This is how the new Nikon Coolpix P7000 camera may look like

This is supposed to be a picture of the Nikon Coolpix P7000 camera (see specs) that should be released tonight (US eastern time). The picture appears to be legit:

Nikon Coolpix P7000

Update: there appears to be a new Fn button on the front of the camera.

Pictures of the other two Coolpix cameras (also to be announced tonight) after the break (Nikon Coolpix S80 and Nikon Coolpix S8100):

Nikon Coolpix S80

Nikon Coolpix S8100

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  • human tripod



    • Who is always first is dpreview, from time to time they have reviews of cameras the same day they appear! If you look for on google, we can find already the first lines of the preview!!

      What do you have to do for Nikon to give you cameras before the announcement?

      • Miguel

        That’s true! I’ve got the hope that one of these days I’ll see someone from DPreview testing some secret and unreleased wonderful lens or body near Tower Bridge (London). They always seem to test-shoot a lot in that area, although the amount of tourists makes it hard to distinguish photo-tourists with expensive equipment and dpreview acolytes.

      • Bob

        DPReview is owned by Jeff Bezos and company own DPR’s a**es. Meaning HUGE volume. Meaning don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Meaning let’s treat those guys real nice ’cause they are reviewing our cameras and the parent company is one of the biggest retailers (if not #1) in the US. It’s a cozy relationship between maker, reviewer, and seller, IMHO.

        When was the last time you saw a “Not Recommended”?

        • Worminator

          Reviews for cameras that don’t make the “recommended” grade are not published by dpreview as a matter of policy. It’s been that way since well before they were bought by Amazon.

          After the site buyout though, I have noticed that dpreview gets reviews out for key models a LOT faster, often the day of release.

    • Fun

      why do we have 4yr olds here posting ‘1st’ like it was 1990?

  • well if i can use my sb900 and has a decent IQ, i’d buy it as my “all around” camera

    lets hope the price gets around $300 🙂

    • human tripod

      I’d love to see an SB900 perched on top of that thing. That would be alike a flash with a camera shoe.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        It would be cool if the SB-900 had better ergonomics and a shutter release button (just like a speed grip). The SB-900 can probably take the P7000. I am not so sure about it round the other way.

        Whatever, this is my next P&S if Nikon decides to release some DSLR that makes me stay. Right now I still have to wait and see.

    • jpmccormac

      re: $300. Ha ha ha ha! I wish. More like $5-600 would be my guess.

  • Carlos R B

    Ugly…much prefer the old P6000 design..but IQ is the main factor here…lets see if it delivers…

  • Carlos R B

    Im curious admin…tonight eastern time? midnight?thanks…

  • Broxibear

    That P7000 is one ugly looking camera.
    I assume it’ll be in direct competition to the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX5 which is far prettier and it’s got the f/2.0 LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMICRON…or maybe I’m wrong and it’s competitors are another class ?

    • Mike again

      IMHO the P7000 doesn’t come near DMC-LX5 though that’s what Nikon thinks.

      If the spec is true I find the absence of a zoom starting at 24mm equiv. FOV to be such a shame for an enthusiast pocket camera which should be there to stand out from all other cheap pocket cameras starting at something 28mm.

      Really poor of Nikon to not be more individualistic in their P7000, it looks like almost an badge engineered Canon G11 and not only to the looks.

      When it comes to DSLR’s I will stand by my Nikon, but P&S seems like a totally different division missing the Nikon DSLR genes, so that’s why I at least will stick to my DMC-LX3, if I would update mine it would be a LX5 in due time.

      “Canikon G7000” or was it “Nicanon P11”, well, No Thanks!

      • Broxibear

        Got to agree with you Mike again, I use Nikon dslrs but their compacts are poor by comparison.
        I’ve been looking for a “carry with me everywhere” quality compact and Nikon never came into the equation…if they wanted to I’m sure Nikon could make one, but for whatever reason they don’t seem that interested in that particular market?
        I’ve been looking at the Olympus PEN, Lumix GF1, LX3 and LX5…they’re the class leaders.

  • LGO

    The preponderance of external controls bodes well for the usability of this camera. That it can also use the Nikon SB900/SB800/SB600/SB400 is an added bonus as well.

    If the image quality, low light performance, and optical viewfinder has good coverage, then this may be just what Nikon needs to establish a credible presence in the P&S market among dSLR owners.

  • nobody

    Now if that thing had a usable optical finder unlike the Canon G11 with its 80% coverage…

  • Merv

    I’m wondering if there is a built in flash? I’m guessing that I’m seeing an optical viewfinder. It doesn’t look that thick either

    If the P7000 just keeps things level with the equivalent Canons/Panasonics, I suspect many Nikon flash owners will very seriously consider it

    I think the P6000 supported wireless flash too, but I’m not sure

    • APC

      It looks like there is a pop-up flash under the Nikon logo. I think the complete corner-part will lift to uncover the flash.

  • John Fugel

    If the P7000 has IQ equal to the Canon G11-12, I’m in.

    I’ve been waiting for a high-quality P&S that can handle an SB-400. That would be the ideal camera to keep in my fanny pack so it’s handy at all times. There are times, when I don’t need/want to carry my D300, an SB-800 and a bag of lenses.

  • Nikkorian

    Nikon has the ability to surpass Canon G11-12 IQ – SO THEY SHOULD DO IT! 8 megapixels would be fine with me, 24-70mm equiv and the sensor as large as possible keeping compact cam size…

    I think they should skip that optical VF and use a bright AMOLED display on the back to make up for it. The shape of the cam looks very nerdy this way – not really favourable.

    • LGO

      I disagree. A good optical viewfinder is very important for dSLR owners. Who wants to shoot with the arms extended in a point and shoot stance at a shutter speed of 1/2″?

      • Joe R.

        I don’t ever want to shoot 1/2 second with a point and shoot. But I see your point.

        • LGO

          I sometimes do this with the D700 and the Nikkor 16-35mm f/4 VR and am able to get some great photos this way. There is no way I would be able to do this in a P&S stance even with a compact camera.

          I also own a Canon G11 and used to own a Canon S90. I am able to get more usable shots with the G11 using its admittedly very limited view finder than I can with the S90 by using the optical viewfinder of the G11 which the S90 does not have. I sold my S90 and retained the G11.

          If the Nikon P7000 has a good optical viewfinder, then I will seriously consider getting one.

        • Piper

          I actually disagree with this (although my view is not a popular one, admittedly). Holding a small camera out at arm’s length isn’t steady, but I think bracing it closer to your body (6″ out or so, still able to see the screen) is more steady than holding it up at eye-level. A direct SLR OVF has its advantages, certainly, but I think the steady-shot aspect is a bit of a misconception. Just think of what medium format shooters (Hassleblad + Rollei) have been doing for years. Again, there’s a big difference between arm’s length, and bracing more closely to the body.

      • Nikkorian

        Hmmmm, I am a DSLR owner. And for me, a compact is only interesting for one reason: its compactness! Besides the mirror box, the VF is the first – and biggest – thing I will sacrifice. I like the possibility to attach an external flash, but I’d like an internal flash for sure.

        • LGO

          On the usefulness of an internal flash … I agree. This can be helpful for triggering off-camera flash using remote sensors.

      • Poncho

        An optical is VF is very useful when the taking pictures with low battery. The biggest battery drain is the camera’s monitor.

  • Peter Bendheim

    Looks like a g series Canon with a nikon badge

    • Carlos R B


    • Don Pope

      For me, that’s a good thing.
      I think the G11 is very nice looking camera.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Odd looking, but that VF looks big. This niche is aching for a serious compact with a real, usable optical VF, so that bodes well. Odd shape. IQ & portability will rule the day for this camera. It looks big (strike one) and it’s not terribly fast or wide (strike two), but if it has great image quality AND is more compact than the G11 brick with its useless VF, they might do okay. HD video quality will be key as well. Wonder if Nikon can work its low-light magic on a sensor this small. If so, THAT would seal the deal for tons of people.

    • Carlos R B

      bigger than the G11, OVF the same and the back oddly looks pretty similar to the G11…even the dial (dont know if it is the right word) is almost the same…

  • Carlos R B
    • LGO

      Dead link. Nothing appears. Was the page taken out?

      • Carlos R B

        im still seeing in my computer….cache memory?

      • Carlos R B

        Can i copy and paste the main advantages and specs…would it that be legal?

        • Joe R.

          No, you can’t copy and paste since they wrote it. However you can relist the specs.

          • Carlos R B

            battery life:350 shots
            mono audio
            3 inch 921.000 dots LCD
            metering includes spot Af linked
            viewfinder only 80% coverage…no surprise unfortunatelly
            a little bigeer than the G11…

            • LGO

              Ugghhh … I had hoped that the optical viewfinder would be better than the G11. Strike one for the Nikon P7000! 🙁

            • WoutK89

              You know, much better would have been a print screen, sent the print screen to Admin, and he will do what is possible with it.

  • mrD

    No way this is a real photo. Badly done PS job IMO!

  • Valadice

    Nikon sure has a lot of mode dials laying around…I wouldn’t be surprised if there are atleast 4 on the backside…

  • Carlos R B

    LCD resolution….921.000………..

  • Carlos R B

    Dpreview removed my thread…………….

  • salvador42
  • joey

    The picture looks fake to me. The perspective looks wrong.

    Does not anyone else think the lens looks as if it is dropping or melting off the front?

    • Carlos R B

      is real….see my posts…im still seeing the dpreview preview on my computer

  • ak

    The camera in the pic is real, according to the DPReview photos they had accessible for a minute.

  • bingo
    • Mato34

      Nice!! 😀

    • sporty883

      great catch 😉
      specs don’t look impressive though :/

    • Jabs

      Nice! Glad that you had the thing cached and now we have the evidence to back up TALK – lol!
      I hope that it performs very well – WELCOME back(?) to ‘P&S Pro’ Nikon!

  • Mato34

    Carlos R B specs are right

    Also 0.7 fps, no word about EVF, dimensions 114 x77 x45 mm

  • sporty883

    meh! don’t like.

    *sigh* everything unDSLR from Nikon is inferior.

    • sporty883

      btw. rectangular lens opening? Are you serious!?

      • taotejared

        It is about the same specs as the G11/12 – it all comes down to image quality – Numbers in this category of cameras mean very little. The better the “number” usually equals the worse off the image is.

        -Rectangular, square, triangle doesn’t matter as long as the image circle covers the image sensor.

  • garbarre

    I know this is stupid, but what’s the button on the right? It almost looks like some sort of bayonet mount.

    There’s an alignment dot next to the button and another white dot on the right side of the lens.

    I don’t believe for a second that it’s an interchangeable lens, because of the already-leaked cached page, but what is it? Is there some sort of locking mount for auxiliary lenses (2X/0.5X-type)?

    But why not make something tiny with little interchangeable lenses? 28-200 VR all-around, “fast 50”, ultrawide, superzoom? If you have a tiny sensor and make the lenses all plastic – make it cheap. $500 for the camera w/all-around. $100 for nifty fifty, $200 for the “exotics” – and you just sold a $1000 compact kit to a bunch of SLR users.

    Make a 42-84 F/4 VR (200-400 equivalent) and make a killing at $500 each selling to amateur birders.

    • taotejared

      “but what’s the button on the right?” – probably like the G11/12, removes the collar for lens accessories.

      For the rest of your comments, I think you just made a good argument to yourself to get an SLR.

  • mazal tov

    Yuck, that thing should be named Nikon Coolpix Mickey Rourke Edition.

  • Diego

    Is a very Ugly camera. looks like the Canon G’s series (but the Canon are better looking camera) . and the specs do not look so great as I wish. I prefer my Lumix Lx3 camera and mi leica d-lux3 , the have good wide lenses and IQ (in special the LX3)

    I’m wondering, why Nikon do not desing a camera looks like their rangefinder series? (S series if I dont mistake) whitout interchangeable lenses. just a 24-70mm f2.8 ED VR Nano continuos luminosity lens, add weatherproof, a treath for small filters just to protect the lens, the clasic treath for add a barrel for accesories, a EVF, and in the back a dsrl desing buttoms order and a wheel whit push interface) and the clasic 4 ways controler. or maybe took the Leica X1 direction in exposure control dials. (but the diafrag controls in the lens barrel (and forget the treath for acesories) im just imaging.

    Sorry for my bad english.


  • Andres

    A canon G10 or G11 like????? Hmmm… i have a D90 and the canon G10 is my all around and mounted with any of canons flashes and it works incredibly good!!!

    This is a great addition to the nikon lineup.

  • Ren Kockwell

    I would be open to a camera this size only if it boasted a Foveon-size sensor…

    • Why would you only want 1/3 of the pixels?

      • WoutK89

        Why do you need more in a compact. It’s about snapshots, that usually end up on a blog anyway.

    • Broxibear

      You need to be looking at the Sigma DP range for Foveon

  • Huggs

    1st thing I thought when I saw the pic was: “G12?”

  • Phil Gates

    Behold! The Tori Spelling of Point & Shoots!


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