Nikon’s official blog

While waiting: four days ago Nikon started their own official blog. Check it out @

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  • Ren Kockwell

    NR is better.

    • Paul


      • Jake


        This site rules

        • Steve

          Except D7000 is up on Dpreview before NR – but with some typos

  • Azmir


  • Enesunkie

    Hope they push those Coolpix cameras to the very bottom of that page when they announce the D7000.

  • Jay A

    I’ll need a Blog “I am Broke” if Nikon announces the 25mm 1.4

    • Jay A

      make that 35mm

  • Conan

    It’s my first time to get such close with admin

  • If only they blog the d7000 annoucement as it happens

  • Jay A

    Crap Pete…If Nikon keeps the same schedule for updating the 35mm 1.4 and I’m 51 years old now, I might be dead the next release of the 35mm 1.4 🙁

  • NikonFF&DxUser

    Nikon Rumors is better, it keeps our adrenaline pumping by keeping us excited everytime there is a rumors . That the I AM Nikon Blog site looks like run by an advertising agency.
    If i’m Nikon, i’ll justy buy NikonRumors for $200 million dollars so Peter can retire and that way he can afford to send me Christmas present. ( I want a new D3s or D4, plus 24mm f1.4, 70-200 and 85mm 1.4 g, and 500mm f4 for birding).
    Grant my wish Lord Nikon.

    • +1
      But then we won’t have any more rumours. Rumours are sometimes better than the real thing lol 😀

      • NikonFF&DxUser

        They can hire Peter as adviser that way he can enjoy his retirement.

  • almost there just 5 mins left
    not sure if they annouce exactly at 12 est or around that time..

  • N-mi
  • Marc Novakowski

    Looks like Chase Jarvis just posted about the new D7000:

  • Carlos R B

    14 bits NEFs….

  • gonzalo
  • SHIT! Where are the manual controls in video?

  • Carlos R B

    Where the hell are the dpreview samples?

  • gonzalo

    1/8000! stereo jack! wiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • gonzalo

    supports and metters ai lenses! YES!

  • Nicky
    • Carlos R B


  • Neyekon

    According to the D7000 menu screens shown on the DPReview preview, it appears the D7000 has both AF fine tune and manual controls in movie mode. Sweeeeet!

  • shawmbo
  • NR rocks! I bet the Nikon blog won’t let us comment with rumors.

    • jdsl

      the Nikon blog doesn’t even blog the D7000 yet.

  • B64

    Funny…. the D3100 announcement on the IAmNikon blog is tagged with “Pro Photographers”, while the D7000 announcement is not…. I get the feeling they lost it already…

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