Nikon D7000: base ISO of 100, 1050 shots on a single battery charge

  • The translation I have is not very clear, but it sounds like the native ISO of the D7000 will be 100 (compared to 200 in the D90).
  • The Nikon D7000 will be able to take 1050 shots on a single battery charge compared to 850 with the D90.
  • The 35mm f/1.4 lens will be available in November (basically D7000 will be available in October, everything else in November).

All together the D7000 seems to be an awesome camera. Nobody really expected such an advanced replacement of the D90. The new lenses are what everyone has been asking for in the past two years. Nikon did deliver this time, no doubt about that and they are on a roll. There will be no D700 replacement for Photokina and maybe there is a good reason for that - we will know for sure once the camera is official (probably early 2011). Next year should also bring us a D3s/D300s replacements. Keep in mind that the D300s replacement has to top the D7000 and I don't want to even speculate what the D4 will be like.

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  • jhnw

    The big question after the D7000 is released will be is it the new top line DX Nikon camera or will Nikon release another DX camera above it.

    Once we have all the details on the D7000 shortly, we should have a good idea what the answer to that question will be.

  • safeg

    No Fx body at 2010 Photokina?

    DAMN !!!!!!!!!

    We Need D700 replecement or affordable FX body “D400” .

    Nikon is FOOL BOY!

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      We? you mean you and Dpreview? because most pros using the D700 are happy.

      If you need more megapickles get a D3x man.

      • Anonymous


  • NikonFF&DxUser

    I hope this new D7000 can meter with my AI, AIS lenses, if not i’m just gonna hold on to my D300s a little longer until the replacement is announced. But surely a very good camera for those who are just starting photography with Nikon equipment in mind.

  • RobA

    btw, am I correct in assuming that the announcement will be posted here fairly quickly after it’s made? Or has [NR] admin gone to bed for the night? πŸ˜‰

    • I am not sleeping tonight πŸ™‚

      • RobA

        thanks for that!

    • truthiness

      rumor has it. πŸ˜‰

  • Matiass

    IΒ΄m refreshing my webbrowser every minute, i want the mistery revealed…

  • Asmodeuz

    this is good news πŸ™‚

  • truthiness

    So where does this release fall in Nikon Rumors history? Top 3?

  • ewaverly

    So I’ve read so much on this but still don’t have it.. Is there or is there not going to be a lens motor on the camera body??
    I was pretty sure I was going to buy a d7000 (switching from rebel xt…) but if there’s no lens motor.. well nevermind. I have 4 old nikkor lenses (circa 1980s) that supposedly all work on nikon cameras with a lens motor on the body. I guess I’ll have to consider d300s if there’s no lens motor. But then again, I have a hard time holding even the d90 due to its size, haha. I have very small hands.
    Ah, 15 more minutes! πŸ™‚

  • gonzalo

    its almost 1am! we need the end of the rumor and the official pics of D7000! πŸ˜€

  • Brainmuffin

    I like that base ISO is 100. I use it very often on my D80 and lets me get shots my brother can’t with his D70. If this holds true, I will be updating in a few months.

  • gonzalo

    well… i’m at GMT-3… guess i have to wait 15 minutes more πŸ™‚

  • The wait!

  • It’s 12 now!

  • Jenny

    cmon cmoonnn!! πŸ™‚

    • Nicolas

      It’s on DPReview!!

  • Manual controls on video mode? Come on Dude, show me the Best news!!!

  • Shutter Monkey

    Is this site legit:

    Videos not loading for me atm…

  • truthiness

    mic jack!

  • Bob Smith
  • gonzalo
  • Suresh
  • PR

    awesomee.. rumours have come true πŸ™‚ Thanks Admin. Dpreview review did a hands on analysis

  • Camera is announced!

  • NS

    ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jdsl

    damn! my firefox keeps crashing!!! πŸ™‚

  • Good lord this thing is almost perfect, the features blow away everything I expected.

  • Phil G.

    $699 kit with a 18-55mm, what !!?? dpreview must be wrong it’s like 200$ less than the D90 body only at launch

  • Edit Reject

    It is officially up on the Nikon website. This thing will be tremendous.

  • cirtap

    Well what is amazing is Nikon OUTDID Nikon and canon…somewhat….What truly surprises me…how much more this New Nikon D7000 can and will out perform the Nikon D300s….so the question that pops in my mind..why the Nikon D300s???

    I want to stop shooting in DX and still wait for my D4..which is around the corner?? RIGHT NIKON RUMORS?

    But my Nikon D300 which still takes awesome shots…is on life support and only shoots in Live View…YES..I took her to Nikon Service Center and they fix her..but within a few months she was back to her old self..Mirror not going down..but in Live View…everything is fine…..DO i get the Nikon D7000…? OR wait for the D400 and D4?? As the Stomach Churns!!!!

  • so 1080p video is only 24fps? that’s confirmed then? wouldn’t be so bad but it’s ugly to mix with 25fps/30fps video from other sources.

  • BillV

    My strong opinion after reviewing the details of Nikon’s press release and the proposed pricing is that Nikon is killing two birds with one stone, the D90 and the D300s. The pricing is in the middle and the D7000 offers D300 build quality. Also, it is not any secret that the D90’s sensor performance was rated higher than the D300/s by DxOMark. Nikon is a leading provider of semiconductor chip tools–my industry, so we may be witnessing Nikon evolution to providing better chips versus Canon.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      the D7000 will be sitting in the middle of the D300s and D90 (check dpreview preview).

  • Josh
  • ok im confused

    in this links

    (L) 4928 x 2364

    so that means the largest is 11,649,792 pixels, i think there is a typo

    am i wrong?

  • NikonFF&DxUser

    Hi Admin,
    Your are absolutely correct when you changed the background color to white and said that people will get used to it in no time. With the annoucement of D7000 your website is looking better than ever.
    This camera really rocks! Difinitely buying it as soon as someone will buy my D200 and D90.

    • NikonFF&DxUser

      I mean pre order

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    The only thing is that I would have preferred to hear what Bob Krist or Joe Mcnally had to say about the camera rather than from Chase “I donΒ΄t shower or shave or use deodorant too often but I create a lot of hype for meh stuff” Jarvis.

    And the short film is boring…

  • Mr Admin dude,
    Do you still think there’ll be a D300s replacement?
    To me, the D7000 seems to take parts of both the Dxx and DX Dxxx series cameras, and smashes them into one…

    I wouldn’t be suprised it was stayed as –
    Entry – D3xxx
    Entry/Consumer – D5xxx
    Consumer/Semi-Pro DX – D7xxx
    Semi-Pro DX – D7xx
    Pro – Dx

    It’d be suprised if Nikon started introducing features normally associated with their higher end cameras into what’d be considered entry and consumer level models…

    Just my take anyways.
    Your thoughts?

    • I think that Nikon will replace the D300s with another DX pro level camera – maybe next year. Just my opinion.

  • How’s this sound:

    D7000 is new top of the line DX, replacing D300s. New camera, maybe in the $2000-$2200 range replaces D700 and does basically D7000 features but with 16mp FX sensor. D4/D4x come in with 24/30mp sensors respectively. 3 DX models (3100, 5000, 7000); 3 FX models (D400, D4, D4x). Simplifies camera lineup for a company that always seems stretched thin with it’s research and development dollars.

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