Nikon View NX2 now available for download

The link to download the View NX2 (free) just got published:

See all View NX2 details here.

What's new in version 2 after the break:

New image editing functions

(1) Crop
Save only the desired portion of a photo.
(2) Auto Red-Eye
Correct the "red-eye" effect that often occurs in photos of people taken with a flash.
(3) Straighten
Straighten photos taken at an angle.
(4) Auto Lateral Color Aberration
Correct color shift caused by chromatic aberration and reduce lateral chromatic aberration.

Movie editing functions

  • Trim
  • Use to specify and extract only the desired portion of a movie file.
  • Save movie frame as still image
  • Saves a specified movie frame as a JPEG image with the same pixel count as the original movie frame.

Improved print functions

(1) Printing date/time shot
Print the date images were captured over or below the images.
(2) Background color
Select one of four background color options for printing.
(3) Metadata
Select the shooting information to be printed with images from a detailed set of options.
(4) Header/Footer
Text can be input for use as headers and/or footers with printing.

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  • kururu

    u yeaahhh…. CROP-able
    download begin ^_^

  • Segura

    Wake me when Camera Control Pro 3 is released . . . and actually usable

    • gt

      sofortbild is pretty good – and free

      • Biziclop

        …and is for Mac only.

      • Segura

        Sofortbild is good, but it doesn’t let you edit the Camera profiles like NCCP does . . . which is why I use NCCP

  • Oliver

    only 32 bit???!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yep, Nikon doesn’t believe anyone really uses a 64 bit OS. Their cameras and lenses are fabulous, but their software engineers must live on an isolated south pacific island with no lights, no phones, no motorcars – not a single luxury…

      • When ya got the Professor, man, who needs 64 bit?

        • dave

          Mr. & Mrs. Howel… you don’t get rich by wasting bits, you know. They’ll take every bit you can give them.

    • minivini

      Yep, Nikon doesn’t believe anyone really uses a 64 bit OS. Their cameras and lenses are fabulous, but their software engineers must live on an isolated south pacific island with no lights, no phones, no motorcars – not a single luxury…

  • Was geo tagging and google maps (and wikipedia keywording) integrated in the old version? I like this feature a lot.

  • When will Nikon open up the NEF standard… ? Use View NX to choose the correct picture profile and write it to xmp/dng.

  • This should have happened a LONG time ago. For crying aloud, Nikon D90 can do these things in camera. I was angry at Nikon for stopping the capturenx bundling with the SLR cameras, as the viewNX version couldn’t even do most of the simple things.

    You know what? Canon users also get free tethering control. Wake up Nikon, get the software up to speed. You have also messed up other possibilities with propietary closed NEF-format. Lightroom has to guess what the image should look like instead using the info in the picture.

  • han

    finally… i don’t need picasa 3 anymore… 😀

  • Crop is cool, but i won’t regret switching to Adobe Bridge + DNG.

  • nearin

    Transition effects on diaporama don’t work correctly !! Please confirm !

  • Finally. I hope the White Balance utility works good. Finally I could be able to avoid the usage of Capture NX2. I really just want to have a faster tool than CNX2!!!

  • Hope it integrates with Photoshop as ACR does !

  • Anonymous

    Mine took about 15 min to download with 0.5 mbps. And you?

    • Anonymous

      Nikon Europe use a decent content delivery network so my download ran @ 2MB/s
      Looks good so far except I can’t see a way to show a single thumbnail for NEF+JPEG which I found very useful in the old version.

      • View -> NRF/NRW+JPEG

        – To view combined nef+jpg

  • Epic fail by Nikon…
    32-bit joke :-/

  • Kerni

    The new version looks really nice and is a lot faster than the old one. For example, when you open a new folder or you browse your pictures in full screen mode.

    I hope Nikon also speeds up Capture NX2 and adds something to correct the abberant lines like a shift lens. When do we get Capture NX3?

    • WoutK89

      yesterday, as usual

  • Is this just a simple version of Bridge/Lightroom? Or any inport software for basic corrections before going to PS? Is it fast for raw importng? And does 32 vs 64 bti make a huge difference?

    • @EWP
      Kind of… View NX has been an important part for my workflow for a while now. I run it on a 64bit Vista machine and this 32bit software runs ok. It is fast and accurate in NEF converting and importing. And the basic editing steps are just what I need befor going into PS. Exposure Control, White Balance and Picture Control work all great and give me the Nikon results and not the sometimes strange result ACR gives me.
      I also use it a lot in workshops to quickly show students the ins and outs of WB and Picture Control. And the fast scrolling helps.
      It is much smaller and lighter then Lightroom or Bridge. And you can give tags to sort later (stars or numbers).
      I just downloaded ViewNX2 and it works indeed a bit quicker then the old one and looks more smooth. Still have to look into the new things. But having video-editing posibilities now seems to be nice since this stuff is being integrated in the DSLRs more and more 🙁

      Thank you admin for pointing this one out. Because the Message Centre knew of nothing!!! 🙂

  • venancio

    waiting for a denoise patch in the adjustment panel… good work, nikon…


    Great product and beautiful upgrade….but i’ve a problem: when i adjust the raw whith ex exposure, lightness ecc. and click “save”, viewnx 2 don’ t save; infat if i reopen viewnx2 or edit the raw in nx2, the raw is the original and it isn’t adjusted.

    Thanks for the reply.


    • Segura

      Not editing the original RAW file is a good thing, yes?

      • Meh

        That’s not the NX way. Capture NX saves on top of the original and adds a new version plus updates the embedded jpeg.

  • Nikon Boy

    is that for free?

  • Ren Kockwell

    Don’t care. I use Pshop and Lightroom.

  • Looks nice for a fresh release, some quirks here and there.
    What I am waiting for iz Capture NX3 with (I hope) speed improvement.

    Capture NX2 is sooo sloow that my machine almost halts to a stop. Photoshop on the other hand fast and snappy.

  • Don’t think I’m gonna use this 🙁

  • decapitor

    Well so far it’s crashed twice within 4 minutes of use from simply browsing through my photo collection. Also who came up with putting black text on a gray background for the menus?!?!? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it came out and it’s still better than ViewNX1, but seriously Nikon please just open up NEF and let us use other software if you can’t provide us with a cutting edge experience in-house.

  • DaWolf

    Any of you guys know if this could run decently on a netbook?

  • HonzaXXXXX

    Problem: New version don’t allow you to apply D2X modes (Optional Picture Controls) for your RAW images unless you have D3, D3X, D3S, D300, D700, D300S, D90, D5000, D3000 or P6000. Very bad (rather pretty stupid from Nik and Nikon) for us with D200, D2hs who likes to play with these colors… 🙁

    • Steve Jobs

      Buy a new Nikon. Not that big a deal.

      Steve Jobs

      – Sent from my iNikon

  • Does it have the CNX2 tools for highlights and shadows recovery?

  • Mike

    Pretty fast; quite stable for me so far; allows quick, reversible adjusts to many photos. Crops welcome. If it just allowed viewing of psd files in the browser i’d be able to use it exclusively at the front-end of my workflow. Complaints aside, very good for free software… for those comparing to Lightroom etc, those don’t cost $0.

  • davis

    Total Crapware

  • Keen

    Great! another updated piece of crap buggy program. Nikon may make reliable cameras, but its so easy to shoot tethered with Canon and its FREE! Next time, if anyone of you gets to ask Nikon’s CEO a question. Ask him in the FACE, “why does Nikon live in the Jarassic period when it comes to software development and permanently in a coma?” U are a failure! maybe that will wake him up….

    • superstar

      Nikon doesn’t develop software.

  • Ric

    NX3 in September.


    Cracked versions are already avalible.

    • those cracked NX3 versions are bogus, they don’t exists

      • Ric

        A guy can dream can’t he?

  • Slow Gin

    So good cameras and so crappy software. Why? While NEF is closed as Area 51 we can not be absolutely sure with result of converting RAW’s in other soft like Raw Therapee or something else. I really hate Adobe products and really hate native Nikon’s software which is sooooo sloooow, buggy, preciseless and useless. Open up the NEF format or DO good viewer and converter that will meet contemporary and close future requirements.

  • Swede

    Why, but why haven’t they made it possible to sort/search by keyword tags? Getting close to bizarre this….

  • Ramon Vivas

    Nikon Transfer 2 hang on my MacBook.. but only when exiting program. Start OK.. but dont show my D3000 and when press Cmd+Q for exit.. hang and I must force program to terminate.. anybody have same problem..
    iPhoto and Image Capture show both the camera when conected

  • Ramon Vivas

    Well.. after executing Nikon Movie Editor .. all problem are gone.. ¿¿??

  • Hmm… I find it (in a direct comparison) to be annoyingly slower than the original in displaying photos and 100% zooming, but much faster in displaying filtered groups of images. Otherwise the functionality is mostly the same.

    2:1 victory for the original as an image browser over the new one. It’s a shame it’s not an improvement, because I find View NX to be by far superior (faster and with higher quality previews, super-fast 100% viewing, and fast rating of images) to any other image sorting application out there. That includes the horrendous virus-like programs that Adobe calls Lightroom and Bridge.

    I’ve yet to give editing a try.

  • Well, editing does seem to be much faster than the original. You can even save settings and select multiple photos for batch editing.

    The only things missing are levels/curves, color adjustment, and a heal tool. Too bad those weren’t included – it’d mean far less Capture NX 2 and thus faster processing.

  • Nikon66

    I just installed View NX2 and it says that it Tiffs are now unsupported. They were supported on the previous version. It seem slike they’re going backwards? Is anyone else having this same issue?

  • Nikon66

    I just installed View NX2 and it says that Tiffs are now unsupported. They were supported on the previous version. It seem slike they’re going backwards? Is anyone else having this same issue?

    • Nikon66

      I take it back. Tiffs are loading now, but its brutally slow. Taking 10 to 15 minutes or more for some Tiffs to load. The previous version of View handled Tiffs much quicker. Otherwise, everything else seems to run faster and smoother in the new version.

  • Hmm… this seems strange to me? A representative of Nikon’s software Lifecycle in the U.S. market, say we should use ViewNX 2 for your selection and RAW editing… and not use Capture NX except for “problem children” images. Why would Nikon promote a free program over a program they get a fee for?

    On Flickr Capture NX Group.

  • dorme

    This is a piece of crap! I can’t email photos anymore.

  • paul smith

    There is better free software available than this View NX junk. The movie editor is basically worthless My DVR player has a much better movie editor in it. As a photo editor it’s nice to see the details about how the picture was taken but that has little to do with the function of editing. Microsoft photo editor is much better and I consider Microsoft’s photo editor to be pretty basic. I found that on my W-7 CPU I don’t need the View NX to upload pictures or movies, Windows will do it. The end result was I uninstalled the Nikon stuff. I haven’t tried uploading to my XP CPU yet without the Nikon software.

    Nikon would be better off if they did not supply software if it is junk and just lower the price of the camera by the amount they spend on the software.

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