Tonight: Nikon D3100 and four lenses (3FX+1DX)

Second round of announcement should happen tonight. I do not expect any surprises (i.e. no full frame DSLR from Nikon for Photokina)

Nikon D3100:

  • 14 MP CMOS Sensor (23.2 x 15.5 mm)
  • live View
  • Continuous AF in video mode/live view
  • 3 inch Display (not swivel)
  • 100 – 12800 ISO
  • ISO setting manual or automatic
  • 11 AF points
  • new AF points configuration which should cover a very large portion of the viewfinder
  • full HD Video (1920 x 1080)
  • HD video: 1080p/24 and 720p 30/24
  • AVCHD video codec
  • new EXPEED2 processor
  • improved objects recognition for the AF control
  • improved in-camera menu
  • user can save picture profiles
  • in camera video editing capabilities
  • 3 fps
  • price 650 €
  • will be sold in a kit with a 18-55mm lens


  • Nikkor AF-S DX 55-300 f/4.5-5.6 G ED VR (ca. 420 €)
  • Nikkor AF-S 85 f/1.4 G with Nano coating (€1650/$1650): 10 lens elements in 9 groups (the old version has 9 elements in 8 groups)
  • Nikkor AF-S 24-120 f/4 G ED VR with Nano coating (€1220/$1300)
  • Nikkor AF-S 28-300 f/3.5-5.6 G ED VR (€1000/$1050): 19 lens elements in 14 groups

I will have a continuous coverage today. Some Danish websites are already reporting that they are invited to a Nikon press conference tomorrow @ 10am.

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  • JonS

    with announcements like these when do the lenses typically hit the shelves in the US? Specifically looking for the 24-120 f/4 😀

    • Bart

      from one to three months after the announcement

    • Wish they had a 35-150 f2.8 😀

  • Matt


  • The Economist

    1 € = 1 $ !!!!

    Thanks from Europe, Mr Nikon !

    (and don’t forget to make NO d700+ with decent pix count)

    • Ronald


    • Chris

      Thank your government for the 19-25% VAT

      • With VAT it is more like this:
        1 USD = 1.2 EUR

        Luckily professionals don’t have to pay that tax.

    • STJ

      nikon’s 1$=1€ is one reason for backordered lenses in the US and plenty of lenses in the shops in Europe… However, it is getting more and more a custom that European pros take a cheap flight to NY, buy a lot of stuff and head back a day after… That’s 6000miles of “green” shoppin…

  • Phillip

    Where I can get 300mm f/2.8 VR2?

    • Dennis

      It is available at

      • Phillip

        I don’t intend to buy from Amazon because the way they pack sucks big time.

  • Intresting, but still waiting D90 replacement…

  • Nissehult

    I´ll be online waiting, sill hops for FX in D90 body to potokina.

    Keep up with the good work but change the background color to black…

    • Victor Hassleblood

      “Keep up with the good work …”

      … and please keep the new background too.

      “Tonight: Nikon D3100 and four lenses (3FX+1DX)”

      Next announcement night: Nikkor 200mm and four bodies (3FX+1DX)

      Nikon please ! ! !

      • Please Nikon! Throw in the mirror-less & P7000 too.

    • mrphoebs

      Another vote for going back to the black background, nr admin.

      • Aaron

        Chalk one for sticking with white. It makes it a lot more SFW. Well, not that it was NSFW before, but there are few content-heavy websites in any business or industry that feature dark colour backgrounds. White plays it safe.

        • Jeremy

          White works for me.

          • Enesunkie

            I’m happy with the compromise now.

      • d300


    • human tripod

      Keep it white.

      • StickingZoom

        I want it pink or transparent.

  • click

    Great News & Finally, I really want a Nikon 85mm F/1.4 AF-S but I bet it will be about 8 months before you can actually get one. Doesn’t all the Pro’s (NPS Members) and such get priority in purchasing these new products?

    Get your name on a waiting list or pre-order list very quickly. I think this will be a “Hot” item for Nikon. Maybe they have already built a stock pile of them, but if it’s anything like the 24mm it will be awhile.

    • Of course they have. Knowing Nikon the lens has been in production for at least a year and they totally underestimated the demand – as usual.

  • Stephen

    I have been waiting for this. I will be deciding between this and the Canon T2i. This will be my first dSLR camera. I bet this ends up being a bit better with the autofocus in the video mode. Can anyone explain to me the difference between DX and FX lenses as well as how to go about choosing them? I know that FX is full frame and DX is not, but I don’t know much more than that. Also, I know that the kit lenses typically aren’t the greatest. What would be a good first piece of glass to buy if I want something better than the kit one but don’t have the money to spend a fortune?

    • QuiBobJinn

      There isn’t any other difference between FX and DX then you stated. Some FX lenses are better, some DX are better.

      The Nikon kit lens is actually a very capable lens for a beginner. Still, if I were to recommend a second piece of glass it would depend on what you’re planning on shooting. For candid shots at parties of family, I’d recommend the 35mm 1.8. It’s fast, sharp, and gives decent bokeh and best of all it’s only $200. If you want something that’s longer than your kit lens that isn’t going to break the bank, the 55-200mm isn’t a bad lens and is also $200. Or, you can go with a Sigma 70-200 2.8 used for around $600. At least, that’s what I’d do, but your mileage may vary.

      • Stephen

        Can you use the FX lenses on a DX frame? How about DX lenses on an FX frame?

        • Jeremy

          Yes to both, but you might get massive vignetting (i.e. keyhole effect) using DX lenses on FX body. Typically FX bodies avoid that by switching to a “DX mode” that basically crops the FX sensor down to DX size.

          In either case you’re throwing something away. Put the 14-24mm f/2.8 (FX) onto a D300s body (DX) and you’ve got an ok but not exciting 21-36mm. Put the 10-24mm (DX) onto a D700 body (FX) and you’ve either got a keyhole photo or a 5MP image. That a lot of money out the window.

    • mrphoebs

      The 18-55mm kit lens is actually great as kit lenses go(believe me). As others have said 35mm f1.8 dx and 55-200mm should make a well rounded lens kit for you. Throw in a 50mm f1.8 (110$, but can’t autofocus on 3100) and you have a lens kit with lowlight, portrait, telephoto, moderate wideangle and everyday capabilities. This lens kit is the best price-value in the nikon range in my opinion.

      • The Man from Mandrem

        That sounds like the exact kit I’m planning to use when I buy the D95, except throw in the Tokina 11-16/2.8 ($600) for landscape and wide angle, wide aperture home movies and I’m still deciding between a used 75-150 E-Series/1-Series ($150) instead and the 55-200 VR for a compact reasonably fast tele-photo (if the lack of a chip isn’t a showstopper). The downside is for low light situations, I’ll have all the inconvenience of prime lenses and die early from the stress of lense changes in India and Italy.

        • The Man from Mandrem

          I think you should buy lenses slowly as you figure out what you need if you’re not already into SLRs.

          If you are restricted in budget, I think the big decision is whether to get a fast glass 2.8 zoom (from 3rd party) or use the kit 18-55 with VR along with a 35/1.8 to cover the range from wide to slight telephoto. I think your budget will make choices for telephoto alot easier and you will probably in longer term realize ultra-wide is useful if you stick with photography. The lense quality from 3rd party can be pretty good . Since the 18-55 should come kitted with cameras and has low cost, good quality and VR, you may find it the best option to start with. But fast aperture, control of depth of focus is very apppealing and while there is a good 35mm/1.8 that’s cheap, you may find that you you want fast glass for depth of focus control over a wider range so you should think this one through.

    • Jabs

      Nikon has one lens mount – the F mount.
      Nikon has two sensor formats – FX or Full frame and DX or APS-C (smaller sensor).
      FX or Full frame is the same size as 35mm Film in its’ image circle’
      DX lenses have a smaller image circle of coverage and thus the final image is magnified, so you have an increase in FOCAL length that you have to multiply by that factor to now get the focal length of your lens compared to FX or the 35mm film standard.
      Some lenses are optimized for use on BOTH DX and FX formats but you will get an increase in focal length. Others are optimized for use on FX or DX bodies.
      Some lenses are labeled DX and you still have to multiply the focal length in SOME of them, but Nikon makes some specific DX lenses with what appears to be pre-labeled with the DX increase in focal length factored in (not 100% sure).
      Buy the kit lens first
      Get a 35 F1.8 DX and/or a 50mm lens next.
      When you use the kit zoom in DX, look at what focal length you use most and then buy a fixed focal length lens (prime lens) at close to that and learn to photograph well, as in framing, exposure and using things like polarizers and flash/tripods.
      I only use FX.
      I forgot what the FX to DX multiplication is – I think, a 1.3 increase in focal length?

      • WoutK89

        Some lenses are labeled DX and you still have to multiply the focal length in SOME of them, but Nikon makes some specific DX lenses with what appears to be pre-labeled with the DX increase in focal length factored in (not 100% sure).
        I dont know a lens like that, all lenses are named in the focal length measured on 35mm frame (no multiplication used).

        The multiplication would be 1.5x btw, its only a magnification factor, and not a true change in focal length!!

        • Scott

          @ WoutK89

          Not sure what you’re talking about there, the DX 10-24mm lens is equivalent to a 15-36mm FX lens so yes, Nikon does indeed label their lenses based on frame size.

          If there’s even one DX lens that’s measured based on a 35mm frame, I’d love to know about it.

          • WoutK89

            I dont understand you…, how to explain that lenses are sold WITHOUT the multiplication and give a similar angle of view as a 35mm lens WITH multiplication? If the image circle of DX lenses was bigger, the 10-24 would stay 10-24 on FX.

    • This might help in explaining the difference between DX and FX. There’s also an explanation on other things as well that you might find helpful.

      • Enesunkie

        Wow, there is a lot of good imformation there.

  • Dan

    No 1080p @30fps? This is the standard on other cameras. I would never record at 24fps for normal video (unless your going for a film look) so I guess i’m limited to 720p. Canon gives 30fps @1080p & 60fps @720p

    • Quit Whining

      Then go buy a @#%# Canon if you’re that upset. Freakin’ whiners will NEVER be happy with what Nikon puts out.

      • Yes seriously. I’m so sick of it I can almost hear them saying “CCAAANNNONNN” in a whiny voice. If it’s that important to you… switch!
        If high quality video = $$$$ for you, you’re an idiot if you haven’t switched yet.

        Typical response is “WAHHH I HAVE NIKKOR LENSES” well if they’re any of the ones worth having, their resale value, even a couple years used (in good condition) isn’t much less than what you bought it for.


        • Nikon ergonomics are better for a lot of people…

          • Anonymous

            and ergonomics is something BTW that can be addressed fairly easily and does not require special voodoo scince except 2 designers from ikea.

          • Henrik

            Yes that is true (for me) on for the bodies that are similar to D70, but not on the newer stuff, they give me cramps in the hand after about 15 minutes of shooting.

        • Anonymous

          MAGICWANDY RODRIGUEZ & Quit Whining – both of you demonstrated the highest level of primitive behaviour. Congratulations! I am sure both of you will be happy no matter what crap nikon throw at us with premium price just because it has a nikon sticker on it.

          • Quit Whining

            Some of us have learned to be happy with what is available instead of crying and whining about what is not. It’s called maturity and a willingness to wait until Nikon is ready to release equipment worthy of the Nikon name.

        • Dan

          Well, its not like Nikon isn’t working hard and spending money on putting video modes into their cameras. I’m sure all these cameras would be cheaper if nikon just said screw video. So if your going to spend the time & money to add video to cameras, at least give me a good resolution @ a normal playback framerate.

          • Anonymous

            Dan – that’s the whole point. Nikon spends time with the video and neglects everything else right now. And then again, Nikon is late as we can see that Sony and Panasonic (and apparently canon will soon) released a dedicated video camera with all the bells and whistles one can ask. In the meantime Nikon could not address the jello and 1080p issues. Nikon should have bought a video camera company because clearly they do not have the skills.

            • Dan

              true. Well, nikon is still definitely good at still cameras. But with canon & sony putting out some decent still cameras while still throwing nikon overboard on the video side & while keeping things current with 1-2 year product cycles, I’m worried Nikon will struggle to keep up.

              Just try convincing the average consumer (which is who is buying these entry dslrs now) that a 14mp sensor w/720p 30fps video is better than the Canon t2i with 18mp & 1080p 30fps video without massive differences in quality. Plus @ current product life cycles, canon will have a t3i out in 8 months

            • Anonymous

              Dan – that is why I said that Nikon should have bought a video camera company to get those skills. They are lagging behind more and more. I really don’t like the direction Nikon is going right now.

            • Mike

              Nikon is late? How is that Samsung, Panasonic & Pentax full frame camera? Oh ya, they don’t have one! Of anything, Sony is late. Sam/Pan/Sony are electronics companies with a lot of video experience. Nikon is primarily an optics company. Eye glasses, microscopes, binoculars, camera lenses etc. Give then time to get video on par with current Canon offerings. I suspect all the whiners about the lack of Nikon video options don’t reeeeaally need video. If you *needed* 1080 video for jobs, you would have made the switch long ago. Or just by a T2i. I cannot wait for the world wide collective forehead smack when Nikon hits a home run with video. All the Nikon ex-pats will drop their Canon gear like Betamax.

            • Anonymous

              Mike – go back up and read what we wrote again. BTW, Samsung, Pana, and in some sense sony are consumer companies and that is why the first two do not have FF. But have you noticed that the D3, D300, D5000, D90, and the new D3100, and D90 replacement all have sony sensors? Make it worse, apparently the D3x sensor tech is licensed to Nikon as Nikon does not own 1 patent for the D3x sensor.

              In that view we know, Nikon is not only an optics company but it is becoming coolpix crap as well without any innovation and/or genuine new products. Where is the Nikon equivalent for the NEX series, or m4/3, or dslrs that actually go beyond the 12Mp? And I did not mention video because what Nikon is doing is basically sacraficing still image development for getting jello video. That is why I said that they should have aquired a company that knows how to build those crap video right and excellerate in the still image area.

              What we have right now is crap from both world. Coolpix with video that has higher resolution sensor than any current dslr in the nikon lineup.

            • LGO

              The D3, D700 and D3s do not use Sony Sensors.

            • WoutK89

              Admin, is it possible to take out the ability of being “anonymous” so you know who is replying without mixing up people?

              It seems a lot of people like to hide and so make the conversation more an argument than discussion here.

            • Anonymous

              LGO – the D3, D700, D3x, D5000, D90, D300, D300s are all came from sony. If you go back to my post then you would notice that I did not mention the the D3s.

            • WoutK89

              Produced/manufactured by Sony, is different than a 1:1 copy of the sensor Sony used

        • The Man from Mandrem

          People here act like Nikon chips from a Sony foundry are a bad thing.

          That’s plain stupid.

          Sony has tremendous manufacturing know-how and has invested on image sensors. Look at Apple and Samsung ARM chips (iPad/iPod) as an example. Same processor cores, but completely different chips. The Apple chip uses every square micronmeter of space efficiently packed, not even laid out the same.
          It’s like someone bitching that their stereo has Burr Brown DA converters (TI) and saying Denon should have spent it’s own money to develop DA converters rather than buying the best of what’s in the market. I would argue that the chip itself is not the core IP for Nikon and the ability to cross-license other’s innovations ensures they have the best product in the market.

          • Am-Expat

            These comments about video are amusing. When someone has the skill and knowledge to effectively use video in production, money is easy to come by and real video production gear is used. The lack of industry standard interfaces, clock, WC, CC, time code and the list goes on, still cameras with tacked on video will be dropped as the quaint toys they are as soon as standards compliant video cameras are built using the large form factor sensors. The only reason a few people are playing with these toys is because of interchangeable lenses on large readily available sensors. But the sensors are not well suited to video due to their scanning limitations. Within a year or two, most wannabe video shooters will have forgotten that they ever bothered with DSLR video when purpose built video cameras hit the streets.
            Besides, I am still waiting to see a creative compelling video produced by ANY of these wannabes that insist they they NEED 1080 at 30/60. The bunch of them are wankers. The same thing happened when cheaper audio recording gear became available, forums were full of people saying they couldn’t do their craft unless extreme performance was had. Well, 99.9% of them produced nothing that anyone except their mothers would applaud.
            No one needs a high level of performance to create something that is worth seeing.

            The Nikon bashing is just ridiculous, as if Nikon is behind the times and will not catch up. In every class they have the better picture taking device. The other companies promote to those without the sense to figure out that long lists of disconnected and unfinished features does not make a better camera, just more internet sales to people who never used a camera.
            Does anyone have a better AF system?
            Does anyone have lower noise as each price point?
            Does anyone have a better light system?
            Does anyone make a more reliable system?
            Does anyone make more rugged long lived units?
            Does anyone have fewer software bugs?
            Does anyone have less artifacts and banding at a given ISO level?

            I shoot with a lowly D90 but at events and clubs, shoot with friends who use Canon 5dII and 7d, cameras that newbies and internet forum hobbyists claim to overshadow Nikon.
            The results are striking, I a significant more keepers than they do because my lowly Nikon has lower noise, much better AF in low light, and better lighting system. In this case which make is the the better camera? The one that has the longest feature list or the one that gets the images?
            It is time for a few people to go buy their dream Canon/Sony or whatever and leave the photography to people who know better.

  • Brent

    When you do updates, could you please add US Dollar amounts in addition to the Euro rate you always post here. This is a .com and not or something else like that domain….

    • And what makes .com US-centric? Don’t think it would hurt you to take a second to look it up. Or better yet, remember what the exchange rate is if it’s such a worry to you. Be lucky that you’re getting all this information collated free of charge. So you want that *and* the admin to calculate international exchange rates for you? If he does it for you, then shouldn’t he do it for everyone else?

      • JorPet

        Anything that does not end in a country code (e.g. .uk) is, by definition, a .US site (well that was how the initial requirements were written). Now it is pretty customary for sites to not have the country code at the end even if they are non-US sites, so it makes it more confusing…

    • BornOptimist

      Have it crossed your mind that the source of the rumor might be European?
      I’m pretty sure Admin would have written the price in USD if he had it, and btw it’s not that complicated to calculate the numbers yourself.
      Also .com is not a the same as a US domain. You can register a .COM domain all over the world.

      • SGN

        Wasn’t it the German photo-magazine?

    • I got the prices in Euros and in $ this time, those are NOT converted prices – I expect those to be the real numbers, this is why I have listed both. Usually I do convert them, but I may have forgotten few times.

    • Pauliex

      Really? Are you that lazy? Try this: go to google, type “420 euros” without hitting enter/search, wait about 10 milliseconds, and it will tell you what that is in dollars…….

      • Enesunkie

        Yahoo and Bing also.

    • Humanonymous

      It’s not always a straighforward exchange rate (in which case it seems you know what to do but are too lazy to do it), prices in various countries may vary because of export costs, various governmental taxes at the production/shipping level, etc. Accordingly, even using a common base currency, prices will vary from country to country.

    • Big Time

      Can you also give us the pricing in Angolan Kwanza, Guyanese Dollars, and Omani Rial please. Just so we’re not leaving people who can’t look up exchange rates out.


  • I rather enjoy my Coolpix D300 and Coolpix D700. The crap “sony sensor” works just fine in mine. So yeah, WTF is going on with Nikon?

    I was looking at one of the upper level Sony Alphas the other day and it felt like a piece of outdated junk (seriously!) It felt completely 1985 to me (the controls, buttons, top screen, etc.). If THAT is “innovation,” then I’m very much fine without it!

    • Anonymous

      Fried Toast – you are simply shortsighted and we do not expect anything beyond you have showed us with your mental capabilities. I guess you noticed that sony is fairly new in this dslr arena. Of course they can’t get everything right but we have to admit sony does have interesting ideas and in certain ways they are not that bad when we consider that they are learning.

      WTF is going on with Nikon? Give me a break, just take a look at their latest hit video ad from yesterday. It is an embaressement. Besides that, there is nothing new that Nikon showed in the last year and half or so.

      BTW – apparently the newly designed Nikon D3s sensor is licensed. That is because there is no Nikon sensor patent for it. Now look at what is coming now from Nikon
      a) D3100 with a sony sensor
      b) D90s with again a sony sensor
      In the meantime sony will release something really new concept (although it was done before by canon) the translucent mirror camera and 3 more. Sony released the NEX-3 and NEX-5 plus a dedicated video NEX. Nikon gave us a steady handed dude with crappy projector.

      So who is innovating?

      I am a Nikon fan and have been with Nikon for over 20 yrs but lately it is getting embarassing not to mention the long wait for going beyond the magical 12Mp. I am sorry that’s also sony’s fault. Darn it, sony must make better FF at 24Mp for Nikon eh? It is been over 2 yrs and Nikon is unable to match the competition except in nightvision for which nikon pays license fees because it was not a Nikon development. Find the patent for me and I will believe in you.

      • Pauliex

        You’ve been with Nikon for over 20 years but write like a 12 year old….. I’m confused!

        • Anonymous

          Pauliex – Forever young! I just got my diaper changed because I had something for you. 🙂

      • WoutK89

        I guess you noticed that sony is fairly new in this dslr arena.”

        Sony is not new, they have been around since 2006 AND guess what, they took over Konica/Minolta, so they did have expertise in the SLR part of things.
        Now it’s Anonymous’ turn again

        • Anonymous

          WoutK89 – and you are an expert of managing and integrating an acquisition in this size. WoutK89 of course, Konica/Minolta when it was acquired by sony was the market leader with the best technology beating Nikon and Canon in the digital slr developments. You live in a f***n dreamworld man.

  • N-Mi

    Sony a55v : 900-1000$
    Nikon D3100 : 650 €

  • Tockitman

    Stephen, I regularly use my Tokina 11-16mm DX lens on my F100. If I have it set at 16mm, I get no vignetting, and the effect is amazing. Personal taste, I suppose, but perfectly workable. I have not tried other DX lenses on the F100 yet, and I do not currently own a full frame digital in which to test.

  • Jesus

    if the 3100 wont get a mic-in plug its shit

    • Aaron

      Record audio externally and sync. It’ll cost you, what, $50, for more-than-decent quality and much more flexibility.

  • hah

    sony also made the D3 and D3s sensor for nikon. Years later, they are still the best low light sensors in the 35mm format. Their D3x sensor was also made by sony for nikon. It features the most color deltph and dynamic range of any 35mm dslr. In other words, nikon has the best sensors for low light and the highest resolution sensors (second only to the A900). I see nothing wrong if nikon continues that parnetship. contrast that to canon. Their highest resolution sensor is low 20s and their noise levels are extremelly high. dynamic range and color depth also suffer. Their current generation sensors are only just catching up to where nikon and sony were since 2007. They also have only 2 full frame bodies compared to nikon’s 3. Seems to me the nikon + sony partnership is paying off good and the new generation of sensors is just around the corner.

    on a side note: not another DX lens!. The EVIL format should be the future of consumer interchangeable lenses cameras. This means DX can finally be put to rest.

  • Lola

    “I do not expect any surprises (i.e. no full frame DSLR from Nikon for Photokina)”
    Didn’t Nikon say that months ago?

    • true, this is what all Nikon reps in Europe have been talking about for months, I covered that several times in the past

      • Anonymous

        So what the heck will be the big surprise from Nikon? My guess is that Nikon became an embarassing coolpix company. Jeez, I still have nightmares about that video from yesterday. What were they thinking?

        • WoutK89

          they were thinking, how can we make people at NikonRumors complain even further… Just ignore what you dont like, and stop talking about it, it adds nothing and will not change Nikon’s ways

          • Anonymous

            as you comment WoutK89

  • there will be no P7000 tonight

  • Al0n

    Thank you Admin. Way to go.

    But if the B/G is black, maybe one day…

  • mrphoebs

    Let it begin, let it begin….

  • Void

    Don’t care about the 3100, it will probably be just as junky as the 3000. I want a D90 replacement so I can supplement my D5000. I would really like one with the swivel display, but nikon seems to have abandoned that technology.

  • Jabs

    Great news Administrator.
    Now to SHUT UP the complainers about nothing above 12 megapixels at a low price from Nikon – LOL!

    • Victor Hassleblood

      LOL, that’s a good one and even true.

      Guess us whiners (who are waiting for a D700 replacement) won’t get the D3x recommended any longer. This is mean.

  • Tockitman

    True that everyone here is more interested in the D90/D700 replacements, but I must say that it is a good thing that Nikon is, at the very least, releasing SOMETHING. I was very disappointed in the D3000, so I hope this is a substantial improvement.

    Now, once they get it released, on to the really interesting stuff!!

  • Daniyar

    Admin, so when do you expect D95 announcement? November-December time frame with January release?

    • No, the D90 replacement (not sure if it will be called D95) will be released in September with a new 200mm f/2.0 lens. I am thinking that the P7000 will also be released then. The date I got is around September 15th (not exact date, “around that time”). There is definitely going to be another round of announcements after tonight.

  • akvisuals

    Do you guys think the d3100 will have a 14-bit raw or a 12-bit?

    • I don’t think so. It’ll be too much like a D90 or even D300, unless both of the replacements get 16-bit, which aren’t likely to be soon.

  • regular

    I think every brand is targeting the growing markets : BRIC (Brasil, Russia, India, China). Western economies are fucked because of the US liberal dictat, no money in consumers’ wallets.
    Nikon is drawing conclusions : addressing the needs for affordable DSLR for those rising markets.
    IMHO, you can wait a few more years before anyone get a D700 update.

    • D800


  • I can’t wait to see the ISO performance of the D3100. Logically, it cannot be equivalent to the D700.

  • Jatin

    Please advise if there will be any further announcement with regard to D90 upgrade – replacement.

    Was keen to pick this up in coming months.

  • JP

    Finally a 85 1.4 replacement

    • STJ

      Exactly 🙂

  • DaveyJ

    Comment on the remark to Anonymous……Once upon a time I was a high school teacher before becoming a college prof and I am going to say if I had a student who could shoot off a quick email like I think he does…..I’d be impressed. Unfortunately for the Nikon devotees the truth seems to hurt at times. Apparently it is more annoying to some than others. I have moved on to more serious battles but really believe in researching cameras before buying them. And I pay attention to what Canon, Nikon, etc. are producing. My guess I have owned more brand cameras than say 90% of you. And do not immediately assume that is a put down. WHAT I mean is owning lots of cameras and brands will expose you to a lot of technology but I for one encourage us ALL to buy fewer cameras, use them better, and avoid at all costs allowing gear to steal your productivity. However I would not promote mindless brand loyalty either. I am here for the simple reason I refuse to buy another camera I do not need. When I buy the next one it will be tested and true. Any offerings by Nikon lower than D3100 (DSLRs) is not going over big at all. Back in the film days I tended to go with big and expensive in a quest for high quality. Honestly to look back on it the costs to productivity were staggering. Might have made me a better photographer but I always regard any endeavor as how good are you today? Guess what? Buyers almost always are NOT loyal to past gear. They are going to buy what is productive today. Kodak chose to play a slow hand to satisfy powerful stockholders. Losing bragging rights to the top SELLING mid level cameras would be catastrophic. The D90 replacement and I am sure the D700 replacement are the focal point of much interest, and relate directly to market share. I understand some of the holdup was less than perfect prototype certainly of the D90 replacement which may have delayed introduction???

    • Enesunkie

      Here’s to Nikon getting the D95 and D800 right!

  • James

    Sony always has good specs, but they always manage to screw something up. Case in point: The A550, where the swivel display protrudes to the point where you can’t get your eye up to the optical viewfinder. How in the world did that get by QA?

    Hopefully they will get their act together someday and offer some real competition to Nikon and Canon.

    • Anonymous

      James – I think sony is learning. just look at the success of the NEX and its built quality. I think 2 more years and sony will be at the same league as canon and nikon. In the meantime our beloved Nikon is just throwing crap at us with the coolpix embaressements.

  • Are all worried about your photography because there is no D700 replacement?

    PLEASE ANSWER : ) Politely

    • Anonymous

      Ok Canon fellow, no I am not worried about that. What I am worried about it is that Nikon does not provide alternatives. We have a f***n 12Mp and nothing else (and I owned 2 of them, a d300 which i sold and a d700 I currently have).

      Since 2005 june Nikon was unable to produce more than 12Mp. Again we see the D3x and start shaking our head since we know that the sensor is sony and sony sells one for less than 2000. See many of us pissed because when you buy into a system you expect that you’ll get the tools that are competitive. I am sorry but 12Mp just not enough for many applications. I can take a f***n great picture in a coal mine in the middle of the night with it of running Afro-American athlete, but it sucks when it comes landscapes and/or you need to crop. As it turns out Nikon does not have anything for another year. That’s why we are pissed.

      • Mike

        You should use your higher res coolpix for landscapes then. Annonymous, I feel sorry for your ego. You seems you can’t take a decent landscape shot with a 12 mp DSLR nor can you afford the D3x (or a850 with lenses). Nikon may not produce alternatives at your price point but there are market alternatives at your price point. What does Nikon hear more? Bitchers and whiners or market reports that tell them their 12 mp DSLR sales are declining to competitors’ 21 mp DSLRs? To think there were professional stock and landscape photographers using D1’s at one time! My ego is happy that at least until next year my D700 will be current. Until then I will invest in glass, and computers and hard drives to be able to handle 20+ mp.

        • D800


      • hendrik

        you haven’t seen 7D iso 100 files recently, haven’t u. that’s why u are asking for more MP. my friend shoot 7D with iso 100 daylight and guess what, u can see noise in the shadow area. for me, i prefer my 12MP nikon D300 after seeing that nightmare.

      • WoutK89

        I am not in your “we” story…, leave me out of “us” 😉

      • Victor Hassleblood

        Would a Fuji sensor be fine with you?

        I really don’t care who’s sensors Nikon uses. They never made film either.
        I’ve read this sony-makes-it-Nikon-can’t-even-phrase how often now? A hundred times? I must say this is truly boring. You (anonymous) really seem to enjoy it, when you repeat yourself.

  • Kingyo

    If this is all 100% accurate, then basically besides the new Nikkor AF-S 85 f/1.4 G, the new 200mm f/2 VRII, and the introduction of Continuous AF during video mode …all other announcements from Nikon for this year should be a big disappointment to long-time Nikon customers.
    The average “new” Nikon consumer isn’t glued to NR everyday waiting for the D5000 replacement.. they’re electronics store walk-ins that feel adventurous and want to step up to an SLR from their previous P&S cams. They don’t need hype & super official announcements at Photokina..they just need a nice TV commercial.
    D90 replacement is great for D90 fans, but would anyone using a D300s or better really get excited about a D90 replacement? Unless they felt like picking one up as a lightweight backup camera?
    And don’t get me started with CoolPix 😀
    Nikon shouldn’t ignore the market that brought them into the digital-age in the first place (semi-pro & pro).

  • John

    Pity that lovely FX walk-about lens (24-120/4 VR) does not have a new FX body to go along with it.


  • Dite

    Finding myself getting quite excited about the impending D3100 release…. is it not most curious to have such feelings of desire for an inanimate object… and an “entry level” object at that?

    But where does this leave the D5000? …. is the D3100 a replacement for the D3000 AND D5000?

    p.s. “who cares” is not a worthy response 😉

  • Kingyo

    THIS JUST IN.. President of Nikon Corporation, Mr. Makoto Kimura, has just issued the following statement on his twitter account (@NikonPrez): “..there will be no new D700 replacement in 2010.”

    • There is no such twitter account, or at least I could not find. Got a link?

  • cirtap

    What, is going on here? Who is a sleep at the switch at Nikon? Where is my D4? Where is my D4? I need a new camera and willing to spend money on a New Nikon D4!!!!

    Dear Nikon…..I and I suspect a lot of people truly don’t give a hoot about these entry level cameras…Thanks..and have a pleasant tomorrow.

    • Dite

      Numerically speaking, a lot less will be able to afford to give a damn about your D4!

      • cirtap

        U know what…U are wrong…There are a ton of photographers I know are waiting for the next great thing from Nikon..The D4….And IT will happen soon…OR hell somewhere in the area of D700X or maybe the D800…

        I am waiting and waiting..because just like them…we all know that Canon has a slew of New Cameras coming also…AND i truly believe that Nikon is going to to Camera for Camera this time around…Before the end of this year..I believe we all will see at least 4 new cameras…maybe 5.

        • Dite

          Then, sir, I stand corrected.

          Pray forgive my ignorance. I had no idea that the D4 is anticipated to outsell the D3100.

  • Kingyo

    Admin, that was just for laughs.. something to ease the pain of those who were left behind without an FX announcement 🙂

  • FRE8

    Very disappointed that they don’t at least match the frame rates of a T2i when it comes to video. Won’t be able to do any of those smooth slow motion shots like you can with the T2i. Nikon doesn’t have video camera sales to protect- this is one area where they could crush Canon. But they’re not. Maybe the rumored mirrorless will be more impressive when it comes to video.

  • Anonymous

    How quickly after the announcement of the D3100 and D90 replacement will the be available to purchase/have in hand?

    • Anonymous

      Never, this impotent Nikon cannot even keep proper stock levels. Oh, you can buy their crappy coolpix

  • Anonymous

    How does AVCHD compare with H.264, technically and practically?

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