It’s getting interesting: a possible third Nikon announcement?

After the upcoming announcement on September 15th, Nikon may have another announcement on September 20th, one day before the start of Photokina. Back in 2008, Nikon announced the new 50mm 1.4 lens the day before the start of Photokina. If true, the potential candidates for this third announcement are the new Nikon EVIL system or a new full frame DSLR camera (this is not a rumor, just my humble opinion).

I do not have a good feeling about this third potential announcement, [NR] probability rating is "only" 40%.

FYI: today Nikon started a new "I am Photokina" website:

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  • lets hope they have something to blow our heads!

    • LGO

      Hopefully, Nikon will announce a D700s, initially at $3000-$3200.

      But since there are many here who wants a D700x, I might as well include this too. At a price ranging from $4,500 to $5,000, how many here will pick up a D700x?

      • Global

        Why “hopefully” at $3000-3,200????? The D700 was priced at $2,500 pretty much the whole time. I can’t believe how many people are trying to push up the price of the D700 successor for no reason.

        Technology is supposed to stay the same price, just add features OR go down in price. Inflation aside.

        • pethunia

          Global (admittedly – cannot read the first letter in this browser): the D700 started out over 2500 euro. … Which probably meant that in the USA it was $ 2500, which always seems a bit unfair..

          • SZRimaging

            Don’t forget, the prices in different countries also reflects local taxes on the item. Nikon will pay different import taxes in US than they will in UK or SWE.

          • why not a D700xs with the ISO performance of D3s and 24mp like the D3x, and to be honest we all be more than happy with a +20mp FF camera with native ISO 100-12k

            I’m a weeding photographer but i know most of the whiners crying for a new FF camera don’t have the money to buy one, I was like that too, but once you go full time photographer you really appreciate to have the right tool for the job, and only full timers and rich enthusiasts have the money to invest into a pro-body and all the glass you need to complete your gear.

            Nikon won’t release a FF camera until 2011, so right now I’m hoping for a great dx body that gives me a noiseless pictures even at ISO 6400 even if just have the same 14mp that the 3100 has. Weddings, Concerts and outdoor events are my business and i care more about ISO performance than video capabilities, i know its a nice feature but don’t really makes me yaw-drop.

            And please stop talking crap about the line up, delays, pixel count and how good are the Canon 7D and 5D mkII (they are indeed), if does not add something to the subject of the post or you are just mad at Nikon because the EVIL isn’t in the stores just yet , then go grab whichever camera you have and go shoot some good pictures and do something useful with your time.


        • Richard

          Yea, really! If Nikon were to move in that direction, it would be the equivalent to an advert for Canon. The D700 (and replacements) is in competition with the Canon D5 MK II (and soon MK III) which establishes the price point for the market segment.

          If Nikon likes the name “I am Photokina”, they had better deliver some products (and other developments) more than what has seen the light of day so far. Most of what has come out pre-Photokina is either “well, it’s about time or worse yet, why bother? Canon is into the G12 P&S and NIkon appears to be trying to catch up to the G11 based on the information about the P7000. (I know performance is what matters, but the P7000 is one odd looking camera.) Meaning no disrespect to Bob Krist, but a few pix on the internet do not prove much about the camera. Virtually any camera he might have used to capture the same images would have evoked the same response about the beauty of the subject matter. In fact that would be an interesting demonstration. Take several cameras with a variety of capabilities and shoot them side-by-side and post the images.

          “Where’s the beef, Nikon?”

        • LGO

          The D700 sold at full list price when this first came out. I paid $2,999.95 when I purchased my first D700 from Amazon in July 29, 2008. Nikon has since raised it price a bit with every new model introduced so $3000-3200 is my estimate for a D700s. This will undoubtedly drop over the months after release but a long wait will severely test one’s resolve. 🙂

          The “hopeful” part is tat Nikon will release this at all … and since its substantially lower price than the $5,200 for a D3s, then it can’t be too bad.

          • Richard

            I don’t necessarily disagree with your analysis, but the competition is priced below that. Nikon will have to provide something dramatically better than the competition to justify the premium and, so far, there are no indications that they are about to do so or are even capable of doing so.

            • LGO

              The price I listed are my expectation of the initial selling price. Given the surge in demand in early adopters, this will likely last a month or two. This happened to the Nikon D700 (and the Canon 5D Mk II) shortly after introduction. Then prices will slowly drop after that unless demand is extremely high or supply is limited in which case the initial price will be maintained for a bit longer than usual (e.g., Nikon D3s).

              But we may be getting ahead of ourselves here as it remains to be seen whether Nikon will release a D700s or D700x.

    • Joe R.

      In order to rightfully claim that “I am Photokina” Nikon would have to completely steal the show. I don’t see them doing it. I’d love them to, but I don’t see.

      I’ve had Nikon let the winds out of my sail too many times to get excited.

      • LGO

        “I’ve had Nikon let the winds out of my sail too many times to get excited.”

        I completely understand your situation.

        I have been expecting Nikon to release a new full-frame in a D700 body since early this year but the agonizing wait continues. Fortunately, Nikon has released some good stuff, like the 16-35mm f/4 VR and 24mm f/1.4, plus the upcoming D7000, 35mm f/1.4, the 24-120mm f/4 VR, and the 28-300mm VR.

        It may take Canon’s releasing of the 5D Mk3 or the 3D to finally wake Nikon up from its FF slumber after its release of the D3s.

        • Discontinued

          Same here.

          Something FF must be just around the corner. I know it. Only thing I didn’t know (early this year) is, that the corner was/is soooo far. Must be huge block then.

          • PHB

            The further up the line you get the less frequently the updates are going to come. So if the D700 is updated now it is going to be at least another year before it is updated again, quite likely two.

            Nikon are obviously going to have to release some information on a new mirrorless system at Photokina and that is going to be their most important announcement. But quite likely that is going to be something launched at the show itself. That is an announcement that I would have in a covered display case for the first day of the show and only announce on day #2.

            If the announcement is not the mirrorless system it could quite possibly be a new lens. I don’t think it would be a 50 f/1.2 though, much more likely would be the 80-400 with an availability date later in the year. The sales of the 85 f/1.4 strongly suggest that it is going to be a big seller this year. It is going to be very hard to keep up with demand. Production of the highest quality lenses is not something that you can exactly dial up and down at will. If they are selling 85 f/1.4s faster than they can make them, why not start making the 35 f/1.4 on a parallel production line? If they expect the 35 f/1.4 to also be a smash hit, why not satisfy the customers whose priority is an 80-400?

            The reason I think a 50 f/1.2 is unlikely is that the lens people want to see return is the Noctilux version, the one without sagittal coma flare. That is not a lens you launch in the year you are launching nine others, it is the lens you launch when you are launching nothing else.

            Though if you remember, earlier in the year we were told that there would be a ‘surprise’. Is the mirrorless really a surprise at this point? Maybe it is something else like a head mounted display viewer or a microscope.

            • zzddrr

              PHB, we all are waiting for a headmounted display. Why not nikon hire some surgeons and operates this thing into the brain of the new nikon president. In that way they would save the cost of the display. 🙂

            • Global


        • jimmy

          “I have been expecting Nikon to release a new full-frame in a D700 body since early this year but the agonizing wait continues. ”

          … errr they have one, and its been out for almost 2 years – its called the D700.

      • jay

        Nikon should fire their marketing agency – there is a total disconnect of what Nikon is doing , and the marketing campaigns.

        • Richard

          Point well taken!

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        LMAO the only ones to blame for your high expectations are you only, as it is today thousands of thousands of shooters are perfectly happy with what Nikon has released recently it is only the bottom feeder forum wanker that shoots photos of their cats the only ones asking for “EQIVLNT TO 5D MKIIZ LOLOL PLZ NKIONNNNN”….

        So don´t blame Nikon because you people day dream too much and because you are crazy…

    • preston

      let’s hope they have something to blow our loads on! (loads of money, of course. geez, get your mind out of the gutter. . )

    • Meh

      I’m still waiting for the 2nd.
      Geez, we expeted this 3mths ago.

    • thomas


      i live in in Montreal (CANADA) in the big shop (LOZEAU) its not possible to buy D300 and D90.

      Maybe a new D300 and D90

      • X0I2o5y2

        Try using

  • jjj

    I love getting my head blown. No pun intended.

    • Makoto Kimura

      I entered all my puns into a pun contest but not one pun in ten did

      Say hello to your mother for me

    • jason

      dont we all ha ha

  • Anonymous

    I guess if Nikon wants to announce more p&s crap, then they should cancel the announcements right now. We have plenty of crap from Nikon.

    BTW, no FF until sony releases the revised version of the 24mp sensor.

    • King Of Swaziland

      Since the tea leaves point to Sony dropping FF, you may have a while to wait, in your opinion.

      • woble

        D3x was the last Nikon camera with a Sony sensor.

        • Anonymous

          woble – then what do you think who made D3100, P7000, and the two other craps’ sensors?

          What will you say when the D7000 will have the same mp as the sony A55? Ah, it was made by somebody else. 🙂

          BS my friend, if Nikon started to make its own sensors then 1) they would have made a big announcement bigger than the “I am Ni-con shit”, 2) it has financial ramifications and there was nothing disclosed in their financials, 3) also the book of fairy tales, you know their management plan would have disclosed, 4) you’d would see more sensor related patents from Nikon, and 5) this takes years and involves couple of suppliers so we would know about it.

          So, based on the above reasons I do believe that sony manufactures all sensors for Nikon. Now read the latest sony disclosure where they are talking about to increase sensor production. Have you seen one disclosure from Nikon? I think I would even make factory tours to show that I am capable of making sensors….

          • Joe R.

            Psst. Nikon made the D3100 sensor.

            • Zograf

              Foundries make the sensors like TSMC, Global Foundries and internally Sony, Samsung, Canon, etc. Nikon only designed and probably not from scratch but used as an initial iteration the Sony sensor or very likely a heavily tweaked Sony sensor… Obviously I could be wrong))

            • I’m not talking about manufacture- that’s like saying Apple doesn’t make the iPad because Foxconn manufactures it.

          • Roger

            Anonymous, again with the trolling?

        • El Aura

          D3x might be last DSLR (or ILC) with a Sony sensor, I would not bet on Nikon replacing all their compact camera sensors with their own ones, at least not all at once.

    • @Anonymous:

      “BTW, no FF until sony releases the revised version of the 24mp sensor.”

      You know the D4 will have to come earlier than a D4x, so this statement is false on its face. A D4 won’t use the successor of the D3x’s sensor.

      • Anonymous

        @ rhlpetrus:

        How do you know? I would not be surprised if we’d see a sony alterations in the D4. What we know right now is that most likely the entire DX line will have sony sensors. We also know that the D3x sensor has more to do with sony than many suspects. Also, we know that Nikon was unable to obtain even a 12mp FX sensor to produce decent video. And finally we know that sony is revising the 24mp sensor (and may add a 30mp+) that is video capable and has similar or better low light performance than the new DX line. So it seems logical to assume that we may (and I repeat may) see sony FX sensor in the next nikon body.

        • Roger

          More anti-Nikon, Sony fanboy posts from you, Anonymous?

        • kamote

          whoever made that sony sensor rumor is laughing his (or her) ass off .

          this is now becoming an urban legend…

          what’s next ? rubber grips made by bridgestone ?

        • Ren Kockwell

          @ anonymous

          Let’s say you’re right: Sony makes Nikon’s sensors. Who gives a rat’s ass? Nikon squeezes more juice out of their sensors than the company that god damn manufactures them. Just compare the DR, detail and low noise when compared to the same sensors in Sony cameras. What’s your friggin point other than to bash Nikon all day long? Jesus Christ dude, turn the effing page…

        • @Anonymous: do you really think Nikon will make a 10fps camera with 30+ MPs now? You should have read wht Canon said about staying at 16MP for the 1D4.

          D3X’s sensor is Sony made, Nikon said so, where’s the debate? As well as D300/s, D90, D5000, D3000’s. The D3100’s seems not to be Sony’s design. If it’s made at a Sony plant, maybe. D3/D700/D3s’ are not Sony, Sony never used a similar sensor, the ADC is completely different from what Sony ever did, etc.

          Is that relevant? Yes, I think so, but not because of some “brand pride” as you seem to worry about. If Nikon is able to bring the D3s’s sensor/processing technology down to the DX line, with mass-market production level, it could be very interesting for Nikon users, just that.

          Sorry, you’re sounding like the 5-yo kid that is attached to some misguided notion about something and cry louder and louder.

          • Anonymous

            rhlpetrus – No, I have no problem of the fact that sony makes the nikon sensors. They are all very capable and good quality. Also, sensor is just one part of the process of creating excellent IQ etc.

            My problem is that since Nikon uses sony sensors (or modified sony sensors) 1) Nikon will always be late to deliver. 2) Nikon does not control its destiny. Don’t get me wrong but leaking the designs to other manufacturers helped/contributed to errode the entire P&S segment. Now we know the results. 3) This “overcooperation” raises some eyebrows. Yes, I am saying that these companies are fixing the prices hence, the consumer pays a) the cost and b) reduces innovation.

            rhlpetrus, perhaps I sound like a 5 yrs old kid which is cute but you really need a good shave soon because by the time Nikon will deliver a new FX we’ll see nothing else from your avatar but a bush of hair. 😉

            • Dear Anonymous:

              1) I shave daily. That was a pic my 5yo shot when we were at a beach for vacations. Using a D80 ;).
              2) Nikon is not late, they have a pre-scheduled cronogram. 1 to 1.5 year cycle for entry level cameras, 2 year cycle for midrange DX, 4 year cycle for pro bodies. s refreshes in between, if needed. This has been going on since 2000 with D1.
              3) If that’s too slow, there are the makers that put cameras out at a faster pace, ready or not (of course early purchaser are their beta-testers, in particular for AF 😉 ), or many bodies at once with little to separate them (that maker also makes lots of LCD TV sets and recently released a camera that produce ghosts 😉 ). Usually Nikon stuff works well ou-of-the-box, for many years. It’s left to us to choose which way we prefer.
              4) D300 and A700 used same sensor, brand new, Sony made, and were released together.
              5) D3′ sensor never appeared in another brand, so it’s fair to assume it’s designed and poduced for Nikon at their will.
              6) D3100’s sensor has different density comapred to the 14.2 MP sensor from Sony, also different connectors scheme.

              I rest my case.

            • Anonymous

              rhlpetrus, please read my second paragraph in my post above. Your answer had nothing to do with points I made. We know well how Nikon operates. And my comment about that is I think this 4 yr cycle is plain wrong and holds back innovation. That is because you wait 4yrs to see soemthing new … what if that concept is wrong … or let me rephrase it, imagine that how many concepts will be killed that could be useful for the photographer just because you show something new every 4 yrs. This explains why we do not see pathbreaking innovation from these Japanese companies. They iterate and further develop already existing and well tested concepts.

            • Ok, let’s be specific: 40D, 50D, 60D. 3 bodies in 3 year period. What’s the innovation there? More pixels, more pixels, lesser body in the end. Same AF system, basically. 50D had poor color separation and many say worse noise than 40D (check DxO Mark tests). Nikon puts out one D300, with a refresh for video. AF best in the market from the beginning, even 7D and 1D4 haven’t really beaten it. Sensor is still top-rated. That’s it. Unless you really need more pixels than 12Megs, and 18MP means 22% larger prints each direction over 12MP, why would you worry?

              You seem to be fixed in the obsolescent gadget mentality, that requires a new model every year. A camera is a tool for an end and unless you can

            • not do something essential for you with what you have, why the need for a small update? So, unless you are a videographer that needs the latest and best technology, a D300s is as good as anything out there, if not better.

              Just one example why doing it carefully, with lots of testing and good design, may be the best way. The better cameras are not 50 USD gadgets, they cost >1,000USD and people usually think that should result in something that lasts, functionally and physically, for a few years.

              My POV, of course some disagree, I can live with that.

          • Richard

            Sorry I don’t recall the exact details of Canon’s statement re the 1D 4, but yes, the ability to process the data very quickly becomes the bottleneck. I have commented before, that we have not seen the development in the DSP segment of digital imaging (across the board) that one would have expected based on the state of affairs in the electronics industry, even given the constraints of power requirements to do so within a reasonably sized camera body. Frankly, I would have expected the camera companies to long ago have had a significantly different frame rate for the body without add-on battery pack and with the battery pack. PCs have long used power management techniques to deal with battery life issues in laptops.

            • Canon said that they would not go beyond 20MP at present technology because of processing speed required for high fps rates. I’ll try to find the reference.

              I think the battery is more related to mechanical aspects, like mirror movements, that to processing clocks.

            • Richard


              Thanks, Canon, of all the camera manufacturers in the world, knows how to get around mirror movements to increase frame rates…you don’t move the mirror! Their film camera with a fixed (pellicle) mirror raised the bar on frame rates in its day. Various sources say that it “only” results in a 1/3 f stop light loss compared to a moving mirror. While that is not insignificant, with the high ISO performance of digital sensors it should not be noticeable in most circumstances. Nevertheless, Canon, like everyone else must balance the factors they wish to favor in any given body and the 1D MK IV is their general purpose pro body. Whenever it makes its expected debut, the 1Ds MK IV will take resolution “up a notch” for those willing to trade off frame rate for resolution.


  • Dustin

    Don’t dangle the full frame update over our heads, I have already excepted the fact it will not be this year.

    • WoutK89

      or did you accept it?

  • The Man from Mandrem

    A humble opinion has less significance than a rumor. Sad.

  • XXL

    maybe 50 1.2 AF-S G

    • Would love it!!

    • nikkor_2


    • X0I2o5y2

      YES 1.2!!!!! ANY FOCAL LENGTH 1.2!!!!!

  • Paul

    I think we will see the EVIL before the next FX body.

    • zzddrr

      we already saw evil! Wasn’t it ugly enough for you these coolpix monsters? 🙂

  • come on ff!!

  • d40-owner

    yay… more coolpixes…

  • Valadice

    Maybe D51o0 with an built in projector….

  • twoomy

    If it’s a FF D400 or the two-years-coming D700x/D900, I will piss my pants in excitement!!!!

  • i_NEED_a_D800

    Possibility1 : Announce EVIL, but no shipment until 2011.

    Possibility2 : Announce D700X/D800/D900, but no shipment until christmas.

    • John

      “Possibility1 : Announce EVIL, but no shipment until 2011.”

      Yep, that’s what I heard from one of the local pro sales guys. It get’s announced, a prototype/pre-production will be shown, but won’t be available for quite a while. Nikon is late to the mirror-less interchangeable lens digital camera game . . . I hope it will be a better effort than the P7000, which is a yawner in my opinion.


      • iamlucky13

        I forget if it was the Admin here, or Thom Hogan, but someone said similar a couple weeks ago: that there was a good chance Nikon would be showing off an EVIL prototype behind glass only at Photokina, and it would be quite a while before actual release.

        That would be my top candidate. If there’s a D700 replacement coming, Nikon has been doing an unusually good job of keeping quiet about it.

        I wouldn’t call the P7000 is a yawner. It fits pretty much in line with what I was expecting and by the specs appears to be a reasonable alternative to the G11. The G12 is not expected to be remarkably different than the G11, other than an improved movie mode and a few other minor upgrades, so I don’t think Nikon needs to fear that.

        I guess it’s a yawner compared to the expectations, which variously seemed to suppose Nikon had discovered some sort of optical or electronic magic that would blow away the G11 or cram all of the D700’s features into a 10 ounce P&S.

        Overblown expectations seem to be the norm these days.

        • Anonymous

          iamlucky13, the reason why there is silence because ni-con does not have the sensor. Sony will show the new sensors end of this year (revised 24mp and something that is beyond 30mp).

          Nikon unfortunately can only produce coolpix without sony. Sorry I am wrong, they can’t even produce coolpix since the coolpix has sony sensor in them.

          • pete

            who cares who produces the sensor you fool ? all that matters is how they perform in the field.

            • Anonymous

              pete, I did not address you fool, did I? Respect others opinion I guess it is impossible to expect from many….

              Why it is important who makes the sensor? Well, as history shows Nikon is always late with the sony sensors. This means, that we have to wait extra 3-12 months or in the case 24mp small size body 2yrs for it.

          • Anonymous

            LGO – do you seriously believe that Nikon is the ace holder? When was the A900 introduced? Aug 2008 When was the D3x? Dec 2008 If Nikon got hold of the 24mp to play with around june/july 2008 then it is safe to say that nikon was 6 months behind.

            Look what we see right now. Sony comes out with a 14mp and 16mp DX (NEX) sensor 3months ago. We’ll see the D7000 if we are lucky in 2 weeks. That’s again falling into the same timeframe of 4-6 months.

            Ok, let’s see the FX line. Nothing nada no news! NR Admin first reported 2-3 months before D700 came out. This means that Nikon has nothing. Now we know that Sony may have 2 new sensors. You will see those resolutions in the next Nikon FX mid or end of next year (exactly 6 months after the sony release)

            Actually if somebody has some extra time and compare the release dates of sony and nikon cameras then we can better guess.

          • LGO

            That was in the past. I understand that Nikon has gone without Sony for its new cameras almost a year ago. The Nikon D3100 and the upcoming D7000 are among the several new cameras it will release that does not use a Sony sensor.

          • Ren Kockwell

            @ anonymous: Are you seriously asking for somebody with extra time to compare release dates? Why isn’t that somebody you?! You certainly seem to have endless gobs of time based on the length and frequency of your posts!

          • AlohaEd

            If Nikon indeed based their sensor on the Sony sensor then it only means that it takes time to tweak the sensor before it becomes fit to use in a Nikon camera. I don’t see any problem with that. I just wish they are less expensive when they are finally out in the market so I can afford them.

          • WoutK89

            Past results are NO guarantee for the FUTURE!!

        • John

          It’s a yawner because there is nothing distinct or innovative about it to set it apart from its competition. Nothing that would make me want to buy it. I’d love to buy it if it had:
          24mm equiv. at the wide end at f/2.8 (or better)
          120mm equiv. at the long end at f/4 (200mm is too long)
          Articulated screen
          High Quality EVF

          It’s a little too much “me too”.


  • Carlos R B


  • d40-owner

    They’ll announce a Blues Traveler concert at their booth at Photokina

    • Ren Kockwell


      • Global


    • Richard


  • rhyan

    Indeed it is getting interesting. If the D700 specs are true, then it is both a 7D and D300s killer. If Nikon join the evil game, then there will be too much crop cameras they offer. For some time I was wandering what is their idea for such major change of the d90, but now it starts to make sense.
    I think that Nikon will make the difference between the pro and consumer class more distinguished by making the pro class only full frame, as it is supposed to be. So my prediction for 2K11 is d800, d400 to be ff cameras, where the difference will be the mpix count (24 / 16).
    D5100 will be the current d90 replacement, and the evil will fill the gap between p&s and dslr. So my bet is for evil if there is a third anouncement.

    • Vsevolod

      It is so stupid to say that only pro cameras shout be FF.

      FF is a benefit for landscape, portrait, maybe some sport…

      Birding, wildlife, macro etc benefits from DX, and there will always be DX pro bodies.

      • rhyan

        Well that is why they made the d7000 the top notch crop camera. If you want more, then get more in the upper class, for a price of course.

        Whether the pro class will be FF cameras only, only Nikon can say, and I suppose we will find out by the middle of next year.

        • jason

          maybe its the D400 , then later on in 2010/2011 we’ll have the D800 , or it could well be the D3xs as thats about due either way i’ll be getting one or two of them i was looking at getting the d300s but what nikon have just released blows that camera away now spec wise thats why the d7000 sounds like a good camera to wait for i dont normally consider buying consumer cameras not cos im a snob more down to camera body size
          so im actually getting rather excited about this month

      • Bob Howland

        I agree. There has to be one, but probably only one, pro-level DX camera. I know wedding photographers who use D700s most of the time, but also use a D300 when their longest lens on the D700 just isn’t long enough. The disadvantage of using the D300 is that they lose the absurdly high ISO capability of the D700/D3/D3s.

        • PHB

          In the long term Pro DX bodies will be killed by the combination of EVIL and affordable 24MP FX.

          I love my D300, but I would much prefer a full frame 24MP camera for the same money. Thats obviously not on the cards today but should be happening in the 2012 time frame.

          The reason I like the D300 is that I like long lenses and that 1.5x teleconverter effect is very useful. But the EVIL system offers a 2.6x teleconverter effect which is better still. So with a 80-400 lens you have a 200-1000 zoom which has never existed for full frame. Put a teleconverter on it and you can equal the largest full frame zoom that ever existed.

          • Ren Kockwell

            Couldn’t disagree more. I find the promise of M4/3 unfulfilled and disappointing. The sensor is a lot smaller than a DX sensor, the lenses aren’t as fast, nor as wide, they cost more and the AF speed is inferior to DX sensor cams. Meanwhile, the D40 isn’t that much larger than the GH1. Apart from the global shutter for video, I don’t see the future just to save a bit of size. The promise of M4/3 will be small, quick pancake primes, like a digital Contax G2. Or a fixed-lens camera that’s pocketable. If they can do that, they’re onto something. If not, it’s just another flawed system.

          • Broxibear

            I don’t think it’ll kill of DX at all…there will just be less cameras in each class, ie if there are 5 DX bodies at the moment in the future there will only be 3, and the same for M4/3 and FX ?
            Streamline the range.

      • Global

        “It is so stupid to say that only pro cameras shout be FF.”

        Agreed! I would never buy a “D40-esque” FF, but that doesn’t mean someone with small hands and weak muscles wouldn’t. My sister couldnt even lift a fully loaded D700 with a 2.8 lens and flash, so why isn’t there an alternative? Its pure IGNORANCE on the part of the camera manufacturers. Its nearly discrimination, in fact, against small people, women and parts of the world that can’t afford the D3-series bodies. For what? For a SENSOR technology?

        They don’t need to use the latest sensor. They could use an OLD sensor for pete’s sake! Put the damn D700 sensor in a D40/D90 body. Is it so hard? Or better yet, create a new design like the old cameras. Old is new again. Make it small and classic.

        Its such ignorance and discrimination that a FF sensor isn’t in a small body! I would never buy that camera, but my sister would and many friends with less camera funds would JUMP at the chance. It should rightfully be an option more so than the idiotic D60 or D40x, which were a complete waste of industry time.

        There was a time when nearly ALL Nikon’s cameras were Fullframe. It was called the Film days. Nikon lost its way with digital and they forgot the people who made them so successful. The D3 sensor never should have been in the D700 alone. It should have been in a D40 and a D90 body as well. They could trim the mp’s or limit capability in some ways — OR – they could keep nearly all the functions and just subtract the savings of the less sturdy body. The point is that the technology is here to put the D700 sensor in a D90 body at minimum — and its just ridiculous that it hasn’t happened yet, meanwhile the D700 successor is past due.

        If anything — and certainly before an EVIL — Nikon should be announcing the D700 sensor in a D90 body. Its called missing the forest for the trees. You get so wrapped up in developing an EVIL you forget that people just want a very sensitive camera in a small package. Easy short-term solution = D90 body + D700 sensor and prism.

        To be fair, I think the concern is the weight of pro lenses. And OK maybe a D40 might never have a FF sensor because D40 plastic might snap in half if you used a 70-200VRII on it, but for goodness sakes, that should be the choice of the consumer, so at least get a D90 sized FF. And anyway, primes are a very viable option.

        • Eric Pepin

          problem is the chip still costs a ton to make even if you use a old design, the machinery and resources are what uses up the funds. A d40 sized full frame would indeed be awesome but what if it cost about 2 grand…

          i rather have a small, still pro option even if it costs 5 grand, full metal body but FM or FE size.

        • Roger

          FF D90 would still be expensive, we’re talking about a 2000$+ camera here.

          Honestly, I like D700 and D3 type of cameras. Smaller cameras do not fit my hands, so I never buy them.

    • I agree – the D7000 will be top of the range DX, the D300s replacement will be full frame (lower mega pixels) whilst the D700 replacement will be FF (more megapixels), both with HD vid and dual card slots etc. It makes much more sense, particularly since the D7000 is going to be a tougher body / dual memory card – a fantastic model to please those who still prefer DX (wildlife shooters et al) with plenty of megapixels. Line up should / could be 3 DX models (D3100, D5000 replacement, D7000 – 4 FF models D400, D700x/900 and D3s/x – D4 late next year). More evidence is pointing towards this – particularly the investment in FF lenses that are coming our way – f4 zooms, more primes etc. Just my view!? What do ya think?

      • rhyan

        I don’t really expect a D4 any time soon.

        My prediction is D700 successor some time feb-mar 2011 with a 24mpix ff sensor and a whole bunch of video options, iso somewhere around 12800 standard with a 24600 in h1 mode, but not more. Some 8-10 fps, new AF sensor grouping, but maybe the same number of sensors, or just a bit more. It should be a camera to beat the 5d mk2 in all aspects and beat it hard, but still remain a bit under the D3 series.

        Next D400 somewhere in the beginning of the summer, with the same specs of the D7000 but FF 16mpix enabled.

        What is interesting is that there was a rumor some time ago about the digital revival of the Nikonos camera. What do you think about the idea of a Digital EVIL Nikonos? Is it possible? Or an underwater box for the evil camera? After all it will be much easier to operate underwater, and, of course, much lighter than any dslr.

      • VJ

        I don’t agree with this… If the D7000 is to be the top range DX camera, why is it down on some features from the D300s? It has a lower framerate, fewer focuspoints and some other details (af fine tune most likely, …). These are all things Nikon has developed already.
        Surely the top range DX would not be less than the current top range DX?

        • Pham

          Because those features are for FF cameras.
          Nikon should do this in order to diferentiate DX and FX.

          top DX: max of 39 af points, limited speed of cont. shoots etc. etc.
          FX: 51 af points and more, more speed etc.

          • VJ

            The D300 had those features, so it requires no further development.
            I don’t argue the thought that the DX line may be on the way out, but I don’t believe the D7000 is going to be the top model. It would be no problem for Nikon to combine the D7000 imaging sensor in a D300s body as to get the features the D7000 is currently behind on.
            But that is just my 2c… or hope… 😉

          • PHB

            Nikon shows no sign of abandoning the pro DX model. Since it outsells all full frame cameras put together the chances that they would do so are nil.

            There is no point to having a full frame camera without the right lenses. Since the right lenses cost upwards of $1700 and all the zooms are pretty hefty pieces of equipment, there is little point in a cheap FX body.

            If you look at the specs of the recent f/4 lenses you will note that every one of them is superb across the DX frame width. The 16-35 in particular has a hook at almost exactly the corner of the DX frame. Unless you are shooting in low light, there are real advantages to shooting in DX.

            At the moment Nikon has two professional DX cameras, the D300 and the D3x. The D3x is not just a 24MP FX camera, it is also a 10MP DX camera. And if you watch real professionals in studio shoots you will often see them use the D3x with a DX lens. If you don’t need the MP the 17-55 is a few ounces lighter than the 24-70.

            The reason the D7000 is getting all the goodies is because it replaces by far the most profitable Nikon DSLR model. Sales of the D7000 will not be far behind that of the D5000 and it won’t cost very much more to make despite selling at a rather higher price.

            It is rather doubtful that Nikon makes a profit on any of the professional bodies other than the D300. There simply isn’t the volume. The purpose of the D700 is to sell lenses. The purpose of the D3s and D3x models is to provide a halo effect for the rest of the range. Nikon spends considerably more on adverts for the D3x than it can possibly take in in revenues.

            If you want a professional camera outfit then expect to have to pay professional money. Putting a full frame sensor in a cheap D90 body and adding some cheap full frame lenses is not going to provide you with superior results to a professional DX body and professional DX lenses that can be bought for the same price or less.

            • Pham

              I agree with you that Nikon makes $ with entry models because as for me Canon is making lot of bucks from their famous, mass (market) P&S – that’s why Nikon is developing P&S and EVIL now.

              Because if you have good time with your first camera – a P&S of any brand, then it’s most likely you’ll pursue your hobby with DSLR with that very brand.

              For example you want to shoot fotoes, you buy Canon (coz there are shit loads of good, affordable, good looking Canon P&S anywhere – impressive product range), then you start to have good relation with your camera, the brand image grows and grows.

              I absolutely agree with Nikon to develop into the entry models.

        • I thought similarly when the D7000’s specs were announced here, but now I think there will be a D400. AF, fps, 14 bits, AF-tuning, there are a bunch of features that D7000 won’t probably have. There’s a large market for a pro-spec’d DX camera out there. And Nikon has put D7000 in the consumer group, if the Nikon German site link that showed up earlier is correct.

    • RG

      how come d7000 wud be a 7D or d300s killer?
      so far, all the rumored specs make it equal to 7D, and d300s minus mp and HD vdo.

      am i missing something?

      • LGO

        When considering sensor alone, the Canon 7D still lags behind the D90 sensor in color depth, dynamic range and low-light performance. The primary advantage of the 7d is that it has 6mp more. Check this out:|0/%28appareil2%29/439|0/%28appareil3%29/629|0/%28onglet%29/0/%28brand%29/Canon/%28brand2%29/Nikon/%28brand3%29/Canon

        If the D7000 sensor will at least be one stop better in low-light performance while adding 4mp, then I believe that the D7000 will trounce the 7D even more. It may even be within striking distance or even possibly surpass the sensor in the 1D Mk IV.

        • RG

          according to dpreview tests,

          7D has higher detail and lesser noise then sony’s new 16mp, which most probably will be used in d7000, i dont see nikon having 2 stop better noise then sony

          i see more detail and less noise at ISo 12800 on 7D than D300s at ISO6400

          yes it has 2/3 stop less dynamic range or 3% less color depth according to dxo, but 16mp sony doesnt mean its gonna further improve on that.

          • SimonC

            Even if Nikon used the same 16MP sensor as Sony’s recent 16MP offerings, they’d likely do a better job at reducing sensor noise due to different colour filtration, back-end electronics, etc. Not 2 stops like you say but definitely it will give the 7D a run for its money. It would be a serious mistake if it didn’t outperform the 7D in IQ. Nikon would not goof up in the IQ department.

            My feeling is that they’ll use a *similar* sensor but not exactly the same, just like the D3100’s 14MP vs Sony’s 14MP. They may have very well contracted out Sony Semiconductor to build exclusive sensors (much to the chagrin of Sony Imaging ;-)) .

            • PHB

              Sony fab does not mean a Sony sensor design.

              Nikon has never used a Sony sensor in their DSLRs without modification to the design. They may have used the sensor cell but they were using their own amp design.

          • LGO

            Visit DxOMark and compare the new Sony 14mp sensor in the NEX5.

            Then compare that to the “old” sensor used in the Nikon 12mp D90. You will be surprised at how the sensor in Sony’s latest and best “low-light champ”, the NEX-5, is soundly beaten by the sensor in the D90.


            The 16mp sensor used in the Sony A-55 is not yet available.

          • LGO

            The 16mp sensor used in the Sony A-55 is not yet available for comparison at DxOMark.

            • RG

              does the DXO take image resolution into account before posting its results?

              7D with 50% more resolution then d90 and still managing same score (hypothetically) wud mean 7D ultimately will have better IQ, or does the numbers posted on the site already account for that?

            • LGO

              No, the sensor resolution is not taken into account. But the sensor in the D90-replacement is expected to be at least one-stop improved despite the 4mp increase in resolution. This can only mean even more trouble for the sensor used in the Canon 7D.

      • Any Nonmouse

        If the rumors are accurate, the D7000 has 2 big advantages over the 7D:
        1. A $600 difference in MSRP
        2. It’s made by a company that knows how to make AF work.

        • From what we read at the Canon forums, it seems every other 7D has to go back for AF adjustments and then all lenses need separate tuning. Maybe it’s just the few cases that make for a lot of noise, but it’s really frequent. The 1D4 also had similar issues, even though the beta-testing by early purchasers seemed to have worked better, Canon knew they needed to respond quickly to it. But it seems the D3s continues to outsel the 1D4 by some margin, and the sports events show more and more black lenses.

          • Richard


            At the Bejing Olympics, black lenses were predominant because of people experiencing focus problems with their Canon kit. At the indoor events the change was even more dramatic because of the combination of better focus performance and the superb high ISO performance of the D3 which has only been improved upon in the D3s.

            • lolcatmaster FTW

              And in Asia there are white versions of the Nikkor pro lenses so you can add some of the white lenses into Nikon too.

          • RG

            ive been reading canon forum for some time now
            general opinion is that 19 cross point zoned AF of 7D is as good as 51 point d300 AF and is quiet reliable.

            • Canon users say 1DIV is better than 7D re focus performance (both working properly). There were careful tests showing D3s and 1D4 perform similarly, some going one way, some the other. Something doesn’t add here.

            • Any Nonmouse

              What did you expect to read at a Canon forum? Praise for Nikon or justifications and rationalizations from Canon users?

              How often do you see: “I don’t see what the big deal is with the 5DII’s AF. I’ll just use the center point and recompose”?

            • RG

              the same goes for nikon forum, lot of biased opinions, just like at NR, doesnt make d300s any better, ppl who’ve used both rate them on par


              How often do you see: “I don’t see what the big deal is with the 5DII’s AF. I’ll just use the center point and recompose”?

              i see more ppl asking for AF upgrade.

  • bob

    A new 1.8 liter Nikon travel mug!!!

    • Nissehult

      Yeah! Best comment ever!

  • D700s i bet!!

    D3s sensor and Full HD video with manual features.


  • Joe

    It’s not a D700 successor. Otherwise there wouldn’t be the new D700 + 28-300 and 24-120/4 kits in the shops.

    • rhyan

      That’s another point I forgot to mention, Joe.

      Indeed the fact that so many FF lenses have been updated, including the once favorite 24-120 travel zoom, makes me think that Pro class will be 100% full frame cameras only. 24-120 will be the standard kit lens, while the 28-300 the optional one.
      It is really somewhat disappointing that DX lenses remain a bit neglected, but, hey, how will they sell their ff bodies if the dx lens are perfect?

      Everything happens for a reason, right?

      • Any Nonmouse

        Everything happens for a reason, right?

        That’s a lovely thought. Unfortunately, we’re talking about Nikon. The Nikon who announced the FX D3s alongside the 85mm f/3.5 DX micro. Also the Nikon that announced the DX D3100 alongside 3 FX lenses (and 1 DX lens).

        • rhyan

          Announcing is not making available on the market. Remeber sigma have announced SD15 two years ago, then they re-announced it this year,…maybe they will announce it once again this year, when it finally hit the shells….

          What is Nikon’s logic I can’t tell. For me D300s was a mistake, and it is still a big disappointment, as there were people expecting the D400 for so long that they’ve changed the system…

          Now, from today’s point of view, it starts to make sense. In the future, when we take a look in the past, we shall know whether it has been a really stupid move, or it actually was a sacrifice that led them to progress…

          For sure I would not trade my D90 for a D300 / D300s, but I will gladly relieve it from active duty if I can put my hands on a D7000….

          Damn, why didn’t these guys figure out some shorter numbering scheme….I can’t count so many zeroes…

          P.s. I have found a translation from japanese via chinese channel, through google russia of the last announcement Nikon will make before Photokina. It rougly says the following:

          “After 20 years of hard effort and numerous experiments, we have discovered the reason why the rubber covers on our dslrs gets glued off the bodies. This issue has been solved in our new dslr cameras by changing our glue suppliers in Asia.”


          • Martijn Bouius

            i’m very happy with my D300s. maybe it wasnt a great leap forward, but not everyone is waiting for the the latest. I’m gonna stick to it for at least 3 years i think.

            got all the buttons i need in the right places, good video, for DX great ISO ratings.

            ppl should love what they’ve got and shoot with it.

  • Alex

    All I want is more megapixels. Nothing else on a camera is more important! I wish people would get that through their heads!

    • Rahul

      Yes yes. The more the better.
      Actually the ‘megapixel myth’ is a myth. 🙂

      • Martijn Bouius

        hope your both kiddin 😛 i got all the megapixels i need for big prints too.
        5-8MB per photo is big enough for me XD

    • S

      brainwashed….or brain damaged..which? I don’t know.. don’t care. dynamic range MATTERS.

    • Bob

      More megapixels. I want Nikon to stitch together all those 14MP sensors from their Coolpix cameras and make one FX sized sensor. I figure that will result in at least 100 mp. Won’t be able to shoot above ISO 100, or process the images faster than 1 per second, but it’ll be full of … noise, but highly detailed noise.

      • Resized to same as 12MP at full res, images will look better on the stitched sensor. MP hurting IQ is the biggest myth of them all.

    • jaja

      go to medium format. Prices are not that bad anymore and you will be quality and MP-wise ahead for many years to come.

  • nuno

    NR admin I have received rumors about D700 replacement coming in February from a source very close to a European Nikon distribution office. Have you received any of this from another source?

    • no, nothing reliable so far

    • Replacement (D800/D900) or update (D700s)?

    • Broxibear

      Not going to happen, D700 replacement won’t be announced until the 4th quarter 2011…late October is what I (might) have heard lol ?

  • I want more a D700 replacement than an EVIL system!!!

    • Makoto Kimura

      ok! I’ll cancel all of our contacts regardless of damages and get working on it right away! I’ll have it ready for you in two shakes of a lambs tail Mr. Plazola!

      How would you like it sir? Full frame with no projector, for $500? Coming right up! How about a 26mm F .01? Ok just kidding, make it 27mm

      • Jajajaja You are a Hillarious! Don`t you think you`ll do it better as a comedy star than as a photographer???

        • Ops! i meant hilarious…. fuc*** keyboard…

          Anyway i only hope manual controls in video mode on the D7000…

          • Didier

            Don’t blame the keyboard, it’s the CDI’s fault:!

            CDI=Chair-Desk interface 🙂

  • OA

    This make me wonder if some of the specifications on the d7000 actually could belong to a d400 or d700s. It just looks to good to be true..

  • Jabs

    Hey Administrator,
    You are on a roll, indeed. Keep up the good work.
    I personally believe that Nikon is in transition and going full circle back to the way they did things in the FILM days before digital threw them a curve.

    1. Pro Full Frame cameras with exclusive features and longer lifespan or LONGER times to update them.
    2. Maybe a Pro DX series camera.
    3. Semi-Pro cameras with certain more popular features and shorter lifespan or updated more often. I believe that this will have TWO series – Series 1 = SLR DX bodies and Series 2 = (so called E.V.I.L) cameras that will use DX lenses or use them with adapters – thus you have a choice in sizes and features or input manner via knobs and menus -versus- ALL electronic input and LCD screen framing or viewfinder and rear LCD or LED screens.
    4. Then the bottom will encompass the all the various P&S plus a P&S with a rangefinder Leica-like or Minolta CL style street shooter/compact high quality camera LIKE the new P7000.

    • Alex

      In addition to the pro DX cam, why not have a whole FX range to complement a big DX range? I think there is a market for both.

    • Don’t need to have so many series of cameras and system. A modular box with interchangeable everything will do. 😀

  • Steve

    NR Admin,

    What do think the chances that the Sept. 20th announcement will be an 80-400mm replacement?

    • Anonymous

      if we are lucky then we can get another projector 🙂

      Nikon is becoming an embarressment in more and more categories.

      • WoutK89

        And the price for biggest Disappointment goes to:….. Anonymous

        • Anonymous

          WoutK89, I hope you will proudly show off with your new projector nikon 🙂 Take the battery charger with you because you’ll need it.

          • Joe Boston

            Your comments all reek of Sony fantardism. Nikon’s D3100 sensor is a different physical size than the ones found in the Sony.

            I guess you just can’t accept that Nikon wanted to ditch Sony’s subpar chips, which is unfortunate. You have a lot of nerve trash-talking Nikon, when Sony has a history of simply awful DSLRs and subpar compacts.

            In summary, GTFO.

            • zzddrr

              Joe Boston, what did you mean by “GTFO”? I read Anonymous’ posts today and he/she was not rude at all. I guess Joe you may have crossed the line here. There is no need for posts like yours.

              NR Admin, can I vote off Joe Boston?

            • Ren Kockwell

              @ zzddrr: I don’t think folks care about the alternative point of view. I know I don’t. But I loathe the tediously repetitive posts that say the same thing over and over. Looking for a fight. Provoking hostile response. That is the very definition of a troll. Sheesh. Even Invisible Man laid off the 3-sensor nonsense after a while…

            • zzddrr

              Ren Kockwell, this can be said about the others’ point of view. What I am trying to say that it is relative and depends where you look at it. On the other hand, “GTFO” did not add any value rather it was offensive.

              And please don’t mention the 3-sensor thing because finally the The Invisible Man forgot about it. 🙂

            • Anonymous

              @ Joe Boston

              No comment

            • Ren Kockwell

              Since you seem intent on explaining away Thom Hogan and Admin’s insistence that Nikon is indeed producing their own sensors, and you seem so certain that any sensor in a Nikon must have appeared in a Sony cam prior, how do you explain the valid point that its physical dimensions are different? I’ll wait patiently for your reply.

            • Anonymous

              Even according to Thom the size could be tricky. Nikon may have used different casing which is not the expensive part here. What I am saying is that Nikon uses sony developed and sony manufactured sensors (in most of its cameras) and modify them. There is nothing wrong with that as long as they are not behind years.

              But here is something that nobody explained to me and hope that you Ren Kockwell will.

              If Nikon started to make its own sensors then 1) they would have made a big announcement bigger than the “I am Ni-con bs”, 2) it has financial ramifications and there was nothing disclosed in their financials, 3) also the book of fairy tales, you know their management plan would have disclosed, 4) you’d would see more sensor related patents from Nikon, and 5) this takes years and involves couple of suppliers so we would know about it.

            • Ren Kockwell, let’s just make it clear – I did/do not insist that Nikon is producing their own sensors, I just reported the “news”.

    • An AF-S 80-400 with improved IQ would be VERY welcome! My existing 80-400 would be on eBay very quickly!

  • woble

    35/1.4 is just around the corner 😀

    • LGO

      Wished the new 135mm f/2.0G was too!

      • Roger

        Only if it’s as good as the Sony 135mm. 😉 I keep waiting ….

        • LGO

          Yup … that Sony 135mm f/1.8 is some glass. Given Nikon’s recent Nikkor however, I have no doubt that the next 135mm f/2.0 would be quite stellar.

  • Benjamin

    I forgot to mention earlier and remebered when i saw the “I AM NIKON Campaign” picture on the photokina page:
    Last week i was at a local multimedia store (Media Markt) when a customer told the staff he wants the camera robbie williams uses in the comercial and no other…
    …i did not think that a comercial could be that impressive x-)

    • Anonymous

      especially when robbie did not use nikon.

      was it pentax?

  • Kocking Renwell

    I hope they release a holder for ten D40’s so that we can shoot them at the same time, and take pictures better than a D3x.

    Please help my kock to run well so I can support my growing families.

    • Neck Ronwell

      This is a disgrace. I want a 10mm f/0.7 on a D40x.

      • ren kuckholdwell

        False. D40xs that shoots realraw, has a built in Fanny pack and a fixed 18-55mm f22-f8500.

        While you’re at it support my children by giving a $400 dollar donation to college funds in their names for every $100 purchase.

        • charlie

          You guys are killing me.. too freakin funny!

        • FakeKenRockwell

          I patented sensor technology. No one needs more than 3 megapixels. Just pump up contrast to +10 and saturation to +11 on my Barbie cam and it beats all yous manly man toys.

          • X0I2o5y2

            But.. But I thought the difference between men and boys is the size of their toys..

  • Denko

    Nice if it happens… if it is indeed a professional body announcement then I guess it would be a bump in technology. Interesting part is the Sony A560/580 delay to January… did SONY mess up or what? Is it only me that thinks that the A560/580 will never get on the shelves? It would be with great satisfaction if the delay is because of the Nikon surprise though.

  • nobody

    We are still waiting for the “surprise” that Nikon have promised to be coming.

    None of the lenses and cameras that we know are coming, qualifies as a surprise. Even a mirrorless system does not, it is expected to be coming.

    My guess is, the surprise will be the Nikon D9000, a relatively low cost FX sibling to the D7000, to compete against Canon’s 5DII. Finally! It’s about time, isn’t it?

    • Alex

      I wonder what the Nikon D10,000 will have? A larger body to fit the name on it?

      • rhyan

        No, an external led that will be scrolling the numbers with the complete camera name. LOL

        • Karlosak

          You made my day! ROFL

  • Mrpassion

    I just dont get this! Nikon has the product , a whole world of photographers wants to buy it and literally hand over their money SO WHY NOT REVEAL ALL THE CRAZY CRAP they have to offer??? Whats the sick mentality behind first press conference a second one and ooh may be a third one!!! I havent had sex in like 5 years and thats not frustrating at all. But this on the other hand!!!! Lets just say I am not in prison because Mr Nikon isnt my neighbour. Whats the worst that can happen to them if they show us the next camera? Their share prices will rise a week sooner?? People will pre-order it a bit sooner?? Its not like they are still working on the stuff they wanna show on the 15th. Its ready and lying around in their office. So why jack off till the 15th??

    • rhyan

      Dude, no offence, but the damn 5-year-no-sex period has ruined your nerves. You should break it immediately and then no problem waiting for their next bunch of announcements.

      Congrats on the strong will for keeping it down for 5 years 😀

      • Mrpassion

        Seriously man, I have had it with these corporations acting like they do not want people’s money. They have got the shit ready that the people want to buy. Keeping it under the wraps for no particular reason is just insanity.

        • Denko

          It is called “clearing out the inventory and giving stores a chance to recoup money if they haven’t done so yet.” Who would want to do business with Nikon, Canon or whoever if they didn’t do this?

          Yes, yes it sucks being in a recession/depression.

          • Mrpassion

            Dude-bro! Everybody knows the new camera is coming. So those who want to wait will wait . Those who want to pick whats on shelf today will do that. It makes no real difference to the inventory if they reveal it today or next Wednesday.

        • rhyan

          I know what you’re telling me. Believe me, all companies have the technology for the next 5 generations of their products. They also have a plan on what shall they release in the next 3 years, although not firm production plan, but a project that they modify according to competition and stuff.

          Remember canon announced they’ve managed to produce a 120mpix DX sensor a few weeks ago? I am wandering what else did they develop and did not make publicly announced.

          I have an old Greek friend, which has been in the ship owning business for quite too long. His favorite saying was – Everything, my friend, is about the F***in Dollar….

          I agree with him, but I also understand company’s logic – if you sell now all your top notch tech in a single camera, the mother of all cameras, what shall you sell next year, and in two or three years? How will you finance your further research? Is it the right time to release the 120 mpix sensor now, knowing that your lens will cover only 1/6th of its productivity?

          Once again – everything happens for a reason…

          • The Man from Mandrem

            OmniVision has a dinky 14MP 1080p 60fps backilluminated sensor that fits in iPhone. What’s so terribly earth-shattering about just 120MP in DX?

  • The Wayne

    The third announcement will be a 18mp D400. It will dominate over the D700 and all the FX users heads will explode.

    • would be awesome!, i seriously doubt it but lets keep dreaming

      • Eric

        Yeah, cuz once yer head esplodes, dats da end of da dreamin’ man.

  • Dan

    Yea it is going to be an EVIL camera of some sort. It is what they have been talking about for a long time. They think it is what we want instead of upgrading their pro product line to include video. I think we will all have to wait a year until we see what we want. Oh well, I am not buying their evil camera no matter what they want.

  • Simon

    I think it will not be a D400. Why should they annouce 2 “top” DX cams at the same time?

  • Any Nonmouse

    Third announcement is a full-line DSLR replacement. D3s, D3x, D300s, D90, D3100, D5000, and the not-yet-announced D7000 are all to be discontinued.

    They will be replaced by the D3sp, D3xp, D300sp, D90p, D3100p, and D7000p. These ‘p’ models are identical to the models they replace except that they add a “Direct Print” button, are left-handed (left-to-right mirrored layout), and require different batteries.

  • Abhinav

    what are you hiding mr admin 😛 vomit out now 😀 …yaya like everyone I just hope they replace D700 🙂

    • WoutK89

      I prefer he spat it out, than vomit

      • I am getting a glass filter for my monitor.

      • Abhinav

        haha whatever 😉

  • Kingyo

    Well I’m not going to hold my breath for this rumored 3rd announcement, but it would be nice to have at least a d700s with video announced by November. It’s only logical (following the steps of the D300s & D3s) and wouldn’t interfere with the D3100 & D7000 sales. However, this wouldn’t really shock & amaze’s sort of expected.
    A Nikon EVIL preview on display at Photokina is possible though, but wouldn’t it overshadow the P7000? “Hey let’s just wait till’ Feb and get the EVIL camera instead!”
    Could be another lens announcement.

    • WoutK89

      You are so wrong, a D7000 will in many ways have an advantage over just pocketability. Only first time buyers might be more interested in an EVIL type camera, but being used to DSLR, EVIL is a different way of photography… (more electronics)

  • Ric

    Wouldn’t announcement NX3 be GRRRRRRRREAT!

    • Especially if it finally works …

  • The people complaining that Nikon sucks and always lets them down seem to forget that Nikon has released more lenses this year than… well, any year I know of… and not just kit lenses. We got the 24 f/1.4, 85 f/1.4, and we’re getting the 35 f/1.4, 200 f/2.

    Didn’t photography 101 talk about lenses being the most important gear in your rig? Isn’t a D700 or D3s a competent camera?

  • S

    yeah, but cameras have sex appeal. it does more for the senses.

  • Michael

    I really just want something to shoot a 60fps. Even if its just at 720p. Doing sweet slo-mo shots with my DSLR would awesome.

  • Just for a relaxing moment, especially dedicated to the “where’s my D800/D900…” crowd, check these Yellowstone shots with a D3 + 70-200mm posted at DPR. Does one need more pixels? 😉

    • Anonymous

      If everything remaining the same, it’s useful to have more megapixels. Canon 5D mkI to II, they improved sensitivity along with resolution. Nikon also proved with the latest D3100 high iso. If 16mp DX is that much successful, guess how an 18mp FX would be…

      • Agree, better but not essential in 99% of situations. D3x’s sensor is the best low ISO there is, very close to MF. But have you printed A3 size from 6MP? It’s incredibly good. Or A2 from 12MP?

    • Richard

      While those are certainly nice images, you can not really tell the difference which is being discussed when viewing small jpegs online. Many people feel that digital FX images begin to equal film resolution at 24-25 MP. That is a difficult comparison under the best of circumstances for a variety of reasons. If nothing else, digital images are typically “cleaner” than a corresponding film based image due to grain & etc, especially at higher ISOs.

      • There was a large billboard example posted comparing film and a D700 some time ago. The D700 beat the film quite easily. I used film for a long time, Leica M3 + Summicron 35. My D80 produces better prints in all aspects.

        • Richard

          And certainly more easily.

          I recall a TV program (don’t recall which one, unfortunately) which made a banner from a digital image which was the height of an 8 story building or something and compared it with another made from film. You can guess which one was selected as “better”.

      • Roger

        The one thing people never consider when talking about film vs digital is how are you gonna get that resolution out of film. My example: I scan my film shots at the shop, they use a flatbed, and even my medium format film scans have less detail than my 12mp Nikon DSLR.

        Forget about it, for all practical purposes, film doesnt compare. That 24mp film resolution is a romantic notion, you wont get that in real life.

  • I entered a photo into the Nikon competition on facebook check it:

    • Poor bee…

      • True story: drove from PDX to LAX and back and found that on my engine air filter. Bee in a menthol.

    • WoutK89

      I am Random…, beautiful

  • This 3rd announcement could just be the new lenses. D7000 on the 15th, lenses on the 20th.

  • alvix

    mmhh..”I am Photokina..” and what if Nikon made a logo like…” I am a Nikon user with a nice Capture NX quick workflow ” ?????

  • Bob

    I think the next big announcement from Nikon will be a Blues Travelers concert. That would be a “BIG” event from Nikon.

  • NiknWontRepairMyGray

    Nikon will release a new AF-S 85mm 1.8 with improved 9 blades aperture (rounded). An official announcement is expected at Photokina with price around $600.

    That’s what I would say if I run Nikon 🙁

  • Meh

    How about a 50-135 DX VR? If Canon is taking DX seriously with the 7D, Nikon better finish the D400 quickly.

  • The invisible man

    I’m almost to buy Capture NX2, any new version comming soon ?

  • Great job Admin 🙂

  • Matlab

    perhaps with all the rebates for the D300s and D700, Nikon is trying to sell as many as possible and is planning to replace both of them with the new version of the D700, so there’s only one semi-pro body instead of two to choose from. it’d less confusing, and it’d be going back to the way things used to be before all this business with DX and FX. also it would more or less force those who would otherwise buy a semi-pro DX body like the D300 to shell out more money for the semi-pro FX body.

    • The invisible man

      I had a tip about a month ago for the D700 at $1990 end of August, seems like it work only with a combo purchasse.
      Anyway, I still think that we could get a big surprise at the photokina.
      Nikon like surprises (FA, F801, D1, D3, D700..)

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