Nikon Coolpix S1100pj, S5100 and View NX2 announced

Nikon announced two new Coolpix cameras today: S1100pj and S5100. In addition, a new version View NX is also available. The View NX2 info is only on dpreview for now.

Full press release after the break:

The New COOLPIX S1100pj Offers Exciting Ways to Share Photos, Movies and Even Presentations, While the New COOLPIX S5100 Delivers Versatile Performance in a Slim Stylish Design

MELVILLE, NY (August 17, 2010) – At the forefront of product innovation and market firsts, Nikon Inc. introduces two new COOLPIX cameras into the Style Series, marrying first-of-its-kind technology and portable design to enhance the experience of making and sharing great photos and videos.

Building upon its award-winning projector camera, Nikon continues to broaden content sharing with the new COOLPIX S1100pj’s computer connectivity offering a new way to view photos, movies and even presentations. The chic and vibrant new COOLPIX S5100 delivers the speed and ease-of-use that have made the S-Series the preferred choice among consumers who seek style and performance, and advanced Nikon technologies to help create amazing pictures even in low light.

“As the first to introduce a built-in projector in a compact digital camera, our consumers have come to expect innovation from Nikon’s COOLPIX S-Series,” said Bo Kajiwara, director of marketing, Nikon Inc. “In order to meet the evolving needs of our consumers, we have further advanced our award-winning technology, while delivering the high performance and shooting and sharing versatility they have come to trust.”

The New COOLPIX S1100pj: Innovative Sharing Experiences for Work and Play
On the heels of its ground-breaking predecessor, the new COOLPIX S1100pj takes advanced technology a step further with a 40 percent brighter, 14-lumen internal projector complete with a built-in stand and an easy-to-use touch screen interface, allowing the user to share photos and movies in even more environments. With the computer connection feature, the S1100pj also allows the user to connect the camera to a computer via USB and project whatever is on the computer screen or JPEG image files saved to the camera’s memory card or internal memory. Additional creative features include a built-in slide show function that plays photos with music and one-touch HD 720p movie recording with easy projection playback. Whether sharing family photos and videos with loved ones or presenting an important presentation to a client, users can make a big impression by projecting up to 47-inches from over 7-feet away.

Truly putting creativity at the user’s fingertips, the COOLPIX S1100pj features a 3-inch 460,000-dot touch LCD screen with Clear Color Display. A new Paint function allows users to write and draw on projected images in real time, while a wide range of new Retouch functions allow users to add stamps for an entertaining effect or rate their favorite photos for a more convenient search. Other new functions in the S1100pj’s in-camera Retouch Menu include Soft, Selective Color, Cross Screen, Fisheye Effect, Miniature Effect and Makeup Effect, giving the user creative freedom without the need for a computer.

The 14.1-megapixel COOLPIX S1100pj includes a 5x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom-NIKKOR glass lens (28-140mm) and a 5-way VR Image Stabilization System with ISO settings up to 6400 to ensure incredibly sharp, crisp images in low light or while shooting handheld. To further help users capture stunning photos easily, the S1100pj also features 17 scene modes, Subject Tracking, Easy Auto Mode and Nikon’s Smart Portrait System all packed into a colorful, compact design.

The COOLPIX S1100pj will be available in September 2010 for $349.95* MSRP in a choice of colors including black, violet, green and silver.

The New COOLPIX S5100: Style, Speed and Simplicity
The new COOLPIX S5100 combines speedy performance with sleek design for a stylish, yet convenient accessory for wherever life leads. Sporting a fast start-up time, a short shutter-release time and one-touch HD 720p movie recording at 30 fps, the S5100 helps to ensure memories are captured as soon as they happen. The S5100 plays host to a myriad of Nikon technologies used to capture beautiful nighttime and low light shots with less blur and noise. These features include image processing that results in less noise at high sensitivities, a motion detection function, lens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function and a new flash control system.

In addition to must-have features including 12.2-megapixel resolution, a bright 2.7-inch LCD display, 5x Optical Zoom and a 4-way VR Image Stabilization System with ISO settings to 3200 at full resolution, the COOLPIX S5100 also adds a new tripod detection function found on premium NIKKOR lenses. This function detects handheld or tripod shooting and automatically selects the ideal exposure, ISO sensitivity and shutter speed in order to reduce image blur and ensure sharp photos.

The stylish design and vivid color options of the COOLPIX S5100 make the camera a perfect outlet to express one’s personality, while user-friendly features like 18 scene modes, Scene Auto Selector, Subject Tracking and Nikon’s Smart Portrait System make the S5100 an easy-to-use tool for capturing remarkable photos virtually anywhere.

The COOLPIX S5100 will be available in October 2010 for $179.95* MSRP in a choice of attractive colors including black, pink, purple and blue.

COOLPIX Technology
At the core of all new COOLPIX cameras are Nikon’s world-class NIKKOR lenses, delivering accurate detail, brilliant color and amazing clarity. For the first time, Nikon’s new EXPEED C2™ high performance digital image processing engine is implemented and custom-optimized for each COOLPIX model to ensure high-quality pictures with stunning color and sharpness. The new S-Series models embrace the addition of High Definition (HD) video accessible via an ideally located video record button on the back of the camera. Other COOLPIX features include Scene Auto Selector or Easy Auto Mode, which automatically recognizes the shooting situation and adjusts camera settings accordingly for great pictures anywhere. To help users create better portraits easier, the Smart Portrait System incorporates a series of automatic functions including In-Camera Red-Eye Fix™, Improved Face-Priority AF, Face-Priority AE, Smile Mode, Blink Warning and Skin Softening to flatter even the most camera-shy subject (features vary by model).

*Estimated selling price listed is only an estimate. Actual prices are set by dealers and are subject to change at any time.

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  • Anonymous

    Where is the D800?

    • gt

      You and everyone like you is incredibly annoying.

      We get it. Making the same annoying comment DAY AFTER DAY doesn’t make it release any faster.

      • That’s ok. I notice he leaves D800 comments on,, and too.

        • Craig Grunwell

          It’s also the first thing he says to his mother every morning at the breakfast table.

          It will be his firstborn male child’s first words.

          • Zograf


            • Jeremy

              And as soon as the D800 is announced, he’ll start asking where the D900 is.

      • Anonymous

        You are annoying. If you are annoyed, why even bother responding. Get a life.

        • gt

          haha. ironic much?

        • Anonymous

          quit whining nd just get a d3x

          • Anonymous

            price & weight !

            • WoutK89

              I want a ferrari, but the price and weight hold me back, haha, if you WANT or NEED something, there is a big difference, just wait patiently if you WANT it or buy the D3x if you NEED it.

        • IncredibleUlk

          Get a name.

      • Ronald


    • nikkor_2

      Nonetheless, it should be interesting.

      As Fake Chuck Westfall — the Canon ‘evangelist’ — said recently:

      “I can’t go into details right now …”

      See (warning: a tad profane):

    • Thief

      I silently entered the Nikon HQ en destroyed all of the D800 (, D700x , whatever) prototypes and plans , destroyed the servers that contained information about that camera , just because you made me angry , i dont want a D800 , i just want the D95 !!!! ( i took some D95 prototypes , i post pics later … 😛 )

      • TO THIEF

        Did you also crushed the CHIP & BIONIC ARM ???

  • Rodrigo

    Dpreview removed it, at least for now

    • Rodrigo

      now they are re adding them

  • Charlie Martin

    Anonymous, Nikon will anounce the D800 when it wants to, not when you want them to. You’re wasting your time wishing your life away. Besides, this is topic is about the Coolpix cameras.

    • Anonymous

      Oh please. Do you honestly come to nikonrumor to get news about whatever point and shoot they are announcing? Get real. Stop drinking too much nikon koolaid.

      • Oh koolaid..

      • Anonymous

        Dear Nikon rumors followers,
        Please accept my humblest apologies for being an annoying spammer, but it’s not my fault. You see, I was too sheltered as a child and always got everything that I wanted. Now that I am in the real world it is hard to shake the selfish, greedy emotions that were satisfied by others when I was knee high to a grasshopper. Please forgive me for being so rude and selfish, but remember, it’s not my fault, even my parents say they can’t get me a D800. Love,



  • Anonymous

    the sj1100 is so freaking cute! like a toy! melikey!

  • benS

    oh, i hope these units can take “COOL”pics 🙂
    alright, dslr announcements next please 🙂

  • mike

    Nikon USA has it up-

    The download link doesn’t work at the moment

    • I have downloaded it. It is much nicer looking, more modern.

      • nikkor_2

        “I have downloaded it.”

        +1; see:

        See the VNX2 edit panel entitled ‘Adjustments’; quite a few variables there.

        Certainly, VNX2 is quite changed from its predecessor.

        • +1 It makes me want to use it as my main NEF converter.

        • mike

          Thanks for the link- works for me. At first glance it feels faster than the last version. Disappointed it (still) doesn’t show psd files in the browser

        • I like the way geo-tagging and google maps are integrated. It is so easy to locate where I took a photo and update the info to file. Once done, click on “Get from GPS data”, and you will see a selection of keywords relevant to the coordinates, or, you can also get keywords from the Wikipedia tab. Cool.

  • dd

    i’m going canon.

    • Craig Grunwell

      That’s a rather strong reaction to the release of a couple of pink and lime-green compact cameras. Maybe you should take some time to think this through; I don’t think you understand the gravity of your over-reaction.

      • dd

        well, someone had to say that.

    • Anonymous

      I am going to Sony.

    • Rokk

      I’m going to the sea… it’s a wonderful mornin. 🙂

  • dd

    still no back-illuminated cmos? nikon should just end their compact biz.

    • Rear-lits are more expensive, don’t expect them in this kind of camera. Especially in these two models where they had to compromise to keep the prices down. But I still would like to see one from Nikon soon!

  • Nooowwwww

    Damnit, all that time on my knees in the parking lot and THIS is what we get?
    Nikon, release the new cameras noooooow!

    • dd

      consider yourself lucky , pentax users only get new colors every announcement.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, did you notice the new turdy colors from Pentax? Light brown & dark brown 🙂

        • Plus the new, “sewage green.” Honestly though, I wish I could get a more unique looking Nikon.

  • Jack

    seems like we will see the 4 new lens very soon =)
    good job nikonrumors admin!

    • WoutK89

      if they announce software, without any rumors heads up, then I am curious if its indeed the year we will see CNX3. That seems like something to announce if they have it at Photokina too, D3100, 4 (or is it 5? 200/2.0VRII) lenses and D95 or whatever its called.

      • I was told by someone who might know that Capture NX3 probably isn’t until early 2011.

  • zseso

    The real pros on s1100pj:
    3″ touch-screen lcd w/ a much better resulotion => is it going to be a min for other Nikon cameras? Hope so.
    High ISO – so-so…

    Awful fstop of the lens 5different VR tries to compensate this.

    By tech details, its way better and versatile then the s1000pj.

    Backlit sensor is not really an advantage in cameras => see Fuji’s HS10.

  • Adam

    Coolpix suck, next… I rather buy a Canon Powershot S90 then Nikon Coolpix and its a stupid name too..

    -Coolpix sounds lame, goofy and old, if you put the name “cool” in to a product name, you know its anything but.
    -Powershot, sounds fast and accurate, manly.

    How about they change it to like Nikon RPG S5100, I want to feel the recoil from the shutter when I hit the damn button, not some wimpy pre-recorded shutter sound.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Coolpuke and Powershit sound equally stupid to me. Just make your manly choice.

  • SA

    Good news! I mean Nikon announced its CoolFart cameras and now we can concetrate on DSLR announcements.

    • SA

      … and also EVIL camera (system).

    • Anonymous

      new girly pukes from Nikon 🙂

      • I am sure girly puke looks just as bad as manly pukes.. and smell just as bad .. 🙂 ewww!

  • kendoka

    I also am awaiting the D800 (D700 + better low light performance)…

    Might actually buy the S1100pj, though. Hopefully it (if given as a present) could make my youngest daughter become interested in photography.

    • Anonymous

      D700 low light performance is good enough, time is now to improve resolution.

      • SA

        I don’t agree. In hell megapixels. I agree with kendoka. D700 + better low light performance, using sensor technology from D3s.

        • Anonymous

          Tell me why high-iso performance is so important. Why can’t you shoot at ISO400 for example. Improving low light capability has hampered higher resolution output in Nikon cameras. It’s far enough, now time for more pixel count then mere 12mp !

          • Jabs

            Are you serious when you asked about HIGH ISO performance?
            1. In many indoor or late night, dim or overcast situations, even with an F1.2 or F1.4 prime lens used wide open (F1.2 or F1.4 = wide open), you are limited to a particular shutter speed for proper exposure.
            2. Shutter speed and F-stop are intertwined for a particular exposure.
            Formula: Shutter speed -X- Chosen Aperture = Exposure at a given ISO rating.
            3. When you change any of the variables as in increasing or decreasing it, then EXPOSURE changes accordingly and sometimes there is no way to get any exposure (a photograph) at all UNLESS you raise the ISO speed setting.
            4. High ISO is extremely important especially INDOORS or in dim lit situations or when you need to set the aperture to a LOW number (say F11.0) and then the shutter speed lowers to an acceptable NUMBER wherein you cannot get the required shutter speed to say, STOP ACTION, even with VR-1 or II. You now have to raise the ISO rating to get the exposure that you want or you get NO PICTURE.
            High ISO with clean files (lack of artifacts or noise) is the difference between being able to take a useble photograph or NOT.
            Megapixels is different from ISO. No matter how high the megapixels, if you CANNOT photograph the scene, your camera is now WORTHLESS as it is unable to record the scene in a quality way that makes it publishable or usable.
            This is why I consider the the D3S, the most important Nikon camera ever along with the D3X and its high megapixel capability as two tools optimized for TWO differing goals. Maybe one day, cameras might have two sensors – one optimized for HIGH ISO, and the other optimized for High Megapixels.
            Nikon actually has the TWO best cameras in the world amongst 35mm DSLR.
            VR is not an ISO replacement in the DSLR world, but in the Coolpix or compact camera world, VR (as improperly named by Marketing people) usually refers to a concept of raising the ISO and/or shutter speed-aperture combination to compensate for the skill or lack of skill of the camera user, hence WRONG name in the consumer area and confusion by many. VR in the DSLR world refers to a way to reduce the EFFECTS of camera shake or motion blur from the CAMERA user or lens/camera body combination by various methods such as gyroscopes or electronic means and the moving of counter rotating elements or circuits.

            Thus, VR has become a catch-all phrase to make consumers believe they have a superior product in the compact camera world because they know the average person does really understand the terms.

            • kendoka

              AMEN to that.
              VR is useless when trying to catch a fast moving subject in low light. What use is a high megapixel count if you end up with a blurry picture?

            • Huh R. U. Allnuts

              None of you will be happy with ISO performance until you can shoot a black cat in a room that is pitch black. So quit
              getting all over people who need higher resolution.

            • Jabs

              @no one in particular – LOL!
              You know what is really weird here about comments about my comment when the poster asked about – WHY is high ISO so important!
              It seems like many of you don’t understand what either photography or digital cameras are about, but are stuck on ‘great sounding specifications’ and not aware of the merits or demerits?
              The D3S has HIGHER dynamic range than the older D3 plus better HIGH and LOW ISO response – both (D3 and D3S) of them have HIGHER dynamic range than the Canon 5D MK2 and the entire range of ALL other Digital cameras on the market, except I believe one or two Phase digital medium format backs.
              Higher megapixels DOES NOT equate higher dynamic range – SORRY!
              Nor, does lower megapixels equate an automatic increase/decrease in dynamic range -versus- low or high ISO capabilities.
              The Sony A850 and A900 BOTH have higher megapixel sensors than Nikon’s D3, D3S and all of Canon’s ENTIRE lineup – YET, the older D3 at 12 megapixels has a higher DYNAMIC range than anything from either Sony or Canon. Thus, dynamic range is a function of Engineering the signal paths, the added and associated components AFTER the sensor output or Sony and Nikon would have the exact same results and dynamic range in say the D3X and the Sony A850-A900.
              Bottom line – Nikon knows HOW TO engineer the ‘pipeline’ from processor (sensor in this case) to OUTPUT better than anyone else.
              Your assessment is then wrong, often!
              Dynamic range is tied to measured OUTPUT quality and NOT sensor megapixel count – PLUS you have to stick within the CLASS of sensor (FX or DX, for example) to compare results. A 14 megapixel sensor on a CoolPix is not the same as a 14 megapixel sensor on an FX body – the FX sensor by being larger has BETTER inherent dynamic range due to it being larger in the DIMENSIONS of its’ ‘silicon die’ for a better ability to record the subtle nuances of light that it captures EVEN when the megapixel COUNT is the same.
              Dynamic range in cameras = the ability to faithfully reproduce (or capture) a CLEAN signal from DEEPEST blacks to the whitest WHITE. Sort of like being able to faithfully reproduce on a scale of 0 – 255, all or most of these 256 colors as linearly as possible. EACH color is close to exactly linear in response on a graph or a straight line response. Thus dynamic range is also tied to color response and how faithfully a camera can reproduce colors accurately and cleanly from low to high ISO’s.
              Camera sensors are the OPPOSITE of computer cpu’s regarding sizes and thus many are confused. Computer cpu’s go from 65nm to 45nm to 32nm and that is progress. Camera sensors go BIGGER to be better and to get more dynamic range as they are LIGHT gatherers, so they are like bigger and better as their size increases (relatively).
              Hope this helps!

          • S

            Right now Nikon has gone far enough with high ISO..who wants to shoot handheld at 1am in the bottom of a dark coal mine? Do you iso lovers know that thanks for your craving for high iso you are actually compromising nikon’s ability to produce super-high dynamic range at isos 100-200-400? We need to split the lines..X MODELS AND S MODELS. X would have more pixels and way better dynamic range = better looking low iso photos, and S models for cry baby night scoundrel shooters.
            Nikon give me MORE dynamic range..I want over 14 stops usable dynamic range…it’s simple the best photos with high dynamic range have so much more natural POP!

            • kendoka

              Guess I am a “cry baby night scoundrel shooters” – but I will use my “S”-cameras for shooting fast action indoor sports.

              The ability to shoot 1/2000 at f4 using (low noise) ISO12800 etc. is, for me, a biggie.
              Megapixels are not (although better dynamic range would be nice).

            • D800


              Why Nikon must bring D700X but not D700S:

              1- Anyone who is in need of stratosperic high iso must be a good earning pro, so he/she can probably afford a D3s. And D3s is the cheaper one among the 2 niche bodies. D3x has an exorbitant price compared to Sony A850.

              2- Low light shooters possibly won’t be effected as much as landscape photographers from the added bulk coming wityh D3s body. The must be using the f/2.8 monster zooms anyway. The photography session will be noticeably shorter & less tougher than that of landscapes. It’s an essential point for landscape photog. to have a d700-type body preferably with smaller lenses, but for low light pro’s like wedding, sports, etc, it’s not a priority (with the exception of pj’s maybe).

              3- Landscape photographers crave for more resolution together with higher usable DR at low to moderate iso settings. Optimizing a camera for high iso usually comes with a compromise in that area.

              4- D3s should likely be the last member of the 12mp era, while the world has moved on; even coolpix are 14mp together with the 16mp D95 DX cameras. Nikon can no longer bring something with something left in the past.

              3- Nikon must deliver something equivalent to 5D II, otherwise it will be a suicide. D700 will no longer save them.

      • IndyGeoff

        I agree … if they can keep the image quility of the D700 the same and bump to 18MP (or more), I would buy one today.

    • Makoto Kimura

      I would only allow my daughter to shoot with a D3 or D700… sorry, she is 4 already

  • hede

    another “groundbreaking” projector camera? lol

  • I wonder what the projector’s resolution is? Is that 720p too? Would be quite handy for that alone!

    • Anonymous

      Mate, what are you expecting from this tiny poor piece of camera. Light source? Battery power?

      But maybe SLR of future may project images & movies from the lens !

    • It’s 921k dot, or approximately VGA in output. So, no, it is not 720P capable. Movies would be downsized from 720 vertical lines to 480.

  • D800

    D8OO D8OO D8OO at Photokina ’10

    • WoutK89

      Let me guess, you will be visiting Photokina, to prove your point?*lmao*

  • Anonymous

    i think Nikonrumors should not consider rumors regarding anything below D90 model, all theese newbi-sukie devices are of no interest for the ones watching this website

    • Karlosak

      Don’t agree. Even if I’m personally not interested in this type of cameras, it’s good to have all the Nikon related info in a single place.

      It’s understandable that when the quantity of P&S related posts much outweights the DSLR related ones it can be quite daunting, but it’s easy to skip all the crud, isn’t it?

      NR admin, keep up the good work!

      • Aye, it is true I don’t plan on purchasing one of these, I go to Canon for P&Ss, but I want to see what new technology Nikon is coming out with. And when I buy another P&S some day, I will be interested.

        and +1 to Karlosak

  • NoMoreCoolSuxyPix

    i think Nikonrumors should not consider rumors regarding anything below D90 model, all theese newbi-sukie devices are of no interest for the ones watching this website

    • SA

      I don’t agree. I’m interesting as D90 replacement as D3100 also. I’m interesting any DSLR from Nikon. But these CoolFart cameras yes, real uninteresting BS.

  • Jose

    The only coolpix (supposedly) worthy of the time to write this, or any other, comment, is the p7000, which remains conspicious by its absence.
    I quit waiting for a decent nikon pocket camera and will buy the Samsung instead.
    In the meantime I will keep investing in lenses (24mm f/1.4 or the new 200mm f/2.0 VR II), as my D700 still exceeds my ability to push it to its limits.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares , announce the d90 replacement already !!

  • DaveyJ

    The August 17 announcements are not of any interest to serious photo enthusiasts as a stand alone offering. Nikon is heading into a serious under delivery or is just in their usual slow gait heading toward the Road to Ruin……or maybe into making a real announcement. But get real Nikon!! Until at least a DSLR that breaks new ground is introduced it is shortfall. A shot heard round the world that missed the mark by well over a country mile.

  • Crb

    Admin….what about the P7000, any word?thanks

  • Ren Kockwell

    Nikon has such a nauseatingly dizzying array of these tiny cameras—would it kill them to make just one of them a fast fixed lens like the GRD or DP2? Or something like the LX5? Is there honestly NO MARKET for a camera like this? Instead, they build the same camera over and over… too much zoom… painfully slow especially on the tele end… weak image quality…

    Pandering to the masses for profit is fine by me, but mix in a little variety for Christ’s sake!

    • Crb

      Totally agree…make an GX200 camera like..(since ricoh gave up) with all the features…step zoom,hyperfocal and etc…plus an EVF, since ovfs suck on compacts….with a good sensor….I fail to understand why Nikon don’t care about this camera market…..

  • Anonymous

    Nikon, please stop throwing more crap at us! Very lame announcements.

    • Antonio Rojilla

      Yes, they should stop making all cameras except the one you like. They even should put your name in it.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Way to read & understand my post, Ant. With mad translation skills like yours, you must write Nikon camera manuals for a living.

      • Anonymous

        Antonio Rojilla – you just can’t read and I have doubts about your mental capabilities when it comes to comprehension and understanding.

  • Sahaja

    I want a pink D800 and a lime green D800 – pretty please.

    • Charlie Martin

      @Sahaja, does the Pink D800 have green polka dots and does the Lime Green D800 have Pink Polka dots?

  • Adam

    Canon SD4000 blows any nikon coolfart away…

    I am a nikon user tho, but only DSLR’s

  • Ren Kockwell

    “Improved Face-Priority AF???!!!” I gotta get me some of that!

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