necessarily about not knowing how to frame. Rather, it’s the freedom of choice when/if you need.

          You may want a pano-crop. Or you only occasionally photograph birds, but you don’t wish to invest in a long tele. Same applies to macro-photography and etc.

          • Kenji

            Or sometimes you have that long lens and you just, for whatever reason, cannot get any closer, or you were too busy attempting to ensure a moving subject was in focus to notice something particularly unflattering in the background until you were reviewing your images

            God i hate elitists who assume if you crop you’ve somehow done something wrong..Sometimes, you have to, and thats that

      • JED

        What does Moores law have to do with this? Current DX/FX sensors are not limited by it at all.

    • jason

      i totally agree , and those images from the d7000 are great , looking good for the pro cameras well do nikon , but i’ll wait it out for either the D400 or D700 replacment what ever thats going to be called

    • Rob

      Nikon will get D300s prices for a D90 replacement. This will make Nikon very happy.

    • Dan

      Like I said, I tried to get a D700 recently from a local (rather large) dealer and they were out of stock. The dude at the other end of the line said 3 more DSLRs were on the way and that I should wait. I’d say we’ll have something before xmas, hopefully sooner.

      • Pete

        Looking around the net I can’t see any stores (in the UK) out of stock of the D700 so I don’t think that one store being out of stock is a sign of anything.

    • Ren Kockwell

      I agree with you, but didn’t you swear off NR in the last news topic?

  • ambo

    freaking awesome ISO handling compared to my current D60 .. surely nikon will get my money on this…

  • NK

    Have a d90 and wondering if should wait for d700 replacement or just get the delicious d7000.

    the d700 replacement could have all these and much more….

    • dmgabe

      But at twice the price.

      • Dreuben

        Or even more than that… sorry, I meant for sure more than double!

      • Segura

        I would pay the double price . . . FX is worth it

    • Anonymous

      If you’re happy with that size & need video, then get the D7000. Or you may buy a used D700 too until the D800 comes. (mind D700 is quite heavy compared to its size)

    • fxed

      What’s wrong with your D90? I know it lost that new smell.

  • Very impressive high ISO images – especially for a non FX body.
    A touch of Topaz DeNoise and you’re home and dry.

  • Theo

    What noise performance will a FX body have then…

    • Whatever

      Some say it will shoot crystal-clear pictures in the dark, without any light source, without a IR converter. It’ll be sunburst and subzero temperature resistant down to 0 degrees Kelvin and protected from leonid collisions. We all know it as the D4.

      • Nicole

        When I collected my D3s from the dealer earlier this year, we tried out the high-iso performance by getting the shop owner to stand at the back of store room, and turned the lights out. Standing in the doorway to take a photograph, he couldn’t be seen in the dark, but the D3s managed to focus on, and take a picture of him. I call my D3s my night-vision camera. 🙂

        • I wonder when that performance will filter down to the DX or consumer level. Perhaps never :p

        • As impressive as that sounds, I know now why I will never need to buy the D3s. Have Nikon gone too far in the ISO capability race? I’d rather that they spend their attention on getting off the chart performance from low ISO personally where people really want to use it. I want to be able to recover detail from shadow at ISO100 on my D700 without it introducing grain, that’s where the money is for me….

  • AS

    if you carefully read the comments you will discover that the images were taken with NR set to 0

    “Comment # 9: GiulianoPhoto published September 22, 2010, 10:16

    le prove andavano fatte con riduzione rumore a zero, normale è solo un gradino sotto la massima delle 4 tests were made with noise reduction to zero, normal is just a step below the maximum of 4
    (bassa, moderata, normale, alta) quindi si possono ricavare molti più dettagli. (Low, moderate, normal, high) so you can get a lot more detail.

    A prescindere da questo direi che si comporta ad alti iso in linea con quanto ci si aspettava e forse anche qualcosa di più considerando la risoluzione maggiorata e la partenza a 100 iso. Apart from that I would say that it behaves at high ISO in line with what we expected and maybe even more considering the higher resolution and starting at 100 ISO.

    Infine non mi convince molto il bilanciamento del bianco che a mio avviso è migliorabile con il prossimo firmware. Finally, do not convince me the white balance that I believe can be improved with the next firmware.”

    Per il resto ottima reflex For the rest good reflex

    • steve

      you didn’t get the translation right…
      “le prove andavano fatte con riduzione rumore a zero, normale è solo un gradino sotto la massima delle 4” = tests SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE with noise reduction to zero, normal is just a step below the maximum of 4.

  • Nikgun

    Just can’t wait to shoot the new gun.

  • AS

    Sorry, if I post the comment in Italian. The English translation is below:

    “tests were made with noise reduction to zero, normal is just a step below the maximum of 4 (bassa, moderata, normale, alta) quindi si possono ricavare molti più dettagli. (Low, moderate, normal, high) so you can get a lot more detail.

    A prescindere da questo direi che si comporta ad alti iso in linea con quanto ci si aspettava e forse anche qualcosa di più considerando la risoluzione maggiorata e la partenza a 100 iso. Apart from that I would say that it behaves at high ISO in line with what we expected and maybe even more considering the higher resolution and starting at 100 ISO.

    Infine non mi convince molto il bilanciamento del bianco che a mio avviso è migliorabile con il prossimo firmware. Finally, do not convince me the white balance that I believe can be improved with the next firmware.”

    • DaWolf

      I am Italian, and I can guarantee you the correct translation is:
      “Tests should have been carried out with noise reduction set to zero, since “normal” is just one notch below the maximum noise reduction setting”.

      So this means that the test photos were shot at “normal” value of Noise reduction (not zero).
      Hope this clarifies it.

  • XXL

    Video with D7000 at Photokina

    • Gonads

      nice find

      • Gonads

        Shame we don’t get any fast pans to test jello effect, and it’s only in 720 not 1080. Looks a little aliased too, but then we don’t know the settings so it would be unfair to judge. Would like to see some 1080 samples made by real end-users (e.g. not massively edited by chase jarvis)

        • And all was in auto mode, in the hands of a video pro it could be a better test and better image…. I just dont believe this best quality os the video, it has to be more…. better WB because this is too warm, better pans and manual focus….

    • And this French Rapper guys claim that this video is being filmed with the Nikon D7000 and the Canon 60D for slow motion….

      • Andy

        sure , just to get more views :))

        • Maybe, maybe not…. At this point all is true and all is a lie….

  • Vladi

    looks like the ISO rating will go over the roof next couple of years. The next FX body will probably handle iso 1 million as good as current D7000 handles 25600 -> very usable for net use and small prints.

  • NikonFF&DxUser

    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys & girls, that D7000 is producing wonderful images whether the NR is on or off. This new DX body is really a game changer for Nikon. I guess this is just a teaser for what is coming from Nikon in terms of upcoming FX releases. Go Nikon!



    • Mock Kenwell

      Worst Photoshop job ever. Don’t waste our time.

    • Anonymous

      Oh dear, look at the quad-func buttons. You need to be virtouso to play this instrument 🙂

    • Nikon Tandoori

      To me it doesn’t look like a fake, and the 4 func buttons are very useful.

      • Gonads

        it looks about as genuine as you are.

    • Fake. Either that or, with all that grain, it’s Nikon’s first whole wheat camera. 🙂

      • Dan


    • Phlim Phlamme

      Adding heaps & heaps of faux grain in PS can help a shoddy comp job a lot, unfortuneatly this has a long way to go before it could attain shoddy status. Erf.

    • Yury

      marketing team in nikon is not that stupid to advertise it with old 50/1.4D …fake

  • backatit

    This camera has re-lit my photography fire! What’s the used market like for very good condition used D200’s?

    • Anonymous

      A 2nd hand D90 will be a better idea unless you prefer to shoot at low sensitivity, since anything above iso 400 is pretty useless with D200 (though it gives perfect files at iso 100).

      • Gonads

        i think he’s selling a d200 and buying a d7000, no?

        • backatit

          Yes, I already have a D200 and looking to unload as soon as I get a D7k. I note the D7k has AF fine-tune, so maybe I’ll get to start using my Sigma 50-150 again. Damn thing backfocuses.

      • Dan

        Holy crap! That’s a bit harsh I’d say. I shoot ISO800 all the time and results aren’t as bad as you say. Anything higher is questionable.

  • Dr SCSI

    @ADMIN – I am headed to Photokina tomorrow and I will be making the rounds. Is there anything specifically you would like to see asked of those working the Nikon booth? I can pass your questions on and try to get some answers for you. Otherwise I am just going to look at the new fast primes, 24, 35, 85…. 🙂

    • Can you get a pic of the d7000 with grip, I’m interested in knowing how big the final combo looks.

      • poo party

        try to place it next to something like a d300s for size comparison…

        • rogger

          No, no… It’s smaller! It’s like a D90 with the MB-D80. Sorry, this is the correct comparision…

    • Stephan

      I was there on tuesday. You won’t get your hands on the 35/1.4 mm lens. They just have one piece at the booth and its locked up under glas. Maybe its just a model…

      Questions about a D700 successor or even the availability of the TC-20 III were answered with a shrug. Maybe you are more lucky than me and find the guy who knows it all.

      The best thing at the at the booth is a test of your reaction time. You have to capture a falling golf ball. Have fun!

    • Gonads

      Ask if you can put your SD card into the d7000 or just do it without them noticing, record some 1080 footage, including some fast pans and high iso, and then upload the results 😉

      Worth a shot 🙂

      • Dreuben


        • +2! I’d like to see more ISO6400 RAW without any noise reduction.

          • Joe r.

            What do you plan on reading the RAWs with? Nothing supports D7000 NEFs yet.

  • Well, looks like I’ll be getting the D7000 to replace my still awesome D90 then.
    Nikon, if you’re reading this, please provide a firmware update for 60fps 720p, and 30fps for 1080p. is the best canadian site to buy it from right?

  • teedlee dum
    • Anonymous

      Any idea? looks quite uniform throughout the image, but I may be wrong.

      Anyone who really knows how to interpret it?

    • D40-owner

      The D800 is so good you can play the accordion with the Func buttons! 😀

      • Yury

        haha 😉

    • Dreuben

      Come on guys!, just look at that eight…

    • D40-owner

      That is completely fake!!!
      I found the actual D800 image on a Chinese R&D forum!! It’s this:

      • Nikon Tandoori

        Hmm.. they used the same grainy D800 picture it seems….

      • Anonymous

        nutters !

      • Eli

        omg, it’s so beautiful.

      • Dan


      • carlo

        gotta be fake, looked like an alien slr

      • ob1ne

        I just threw up in my mouth.

      • panfruit

        I need more fingers!



    ISO 100 – 51200
    64 POINTS AF


    • Panda Jones

      YES! And it makes killer espressos. That is what 1 of the 8 function buttons do 😀

      • Panda Jones

        ***RUMOR BUSTED*** It only makes coffee and has 7 function buttons. Maybe next year. 🙁

        • Nikon Tandoori

          Instead i’ve the feeling this is the real deal.
          The specs sound reasonable after all.

          • Panda Jones

            No, you’re right. That would be the ideal D700 replacement. I just hope it happens in Dec. as speculated. 😉

          • I disagree that the specs sound reasonable. 64 points AF? That implies a new FX AF sensor, and exactly where are the extra 13 points going to go? The current sensor takes up about as much room as you can with phase detect. It also seems unlikely that we’d get a new FX focus system so close to the D4 unveiling. Second, dual CF slot is clearly wrong. The reason why Nikon is doing CF/SD on cameras like the D300s is that there are some advantages to SD for video recording.

            • panfruit

              What are the advantages that SD have over CF for video?

    • lightsaver

      How much will it cost?

    • Karlosak

      Dreamer! 🙂

    • The invisible man

      32mp sensor sound better

  • Dweeb

    Maybe there will be more to talk about in a year or two.

  • Anonymous

    69 comments so far…

  • alvix

    mmhh– I thing I found the worthy successor of my beloved D200 ..

  • Daniyar

    If D7000 produces images this good, I can’t wait to see what D400 will be doing next year. It’s amazing how good they are getting at producing such high quality sensors. In 3-4 years I am not sure many people will be needing fast primes for low light photography, only for razor thin DOF.

  • Hey Admin, about my last comment, I didn’t mean for it to sound mean. I just think you need more coverage on Photokina like Canon Rumors. But I guess you have to work right now and save up money for the next Photokina so that’s fine.

    Keep us updated with what you can for now.

    • No problem – I just really did not expect to have so little coverage. Lesson learned.

  • Robert J

    Story Behind the cube…

    Is it possible for one human being, other than a politician, to spend more time speaking and not actually say anything?

    • Mock Kenwell

      Only if Tad were to describe it. That curly haired dude looked like a deer in headlights.

    • Shawn

      No kidding… politico-in-training…

  • Runar

    Any way to open the raw files?

    • nikkor_2

      “Any way to open the raw files?”


      I’ve tried and been unable to do so; I, too, am puzzled. Are these files corrupt?

    • bayone

      dcraw can open anything, including D7000 NEF’s

      • Joe r.

        But not properly. It’s moot to open it in anything other than the new NX beta and even that is a super unstable beta so who knows the the interpreter will change.

  • The images at hwupgrade when viewed enlarged from site seem comparable to my D300s. At ISO 1600 there begins to have some noise and increased grain. At 6400 the images when are not production quality. This is very similar to D300s at same settings. In comparison, the D3s at 6400 looks like these images at 1600. To the extent that the D90 is similar in sensor to the D300s this does not seem like a breakthrough in performance to me.

    • lightsaver

      Sounds like the D7000 is a pro camera; pro level build, and bottom line pro level IQ. The more info that comes out the more certain it will nearly eliminate Dxxx sales (& probably a lot of Canon sales too) until something new arrives. Clever naming, positioning, and pricing on Nikon’s part to prop up those who have $$$ sunk into the Dxxx line. Can’t wait til mine arrives!

  • MrJimmy

    The D7000 pictures looks nice but they don’t say much, for the most part about the lens there using. A $2000 lens or a $300 kit lens that info would be nice. I just might have to jump ship and sale my 50D. But I don’t know. Looks like Nikon and Canon are always leap forging each other in there release’s and I don’t see anything more coming form Nikon. Sony has no more new sensors to give them to tweak with. 14 and 16 megapixels
    Clearly in the ISO department Nikon is on top. But both Nikon and Canon need Quality glass on them. Well canon for sure with 18 megapixels. I think you people need to stop arguing so much. Because there always going to be another camera coming out. Better then the one before But I must say The D7000 looks like a real winner. I mean it has everything a amateur could need. Ok maybe GPS. I wonder how the camera will test when firing off-camera flash’s. And most of all I love that’s it not all Plastic But I wonder I need to read more I guess. Does Nikon have Micro Adjustment not that its need really needed for amateur. But on some prime lenses that can be useful. But anyway I will be waiting for the reviews but for now wow it looks like a great camera.

    • Nikon D7000: Camera madre for advanced amateurs but chosen by the Professionals….

      • Uppps…. No “Madre” i wanted to say “Made” …. F**** keyboard 🙂

        • jdsl

          your keyboard has auto-complete feature, like iPhone’s? 🙂

          • Lol and more Lol!!!

            Nope but the keyboard is tiny and my fingers too big!

            • Roland

              Don’t be so modest Carlos… You know what they say about men with large fingers, right?
              They need large gloves 🙂

    • Paul

      If you open the JPEG files with an EXIF software reader, you’ll see what lens/lenses was/were on the D7000 when shooting those pictures. Example: PhotoME.


      • Joe r.

        At the moment the camera isn’t recording the EXIF data properly. I’m not sure you can trust that the EXIF says about lenses and such.

    • JoshL

      I hope you realize the dichotomy in what you’re saying….you are telling people to stop arguing, yet imposing your subjective opinion about the D7000 (not to say I disagree, I pre-ordered the damn thing at 2AM in the morning of the launch date). Every photographer (even if you’re more of a gearhead than a photographer) has specific qualities that he/she looks for in a camera; hence no such thing as real winner…you could have amazon best sellers….but no real winner.

      and who you calling you people!?!?!

  • peter

    the whole thing is kind of a disappointment. If I was there maybe I would feel different but Nikon-rumors is much, much more interesting and informative and just plain FUN! By the way, why did Nikon abandon the whole close up systems thing, you used to be able to get reversing rings, screw in magnifying filters, bellows, the whole thing. Now you can get a bunch of lenses that go to about life size and a ring flash and that seems to be it unless you use EBay. I just loved the super-duper telephotos, motor drives you could control the firing rates on, underwater camera systems, and on and on. Now we have Nikon earning tons of money on throw-aways and teasing us with a good camera once in a blue moon. Nikon, please bring the thrills back to the USA (MD.)

    • Broxibear

      “the whole thing is kind of a disappointment.”…interesting comment peter, I think you’re right. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe manufacturers are starting to make cameras that are better quality and have a longer life rather than another shiny new model with a small upgrade?
      Or maybe it’s the economic state of the world, and manufacturers aren’t willing to introduce as many new models they know they can’t sell.
      I’ve always thought most manufacturers had way too many models in their line up ,Panasonic has 29 different models in their current compact range…29 ? all priced between £100 and £300 it’s crazy.
      I think the reason Fujifilm’s X100 has had such a positive impact is partly due to people saying enough is enough…enough with all the modes, the buttons, the face recognition that recognizes your girlfriend in a group and automatically applies a photoshop filter to make her look super glam.
      Or maybe it’s just me lol ?

      • DSLRMania

        “… the face recognition that recognizes your girlfriend in a group and automatically applies a photoshop filter to make her look super glam.
        Or maybe it’s just me lol ?”

        hahaha. Souds like wishful thinking to me.

  • What month was the D3 and D700 announced?
    Maybe there is still hope for 2010.

    • Broxibear

      D3 was announced in August 2007 and D700 was announced in July 2008 as far as I can remember…I think ?

  • jdsl
  • SZRimaging

    If someone at Photokina can verify a few things about the D7000, it would be great.

    – Bracketing, how many and what is the maximum step?
    – Jello on video pan
    – Lossless Compressed NEF


    • Shawn

      Re: bracketing…

      According to DPR,

      2 to 3 frames in 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 or 1EV increments

      • SZRimaging

        Yeah, don’t trust the DPR specs. They already had some wrong. And the bracketing one is different between two of Nikon’s sites.

        • D40-owner

          Oh lord, this again???

          • SZRimaging

            Get over it? I am just looking for solid confirmation from someone with a production unit in hand, not a preproduction like Chase Jarvis had.

    • * 2/3 frames to 2 stops I believe. Seems same as D90.
      * The D3100 has a lot of jello. Lot of jello. Disappointing after the D3s change. Don’t yet know about the D7000, as I didn’t think to try it (doh!).
      * I believe I saw the NEF Recording submenus on the D7000 proto, so I think you can set compression as well as bit depth.

      • SZRimaging


        By the way, if this really is Thom, your lens database is probably one of the best things on the net. Thanks for all you do for those of us who are a little less….free….in our funds to experiment with so many different lenses.

  • Dennis

    Yipppeeeee, just pre-ordered after seeing these photos.

  • Azmir

    Damn, that little thing is a beast. I wonder what’s coming next year or in 2012.

  • Fredbare

    Is the D7000 the death nel for the D300?
    Nikon seem to have positioned the D7000 between the D90 and D300. The use of an alloy body, good weather sealing etc seems to be too close to the D300 for comfort so maybe they’ll drop the later?
    Is there a requirement for 4 DX cameras?

  • Andy

    nice jelo with the autofocus

    if this is representative of d7000 video … then sorry Nikon I’ll have to buy
    the mk2…though as a photo camera , looks awesome…

    • Read, Man… 🙂

      First – this is NOT representative video.
      Second – this is NOT D7000 video (it’s D3100)

      • Joe r.

        Also, don’t blame the camera for being foolish. Why would you AF-F something that is (from an AF point-of-view) a static scene.

    • This not a D7000 video test….

      This is a D7000 video test…

      And this too…

      • Andy

        d3100 should be identical to d7000

        canon didn’t augment their smaller cameras , so i don’t think nikon would do that as well…

        • Gonads

          Of course it shouldn’t be identical, they have different sensors. I don’t get your argument either. You’re saying that canon didn’t make the video quality the same across their range of cameras, so Nikon should? crazy 🙂

          • I think the video of the D3100 and D7000 will be very different in terms of quality…

          • Andy

            Read again what i said :))) I said canon did make the video function the same , the only difference is the low light abbility

            So you guys think nikon left a strong jelo in 3100 and removed it in d7000 , keep dreaming 🙂

            And with 20 mbps bit rate , they are behind, sadly…

            • Gonas

              You said the d3100 and d7000 would be identical, and that ‘canon didn’t augment their smaller cameras’ so you assume Nikon would do the same. Well if they’re not augmenting their smaller cameras, then they’re not identical are they?

              And, I can’t see the bit where I said they left jelo in the 3100, and removed it from the d7000. I said they use different sensors, which you would assume would mean that they yield different results. I didn’t say to what degree the results would differ, but you said they they would be identical, and i disagree.

            • Gonads

              Sorry – you said you assume Nikon wouldn’t do that, but based on the above, the different technologies used, and the fact that these cameras come in at different price points – i think you can expect to see different results. We still need to see some real tests made by real people who aren’t sponsored by nikon to be able to really make a judgement here though.

            • “So you guys think nikon left a strong jelo in 3100 and removed it in d7000 , keep dreaming 🙂 ”

              Keep dreaming? Mmmm…. someone told me the same here one day before the launch of the D7000 about manual controls in video, of course he was wrong…..

              I just have to tell you that Nikon is not Canon, and i think Nikon`s move is to draw a line beetween amateurs and professionals in video quality…. Remember the video from the D3s how different is of the D90 and the D300s in the rolling shutter factor??? D3s video is used to make commercials and little films, in fact i have a friend who owns the camera and i got to film test with it….

              But if you are right I`m going to acclaim you on my feet and give you my thanks to you…. 😉

    • rogger

      My Good!!! What a disaster!!!

  • Nikon Tandoori

    The “D800” photo is a FAKE !!!

    Here’s the original, from DPreview :

    • Gonads

      Oh really? thank god you posted that. I was just about to cut out some of my organs and sell them on the black-market so i could afford a new d800. local hero saves the day.

    • Thanks Sherlock 😉

    • Nikon Tandoori

      It was obvious it was a fake from all that noise … they use digital noise to cover the photoshopping.

      Besides, a real leak would be a rough photo taken indoor or on a table, not with a well lit white background like a press release.

  • Lola

    Forget your D Nikons and your EOS whatevers the price of the Leica M9 Titanium has just been revealed, a bargain at $26500

    • Nikon Tandoori

      26000 bucks … a bargain !! 🙂

      • I bet it has ISO 25,600 that finally make sence…
        ISO 25,600 for 25,500 $ ISO 1 = 1 $
        PLUS buy now and you will get additional ISO 100 FOR FREE !!!

  • Broxibear

    There’s some interesting video from Photokina on the warehouseexpress blog looking at all sorts of equipment from D7000 to flash benders…

  • David

    Not the first time Nikon announced their goods before a show. It works for them.

    Why would you want a Nikon D7000 and the lenses be presented at the same time as the bad boys like Hasselblad bring out their toys?

    I am sure even Nikon users (and I am one) will be looking at the Hasselblad instead of the Nikon even though most of us could not ever afford one of those babies and would not even dream of using one. We grew up looking at beautiful women on the big screen. That’s where it stops. Nikon knows that. Nikon knows when to show.

    • Sven Blokweill

      I do not think that is so. Many Nikon peoples like me not so interested in Hasselhof or other big expensive pro ekwipment. I always keep watching eye on NIKON,canon, pentax,oly,sonyetc
      As for your comment on beautiful wimmin, speak for yourself, my young fox
      Birgitta know when to show and is more beautiful than any camera you can think of, except maybe my well rubbed very brassy F2.

    • I am not really interested in Medium Format. Too expensive and it doesn’t full-fill my needs. The D7000 has a great size and weight to carry with you in the field. When the AF comes close to the D300s AF it would be a blast! 😀 I am already impressed by the high ISO samples. I might switch from Pentax to Nikon for it.

  • David

    A Ferrari does not fulfil my needs either, but in a car show, that’s what I look at.

  • For the people who are devaluing the D7000 high ISO samples, compared to the D300s:

    – The D7000 is a lot superior in that point, just like D90>D300. It´s a new sensor, new tecnology, 2 stops better, incontestably.

    Just like the D3 and the D3s.
    High ISO performance, is the most important query for event/wedding/sports shooters.

    So we can expect better sensor along the way.Don´t be jeallous because you spend your money in other products, just enjoy life!


    It only makes sense for the D700 to replaced next. It is the only DSLR from Nikon without video. I hope it is replaced by Christmas…….any thoughts…..

    • Gonads

      I think you’re right, and like someone else mentioned – it would be silly to release the d400 next, since a lot of old d300s users might jump to the d700 replacement and spend more money on nikon gear if they released it before the d300s replacement. So, it makes financial sense too.

      Having said that, I can immediately invalidate my own argument by saying – there’s money to be made on a DX/FF evil too – and they haven’t made one of those either – so why do i expect anything different from the DSLR range? It’s almost like they don’t want our money or something 🙂

    • Broxibear

      I’m pretty sure there are no new dslr announcements this year RAY JUSTICE, 2nd quarter 2011 is the whisper I heard some time ago.

  • peter

    Hoping to fan some flames here. Lots of buzz about high ISO and video. during the Nagano Olympics there was an F3 that shot at 11FPS. There was even a high speed flash that used to be available that did multiple flashes per second. Can we expect things to settle down in a few years and we get past the “my sensor is bigger than yours” hype and get back to some other features that make getting tough pictures easier? I enjoy the possibility of FX quality sensors on my DX in the future but I don’t print that many wall sized posters of the Grand Canyon shot at night with a single candle…

    • In film days fps was related to mechanical action only. Now processing is the bottleneck, more pixels and bits, more data down the pipeline, bandwidth has limits that every new release push further. Did film in F3 days shoot at 25K ISO?

      • peter

        More evolution needed then? Like with the CF cards that now dual pipeline the data to read faster. Believe they will make the transfer rates fly, be asynchronous, and cached all over the place. The poor little bits will be pushed to the storage card they will still be wet when they hit the chip! You are of course right about the increases in the ISO speed, that is astounding, I’d still like more control when taking pictures of fast moving objects. In fact I am wondering if “shutter speed” will be come obsolete next.

  • Gahl

    One question, maybe stupid, but it’s still something I’d like to understand: Nikon uses SONY sensors, and so far I think there are no problems except if…does Nikon depend on SONY so that it is FORCED to adopt what SONY produces?
    In other words did Nikon adopted the D7000 sensor because it wanted to do so or it is because that is what it is offered and so Nikon had no choice?

    • Anton

      Nikon develops it’s sensors, but they are made (created) by Sony. So Nikon got exactly what it designed. It’s like with Nvidia — it does not produce the chips, Nvidia “draws” the way the chip should be and some taiwan company produces them.

    • amb o

      does it matter to user ? as long as nikon comes up better product everytime… i guess it should be fine even if the producer comes from some remote desert

      • The Man From Mandrem

        I think you got a bad case of bull s*@#s. I think it is curable.
        Semiconductor manufacturing is a little like the magnificent seven. It’s the end of a great era when there are people with skill and knowledge that is outdated and the dollar signs are not what they once were. This means that all manufacturers have to look where the revenue streams are, how they can compete, and what they have to spend to do so and make hard choices.

        The idea that NVidia or Sony can just sell to who they want and screw the consumer absurd. These markets are efficient. It’s about product, technology, and market share. If Sony doesn’t provide what Nikon needs, Omnivision will and vica versa for Nikon, Apple and any other OEM.

    • Andy

      Did you notice how old the video is? it’s at least 4 months old

      • Wich one???

      • Ok the second one… i was in a hurry LOL!

        But in that case Chase Jarvis told everyone that they had the D7000 for months before its launch so the videos he posted are maybe 2 months old…

        Correct me if I`m wrong…

        • Andy

          Yeah , Chase had it for months since he is a well know figure , that video clip is from an unknown person as far as i can see , that just might want more views 🙂

          Why would nikon give a camera to someone and then not use the results officially? looks fake …so does that french clip…

          • Andy

            And what is even more funny , the over clips this user has uploaded has 100 views at most , and this one 10 000 now . So the next time you want to boost up the views just name it accordingly 🙂

            • Well you maybe right…. but the only way to know how the quality really is, is whan we have the camera in our hands… 🙂

  • Anonymous

    In the light of D7000, D700 replacement will be a killer one in all aspects:
    * 20+ mpx
    * 2 stops iso advantage
    * iso 25 to 25K native iso
    * 100% viewfinder w. built-in flash
    * 20% less weight thanks to carbon fiber
    * silent shutter
    * no slowing in frame rate at 14-bit
    * in-camera hdr option out of 3 frames
    * best video to be seen in any dslr
    * built-in gps
    * reasonable price

    • D700 doesn’t slow down due to 14bits. D3x and D300s yes, but that’s old by now, D7000 already does it w/o reducing fps. 25 to 25K calibrated ISO is impossible, since you are talkin of 10 stops ISO range. D3s and D700 show 6, maximum for any camera now. 200 to 25K possible, 1 stop better than D3s. My bet is 18MP. That’s because it’ll come from D4, which needs 9 or 10 fps and bandwidth has limitations.

      • JED

        I will be interested to see the difference between the 12 and 14 bit files of the D7000. From experience I know there is a noticeable difference in the shadows between the 12 and 14 bit modes of the D300. In reality I think the D300 14 bit mode would be better described as ‘higher IQ mode’ – its not the 14 bits that makes the difference but rather the slower readout (however exactly it is done).
        I hope the fast 14 bit readout of the D7000 is as ‘clean’ from digital artefacts as the D300 14 bit mode.
        Actually I would be happy if they always included a ‘slow / high IQ’ mode.

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