Nikon D90 replacement and P7000 will not be announced tonight

A lot of readers are still asking me about the Nikon D90 replacement and the P7000 announcements. I will just repeat some of the old information I already published online: the D90 replacement (not sure about the exact name yet) will be announced on/around September 15th together with a new Nikkor 200mm f/2 lens. I already reported some basic specs a month ago:

  • Magnesium-alloy body
  • 16MP sensor
  • 1080 HD video
  • Somewhere between 6-8 fps
  • Improved ISO range: 100-25600*
  • 39 AF points
  • Price: $1199 for body only

Since the Nikon P7000 p&s camera was not announced yesterday with the rest of the Coolpix cameras, I am guessing that it will be announced in September with the D90 replacement. We may have the same scenario in September - one Coolpix announcement and few days later a DSLR and lens announcements.

I will repeat again, there is no sign of a full frame DSLR for Photokina.

* - Today some more details surfaced on the new Alpha cameras from Sony (specs | pics). You can see that the 16MP sensor has hi ISO of 25600. I already mentioned that the D90 replacement should have a better ISO compared to the 100-12800 ISO range of the D3100, so I assume this range will be 100-25600.

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  • I’m amazed at the ISO performance. That’s a huge step from the previous models and even D300. I’m eager to find out if that range refers to only the native ISO or if it includes the Hi settings.

    • I saw that the new camera from Sony has a line that says ISO6400 will look similar to A900’s ISO400. Sounds unreal but hope it’s true.

      Btw, first again yeah! 😀
      Great work Admin 🙂

      • Denko

        It definitely sounds unreal… too good to be true territory. 4 stops… by my calculations that is one stop more than expected.

        However, if it is true there will be major droolage.

        • Denko

          Possible epiphany just struck me… Sony going 14 bit and Nikon going 16 bit with EXPEED2… that would vouch for that extra stop.

          • Denko

            second thought… it is “impossible…” it means that DxO mark would hoover well above 100… and ~150.

      • dave

        “similar” is the key here. With enough noise reduction I can do that today. Noise is similar, but detail will be severely lacking. So the question is, how much of that similarity is due to the sensor and how much is due to the in-camera noise reduction? I would like it to be true, but I quit holding my breath for such things over 3o years ago.

      • Bars

        Yeh, with Sony they’ve always been good at exaggerating their products.
        However, Nikon has always squeezed at least 1 stop over Sony using the same sensor.

      • dd

        even d3s’s iso 6400 is not as good A900 iso400.
        so sony apsc outperforms nikon fullframe.

        • Joe Boston

          Everything about that statement is wrong.

        • ?? thats a REALLY weird comparison.
          thats like saying an elefant is smarter then a mouse, because it has bigger feet

    • NRC

      Hard to say if 25,600 includes Hi settings. When Nikon lists features of a camera, they usually leave out the Hi settings, but in a rumor situation like this, that might be the full range.

      Hi or not, that’s still a good range.

    • I Am Nikon

      too good to be a D90 only replacement.

      the specs screams a D300s replacement instead.

      • Akira

        Considering the specs on the D3100, this sounds exactly like a D90 replacement. The problem is that digital camera tech advances so quickly that Nikon’s different ranges are leapfrogging each other.

    • Geoff

      I hope the 100 ISO is the true base iso and not “lo”. 200 base iso is one of the things that bugs(ged) me about the idea of switching from a Fuji S5 to Nikon.
      Especially as MPs become higher and diffraction becomes more of an issue, not having to go to f22 to get some motion blur (water, cars etc) would be welcome. Am I alone on this? I know TH supports the idea of internal ND filters, but if improvements can continue to be made in high ISO, maybe it would be just as easy to reduce base ISO to 50 one day?

  • This is soo exciting…I may have to stay with a few dx lenses and get this!!!

  • DaveyJ

    Nikon D90 replacement or D95? I guess that is still a secret? I still wonder if this level of secrecy helps. So I will this time sit back and look over the D3100 pretty close and then the D90 replacement and NO sooner than this next spring maybe buy a D95(?) as a trial and back up camera if it seems to have passed muster.

  • Jabs

    Off Topic.
    Time for a new SERVER or a new ISP, as NikonRumors has become slow and unreachable at times.
    MORE throughput on that Apache Server – LOL!
    Keep up the excellent work, friend.

    • The traffic have just doubled in the past 2 weeks or so, everything will go down after Photokina. I am not convinced I need a new server yet. If you guys keep that traffic, then hell yes! The current Alexa rank of NR is now #16,462… once we hit #10,000 we will need some very serious server power, but we are not there yet.

      • Nicole

        Errr… Isn’t 16,462 higher than 10,000? Or does it count backwards? (Sorry, probably showing my ignorance about what an Alexa ranking is.)

        • Anonymous

          its rank, so 16462 means you are ranked lower than 10000

          • Nicole

            Thanks. As I suspected, I was showing my total ignorance. 🙁

            • yes, Google is #1, Facebook#2, etc….

        • Enesunkie

          This equates to about 10000 hits by people looking to see if there is a D700 replacement yet, 6000 hits from people looking for the D95 and 462 looking for the D3100 announcement.

      • Vandyu

        I thought you were probably working on news for today, but last night (Tuesday, 8/17) probably around 0000-0200, not sure about the exact time) I got a server error message and couldn’t connect to NR. Pretty sure it was a 505 error. At one point, the Nikon news was completely blank down to the bottom of the page, but Leica and other news was still posted, then the servor error came and there was nothing. Thought you should know.

        • I am aware of it, well I was not last night, but I fixed it this morning. As I already mentioned. NR is currently getting 2x more traffic than usual on average, with spikes as high as 10x the regular traffic. Server power is never enough and I I just upgraded few months ago…

      • Bob

        If you are 16,462, who are directly in front and behind you?

      • I’ll say there are some template or database issues involved when page generation takes nearly 2 secs, according to Super Cache. That’s 8 times more than a article generation on my tiny wordpress based website. But the main question would be why the server chokes on serving those cached pages which is really fast operation.

        I suspect some poorly coded plugins that hammer the database with unneccessary calls. Some query analyzer would be nice here, too bad this is not supported on new wordpresses, it was great:

        • The page slowed down since I updated the theme. I will be working on it, but it will take some time. Some slow scripts/queries are causing the slow load and eventually the server crashed because of the huge traffic in the past few days/weeks.

  • Vladi

    ISO 25600 has to be one of the hi settings. Or this new camera would have better ISO than D3s which is 200-12800 with hi1 beying 25600.

    • yes, I do believe that the 25600 will be the hi setting

  • rg

    im almost ready to buy a 7D, but this 39point AF and ISO is holding me back

    D40 user

    • Bob

      Unless you are losing real money because you lack a 7D, just wait a bit more. I almost bought a refurbished 5D with lenses about a year ago (would have sold most of my Nikon equipment though), then the following day I ran into a D700 deal I could not refuse….

  • rg

    25600 HI2
    12800 HI1
    100 LOW1

    • yes, I think this will be the ISO break down, which confirms the rumor from July 20th that the D90 replacement will have the same ISO (numbers-wise) like the D700:

      • D80 user

        Does new cameras go as far as a Hi2 setting for ISO? My D80 has 1600, then Hi0.3, Hi0.7 and Hi1, that’s why I’m asking.

        • WoutK89

          D3x does, so I assume there are more cams already doing so

          • BornOptimist

            yes, D3 (D3S) and D700 also has Hi 1 and Hi 2 (and Hi 0.3, Hi 0.7, Lo 0.3, Lo 0.7 and Lo 1)

    • Geoff

      Darn.. I was really hoping ISO 100 was true ISO and not Lo.
      I hope future improvements will include lowering base ISO or adding in a ND filter in the camera.

  • Carlos R B

    Will the D90 have swivel LCD?thanks..

    • my guess will be no – usually if something was not mentioned in the specs, I assume it will not be included

  • rexcat

    I would like to get my first DSLR soon, probably either a D90 or the new D3100.
    From what we know is the D3100 better in every respect than the current D90
    except for fps, 3 vs 4.5? Thanks

    • preston

      but no top LCD (which I use enough on my D90 that I wouldn’t want a dslr without one now) and not as good ergonomics as the D90. These things are big. If the $500 cost difference is negligible to you then I’d wait for the D95.

      • Preston’s right. The two cameras feel completely different (the 90 has more bulk and heft). There are also a lot of things that the current D90 does that the 3000 (and, it’s safe to say, the 3100) will not, including the aforementioned top LCD, a built-in AF motor, a higher FPS, better kit lens, and in all likelihood a higher-resolution LCD (this looks like one of the corners Nikon’s been cutting on its lower-end models). There’s a lot to consider beyond just the specs listed up there.

  • Kingyo

    If only the D90 replacement’s IQ matched the rumored ISO performance…then we’d have ourselves a micro D3 or D700 and could at least wait another year for the D4 😉

  • Valadice

    Admin, any rumors about the price being lower than that? D90 was just 999 (body only). this thing is pushing the price almost to a d300s. and creating a huge gap between D5000 (or even d3100)

    • Ben

      I still think there is a possiblility that the D90 replacement will be the new top end of the DX line and that there will be a D400 or something that will be an $1800-$2000 FX, but I am probably way off… I guess built-in lens calibration and two card slots could be enough to keep people getting D300 type models, but I would think it would just make more sense to include these things in the D90 replacement and sell more of them and then offer an entry level FX. But then again, with the kind of projected performance mentioned here for the D90 replacement there might not be a need for an entry level FX… I just think that once they upgrade the D700 that they could take the old/now current D700 and do nothing to it but slap on a lower product ID like D400 or 500 and keep the price under $2000 and they would sell really well. Ok I am done blabbing now.

      • Adde

        Maybe the D700 replacement will go head to head with the 5DmkII and the D400 (with FX) goes against the 7D?

        • SGN

          A FX slr can’t compete in pixel density with a DX at comparable price, so for some, eg. bird photogs, 7d will be preferable to FX D400

        • Ben

          I think the new D90 will adequately go against the 7D

      • Bob

        @Ben: I’ve been saying the same thing. D2 series was the end of the “pro” type DX format Nikon, with intro of D3. With D700, Nikon must have seen that many photographers were choosing the D700 over the D300. I can see the camera salesman–if you want what the pros shoot, pick the full frame sensor. I still see many many ads on Craigslist selling DX Nikons because–they want to or just upgraded to a D700 or similar full frame camera. BTW, I have both a D90 and D700, and I’ll pick up the D700 more often, especially when shooting primes.

        D95 will be the high end of DX. Essentially, if you want to upgrade, Nikon would offer FX as the serious amateur/pro camera, with DX to the unwashed (mirror and mirrorless). Imagine all the additional full frame lenses to be sold–hence the push by Nikon with the new 24, 50, 85, 70-200, etc. Nikon would recycle the D3/D3s FX sensor in a smaller D90 type body at around $1500 or less (Sony already did in the A850; Canon’s original 5D was well under $2k when discontinued). I’d love to get a backup to my D700, or make my D700 my 2nd camera (35mm on one and 85mm on the other).

        • No, many pros in lower positions use the Dx00 line. All 3 photogs that work for my university use D300s. The D90 line is very rarely used by pros.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you. With the specs it definitely does sound like Nikon is going to replace the D300 series with the d95 or whatever it’s called.

        It’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

    • don’t think so – the new D90 appears to have better specs than the D300s (on paper), except AF points, why should they sell it cheaper if the D300s is around $1600

      • Valadice

        BnH is selling D300s for like 1500…

        Only way to know for real is to wait 🙂

      • What about sealed body, 100% VF, dual slots, etc. ? No, not even close body-wise.

  • Anonymous

    It seems to me that sony is the innovator here and Nikon just follows what others do.

    Well comparing the picture and size of the D3100 to the new A33 it seems to me we can see the coolpix effect of Nikon. It looks crap to the new sony.

    I hope Nikon does something with the upper class because in the low end Nikon will be beaten up badly by sony.

    • Rick James

      “I hope Nikon does something with the upper class because in the low end Nikon will be beaten up badly by sony.”

      Based on what? A spec sheet? We don’t really know much about how either camera performs. Hopefully you know by now that spec sheets aren’t everything. Also, you’re basing a camera on what it looks like? I prefer to base my opinions on what the photos it takes look like.

      • Anonymous

        Rick James – you don’t get it do you? Most likely you know more about photography than the average person who wants to move up from the p&s level. Those guys maybe have sony tvs etc and they will look at mp etc. and the look of the camera. I can tell you the new A33 does look better than the 1-2yrs old design of the crappy D3000. But this is not my main point, my main point was that it seems to me that sony is learning really fast while nikon is sitting in the corner waiting for a sony sensor it can put into its 1-2yrs old crappy d3000. That’s the point that actually you can see that sony wants to deliver something good while Nikon is deaf, blind, and impotent.

        • IndyGeoff

          Agreed. Most of my friends are comera illiterate. They would see 12Mp or 18MP and always go for the “more is better” line of thinking.

          While “real” photographers might not care it will have an affect on Nikon’s bottom line. That would slow down R&D cash for better overal performance for the camera’s most of us care about.

          They don’t hav to hit 18 with DX, but they need to get close and 14 just isn’t in the minds of your average joe moving up from a P$S.

          • Enesunkie

            You’ve got smart friends. My friends wouldn’t know the difference between 12 and 18 MP. They’d pick their favorite colored one and maybe glance at the size of the LCD! 🙂

        • D3000 is the best selling ays sometgingdslr and 7th best selling digital camera at amazon. That saya something.

          • Anonymous

            rhlpetrus – can you stop your goddamn nonsense of best seller shit. You come here every goddamn day and try to convince us that Nikon outsells every other manufacturers in every f***n category.

            rhlpetrus, we believe in you just stop it.

            • It’s just that I don’t buy these armchair marketing pros arguing all over the internet that Nikon this and Nikon that are just horrible designs and poor choices made by Nikon.

              What’s the “coolpix” effect you talk about? Hold a Nikon and a Canon or Sony at same level and you’ll know immediately which maker takes care of design and body quality better. Just my 2 cents.

              BTW, your job seems to come here even more frequently to badmouth Nikon for every move they make.

              I don’t “believe” you ;).

            • zzddrr

              I am not sure what Anonymus meant with the “Coolpix” effect but my guess is that he/she was talking about the fact that many Nikon dslr owners find the Coolpix just weak. I personally don’t recommend to my friends the coolpix line because they are like made by a different company not Nikon. Now looking at the D3000, I am sorry but the D3000 is not best Nikon product.

        • Ren Kockwell

          Then why are Sony DSLRs not flying off the shelves even when they’re tanking their prices to compete? Your comments are vague and unconstructive.

  • SimonC

    Makes sense not to announce this at the same time as the D3100.

    I predict a 1.5-stop improvement in high-ISO current D90. That and the continuous video AF are going to be the cat’s meow.

    Exciting times!

    • It depends on what you call 1.5 stop ISO improvement. At the very top we’ll probably see some improvent, but at some detail cost, due to NR, but also some improvement in how DR decreases in that range (longer “shoulder”).

      But, likely, at low ISO, I don’t expect almost no improvement in DR, noise, etc. That has happened with D3s over D3, only above 6400ISO one notices any difference.

      • SimonC


        Canon has also done this trick before. According to the white paper, they claimed their 1D Mark IV had a 2 stop improvement over the 1DIII. But if you read the fine print, 1-stop of improvement attributed to noise reduction and another to sensor improvements. Yet, they had the stupidity to up their top end ISO from 6400 -> 102K. A 4 stop jump.

        When I say improvement, I mean 1.5 stop in high-ISO without NR tricks in RAW. I agree that at low ISO, differences would be almost unnoticeable.

  • Fabio27

    Clearly there will be a big technology step forward with the new 16MP sensors. Nobody can risk to be left behind, older sensor will soon be out of the market. The real question is: will anybody use the new sensor for a mirrorless APS? After seeing the acceptance of mirrorless cameras in some markets, I think such a camera would simply wipe away any competitor.

  • Justin

    It looks to me like with the price jump for the D90 replacement that Nikon & Canon’s low end offerings are starting to match up rather than leapfrog each other. The “D95” will be competing directly with the Canon 60D in that price range.

    • Enesunkie

      While I don’t see Nikon getting rid of the D300 series bodies, by adding a Mag allow body and all those AF points (if this is what in fact happens), they would seem to be trying to market it at a slightly higher level than it currently resides, hence the associated markup in price.

  • The recently announced Sony cameras, which should share the same sensors as the new Nikons, only do 1080-interlaced video! I hope that doesn’t mean Nikon gear will only have 1080i.

    Is it possible to have the same still-frame resolution but higher video-resolution?

    • Side-note: Who else thinks the pellicle mirror system is a GREAT idea for today’s cameras? I’d love to see a pellicle mirror in a Nikon D4, or at least a pellicle/reflex hybrid!

      • If I’m guessing right, this should give faster/quieter performance, no? It’s not like the technology doesn’t already exist (albeit in need of a few modifications).

        I’m sure they’ll get around to that at the same time they do an affordable digital rangefinder. 😉

      • IndyGeoff

        I dont see it as the cat’s meow. More MP and better ISO performace mean more to me. /shrugs

  • martin

    How will it take, after the announcement, until the D95 is included in DxOMark sensor rankings?

    • Usually pretty fast, not more than a month after camera is available.

  • I was thinking about getting aD700 but if the ISO of these new cameras are as good as it sounds I do not think it is worth the extra weight and money. I love to have light weight equipment. A D95 with a D3100 backup could make a very nice and portable pair.

  • David Mulligan

    I so want to believe the ISO and noise performance of the D95 but I am finding it hard to believe. I just ran a comparison between the Sony A900, the D700 and the D3s on The SNR on the A900 at ISO400 is 36.9dB and then compared it at ISO6400 on the D700 which is 26.2dB and the D3s which is 28dB.

    The D95 having lower noise than the D3s and the D700 at ISO6400 is just too good to be true.

    • human tripod

      There is just no way that’s going to happen. Count on the noise performance to be better than the D90 and that’s it.

      • Denko

        Sure it won’t but if EXPEED2 is 16bit and if they do not neuter it for the top end mid range DSLRs then we could have 10-14dB extra in SNR across the board and things would be reality. Knowing how one can get 22-24 bit out of 16 bit audio samples with heavy noise shaping it isn’t completely out of realm to think that it may happen sooner rather than later. I would be 100% satisfied with it that is for sure and would also surprise the heck out of me if Nikon finally pulled it off big time.

        • 16 bit or 14 bit won’t help in that department.

          • ty

            I’m finding it hard to believe too. The D3100 has a 14 mp sensor iso maxing out at 3200 (12800 with boost). How can D95 with a sensor rumored to have an even higher pixel count at 16 mp perform better than the D3100?!

  • D95 will be the first hibrid DX/FX fullframe on the Earth history!
    Wait and see!

  • D95 will be the first hibrid DX/FX fullframe (no crop) on the Earth history!
    Wait and see!

    • Andy

      wait aren’t all current FX cameras considered “hybrids”, since they can use DX lenses anyway?

  • MB

    As for D95 there would most likely be no such Nikon camera at all (D7000 is far more likely), and as for FX no way Hose!
    We may soon be surprised with something called D5100 …

  • Travis

    If I’m looking to get a body strictly for video (yes, it’d be nice to wield with my D700 as a spare/second camera, but I’m most interested in a video dslr), should I get the D3100 or wait for the D90 replacement? Is there any ‘expected’ video differences? Framerates, quality, AF, etc?


  • 1080i or p?

  • I’m hoping like Hell in a handbasket that they do something about the rolling shutter problem…

  • JoshL

    Sorta unusual question…any idea if whether the max # of frames for the auto exposure bracket function will be higher than 3 for the D90 replacement? Thx.

  • Christina

    Thank you NR-admin for your update. Things are moving fast now, and I appreciate your constant vigilance on our behalf.

    but, to just let off a little bit of steam…in response to this comment:

    “I will repeat again, there is no sign of a full frame DSLR for Photokina.”


    whew, now I feel better. I’m one of the countless people looking for the D700 replacement. It’s FX that I’m waiting to hear about.

    Respectfully speaking, I hope Nikon proves you wrong!!

    Again, thanks as always for your updates. Yours is a thankless job!

    respect and kindest regards.

  • Wally in Massachuset

    Any rumor on if the D 90 Replacement will be weather sealed and have lens adjustment built in?

    • Charlie Martin

      Since the indication is that it is a magnesium alloy body, there will probably be some weather sealing. How much is speculative right now. Hopefully there will be quite a bit of weather sealing. I do know that I plan on getting one and it’s associative MB grip.

      • Come to think of it, an interval timer — either in-camera or integrated in the grip — would be lovely.

  • Maybe the server down time is inevitable since Nikon also brings its servers down to update on announcements and new products. Since NR is a Nikon related site, Admin has to do the same thing as well 😉

    • Enesunkie

      You know, when I got that server error , my first thought was that admin was updating the site with some BIG news!

  • safeg

    Tonight? when?


    does anybody know after the d90 replacement is announced when would it be available for sale in Canada i was going to buy the d90 but i am willing to pay extra to have the latest.
    thx all

  • Looking at the rumored price point, it seems to be closing the gap between the D300s and the D90.

    Is it possible that they are planning to remove the ‘semi-pro’ DX together and let the D90 replacement take over it to compete directly with the 7D and the 60D? and maybe keep the Dx00 for FX semi-pro bodies.

    Thanks NR-admin always for your updates. Really appreciate your efforts here in keeping us in the loop.

  • Inst

    1.5 stops is only believable if it’s 12 mp; it could be a description of the technology, but if you move up to 16 mp from 12 mp it’s likely going to be only 1 stop in practice.

    Canon on 5d2 vs D700 is a third of a stop inferior in high ISO performance for the same total image size (not per pixel). If you move up to 16mp from 12mp on the D95, you’re likely only to see a 1-stop improvement over the D90 for the full image file.

    Re: 1d4; that was a disappointment and I suppose Canon was working their best to cover their ass. The 102400 ISO was okay as a way to hide the fact that the D3s completely outperformed it except at specialist tasks, where the 1d4 could use its crop sensor to better effect (shorter telephoto lenses with higher wide-open apertures than the D3s compensate for the fact that the D3s has a 2 stop advantage over the 1d4).

  • marit

    So if the D90 replacement is being announced in mid-September, is there a lag before it’s actually available for purchase? I think I read somewhere that Nikon sells newly released models in kits (like with a lens) first, and then only later can you purchase just the body. Is this true? How long does that wait tend to run? Thanks!

    • Well, if they pair it with a good kit lens like the 18-105, i don’t mind buying the kit as a whole.

      • fel

        I was going to buy D90 paired with the 18-105 lens but now I think I’ll be waiting for the D90 replacement. I want to spend no more than around 1100 euros. I will wait till the D95 announcement and if the price of the D90 18-105 kit doesn’t fall below 770 euros by then end of September then I will wait till late October (I live in Greece) to buy the D95.

  • Alex

    You realize that Nikon switched to Nikon sensors on the D3100, right? So you can’t say that the ISO range of the D90 replacement will be similar to that of the Sony _____, because it most likely will no longer be a Sony sensor, but a Nikon sensor. I’m expecting 18 MP, since the D3100 has 14.

    The only sensor that probably won’t be replaced by a Nikon sensor is the D3s replacement’s, because the Sony sensor in that one is wayyy beyond anything else on the market, and beyond Nikon’s realm of possibility at the moment.

  • Jake


    Is it very likely that this replacement will be announced and available within 1-2 months? I really want a DSLR (my first!) and I don’t want to wait a long time. So D90 now or D7000 in x amount of time? Should I wait?

    Thanks for the great site!

    • fel

      same problem here!

  • Brad

    I just hope it has pixel remapping, the thought of having to send it back to nikon each time it has hot pixels, is infuriating.
    When are they going to introduce pixel remapping in camera.

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