The latest Nikon instant rebates *UPDATED*

An update on the current Nikon instant rebates in the US (yes, they are still ongoing).

Those are instant rebates - no need to fill or send anything. You'll have to add the items to the cart to see the final price after the instant rebate.

Rebates @ Adorama:

Calumet also offers some Nikon D90 rebates.

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  • 2nd.
    I can’t believe the rebates are still ongoing! What’s the rationale behind offering rebates for D300s? A replacement? 😀

    • WoutK89

      If only you wouldnt have said second, no one would have known the “first” post was removed 😛

      The rationale is so people will still by older generation cameras that still perform very well, even do numbers of new cameras say different (it’s only numbers)!

    • Richard

      The usual reason is faltering sales. This is a rather odd set of rebates. The 14-24 is an unusual lens choice for a crop factor body and the multiple other lenses added to the rebate list suggest that Nikon either are in need of moving these lenses off the shelves or are in such great need of moving the D300S off the shelves that the buyer must be enticed with lenses that are definitely not merely amateur stuff, which suggests that they are trying to get serious amateurs and/or pros to get off the sidelines and buy product. This is strange in and of itself because these are the potential purchasers most likely to keep abreast of the upcoming product replacement cycle.

      This is sending some very mixed messages about Nikon’s balance sheet.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        “This is sending some very mixed messages about Nikon’s balance sheet.”

        Agreed. I don’t get the message. Maybe it goes like this:

        Buy a full set of professional FX lenses NOW, reaching from 14 to 200mm at F2.8 and you get either a D300s tight format and relatively young for free or an experienced and relatively old D700 full format for half the price.

        Sounds silly and reminds me of Tarentino’s from “Dusk till Dawn”.

  • The invisible man

    Cool, but this is what I like;
    On sale+rebate+coupon+refurbished+open box+free gift+no taxes+free shipping.
    USA is a great country !

  • Adam

    These must be the Arm and a Leg combo.

  • That’s really not a bad deal if you’re in the market and have the cash.

    It’s basically half off your D700.

    • Global

      This is an EXCELLENT deal if you haven’t bought a Full Frame yet. EXCELLENT. If you are even thinking about getting into Full Frame right now — go do the Trinity + D700. Don’t even think twice. (Just keep your D90 or P&S or whatever if you are worried about video….)

      • Fun

        Always wondered, shouldn’t the 24-70 have VR?

        • Roland

          Yes, you would think that this top of the line all-round lens would get a refresh with VR, but no…
          20 more DX-lenses and 10 coolpixes later, here we are.

          • WoutK89

            The entire line of DX has not yet reached 20…, or let me count for you, but at least we didnt get 20 DX lenses since the 24-70 was released

            • duff

              I think Roland was referring to the 17-55 f2.8 DX lens.

      • PHB

        Yes, excellent deal for anyone who has $7800 to spend on camera gear and has not yet bought any full frame or serious professional gear.

        Apart from lottery winners and folk who are switching from Canon, I don’t quite see the point.

        The $400 off the D300s and the 14-24 makes least sense of all. The 10-24 or the 12-24 is a much better lens for DX format. The 14-24 is a great lens on FX, but on a DX camera it makes almost as little sense as the 16mm fisheye.

  • zzddrr

    I guess if we are going to be bit more patient then we can even see “final closeout rebates” from Nikon. Oh dear, why can’t you just lower the price?

    • ELK

      Because we will still demand rebates 🙂 Because weee arrrre greeeeedyeeee

  • The invisible man

    B&H have photoshop elements for $64.95 ($84.95-20$ mail-in rebate) + free shipping.

    I have photoshop 5.5 full version but I can’t read Nikon RAW files or correct lens distortion.

    Will Photoshop elements 8 do the job ?

    • view NX2 (free) will do the job

      second choice would be Capture One (some euros)

    • Roland

      Nikon RAW (NEF) Codec
      Might be what you need for working with your RAW-files

      • WoutK89

        Nope, Adobe is smart enough to take out support for new cameras on old versions 😉 Keeps them in the business, even though newer versions of elements arent that much better

        • The invisible man

          I tried NX2, it load the NEF files (then I can convert it in TIFF for my photoshop 5.5).
          But it does not correct lens distortion (well I can’t find it).
          It’s a shame having to by a $300 software to use the RAW files from your camera.
          It’s like having to pay extra to be able to use the 5th gear in a Ferrari !

  • Segura

    Is there a reason that the 14-24mm is being pushed hard? Something going on with that lens? I can’t see this being replaced so soon, and it is pretty much perfect

    • +1

      • PHB

        I think they are really pushing the bodies.

        Pushing the 14-24 makes sense because it is one lens that Canon shows no sign of matching. Pushing it on the D300s on the other hand is just weird.

        Looking at the current Nikon range, is there really any lens that is less than six years old and in serious need of an update? There is still a bit of work to be done on the back catalog. But it is pretty clear we can expect that to be complete very soon. Including the two on the way we saw nine lenses this year, most of them high end professional lenses.

    • DFive

      Yep – the 16-35 is chopping sales off it….. expect a price reduction on the 14-24 soon 😉

      It will NEVER be replaced though.

      • dian

        I doubt that the price of the 14-24mm will be affected by the sales of the 16-35mm. They’re really two different lenses but one can only hope. I’m looking to buy the 14-24mm refurbished but if the msrp is going to drop I’ll just spend the extra cash for it new and get the 5 year warranty with it.

  • benS

    wow ! look at those rebates ! looks like those cameras are gonna be replaced soon ! If not i dont understand why Nikon is trying so much to clear those items.

    Maybe they see that their new cameras are going to eat into the sales of the D300s and the D700.

    Makes me wonder what specs do the upcomming camera’s have ? Maybe NR ADMIN knows something ….

    • Gary

      I believe Ben is correct in that the new D7000 will most likely eat into D300s sales. If the specs are true, then it almost doesn’t make any sense for someone to purchase a D300s once the D7000 drops.

      I also believe with the new high ISO performance of the D7000 that is may even eat some into D700 sales. However, I believe the main reason for the rebates are that the D700 is simply an older model, and pretty expensive in the current economic climate.

      Canon also has some rebates with the 5dmkii as well right now.

  • Alfredo F,

    Is there any chance of nikon announcing a TC14eIII or a TC17eIII, because canon has just releaso those?
    and which TC do you recomendme for birding
    the TC14EII or the TC17eII , i shoot with a D300s and a 300mm AFS F4

    • JED

      You should use the TC14EII.

      Note that most reviewers have placed the Nikon TC14EII as being the best 1.4 TC on the market – better than the equivalent Canon TC. No rush to update the Nikkor just because Canon has tried to catch up.

      • Global

        Exactly, whereas the 1.7 might benefit, the 1.4 is ready for you to buy right now — go get it! =)

  • Jeff T.

    The original purpose of these Combo rebates were to move Nikon bodies. All the bodies that have rebates were great camera’s in their day and still are. Time and technology marches on and you can bet your sweet bippy that new and improved feature laden models are on the horizon. Nikon was a little late to the game with advanced video features but in the long run Nikon may get the last laugh with video that’s out of this world, and while Canon was selling DSLR’s with video, Nikon was cranking out D3s bodies as fast as they can build them along with D3x bodies where they probably make way better profit margins in the end.

    So in the long run we can expect more of those nice, new shiny GOLD boxes on the UPS truck very soon. Gold for Gold my friends, that’s what it’s all about.. Personally I’m enjoying my D700 that I just got from B&H, I drove it this weekend like I frigging stole it and when the D800 or D4 or whatever comes along, I’ll keep the D700 as a backup and now I have a great lens collection at one hell of a deal. When I made my order they were back ordered on the 24-70mm, I’m calling in the morning to see if they can add the 14-24mm and that will be a 1100.00 savings… Thanks Nikon for the great deal, I love my D700 and plan to keep it for many years along with all the lenses.

    • Richard

      “…you can bet your sweet bippy…”

      I haven’t heard that one in a while. 🙂

  • sscount

    If bought with the rebate:
    Nikon D700 Digital SLR Camera Body, with Nikon 14mm – 24mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S Lens
    Regular Price
    – $400.00Instant Rebate
    Your Final Price $4299.95

    If bought separately:
    Nikon D700 Digital SLR Camera Body, 12.1 Megapixel, 0.72x Zoom, FX Format, CMOS Image Sensor $2,398.00

    Nikon 14mm – 24mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S Wide-Angle Zoom-Nikkor Lens for Digital SLR Cameras, U.S.A. Warranty. $1,799.95
    $4197.95 Total

    How does the rebate benefit the buyer?

    • NikonFFuser

      Yup..I agree with you. I did the same comparison when the rebate program was just out, and no benefit found . I did a comparison again earlier, this time at least $600 instant rebate on the D700 plus 3lenses combo, not the 1100 advertised. Sad but it’s true.

    • Roland

      You forgot the Nikon gift kit with inflatable ball, coffee mug and keychain…
      It is worth it’s weight in gold…

    • sincewednesday

      Someone always makes this comment in a rebate thread…

      It shows $3,797.95, exactly $400 off as the rebate says.

      • preston

        Haha, as soon as I saw there was a rebate thread I thought to myself, “I’ll bet someone’s gonna write saying that the price it shows is no different than the items individually – because they didn’t add to cart to see the final price.”

        Yep, didn’t disappoint 🙂

  • AMH

    Cashback for D300s, D700 and D3s in Australia as well but for a limited time only

    • DFive

      Bought my D3S in Singapore 2 months ago….. with the exchange rate I SAVED a full AUD $1100 !!!

      Who needs rebates… just buy right 😉

  • Marketing move! =D

  • chuck

    Looks like Nikon needs to wet the appetite and get people to buy some of the older bodies. Not that the d700 isn’t sweet but the other ones are pretty lame at the moment. Notice the bodies NOT in on the rebate 😉

    • LGO

      Or you could see it differently. Buy three lenses and get $1,100 off for the camera body! 🙂

  • ELK

    The rebates of D300s and D700 seem to be unprecedent. I mean I can’t reckon any other such a massive quantity or rebates related to single camera.

    This + the very D300s-ish specs of D7000 make me think that Nikon plans to totally review it’s approach to D90, D300 and D700 series. We may never see any upgrade to D90 D300 and D700.
    Instead we get new D7000 model which is somewhere between D90 and D300 and costs $1200. Then I suppose we’ll get new FF sensor model, which seats between D300 and D700, costing below $2000 (a dream camera of many?).
    And we’ll get some sub-D7000 model later, possibly with swivel screen – a Nikon’s answer to Canon 60D, but slightly cheaper (although looking at the specs of 60D, Nikon’s D3100 is already an answer).

    What do you think of that, does it all make sense?

  • Maybe the rebates on D300s means that the D90 and D300s are merging? I’m in the process to upgrade my D70s (broken top LCD, broken internal speedlight) to a new body mainly for microstock photos, I was quite sure to buy the D300s but now.. D7000 resolution is paid more on microstock sites… Should I wait or should I go?

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