Nikon Coolpix S1100pj presentations (video)

Nikon Coolpix S1100pj pre-orders are now accepted at Amazon.

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  • haha why!? I can’t wait until I’m at a party and someone turns off all of the lights to show us what fun we were having 5 minutes before by projecting it on the wall. They can’t even illustrate why this is a good idea in their marketing.

    • Justin

      Haha, that’s awesome! “Look how much fun we were having before I made everyone stop and look at my gimmicky camera”.

  • Patrick

    Wow! That guy’s got a suspiciously steady hand…Obviously the image on the wall was added later. Hand-held, that projection would be wriggling all over the place!

    • If you look closely, you’ll see that the camera’s images and the projected images don’t match ;~). Not just in crop, but sometimes in content, too. Instead of using the phrase “projected images simulated,” they try to finesse the language in small print towards the end.

      • Carl

        The projection was hand-held steady, as the little camera boasts dual VR that works not only when capturing images but also when projecting them.

        The camera has also parallel image processing pipelines for the LCD display and for the projected image, so that the content can differ a any time. At least the prototype used for the presentation has this ability. The final product can differ from this prototype due to cost optimization decisions.

        And finally, 14 lumens are extremely bright after your eyes are fully adapted to total darkness. The presentation tries to emulate what you see under such circumstances.

        Charles Chaplin

        • Andreas

          I had the same thougths about the freaky steady hands of the dude in the ad… Carl, are you just kidding or do you really know these things? Vibration reduction of the projected image would make a lot of sense 🙂

          • Carl

            Andreas, I was just kidding.


        • “Projected images may look different in actual use. Images and monitor information are for illustrative purposes only.”

    • zzddrr

      The last I saw a really cool projector was in Star Wars and was a built in feature of R2D2. It took over 30yrs for Nikon to copy this concept. 🙂 I guess the farce (sorry I meant force) was not always with them. 🙂

  • nick94

    hmm. not really sure why I would need a projector either…. Nikon give me my dslrs!!!!

  • David

    Oh dear, Nikon really needs a better ad agency. Are they stuck in the 90s?

    • jay

      90’s? Sounds like the 60’s


    I don’t know, it almost seems as if my 17″ MacBook Pro has a bigger screen…

  • Hehe, thats was lovely and cheesy! a agree they do indeed need a new agency to bring them safely into the 2010’s 🙂 but lets face it… its Nikon, i love them no matter what they do

  • Justin

    There is probably some practical use for the projector feature, but they haven’t shown it in this video.

    This camera feels like a solution in search of a problem.

  • astrorami


  • Anonymous

    Come on , stop with this kid stuff widgets , projector ,drawing tablet , touchscreen
    where is the dslr’s

  • CS

    Man….nikon…you are going down the wrong path…give me some USEFUL features!!

  • Fred

    At least they’re trying …

    to make me laugh!

  • DaWolf

    If my friends that shoot Canon see this I am a dead man….so embarassing 🙂
    Next BIG idea…a coolpix that does sonograms, how cool would that be?

  • Scott Morton

    How about cooking us up a Coolpix that takes great images. Nice, clean, sharp and well-defined images. That would be a cool feature.

  • Don Pope

    Come on! Can’t they show at least one actual projection from the stupid camera?
    That is so obviously fake it’s embarrassing.

  • Anonymous

    Why?????? Nikon what did we do to deserve this crap?

    I am so f***n excited to get one of these projectors….

    BTW, did you notice that MP does not count at Nikon? The number 3 or 4 item they showed in this crappy ad was 14Mp. Great job Nikon, now you need to add:

    1) an mp3 player since music would be great with the crappy images
    2) phone
    3) email
    4) wifi
    5) bluetooth
    6) gps
    7) and some games

    WTF were these Nikon people thinking?

    • jay

      This is what happens when companies run by MBA’s, and they might be right, these craps might sell more profitable than good optics and d700s.

      • zzddrr

        jay – at least a smart MBA would have told Nikon that don’t mix the shit with chocolate! Get a different brand to sell crappy products. I mean you cannot be the bargain store and the highest class at the same time. I think Nikon really missed this.

        This video is just embarassing for many of us as somebody just mentioned above. I just cannot believe that Nikon did not show this to decent person before releasing.

        I think the most damaging part is the obviously faked projection. I hope Nikon’s ass will be whopped for false advertising the same way as Apple had to pull an ad in the UK that showed how fast the iPhone pulled up websites. This ad makes me worried about the direction where Nikon is sliding. Clearly, they are disconnected

  • Denko

    Seriously Nikon?!? … hooking it (1000pj) up to a computer rather than using a professional grade projector on board meetings and such? Yeah it may work but NO… its called reliability and size… and yeah my hands shake… thus I like my cameras much heavier than most.

  • love this video XD

  • Frank

    If this will allow you to project a PowerPoint presentation from your laptop there could be some interesting possibilities. It would certainly depend on the quality of the presentation, but it’s an intriguing idea. I’m glad Nikon is thinking like this. Ideas that are often viewed as corny in the beginning often develop into very useful tools.

    • Anonymous

      Frank – this was done by samsung in a cell phone. Don’t tell me that your sales people would buy this instead of a cell phone that already has camera and projector and actually you can make phone calls.

  • HelloWorld

    This thing needs to be bundled with a mini tripod…

  • Huggs

    I’ll but that for a dollar!

  • gonzalo

    I think this camera will be a huge seller, as the first time i saw somethign with cell phone with cam inside… i tought… “useless!”… and now…

  • gonzalo

    I think this camera will be a huge seller, as the first time i saw a cell phone with cam inside… i tought… “useless!”… and now…

    • The first phone with a cam probably wasn’t a huge seller – only the ones that followed that had some level of quality..

  • Bob

    Must be like Spinal Tap–It’s big in Japan….

  • Mtrebbin

    he must have gotten some drugs! He’s a living tripod! Or does the projector have VR?

  • What an utterly boring presentation…

  • getreal

    Just what every wanna be porn director needs. Or high school party.

  • Lola

    “you can draw on your pictures while you project them”? WOW, now that’s what I call a camera. I bet all you D3 series owners are turning green with envy just like Canon.

  • jason lyseight

    So how long do you think the battery will last on this wonderful peace of technological break through LOL

  • cirtap

    EXCUSE ME!!! What does God need with a Star Ship? OH where do i begin..who in the hell is going to hold that damn thing up just to look at pictures??? And i loved it when we all were looking at the business meeting, and that poor sap has to HOLD that damn projector…BUT? could U not look at it on the computer? And save your arm? TOO many question than answers…So what does God need with a Star Ship? NOTHING!!!

    …and oh by the way Nikon…where is my D4?

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