Done deal: multiple press events scheduled in Europe for August 19th, 2010

What I reported back in July, now has a probability of 99%: Nikon has scheduled multiple press events across Europe for August 19th, 2010.

I am still a bit puzzled about the Coolpix cameras announcement that is suppose to be on August 17th, 2010. In the past, Nikon aways announced the p&s line one week before or after the DSLR products. Maybe this time they are trying to combine both announcements in one press event.

The big question, to which I don't have an answer yet, is whether the Nikon D90 replacement will be announced on that date as well.

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  • Jacobus

    I really hope a d90 replacement will come. The D90 is up for replacement or an upgrade. I hope Nikon will release or announce it this month…. Cross your fingers…

    • Rafael

      thats what I said about the D700 a long time ago.. that its replacement was due.. but correct me if Im wrong, the D700 has been out longer than the D90 hasnt it? and still no replacement on sight.. 🙁

      D90 users.. dont hold your breath.

  • I’m calling it – no DSLR will be annouced on 19 Aug. It will be the Coolpix annoucement only.

    Why? I hear you all ask. Because rebabtes on the D3000/D5000/D90 in Aus have been extended until 19 Sept, right before Photokina.

    “D3000/D5000/D90: Offer valid for purchases from any Nikon Australia Authorised Dealer from 1st June – 19th September 2010. All claims must be received by 3rd October 2010.”

    A week ago the D90 rebate was expiring on 16 August, the Monday before the two annoucement dates that NR has flagged previously. Now we have no annoucement on the 17th of Aug, and the D90 rebate is extended.


    some Cool PUKE will come out soon

    • MK

      Any word on CoolPiss models, pux?

      • COOLPUKE

        pux is waay more attractive, lots of megapuxels, heavy puke noise, piss is to fluid.

  • Zee

    Any chance of an update to my Coolpix 4500 – a truly excellent machine.


    • Hashimoto

      ^not sure if serious

  • Anonymous

    At 19th, 3 Canon-killers will be announced;

    D3100 for 550D
    D95 for 7D
    D900 for 5D mk II

    • Rafael

      man, I just hope your right!

      beer is on me if this happens!

    • Rafael

      I think that if your predictions are right… Canon may come up with a D3x killer, maybe a bit more megapixels, and some special feature like internal bread toaster or something from their washing machines department.

      My point is , I think Canon and Nikon may even get together and talk about this, like ¨Canon: Ok you get to bring your killer cameras for the amateur and advance amateur and pro entry level market this year, but I get to bring the most powerful flagship this time¨ , under mutual agreement.. I dont know Im just saying..

  • thefunk

    ok, nobody is going to kill anybody.

    ok ?

  • Bhaswaran

    Black and Yellow are Nikon colors….go back to them.

  • Anthony

    For the record, the expiry date for the $200 nikon rebate on the D90 in Australia has been extended from 16 Aug until 19 September ie from the day before the first of the two rumoured annoucement dates, until a couple of days before Photokina. The rebates on the d3000 and d5000 have also been extended until 19 September.

    Therefore, I would suggest that the Aug 19 annoucement will be just the new Coolpix cameras, or conceiably the Coolpix and the D3100, but probably not the D95.

    • Anonymous

      How about the D700 rebates to be ending at 31 July? Is it expired or extended?

      The answer may lead to the fact that d700 may be replaced before Photokina if not at 19 Aug.

      • Anthony

        It still listed as expired 31 July, with all claims to be received by 14 August.

  • SNRatio

    If the lens rumors are true, it seems a bit odd to me with several new lenses and only one entry-level DLSR body. So I suspect there will be more, but Nikon is probably thinking that they are doing so well with what the lineup, that they have no need for stirring up expectations in advance now. Also, the stronger the new models, the less announcement coverage they need.

    We have had one significant 70-200 release this year, so the 70-200/4 is probably for 2011, like the 35/1.4. But Nikon can easily change plans if they want to.

  • It is truly amazing that Nikon is able to keep this level of secrecy going into a big release. It would seem that the D3100 and Coolpixs will be the August 19 release.
    I even wonder if the level of secrecy actually helps Nikon?

  • Thank you admin for the work you are doing and thanks for changing the reading background to white 😀 now i wont have any more lines in my sight after reading NR for 5 minuter 🙂

  • What I expect is the D90 replacement~
    long time I wait~

  • MB

    P7000, Lumix LX3 sensor (10Mpix, same ISO, HD 720p video), large zoom (7x).
    D7000, D90 replacement as rumored.
    That is that.

  • InfraRed

    Nikon can announce anything. Can they deliver? Months after the intro of the D3S, they still can’t meet channel requests for this $5K flaship camera (if you exclude the crazy-expensive D3X). So there are two possibilities: they’re genious at managing rarity or unable to accurately forecast demand. I’m afraid I’m more and more leaning toward the later.

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