Nikon D7000, 35/1.4, 200/2 and SB-700 available for pre-order (*updated*)

This post will also be updated as more retailers start taking pre-orders.

Pre-order @ Amazon:

Pre-order @ B&H:

Pre-order @ Adorama:

Other options:

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  • 2cents

    Must…purchase…today. It looks like my D70 will be getting a new brother!

    • Terence

      Do you plan on keeping it or sell it away?
      I have a D70s and since it’s not worth much anymore, I might decide to just keep it!

      • 2cents

        Terence – I think I’m going to keep the D70. (sentimental value) 🙂 Can always use a second body if needed. I’ve also considered converting it for infrared photography and playing with that for a while as well.

  • nihilistsage

    Hey guys I am planning to buy D7000. This is going to be my first DSLR, I have Nikon P80 right now. Just wanted to ask how does the kit lens perform? As in I really don’t know a lot about lens, would be grateful if someone can direct me to some website about the same.

    • WoutK89

      It performs very well. Dont worry about that. It’s a great way to get around the first steps of photography.

      • nihilistsage

        Thanks man.

        • If money is no problem, go for the better 16-85 mm kit lens

          • Simon

            Yes, 16-85 is much better lens!

            • Nihilist Sage

              How much that would cost?

  • Steven

    Any possibility of a 18-55mm & 55-300mm kit?

  • Nianys

    Way to go Nikon ! I switcher back from Canon lady year (was initially a Nikon/Fuji user) and love my D90 to death. Have to say the D7000 just broke my heart !! I didn’t see a mention of Kelvin WB settings in the specs but assume at this level it’s just an omission… I can’t upgrade from my D90 before at least a year since I got it from my husband as a Xmas gift three months ago, so it’s gonna be a VERY long time before I lay hands on this sweet, sweet things 🙂
    Thanks a lot Admin for the great job !

  • mike23

    I pre-ordered D7000 at .For that price, its a winner. Im excited to have it.

    “Let your $1200 buy you happiness”

  • cransom

    1 to 9 exposures at intervals of 0.5, 1, 2, or 3 s? What? Why not just put an intervalometer in the damn thing? Disappointing.

    • WoutK89

      it has an intervalometer according to DPReview

  • Casual_Thoughts

    Pre ordered! This will replace my broken D70 that my girlfriend uses. This makes a nice complement to the D300s I have since I love action and she is into macro and landscape. The extra ISO performance is nice in failing light without a tripod.

    If you don’t think this camera is nice midrange camera for the money you need to sell your glass and move on over to Canon.

    Canon caters to the FF max Mega pixel guys. You may get a 18MP D400 next year if you wait.

    I prefer ISO and IQ myself.

  • Fourbeer

    Is there a wireless remote control accessory? I only see the wired option (MC-DC2).

    • WoutK89

      It’s still the ML-L3

  • Nathan

    Available for pre-order at B&H:
    kit w/18-105

    • Terence

      I don’t think that’s a pre-order… it just notifies you when they have it in stock.

      • yes, B&H takes pre-orders when the shipment is very close

  • Josh

    i called amazon and they said its guaranteed by Nov 20th but could ship sooner than that and of course its first come first serve.

    I sure hope it doesn’t take until nov 20

  • boris

    guys, just want to remind if you open amazon chase reward card (you can get autoapproved instantly online), you will get $30 back and also 3600 point in rewards (3 point for each dollar on $1200). You will then can exchange 2500 points on $25 amazon gift card so you will make $55

  • Adorama just started to take pre-orders – you can be on top of the list:

  • Also, Adorama just listed the new 35 f/1.4:

    and the 200 f/2:

    The SB-700 is not listed yet

  • B&H is not taking pre-orders yet – they usually start when they are about to receive a shipment.

    • Thanks for the tip, admin. Placed a preorder on the 35 1.4 from Adorama. This thing is going to be a beast of a lens! Can’t wait!

    • Benjamin

      Admin, any clue what could come on 20th?

      • WoutK89

        My guess if something comes is either prototype related, or Software related.

  • Michel

    So, it doesn’t support the ML-L3 Remote Control?

    • WoutK89

      It does support it, and even has a front (top right) and back (middle right) IR receiver.

      • Michel

        Thank you 🙂

  • I will no longer recommend Ritz Camera – last time they had the wrong prices up (they advertised lower prices) and then they had to cancel all existing pre-orders in order to charge the regular price.

  • Anyone know when best buy might start accepting preorders? I have some gift cards to burn.

  • taobear

    I am a Canon user. My question is why the #*$) would you buy a 60D. D7000 is one hell of a body. Seriously.

    • MinnieMouse

      Finally a Canonian who praises Nikon….Thank you thank you!!

    • robert

      THE D800 IS OUT!!!!
      & nbsp;
      & nbsp;
      & nbsp;
      that’s what I would say if nikon released it on the 20th

      • robert

        I guess not all HTML is supported..

      • robert

        or..KON!!! KON!!

  • Eric

    Just put my order in with a local dealer. Requested NPS do a priority ship. Not sure they do that with non-pro bodies. But doesn’t hurt to ask.

    BTW, info my dealer has, said it’s between the D90 and D300. Interesting.

  • Steven

    Anyone know when montreal might have any… I’ve been waiting for this release been a while. I help back purchasing the d90… now have to wait a bit more!

    Any infos on any other type of kit 18-55mm & 55-300mm or 18-200mm, like the D3100?


    I am wondering what the “possible 3rd announcement” will be on the 20th also…..Maybe the D800….hum, any news admin

    • Broxibear

      Don’t think there will be any more DSLR news this year…look out for the EVIL though.


    Maybe if we are loud enough Nikon will hear us….”D800, D800, D800, D800, D800″

    • NK

      I am sure that’s in the hands of some photographer shooting a video and photos.

      Nikon sure does come out with better than competition when it comes to new features.

      d90 video shooting , d3x mega pixel count
      d3s iso sensitivity
      d3100 autofocus during video

      I am hoping d700 replacement to actually shoot 120fps video 1080 and maybe even 2k or 4k video

      a 20+ MP would be nice to have, assuming it would be able to get iso sensitivity of D3s

  • Not sure if already discussed here, but DPR is wrong, not same as A55 sensor, or highly modified, since it uses on-chip 14 bit ADC to make it run at full speed (6fps), unlike D300s.

    From Sony doc on Exmor sensors:

    “In order to meet these market demands, Sony currently provides two CMOS image sensor models: “Exmor” , which adopts the “Column-Parallel A/D Conversion Technique”, providing each column within the sensor with its own A/D converter to reduce noise; and “Exmor R”, which applies a back-illuminated structure to enhance image characteristics through high sensitivity and reduced noise.”

    From Nikon on the D7000’s sensor: 14 bit is built in.

    “At the heart of the D7000 is a DX-format CMOS image sensor with 16.2 effective megapixels, optimally engineered to gather more quality light through sharp NIKKOR lenses. With 14-bit A/D conversion (12-bit selectable) operating within the sensor, the D7000 realizes stunning images that are richer in tone and detail than previously possible in DX format without sacrificing shooting speed or energy efficiency.”

  • NK

    Does anyone know if d7000 will be out of stock in stores when it arrives ? ( is pre-order really necessary ? )
    I don’t expect the supply to be less than the demand for a consumer camera , but you never know

  • Nikon 35

    I think that Nikon got it right on this time. The D7000 is an excellent balance of features and price for a pro-consumer camera. I’m happy it has meter coupling for AI lenses since for landscapes and seascapes you can use manual focus lenses just fine. The only feature I don’t see that I would miss compared to my D300s is AF-ON. I would rather have AF-ON than the AF/AE lock button. What do you think?

    • Manne

      If you can go without AF/AE lock, just swap the function assigned to the button using custom setting e5.

      • Manne

        Sorry, it’s custom function f5.

  • JP

    Finally a 35mm 1.4

  • Broxibear

    There’s a detailed “hands on” preview of the D7000 here for those who need another fix…

  • Has anyone ever pre-ordered from Amazon before? Do they charge when you actually place the pre-order, or when it ships? Can’t seem to find it on their FAQ…

    • no, Amazon charges the CC when shipping the item, not before

  • Street prices in Finland, out of stock, estimated 2-4 weeks:

    290 euro SB-700

    1900 euro AF-S 35 F1.4G

    5400 euro AF-S 200 F2G ED VR II

    1140 euro D7000
    1400 euro D7000 + AF-S 18-105 VR
    1700 euro D7000 + AF-S 16-85 VR
    1840 euro D7000 + AF-S 18-200 VR II

    33 preorders for D7000’s in that store.

    • WoutK89

      That’s strange, it’s for all products 2-4 weeks? Because some products have been said to be november released.

  • I think a big thank you should go to NR Admin for the great job he has done especially recently.

  • Sarah

    Any idea when pre-order will be available on Amazon UK?

  • AG

    Just checked with Aden Camera (Canadian online store)… Availability – Late October… I kinda hoped to get it sooner… 🙁

    • Shawn

      Admin – I understand it’s not “for sure”, but since B&H opened up pre-orders… that might lead me to believe that shipments are imminent. What is their typical timeframe for doing so before shipments occur? Just another clue to shipping stock timeframe…


  • Nubberz

    Hey all I’m just getting into photography, but the 18-105 lens that is in the amazon kit, is that a decent quality lens that I would be able to use for daily shooting in the east coast? Specifically the Washington, D.C area?

  • human tripod

    From DP Review, regarding bracketing:

    “I downloaded the Japanese user’s manual. It says the D7000 will shoot 3 frames in auto bracketing at a max of +-2 stops, just like the D90. (p. 116.)

    I would trust the user’s manual written in the original language more than the website.

    BTW, this is not the first time an official Nikon website had an error, and their Japanese site makes the same error as well. “

    • WoutK89

      Nikon worldwide:

      Exposure bracketing
      2 to 3 frames in steps of 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 or 1 EV

      • Denko

        Those specifications are for bracketing with flash if I can decipher the manual correctly.

  • Afoo

    Btw, does it has Mirror Lock-Up? DpReview does not list this under shooting mode…so, does that mean it only has Delayed shutter like the D90? Anyone knows? Thanks!!!

    • It has a dedicated MLU control, no need to go for menus or delayed mode.

      • WoutK89

        And they said it’s a true M-up

  • Bob

    35mm and 85mm, f1.4!!!!! I’ll just have to sell a kidney or two….

    • jdsl

      because you already sold your soul before? 🙂

  • Kevin Y

    wow this site is the best

  • Anonymous

    To whom wondering high iso performance of D7000:

    For iso 3200, it looks good for DX, yet noise is related to detail and sharpness of the image as much as iso & exposure. This image on the blog is not much detailed (hinting heavy NR process). Therefore it’s better to interpret accordingly.

    One must ask which to see: (sharp details + noise) or (clean but soft) image, or something in between…

    • Wait for RAW comparisons, jpegs don’t tell the whole story. My guess isnNikon will leapfrpg all competition for a couple of years like they did with D300. Canon will try the usual trickmof increasing pixelmcount as they did with 50D, but it won’t work, like it didn’t that time. I likemthey way Nikon have been doing it, working slower and surely, no desperate moves. Great job IMO!

      • jdsl

        now, I may no longer get an IPAD 🙂

    • SimonC

      The good thing about that jpg is that NR is OFF (according to EXIF).

      IMO, comparing the chroma noise in the shadows of that picture with the chroma noise samples on the D3 review (on DPR) seems to suggest the chroma noise is “comparable” with ISO3200. If the D7K is worse than the D3 at the same high ISO, it isn’t by much. This is my gut feeling anyway, not a scientific measurement 😉

      We still need RAW comparisons to be sure.

  • Sorry for misprints, blame it on the IPad board ;).

  • Nicky

    I just pre-ordered the D7000 body from Amazon. I can’t wait!

  • Segura

    Preordered the 35mm 1.4 to go with my 24,50, and 85 . . . a quartet!

  • George

    Just Pre-Ordered a D7000 Body Kit at amazon…

  • George

    Strange thing is that there is still no way or order Extra batteries or Grip for the D7000

    • KsOfW

      I could not find them at Amazon but they are available at Adorama and B&H. I may cancel my order with Amazon and choose one of the other two for this reason.

    • D’oh! I found the MB-D10, not 11. Never mind.

  • mike23

    Question to all who knows…..
    . Is my tamron af 28-75mm F2.8 will work on d7000? pls help
    i just sold my D90 a month ago for this new camera… thank you..

    • Nicky

      If it worked with the D90 you had, it will work with the D7000.

  • And how come they put “D700 Highlights” under “Product Description” on Amazon????!!!! haha

  • KsOfW

    I’m in on the D7000. I had my hopes up HUGE for the D700 replacement for the wider angle of view and anticipated ultra-low light capabilities which are important to me but tough to justify such crippling expenditures when this is still just a non-profit obsession… Thank you Admin for all the fun of checking this site several times a day over the last year. Great job!

    • It’s tough to justify such for profit expenditures! My d700 ain’t holdin me back. Kinda wish I could say it was. The clients don’t know the difference at this point anyway.

      • Looking at the specs, I think the D7000 will fill many wants left unsatisfied by my D80; low light and a self-cleaning sensor, to name two. Also, I look forward to having the option of geo-tagging my pics when I travel because I am too undisciplined over long road trips to take proper notes.
        If rumblings suggest that a D9000 will be released before, say, next June with some jaw-dropping ISO numbers, I may just dust off my old Pentax K1000 with its crappy lenses and give myself a refresher on why I loved (still do) my trusty D80 so much….

  • Peter B

    I know this doesn’t pertain to the article but I just got 67.2 MP on my 35mm film scan with my Nikon F100. Digital say what!

    • Anonymous

      Same story till the first years of digital. You start to amplify grains, not extra detail after about 9-10mp (eqv. 2500dpi) Yes, I can upres my 12mp file to 100mp. So what?

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